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Yeehaw and howdy cowdudes and dudettes!  How’s life?

The world is one big place but one of the things which brings me joy has always been The Simpsons.  I quote it in life, joke with coworkers/classmates, write on a blog about it… it’s just always there.  Who’d have thought almost 27 years ago that these silly yellow characters would still be around?  Seriously, there are people who have never lived in a world without them (barring those poor folks in North Korea).  Anyhoo… it’s time for the resident walking carpet to pop in with some more Simpsons News for all my favorite tappers.  I know anyone with a computudora and access to the interwebs can find this stuff, but we like to collect it all for you just in case.


First up, an interesting article with Simpsons info from Al Jean.  To quote About Entertainment, they discovered “more about how Al Jean keeps The Simpsons running. Jean shared secrets of his job and some other tidbits about The Simpsons over the years.”  Definitely worth a read.

I think it’s safe to say that a lot of us think Hank Azaria is the man.  Having seen him do Simpsons voices live, I can tell you it’s a real treat.  Imagine how excited Massachusetts students at Tufts University were when he gave a commencement speech and busted out some of his famous voices to see them off into the future. You’re welcome for this GQ article with video to compliment your imaginations.

Remember “Homerpalooza” (S7:E24)?  It’s been twenty years and I enjoyed this article remembering it and discussing where a few of the artists are now.  I wonder what a new palooza line-up would look like besides having Taylor Swift lol.

Why is it that the first official store dedicated to The Simpsons is opening in Beijing, China?  I must admit I’m jealous but I guess I’ll have to settle for the Kwik-E-Mart in Hollywood.

Hopefully a lot of you got to see Homer Live on May 15th, 2016.  (Don’t worry, I’m actually working on the recap for this episode with some video if you haven’t.) Here’s an article with lots of info about the technology behind it.

And I know some people aren’t fans of reading too many “words, words, words” so here’s an ABC news page which is just a link to the Good Morning America video about it.

So there you go.  All the Simpsons News that’s fit to print/post/talk about.  What do you think of all of it?  Any in particular catch your fancy?  Find anything else we haven’t shared?  Sound off in the comments and keep it classy world.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

21 responses to “More Simpsons News for Chew

  1. Woooo! Just managed to pick up Lard Lad Donuts with a daily quest bonus Mystery Box! 2 percent chance of getting it, just had to tell someone!

  2. Boo hoo am I the only one who loves the simpsons and still can’t get the Gil deal I’ve tried everything no results 😧😢😥😪😓😭 helllppppp

    • You’re not alone. I’ve tried all the troubleshooting options with no success.

    • I too have been missing the Gil deal. Tried everything including contacting EA. The EA rep told me it might pop up after completing Card Handy Part #8 (it didn’t) or it would be available again on 06/01. I’m crossing my fingers for that one, but since nobody else has mentioned that as a possibility, I’m not very hopeful 🙁

  3. Probably irrelevant to most readers, but shortly after “Homer Live” aired without audio in some Latin American countries (due to some sort of bug) Fox released another short segment with Homer apologizing and emphasizing how sorry he feels especially for Brazil (in recognition of the coup d’état that is currently underway here)… 🙁

  4. Great articles – thanks for sharing! 🙂

  5. More words, people are dumbed down enough.

  6. Just curious.. When you said . “computudora ” you mean “computadora” in spanish? 😉

  7. Also, no Gil glitch fix. Looks like me contemplating Duff Gardens for an hour instead of buying right away was a bad move.

    • I opened a “case” with EA when this started, and I just checked the status via live chat. I wasn’t able to get the transcript emailed to me, but I was lucky and got one of the helpful EA people who assured me that they know a lot of people have the same problem and they are definitely working on a fix. Most likely, the deal will be extended to accommodate those who want to purchase it but weren’t able to. From my limited programming experience, I think it would be much simpler to let the current deal expire and then reissue it, rather than try and fix whatever bug caused it to vanish in the first place. But the good news is it’s not completely lost to us yet.

    • Likewise, I made the mistake of waiting for the SIB.
      My game has updated to include new premium purchases like the rolling rock, but still no Gil 🙁

  8. I’ve often thought that we’re as far away from 1996 and the Homerpalooza bands as Homer was in 1996 and reliving his 1976 Grand Funk days.

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