Wild West Removal Update Live

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

The Wild West Removal Update has hit the App Store.  Right now I only see it for iOS…but Android and Kindle sit tight.  It’s currently live on iOS and Android (for Android you may have to search Tapped Out in your app store and update from there.  It doesn’t always show in the Play Store for some reason).  Kindle players, let me know when it hits for you… And now it’s also live for Kindle.

2016-05-31 12.20.51

Downloading this will REMOVE the Wild West Event from your game.  You’ll no longer see bandits or the event icons.  Springfield will return to normal.  (and so will your Daily Challenges)

This update should also cure a lot of your space issues for many players.  Since all of the Wild West items are being pulled…

Nothing new to play with the update, but there are two new items are in the store as well..leftovers from the event..as well as a little teaser in the App Store description..

App Store Description alludes to something coming next…Perhaps something nerdy (or Collegiate like)…or something Super-duper..or hey maybe Donald and Bernie will finally debate live in Springfield! 

2016-05-31 12.20.51

And two new items in the store…

2016-05-31 12.27.40

Now you can have your very own NPCs from the Wild West Event!  (I know Brooders is dying to get her hands on these guys….)

I’m not going to do full blown Should I Buy posts on these guys.  They’re NPCs.  If you like them and want them get them..otherwise save your donuts.  Here’s a quick recap on each:


2016-05-31 12.30.39

Part of the Old West Partners Collection:

2016-05-31 12.30.42
Yes I forgot to buy Buck McCoy in my B game.  Happens sometimes…

Comes with a task to Tap the Prospector. And when you tap him he swings his axe and flips it in the air, and that’s it.


2016-05-31 12.34.22

Part of the Old West Villains Collection

2016-05-31 12.34.25

Comes with a task to Tap Brutus.  And when you tap him he pulls the arrow out of his hat and scratches his chin with it, and that’s it.

So grab em if you want em…otherwise save those donuts for something better!

And that’s it my friends.  The quick details of the Removal Update available in the App Store now!

Overall opinion on the Wild West Event?  Will you be getting the Prospector or Brutus?  Ready for what’s next?  What do you think the teaser is saying?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

284 responses to “Wild West Removal Update Live

  1. Got a push notification about Chief Wiggum & a chilli cookout? Any one else or any ideas? Haven’t seen an update in playstore yet.

  2. Brutus and the Prospector just say “new” under the characters with no timer. Does this mean they’re always available from now on?

  3. Yay, U.K. has caught up…..just in time for bed……oh heck, it’s tomorrow again already :/, good night/morning/afternoon/evening…. delete as applicable 🙂

  4. Finally working on my kindle 😀😀😀😀😀 went on to try again and let me play.then I went on appstore and it said update first try nothing happend so tried again and it worked. Got to last bit and Told me not enough storage so uninstalled and re downloaded and now seems to be ok 😁

  5. Josephine Kick@$$

    I knew you’d address it somewhere lol. Thank you!

  6. Hi, updated howevwr i am still getting notifications that bandits have took over my town?

  7. Really enjoyed the Wild West event but I’m excited to see what is next!! I have been having a very hard time arranging my town lately as events just kept coming and new land… Absolutely loving it tho!

    So many “wishes” for the game like the ability to turn things ALL directions, certain things will not allow to be placed on dirt like the chicken coop I think? Really want this on a farm on dirt! Want more roads like snow and sand! Want to place vehicles on roads allowing them to drive the roads would be awesome!! I would REALLY love to be able to “assign” characters to certain locations or areas. Like with the new highlight drag and drop (no clue what it’s called lol) to move buildings and such all at once… Could highlight an area and the character would have to stay there!

    Maybe we could have a what’s your wish every so often on here where we could consolidate them, see what others come up with and hope it’s read by the powers that be and see our wishes come true!! Lol

  8. Well still no U.K. kindle update, despite when trying to log in you get sent to app store to up date, nowt there but ” open” . Have uninstalled, turned kindle off, restarted, tried to reinstall….. update available, please install……….if these ever decreasing circles get any small I’ll bump into my self :/

    • ellieoftheflump

      Spoke to Amazon it is because they have to check update ok for all kindle models before allowing it!
      Advised me it will happen we do not need to do anything but wait

  9. Sorry if this a bit off topic but I was wondering if people were still having problems with leveling up. I remember people were getting locked out of their games if they climbed too high. Is this still an issue? I find myself leveling up pretty fast.

  10. EVERYTIME with an update. I update and it won’t start for me for 2 or 3 days. I’ll delete, re-download. Contact ea. Nothing works. Last night, new update gets downloaded. I’ve still got bandits running around and daily challenges for the Wild West. This is super annoying. Can anyone help me?

    • Sounds like a problem with your device and the download.

      Are you on iOS, Android or Kindle?

      • ellieoftheflump

        Hi Alissa and fellow tappers. SOME INFO
        I am also in uk and on kindle and having issues with upgrade.
        I spoke to Amazon.
        THEY SAY REASON There is an issue is that whenever there is an update for any game, their own developers need to check the game works for all kindled before they will release the update for us.
        I asked about timescales and made mistake of suggestions g a week and the nice lady said it should not be that long but should definitely be within a week.
        SO, the upshot is do not panic, or reset kindle like I did. (doh!)
        We just have to wait and try it from time to time….until it hits.
        on the plus side my tapping blisters for all those bandits can have time to heal but I am still going crazy not playing.
        Hope this informs forms folk and peeps can stop worrying ellieoftheflump

      • iOS! Brand new phone, all phone updates accounted for. It’s always done it, even on my other phone.

        • You may have to fully uninstall and make sure it’s off the cloud too. Then redownload

          • I’ve actually done that. Twice. All my issues with a free game (that I love! I always make myself laugh at some point. I have fun and it’s free, why am I complaining) aside, you rock. I can’t imagine how much time it takes you to put all this together. Thanks for being awesome.

  11. I wish i had read this before i bought Mongo errr I mean Brutus.

  12. I’d like to see NPCs from recent events, like the holiday merry makers or the gamblers. In clash of castles you could buy the nerds with event currency after you completed most of the quests. I like that deal best.

  13. Hendika Ciangga

    The update has an error in my Android. The game keep asking to download update from the beginning, every time i want to play

    • As long as you have an EA/Origin account try this:

      Fully uninstall TSTO, restart your device, then reinstall TSTO and see if that helps.

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