Donut Day!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Today, June 3rd, is National Donut Day…here in the US anyway!  What does this mean?  Well it means that at many of your favorite donut locations (Dunkin Donuts, Krispy Kreme etc) you can get a free donut today! For more info about where you can get free donuts check out this article from USA Today.  They’ll breakdown the where and the how for free dounts.

BUT this isn’t a post about free donuts you can eat…this is a post about donuts in TSTO!  After 3 years EA has FINALLY decided to cash in on the donut day celebration!  What does this mean?  Well….there’s a very special promo going on inside TSTO right now…

Want to know more?  Keep reading for the details…

Homer Donut Day

So when you turn your games on this morning you’ll see:

Marge: Looks like it might rain.  I hope I don’t have to change my outdoor laundry folding session to an indoor one!  I’d have to change the baskets out and everything.
Lisa: Considering it’s never once rained in this town, I’d say you’re safe.
Herman: That’s not a cloud, that’s a poofy zeppelin.  The Kaiser’s returned!  And he wants his rolls back!

And then….


2016-06-03 04.03.22

Oh and you get 15 free ones too!

This will then trigger a Gil Deal (in my town the raining donuts stopped at this point)

You’ll see Ol’ Gil walking around with a donut over his head…when tapped:

Gil: Finally an offer that’s guaranteed to be a winner! Guess who has a brand new deal on donuts!
Homer:It just rained donuts. We’ve got enough to last us a lifetime.
Gil: But, didn’t you just end up with fifteen or so?
Homer:  I didn’t say it had to be a human lifetime.
Gil: What if I threw in a few Golden Scratch-R’s to sweeten the deal?
Homer: Golden Scratch-R’s? Those give you donuts! Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!

At which point you’ll see:

2016-06-03 04.06.04

And then in the store the 3 lowest donut purchases will award Golden Scratch-Rs:

2016-06-03 04.06.18

Unfortunately nothing if you spend more money on the higher up packages…

And if you back out (and I’m assuming if you accept) you’ll then get a Donut Tray decoration for Springfield:

2016-06-03 04.07.04


Homer: Oooh, abandoned donuts! And this time they’re covered in sprinkles and not animal droppings.

Make Homer Pry Stale Donuts- 1hr, Earns $70, 17xp

What follows is a fun animated task, that does look like it sticks around:


And Gil will say:

Gil: With all these extra donuts flying around, why not buy something showy?  Nothing says “extravagant wealth” like a concrete replica of your sugary riches!

And then another offer appears…

2016-06-03 04.08.43

Donut_BoatDonut Boat: 225 Donuts.  5% bonus on all cash and XP. 9×5 in size, goes in the ocean.  When tapped pink steam comes out and it rains donuts for 8 seconds. 1 per Springfield

TSTO_Donut_TruckDonut Truck: 40 Donuts. 2% bonus on all cash and XP. 4×3 in size.  Does not make it rain donuts.  When tapped lights flash (and i’m assuming, it’s 4am my sound is off), the horn goes off.  1 per Springfield.

Donut_StoreDonut Store: 100 Donuts. Earns $200, 22xp/8hrs.  3×6 in size.  Comes with a 4hr task for Marge (Shop for donuts, 4hrs earns $260, 70xp).  Building animation, door opens.  1 per Springfield. Task does remain after initial questline.

And that’s it!

So if you spend no money or donuts, you’ll still get 15 free donuts AND a donut tray decoration (with a fun new animated task for Homer) for FREE.  That’s still pretty sweet!

Everything Donut Day Related Leaves Springfield on June 6th.  So you have 3 days to make a decision on any of this stuff…

What are your thoughts on the Donut Day items?  Personally, I’m a little disappointed, I was hoping for a deal on higher up donut packages.  But, meh…I guess it’s better than nothing right?  Will you be picking anything up?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

Homer Donut Day 2

183 responses to “Donut Day!

  1. Seems like the donut boat rains donuts for 8 sec every few minutes. Mine does it regularly now without me even having to tap the boat!

  2. Does anyone know how I can get the donut items cause they not for sell for donuts in my store only for money

  3. Is this over ?

  4. 15 free donuts AND a donut tray decoration – thank you for the freebies EA ! 🙂

  5. I noticed that since donut day my game keeps downloading the same update. Anyone else experience this?

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