TSTO Anonymous: Jonesing for the Next Event

So it’s been a while since we held one of our TSTO Anonymous meetings and I thought it was high time we did one while we still had some time before the next big thing. I wracked my brains for a topic and Alissa kindly suggested we discuss the idea of “jonesing for the next event.” While we jokingly named this site TSTO Addicts, the idea of needing the next big fix is something synonymous with addiction. Why should it be any different for people that play mobile games?  We all want more of the stuff that we love. With that idea in mind, I found some images in my saved pics and rambled on with my thoughts about the next big thing. Fair warning, this might entail it being past midnight and half awake so pull up a chair, warm up the coffee, and let’s get this shindig started.

TSTO Anonymous

Hi… I’m Joe “The Wookiee” Riot and I am a TSTO Addict.

So…Level 60 dropped meaning the end of regular levels and even Maggie seemed to get pessimistic about the game.

Maggie Simpson No Future

What do you mean no new levels? Didn’t the dialogue say something about events in the future? What’s the next big thing going to be? Did you read that clue about something something? Didn’t Wookiee mention some of these items years ago? Did I read Alissa’s well-written and informative post and still ask THAT question? Ugh… I need something new. I want, I want, I want. Why hasn’t the pusher man at EA brought out the next (insert whatever it is you wanted)?


Phew… that felt good to write. Anon meetings are about clearing the air and your soul, right? In fairness, not all comments are like this on this amazing site but there are some. It’s the internet and never perfect. Sometimes, it just seems like we’ve all gotten our first taste of chili laced with insanity peppers and now we’re all crazy for the next taste of something.

Homer Simpson eats an Guatemalan insanity pepper

If you’re truly feeling a hankering for that next fix, I have it on good authority that the cure for what ails you is to tap a tortoise. If that’s doesn’t make you feel better… I don’t know what will.


Okay, maybe I am just loving insanity mode in the game. New stuff is always good in the game but speaking of insanity mode, it also means a lot of work (especially for Alissa). Every once in a while it’s nice to have a break to play catch up and clean up and just kick a blue tortoise. I know Willie appreciates the break. Changing those banners at the top of the site is alot of work for him.

Springfield Elementary banners in Willie's shed

I lov this pic and imagine he has all of the different ones we’ve had stored somewhere. I can hear him grumbling every time there’s some new event or holiday lol. New stuff is definitely coming on the horizon and yes, I think it might be a superheroes event. I’ve been waiting for the part deux to this event ever since I saw the 2015 event’s dialogue.

TSTO Supervillain Dialogue

Seems pretty clear to me that EA was planning something way back in early 2015, maybe earlier. Anyone familiar with superhero stuff knows that sequels and reboots are commonplace with them. Makes sense to me that another event would roll around a year and a half later and Jebus knows there’s plenty more stuff we could get. Here’s just two images from my Bartman post several tappers discussed in one of the threads.

Bartman Begins Skins Bartman Begins Skins 2

So what’s next? Something.  The fact is we’re all human and like new schtuff. My personal bent is to not worry too much about coming next. I’m content in knowing there will be new stuff and enjoying the game with or without it. This site and community is one of the number one reasons that I am able to continuously enjoy TSTO with or without new content. I love speculation as much as the next person but a long time spent playing this game informs me that something is coming and ultimately I will be happy with most of it. Every time EA drops a hint, we forget that this game is based on a television show with a rapscallion who loves to play pranks. Sometimes I picture Bart running away in glee whenever I hear about hints.

Bart Simpson this is not a clue chalkboard


Of course, I think about advising patience and happiness when dealing with event expectation while simultaneously having Homer all cued up to celebrate the next big thing.

Homer Simpson fireworks

Soon enough we will all be neck deep in whatever event drops, oohing and aahing, and then hoping none of the fireworks fall on anything burnable. Whenever a new level drops, I’m ready for the wonder to fade while we blame Homer for lighting the fuses in the first place and start lamenting just how many tasks there are for Homer in the new such and such. Kent Brockman has been warning us all along.

Kent Brockman Homer Swarm Watch

With the new way the game is going to be released, there certainly will be many more tasks for characters from lower levels. Now I’m having a flashback to Halloween 2013 when Homer was needed for EVERYTHING and my game saw fit to make Homer disappear. Certainly anything new will come with some sort of glitch flooding the comments with what’s not working in the game.

Technical Difficulties Simpsons

If only it was as easy as putting a sign like this up. A bright side is new events usually come with ways to earn and spend donuts. I just hope Mr. Burns isn’t put in charge of deciding how many we will get.

Mr. Burns donuts

It’s safe to say that new stuff is great. It keeps the game fresh and allows for more creativity and funny dialogue. I already have Lisa ready to start working on where everything comes from.

Lisa Simpsons Book

Oh no… I gave away how I find origins lol. I might also know where things come from because I watch what some might consider an unhealthy amount of Simpsons. That’s an idea to overcome the urge for new content. Watch episodes and ponder what you might want from episodes of the Best. Show. Ever.


There’s a whole section of this blog dedicated to episode recaps of recent episodes and even more origin posts in the WDTCF section. Totbox has started going through older episodes and boy howdy is Tot funny. However you choose to spend your time and brainpower during lulls between events, just remember this is a game. We jokingly call ourselves Addicts but if any of this ever became unhealthy for me or truly not fun, I’d walk away with the best of them. This is a game and meant to be fun. If you take nothing else away from this post, HAVE FUN. Be excellent to each other and when the next big thing comes… PARTY ON DUDES (and dudettes)!

So what’s the next big thing Mr. Wookiee?

I don’t know. It all just makes me think of when I was little and Santa left presents under the tree. Unlike Bart, I was always ready to be surprised by whatever was left for me. Heck, as a poor kid, just getting a grey bear under my stocking was enough to bring me joy. You should have seen my mom’s face when Santa brought her an African American Cabbage Patch doll. Now that was a diverse holiday full of emotion. I named my bear Fred and still love him to this day. I guess my point is, Fred is coming and the best thing to do is enjoy him when he arrives in whatever form he chooses to come as. Some might call Fred cheap and a poor gift. I’d tell you Fred was the best thing a small Wookiee could get. Might not be what he asked for but at least it was something new.

Ouch… I poked my foot paw on a splinter from this stump I suddenly found myself standing on. I’m tall enough as it is… I don’t need to stand on one of those. Those are definitely for much more impressive speeches about liberty and taxation and make me think of country songs for some reason. You know what Bart says about Country Music.

Bart Simpson country music sucks

You know I once jokingly wrote a country song about TSTO? I found it in my future posts lists and it made me giggle.

And I’m proud to be a Springfieldianite, where the donuts are sometimes free,
And I won’t forget the company, who gave this game to me,
So I proudly tap on….. thankfully, and remember them today,
Cuz there ain’t no doubt I love this game… Jebus Bless the Team EA!

Simpsons US Flag

Count that as something dumb I never thought I’d post that I found a home for in a post lol. You think EA will like my song? Okay… maybe that was a little too Lee Greenwood for a post about wanting a new event but I do have a point. EA brings us this game and like it or not, it is what it is. I’m thrilled that we’ll keep getting new events and mini-events and episode tie-ins. I want EA to keep working on this game and trying new things. Come what may, I’ll do my utmost to enjoy whatever it is. This site and community will be here to help us all through the details of said new thing. Well, that’s all my thoughts on wanting the next big thing. Possible I wrote something cohesive. If not, hopefully the coffee was good.


What do you think about the idea of jonesing for the next event? How do you deal with it? Are you a TSTO Addict? Got any ideas for a future meeting’s topic? Did you know we had som many Simpsons characters working behind the scenes for us? Sound off in the comments and happy tapping to all of you. Until our next meeting, we end this one as usual with the TSTO Anonymous Serenity Prayer.

“EA, grant me the serenity to accept the updates I cannot change, the courage to recommend the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

Much love… TTFN… Wookiee out!

92 responses to “TSTO Anonymous: Jonesing for the Next Event

  1. I like the events, but I do find they create burn out for me. Having to log in like clockwork every four hours to be able to complete stuff is quite stressful after a while. Having a few weeks in between each one is good. 🙂 That said, I would love to see a proper whacking day event. The first one was before I could play and it’s not been repeated as far as I can tell. They bring back old items all the time, especially with Halloween and Christmas events, so why have they never done this one again?

    • Me personally…. I did NOT like Whacking Day. Great idea, but much like Easter, there were issues and many Players struggled due to you REALLY relied on Neighbors to help you out. There just never seemed enough Snake Eggs to go around so many were unable to progress. (Think Prospectors last Event, few and far between. Now think keeping the ENTIRE Event dependent you got 100s each day dropped in your town.)

      • I had the same problem with one of the easter ones where they were dropping two different coloured eggs. Never managed to get enough to swap for prizes. They do seem to have made the events slightly more completable of late though.

    • They just brought back the Whacking Days items a few weeks ago. (I have Ninja Homer working on his questline right now!)

      • Yes I bought those, except they never showed up. They took my donuts but I never got the items. 🙁

        • Did you contact EA (preferably by phone and preferably with the Texas or Ireland call center)? They should have been able to fix that for you…

          • I did, and thy didn’t. They didn’t seem bothered. I tried more than once too. They’ve been helpful in the past so I’m not sure what was going on.

  2. This thread is for me. All week long ive been waiting for my next TSTO fix, but what is there to do except veg out on a simpa9ns marathin. Im making use of my time by trying to farm donuts but ive faced the fact i will probaby blow it all on collecting the stupid Flanders stand.

    Ive also been wondering how come we dont have skins for Simpsons Sunday church best clothes. Little Barty would look so cute with his littlle blue suit. I would also love a Springfield zoo, since I was just watching the ep where Homer floods the town to be an artist lol

  3. Josephine Kick@$$

    I was introduced to this game over 3 years ago by a 10 yr old… she should be doing time for being a dealer😂😂😂 Everyone who enters my life soon finds out that yes, it is “that game” I’m playing AGAIN (thank you for being so understanding at bedtime sweetheart)… get your minds out of the gutter, it’s only because of the light! 😂 They’ve all accepted the fact that I am an addict, & that it could be worse 😜😜😜
    My name is granmamaDar, and I am an addict… every day… oops, I mean one day at a time, right? 😊😊😊😊

    • I just wanted to say… happy to see you still bouncing round here. Been a LONG time since I saw your comment last. 🙂

      • Josephine Kick@$$

        I’ve left a few comments recently, I’m enjoying the time saving changes EA has made😊 My favorite has to be the Employment Office task function, and being able to go right to a “ripe” character without searching my whole town. Kudos to EA, and as always, I’d still be stumbling over my fingers without all of you guys hard work! I can honestly say I’d probably have stopped playing long ago without y’alls, (sorry, still enjoying my western area😜), help & positive encouragement 😊😊😊

  4. I love spicy peppers, i.e. the Scorpion pepper, the Ghost pepper, etc. I loved this mini-event, but am waiting for the next big one.

    In other news, I’m on level 138 and just got Lisa on my Homerlayas. 😀

  5. Did you do a Superhero WAWW post Wookie? Can you share a link? 🙂 Thanks

  6. Jonesing? Call me an Englishman about as clueless as a half witted Flanders heppped up on goof balls… But what is Jonesing?

    Grr, I’m so addicted to this game, the fun never stops, I feel like I’m at a 24/7 summer camp at Wall-E-Weasels, better sip some ginger to get rid of the burning from all that fun crammed down my throat…

    • You sir are an Englishman lol. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines ‘jones’ as “a very strong desire for something or to do something.” Basically slang for addiction as in to have a jones for more ______. Jonesing is turning that into a verb.

      • It almost seems like jonesing comes from “keeping up with the Joneses”. I can’t find any direct proof of that, but it does make some logical sense.

    • Ah brilliant, thanks guys, Honestly fully understood, I think… 🙂

      “He was so jones about Tapped Out; the tall man with no hands collected his earnings, accidentally vandalizing a school with his nose”

      Am I close?

      • jordan0123450

        In that case you would use the past tense “He was so jonesed”. The term started in the 1960s and is said to come from Jones Alley, in Manhattan, which is associated with drug addicts.

  7. I want them to re-release the premium items for Springfield Heights. I’ve been wanting to redo my SH but I have been waiting on them.

  8. Anyone notice the locked tasks for Marge? Anyone know anything about them?

  9. Loved your country song Wookster!!!

  10. Friggin love the song Wookie!!! And your entire post…still can’t get enough of TSTO!

    EA please let us be able to store the street cleaner. One can eat off my streets now. And please bring back Swanky Fish and Swapper Jacks would be a great addition!

  11. Was hoping hallucination mode would hold me over. Nope. Maybe if it were something other than pills. But so ready for what’s next.

  12. I’m always Jonesing for the next event. The only thing that I worry about, is that I might not be able to get all the premium buildings/characters/whatever…. Yes, I’m an addict of completion… It kills me that I missed some earlier items and that I’m missing a few items that I had (EA refused to replace them 🙁 )

  13. Wookiee, If you ever are at a loss of what to write just Email me, I have plenty of suggestions :p

    Thanks for the shout out (I wonder who was the person who mentioned your WDTCF Bartman post) :p

    I might have to do a post like this to clean out my various saved images. 🙂

    • More of a loss on topics for Anon sometimes. Have to shoutout people doing the Lord’s work lol. Nwo to wonder which Lord I’m referencing. Vader? Voldemort? Jebus? Like a battery most people might find any of them shocking or revolting. I see a positive and negative to it. Long and short is you’re a joule so thanks. I always enjoy your posts so whatever you come up with should be great.

  14. My heart skips a beat when a new event hits the App store. I love the beginning of new events. Now that EA won’t be dropping any new “levels” on us, the events and mini events are more important than ever for keeping my interest. Lately I’ve been pumping addicts for information on how best to farm doughnuts. It’s all about the doughnuts. Mmmm…Doughnuts (mouth drool).

    So I say bring on the Super heroes, or whatever EA decides to throw our way. I got some doughnuts burning a hole in my pocket and I’m ready to spend them on the Bartman skin, or something else.

    • Dontcha love it when you log in and see that blue screen. Such an awesome game.

      • Hey Sparky. Don’t know if you saw my other post, but I’ll tell you here. Farm KEM’s to get doughnuts. It works great! I spent the 25 doughnuts for 10 days on the XP Collider. I will be ahead before the end of the day. What is your XP multiplier (%)? Do you have all of the hidden SH bonus? Just as a reminder….My stated multiplier is now 289.5%. I have about another 263% in hidden XP. So I’m getting the equivalent of about 552% without the Collider on. So I’m getting 5X the 552% with the XP Collider on (if I’m doing the math correctly). In any event- I got 9 doughnuts after the first 4 hours (when I harvested the KEM’s). I bought 43 KEM’s for the first try, but now I have 45 KEM’s out (not counting my permanent KEM’s that I already had. Be sure to sell back all of the KEM’s at the end of the four hours, then buy them again. Also- I waited the 3 minutes to harvest the cash from the KEM’s before selling the KEM’s back.

        Good luck.

        • So I just did my math as well. Stated @ 375% with the hidden XP bonus I’m around 634%. I grasp the idea now and generally log in about every 4 hrs, but I’m just a little wary on building/selling every 4 hrs on top of insanity mode, find Maggie, rail yard, etc. I wish there was a way to put the numbers side by side to compare but it’s almost comparing apples to oranges. If I go all out and spend $30 mil on rat trap trucks in one day with an exact # of bonuts, it would take you a lot longer to spend $30 mil thus acquiring a lot more revenue from buildings and tasks. Anywho, if it seems like you’re gaining A LOT more bonuts with KEMs than I might give er a go. Let me know your thoughts after a week or so. Side note, I seen your KEM farm goin earlier and I noticed we have similar design concepts. (Yours is a little cooler than mine though) 👌

          • You flatter me. I thought your town was more cool. 😎

          • I think the real beauty to the KEM idea is that it costs you no money over the long run. I’m able to maintain my current level of cash. Also- I think using KEM’s (so far) yields more doughnuts than the other ways I’ve tried. You can thank Tapebelt for the idea.

          • By the way. I still play where’s Maggie, and build monorail tracks every week. Plus I try to do my friend taps every day (for the stray doughnuts). So it’s not as if I’m giving anything up to do the KEM method.

            Also- I can’t emphasize this enough: you can still do the rat trap delivery truck method in addition to the KEM method, because the KEM method is a zero sum method as far as cash is concerned. For instance- I have $24 million. After farming KEM’s twice today, I still have $24 million. So In a pinch, if I really needed the extra doughnuts, I could buy and sell rat trap delivery trucks, and farm KEM’s AT THE SAME TIME.

            Now does it make sense?

          • I thought it will cost money to play bonus level up. The cash will reduce?

        • How much better is the payoff with KEMs than plain ol’ Rat Trap Delivery Trucks?

          • It’s hard to say. Your yield will depend on how active a player you are. The KEM method requires that you check in every 4 hours. At least with the rat trap delivery trucks and blood mobiles you’re one and done.

          • That’s what I’m trying to decipher. Hard to compare with insufficient data. Tapebelt swears by the KEM format. I’m just hesitant on the time needed to buy/sell every 4 hrs for an extended period of time vs. one afternoon of turbo tappin’ rat trap trucks.

          • So far today I’ve earned 18 doughnuts with the KEM method. I spent 25 doughnuts for 10 days on the XP Collider. So I’m almost breaking even on the first day, and I expect to break even before the day is done. Plus- I will still have 9 more days on the XP Collider. So any doughnuts I earn after today will put me into the black. I think I will be able to net between 30 and 45 doughnuts a day for days 2-10. I’m retired. So I have a lot of free time on my hands. 😏

            I agree with Tapebelt. This is the best way to earn doughnuts that I’ve seen so far. Again- I will repeat for emphasis: One of the true positives for the KEM method is that you can maintain your level of cash rather than spending $20-$30 million or more. And I think in the long run, you will net more doughnuts.

          • For anyone who’s interested….I’ve found that I’m spending too much game cash farming 45 KEM’s at a time. So I’m downsizing the farm to 40 KEM’s at a time. I’ve been collecting lots of doughnuts. 33 on day one, and 42 on day two. So I’m already netting 50 doughnuts after only two days. That’s the good part. The bad part is that I’m down $3 million. That’s my fault. I’ve been a little too ambitious with my KEM farm. This is still an experiment for me, and I don’t want to lead people down the wrong path. More good news is that even if I don’t farm anymore KEM’s over the next 8 days, I’ve already come out ahead. I’m sure this method is better than the rat trap delivery truck method, but at my level there’s still a loss of game cash. I’m sure I can find the break even point with the cash, but it will mean netting fewer doughnuts.

            • I’m realizing, too, that I’d have to factor in the one- time cost of buying the extra land necessary to farm Kwik-E-Marts…I was able to farm rat trap trucks in some empty space within my Wild West area (before I did some redesigning) last time, or within just one or two empty patches of land, which wouldn’t for more than a very few Kwik-E-Marts.

          • If you know how much money you earn in a four hour period, you can easily calculate how many Kwik-e-Marts to get.

            I don’t have a lot of the premium characters, and have a very modest 165% bonus.

            I cleared all my buildings and characters at 1pm and then set everyone on a 4hr task. I had $240,920 at this point. Not playing for 4hrs, I then cleared all my buildings and characters at 5pm. I now had $393,900.

            So in 4 hrs I earned $152,980.

            You then multiply that by 1.33 (because you’ll get 25% of the KEM resale value back).

            $152,980 x 1.33 = $203,973

            That is how much I can spend on KEM.

            That comes out to 32 extra KEM, for $203,870 ($103 under my max limit).

            After farming those 32 extra KEN and collecting on all the 4hrs tasks at 9pm, my income was $393,826; so I only lost $74 farming 32 KEM.

            The $203,870 I spent on 32 KEM, I get 25% back selling them and the remaining 75% is exactly how much I earn in a four hour period. With buildings that earn every 8hrs, 24hrs, one week, etc, I’ll actually make some money over time.

            Now given my low percentage, am I going to make a lot of donuts this way? The 32 KEMs alone (with the collider on) gave me 1,395,620. Now between level 100 and 939, that’s 2.5 donut every four hours. I play regularly enough that I’ll definitely recoup my donuts on a ten day collider within two days, leaving me eight days to get extra donuts.

            When I get to level 939 and you need a million XP to level up, at my current percentage I really won’t be benefiting significantly, unless I tak the bonuts I earn via this method and purchase premium items that will increase my percentage (which is obviously what I would do with these donuts).

            • Where did you get 1.33 from? And, if that number somehow reflects the selling back of the Kwik-E-Marts, then why do you factor that in again in your 10th paragraph?

              I’m not saying you’re doing anything wrong in your calculations…I’m just trying to understand them. 🙂

          • Exactly, the 1.33 reflects the 25% you earn for selling back your Kwik-e-Marts.

            In paragraph 10, I’m not factoring it in again, but rather just recapping the process.
            – I spend 133% of what my characters makes,
            – I’ll get 100% back from my characters themselves,
            – and then by selling the KEM, I get that extra 33% (as you get one quarter of the value back and one quarter of 133% is 33%).
            Net result is no change in income.

          • Kwik-E-Mart vs Rat Trap Truck Donut Farming:

            Disclaimer: I cannot guarantee that my maths & calculations etc are 100% correct but I tried to be accurate. This is not a recommendation, just my experience…

            Short Response:
            KEM’s worked out at 59 000 cash per donut
            RTT’s worked out at 92 000 cash per donut

            Long Winded Response:
            Decided to give donut farming using KEM’s a try over the weekend to see how it compared to farming with Rat Trap Trucks…

            My Conform-O-Meter listed multiplier is 445.3% and my hidden XP bonus is about 240% so for each KEM built I earn 15 087 XP and if I use the XP Collider it goes up to 75 435 XP.

            I turned on my XP Collider for 24 hours and spent just over 10.5 million in cash buying (& selling) KEM’s and earned 180 donuts – which worked out at just over 59 000 cash per donut…

            When I farmed Rat Trap Trucks I also used the XP Collider for 24 hours and spent just over 148 million in cash buying (& selling) RTT’s and earned around 1600 donuts – which worked out at just under 92 000 per donut…

            So while I had far more cash available when I farmed RTT’s and earned far more donuts my experiments suggest that farming KEM’s gives a better ROI as each donut only costs 59 000 in cash compared to 92 000 for RTT’s.

            However, it is slower going. I started building KEM’s and only turned on my XP Collider when the 1st round (80 KEM’s) were ready for collection. I was then able to do 5 rounds of KEM farming in 24 hours (I did have to sleep…) doing more and more each round to maximise profit. If you have open land it will go faster whereas I used available space so built KEM’s all over my SF. I also could have spent more money doing it by building more KEM’s each time (if you remove roads they fit perfectly in that space) but it does take time to tap to complete and then sell all you’ve built. However, I did not want to spend all my cash at this moment as I am hoping for more land when the next event lands…

            Basically if I kept the XP Collider running I could farm about 134 KEM’s a day without losing any money and which would earn me 30 donuts a day.

            • So far, all of the reports I’ve seen on the results of Kwik-E-Mart farming have been from people with really high multipliers…would be interested in hearing from someone with a multiplier around 250% (not incl. the Springfield Heights bonus)…

              • Josephine Kick@$$

                I’m at about 320 without the bonus, it’s working great & was so worth it😊

        • You say the Kwik-E-Marts don’t end up having cost anything….are you saying that you can sell it back for the same price you paid for it? I’ve never seen anything in the game before for which that was true. (I’m not saying that it’s not true… I’m really just asking.)

          • No, you can’t. At least not if you’re looking for a quick return. It takes me 13 KEMs to get a go at bonuts, and I’ve got a base multiplier of a little over 500%, nearer 800% with SH buildings. If I just build 13 at a time they’re really cheap. If I buy more they cost 14,400 each with a resale value of 3,600, that’s the maximum.
            At maximum cost KEMs get me a go at bonuts every 140,000 whereas with rat trap trucks it costs me 195,000. So even at the most expensive they’re still about 40% more cost effective.
            If I do 13 only it’s much better, the cheapest only costs 568. I think I’ll have my XP multiplier on permanently and just build 13 at a time, I should get at least 3 cycles per day for effectively no money. When I’ve saved up loads of cash, that’s when I’ll switch to rat trap trucks

            • When you say that you’ll have your XP multiplier on permanently, do you mean your collider? Can we really recoup that cost easily, just via normal play and farming Kwik-E-Marts? (Of course, I can’t just use your stats though, because my bonus multiplier is no where near 500, but I’m still curious…)

          • I could be wrong but the way I understand it is that you do lose cash by selling back the KEM’s at a loss but this loss is offset by what you earn during normal play…

            So from a cash point of view you more or less break even farming KEM’s while still earning donuts whereas with Rat Trap Trucks, although you earn lots of donuts, you also burn through your cash reserves…

            I earn around 1,4 million cash per day which means I can build around 97 KEM’s a day without my cash going down…

            Do I have that right?

          • Btw, I’m doing it with Krusty Burgers too, I need 10 and a bit KBs for bonuts and have about 15 on permanent build. I’m going to try Gulp n Blows too…

          • I think for the KEM method to work, you have to have a pretty high XP multiplier. I’m not quite breaking even with the cash, but the KEM method is much less expensive in the long run than the rat trap delivery truck method. From reading the responses to my original posts, it looks like I’m at the bottom end of the XP multiplier minimum requirements. My base multiplier is now at 289.5% plus 263% from hidden XP. I would guess that to break even or come out ahead on cash you would probably need at least 300% plus all of the SH hidden XP. But I’ll tell you this: I’ve already recouped my 25 initial payment for 10 days on the XP collider, and then some. In 24 hours I’ve collected 42 doughnuts from level ups only. This doesn’t include doughnuts from daily tasks, find Maggie, the weekly monorail doughnuts, nor friend taps.

            I’m OK losing a little money, and if I feel that I’m losing more cash than I’d like to lose, then I will stop buying KEM’s for a bit to help with the cash flow. As I’ve said- I’ve already won back the 25 initial doughnuts I spent on the XP Collider, and I still have 9 days left on the Collider.

            So in summary: The KEM method works, but only if your XP multiplier is sufficient to maintain your cash flow. I earned 33 doughnuts on day one. If I earn an average of 35 doughnuts (a conservative estimate) a day (from level ups only), then I will earn a minimum total of 350 doughnuts in 10 days. Minus the 25 doughnut cost of starting the XP Collider, that’s a net of 325 doughnuts at very little cost. For me to earn that many doughnuts with the rat trap delivery method, it would cost me about $25 million. Results may vary.

            Good luck, and happy tapping. 😎

          • To MAB The Great. You’re entirely correct. The key is that you have the XP Collider working for you. But one thing to remember, the Collider only boosts you XP earnings, not your cash earnings. So you have to be vigilant in your tapping, and be sure to have sufficient buildings out the earn enough cash.

            I would say that the KEM method will only work for those players that already earn lots of cash every day. This won’t pay for noobs, or people who don’t tap frequently every day.

          • I want o emphasize to everyone that the KEM method will only be effective if you can figure out the best balance for YOUR TOWN. First off, let me begin by saying that I’m at level 939. I have a base multiplier of 289.5% plus 263% hidden bonus from the SH buildings. You must have sufficient buildings and characters in your town to generate the needed cash. I have about 145 characters. It helps if you’re a legacy player who bought the bulk of your houses before the price increase went into effect a year or so ago.

            Having said all that…..my advice is to keep only one “permanent” KEM in your town so as to reduce the overall price of farming KEM’s. Maximize your XP multiplier. This means building and upgrading all of the original SH buildings, and having all three private islands. You must have all of these buildings out in your town to get all of the hidden bonus. I was fortunate enough to have crafted a ton of tennis courts and wailing walls, in addition to all of my other decorations that boost XP%.

            Once you’re comfortable and familiar with your own town, then you can decide how many KEM’s to farm at any given time to ensure that you’re attaining a net gain of doughnuts from the trick whilst maintaining your cash level. THIS WILL VARY FOR EACH INDIVIDUAL. I’m currently playing with 45 KEM’s at a time in my farm, but this might be a little too much for me. I’m down a little on my cash. But I have to say that I’ve been playing with things a bit. So I’m still not sure if 45 is too many or about right. I had 5 or 6 KEM’s in my town on a permanent basis, and that was too many. So I’m down to one permanent KEM. I’ve replaced those KEM’s with new houses that will earn me more cash.

            So there you have it. I would like to thank Tapebelt for all of his help with this. This was not my idea. I learned of the trick from him- who probably heard it from someone else too.

            Good luck, and happy tapping. 😎

          • Josephine, all the main buildings help with XP but only if they’re out of storage. The little add-ons like porches, balconies, etc don’t contribute anything so they can stay in storage. I believe I read that it doesn’t matter what level they are either so buy the base models and upgrade at your leisure. Good luck!

          • Yes, Sandra, the collider. It will depend on your multiplier and how often you play but for me I’m pretty sure it will be worth having it active permanently. Previously I’d only done the 24hr option but the last 2 weekends I’ve bought the 3 day option. Now, with the KEM and KB factory going strong I’m going to try leaving it on permanently.
            By the way, I’ve also realised it’s not always worth gambling my bonuts, for example with Find Maggie it’s not worth a 2nd try ever, even if I only get 1 donut on the first try, 150,000 isn’t worth it. Even at 50,000 a go I won’t gamble if I get 2 on the first try. I can convert cash at a rough rate of 60k per bonut so paying any more than that is daft. As a result I’ve also stopped doing the railyard, I can earn more than 5 donuts from the money my characters earn when they’re not recycling

            • Can you remind me what your multiplier is? I’m not sure whether my multiplier if high enough and/or whether I earn enough from my buildings and characters to make it worthwhile for me to have my collider permanently charged up (and whether not going for second or third tries on the Maggie game makes sense for me).

          • Here’s another update. I’m making lots of doughnuts. I got 33 on day one, and 42 on day two. I’ve already got 9 doughnuts today after my first KEM farm harvest.

            The part of all of this that is killing me is not getting three doughnuts on the first try. I know the trick to get three doughnuts, but it doesn’t always work (hold down the one on the right, etc).

            So I agree with Swisswavy that it’s not a good idea to gamble on getting three doughnuts each time. From now on I will take the first prize, unless it’s only one doughnut.

            I’ve also reduced the number of KEM’s that I’m farming at a time. I started with 45 at a time. Now I’m only farming 40 at a time, and that might be too much too. I’m still playing with this.

            I started all of this with $24 million, and I still have over $21 million. Much of the loss can be explained by bad gambling trying to get three doughnuts each time, but I also spent a lot of money building more orange and brown houses. So if I hadn’t been gambling (paying) so much trying to get three doughnuts, and if I hadn’t built so many new houses, I’d probably be very close to breaking even on my cash.

            The good news is that I’m raking in the doughnuts for very little cost. I believe I will be playing from now on with the XP Collider always turned on. I paid 25 doughnuts for 10 days on the XP Collider, and it’s paid for itself a couple of times over in less than three days. In fact- I was in the black (i.e., recouped my 25 doughnuts) in less than a day.

            So is farming KEM’s for doughnuts worth it and better than rat trap delivery trucks? The answer is a big YES! Anyone at level 60 or higher, can make this method work. The trick is to figure out how many KEM’s your town can sustain without much if any loss in cash.

            Good luck, and happy tapping. 😎

            • Oh, but wait! I’m now inferring that you’re at Level 939 (since you were talking about bonus boxes), which means that, with each level up, you’re getting an average of two donuts, not just one, lie those of us who haven’t reached 939 yet. I wonder how that would affect the results for those who aren’t there yet…

          • This is for SwissWavey. Your insights are very helpful. Thank you. You said a lot of things in your post that I’ve been contemplating for a while now. Prior to farming KEM’s I was grinding out monorail track pieces at the Rail Yard for those 5 doughnuts a week. But you’re right. It’s time consuming, and keeps my characters away from their normal cash and XP earning tasks. Plus- 5 doughnuts seems so trivial now ever since I started KEM farming.

            I have also come around to your view that gambling on getting three doughnuts each time we get the prize choices just isn’t worth the cost. From now on I’m accepting the first prize unless it’s only one doughnut. Your right about finding Maggie too. $150,000 is just too much to spend for a couple extra doughnuts. So if I get one doughnut on the first try, then that’s what I’ll take.

            I never thought too much about how quickly I earn cash, but now I can see how important cash management can be when trying to farm for doughnuts. If one plays carefully, it’s possible to farm KEM’s for doughnuts, and actually come out ahead on cash. The trick is to find the formula that works best for your town based on your XP multiplier, and your cash income from buildings and characters. Having said all of that, you still need to play frequently (at least every four hours) for this to work.

            Thanks again, SwissWavey.

            Good luck, and happy tapping. 😎

          • Hi Sandra. Yes I’m at level 939. I used the rat trap delivery truck method while I was leveling up from 60 to 939. I turned on the XP Collider for one day, and went from level 60 to level 939 in no time. It cost me $30 million to get 3500+ doughnuts during that mad dash.

            My cash level now is at $21+ million. I’ve been tweaking my town a bit while playing with the KEM method. I think that I will be able to stabilize, and perhaps increase my cash level now that I’ve got things figured out for KEM farming for doughnuts. No more gambling for a better doughnuts prize. No more spending time at the Rail Yard. Definitely no more gambling with the prize with the find Maggie game. I’m probably going to make some more investments in jet engine bikes to boost my XP multiplier %. I’m currently farming 40 KEM’s every four hours. I think this is working for me. It’s definitely worth the investment of 25 doughnuts every 10 days to keep the XP Collider running continuously.

            Good luck and happy tapping. 😎

            • Josephine Kick@$$

              Jet engine bikes? I have tons in storage, if it helps, I’ll dig them out, but I need to do a serious remodel on my water space 😊

          • Sandra, with the SH buildings my XP multiplier is very close to 800% before I turn the collider on.
            @sillyboy, my thanks to you, this thread caused me to think about things and change how I operate. Without your starting the conversation I’d never have worked this stuff out
            I’m ahead of you on one thing though, yesterday I bought a bunch of jet engine bikes 😀

            • Josephine Kick@$$

              Swiss, is there a way to find out your bonus from SH? Do you have to upgrade all buildings, and is it necessary to have them all in SH? I would love to have more land for SH, if nothing else, at least in the water😊😊

          • Btw Sandra, we’re talking about bonuts but what we’re really talking about is collecting XP. The calculations of $ per donut change if you’re not at level 939 but the efficiency of the KEMs and KBs (but be careful with the KBs, the price rises quickly) is basically the same.

          • Hi Sandra. I’ve read all of your comments and concerns about the method I’ve described. You asked me in your last post: “What do you need cash reserves for anyway?” Well the answer is both simple and complicated. There are still a lot of things that you might want to buy with cash whether it be more land, KEM’s or rat trap delivery trucks. As for the trucks- sure, you can do the rat trap delivery truck method for getting lots of doughnuts quickly, but then you use up a lot of your cash, and you have to wait to try the trick again while you replenish your cash. Wouldn’t it be better to maintain your cash level AND get doughnuts at the same time? As a few other bloggers have pointed out, farming KEM’s is the most cost effective way to get doughnuts. It’s all about the cost per doughnut.

            The great thing about this game is that there are many different ways to play it. I was just trying to inform people of a cool method that I learned about.

            Good luck, and happy tapping. 😎

            • Oh, please don’t misunderstand me…I didn’t mean to imply in any way that Kwik-E-Mart farming was a bad idea or inferior to farming rat trap trucks or anything like that! I really have just been trying to understand the ins and outs of it and see whether it would be something that I should be giving a try, myself. It does seem to have some significant advantages for at least some folks, for sure!

              I really do appreciate your taking the time to post the details of your findings here, so that others of us can benefit from them! 🙂

          • Dear Sandra and MAB the great. I’ve been reading all of the posts, and I’d like to address a few things. First of all, Sandra, I believe anyone with a multiplier over 150% or so could use the KEM method. Someone would have to do the math based on any particular multiplier percent. The difference from one person to the next would be: How many KEM’s to farm. I have a multiplier of 289.5% with a hidden multiplier of 263%. Based on my stats, I can farm 40 KEM’s at a time, and NOT LOSE ANY MONEY. This is specific for my town only. I have lots of buildings and 145 characters. So I earn a decent amount of money every day, and I play constantly- at least every 4 hours if not more (more).

            As for some of the math (MAB the great). Your net doughnut haul numbers seem a little low to me based on your multiplier, etc. After 4 days of this, I’m earning and average of about 35 doughnuts a day. Also- I payed for 10 days on the XP Collider for 25 doughnuts. You paid for one day for 5 doughnuts. That means your paying 5 doughnuts a day, as opposed to my 2.5 doughnuts per day. After roughly 4 1/4 days of this, I’ve earned a total of 157 doughnuts, minus the initial 25 doughnut payment to start the XP Collider, for a net of 132 doughnuts so far. If things continue as they have been, then I should net about 325 doughnuts in ten days time.

            I have to repeat something for emphasis. I have been maintaining my cash at the same level for three days now. So the doughnuts are costing me LITERALLY NOTHING. If I had used rat trap delivery tucks, I would probably have spent a minimum of $30 million (for 325 doughnuts), perhaps more to get the same number of doughnuts per MAB’s calculations. And the good news about maintaining your cash level is that if you feel the need to get some quick doughnuts for that character/building combo you just have to have, then you can still use the rat trap delivery truck method. I’m currently maintaining just over $21 million in cash. So I’ve got a pretty big buffer to play with. My advice to anyone who might want to farm for doughnuts using KEM’s would be to build up your cash to a comfortable level first.

            I hope this all helps.

            Good luck, and happy tapping.

          • Hey Sillyboy

            You are quite correct that it would cost me 5 donuts a day versus 2,5 per day your way but I did that on purpose…

            The main reason was to first just test the ‘Proof of Concept’ – and the concept was most definitely proved 😄👍👍👍 But it also showed me that if I did the 10 day XP Collider boost I would not have the restraint you have and only do a certain amount of KEM’s each day to maintain my cash reserves. I would burn through all my cash asap! 😊😊😊

            I look at it as something I might do once or twice a month but only when my donuts start running low. The rest of the time I will work at building up my cash reserves – even though having lots of cash is not really necessary it just makes me feel good.

        • Thank you so much for this!

          • I’d like to give everyone an update. I’m on day four now with the XP Collider turned on. I’ve figured out how many KEM’s I can farm at once (40). I’m averaging 37 doughnuts a day from level ups only (not counting find Maggie, and the other stray doughnuts rewarded for daily tasks, etc). My cash has remained at a steady $21.5 million for the last two days. I’ve stopped gambling on the doughnut prize choices, unless I only get one doughnut. If I get one doughnut, I spend the $50k to try to get 2 or 3 doughnuts instead. However- I now never pay for the chance for more doughnuts with the find Maggie game. If i get just one, then Se la vie. The key to making this all work is to farm for doughnuts with a zero sum cash flow. If you’re losing money, then you need to tweak things a bit like I did. If you’re losing cash, then reduce the number of KEM’s you farm at a time. You should also stop grinding for monorail track pieces. You don’t want to have characters working in the recycling buildings. They need to be on tasks that earn cash and XP. I know it’s hard giving up those 5 weekly doughnuts, but wouldn’t you rather get 35+ doughnuts a day- as opposed to getting 5 doughnuts a week? The choice is obvious to me.

            In summary: Raise your XP multiplier to as high as you can afford. Farm as many KEM’s as you can every four hours. Don’t gamble on getting more doughnuts if you don’t get 2 or 3 on the first prize box you pick. Never pay to get more doughnuts with the find Maggie game. It’s just not worth spending $150K-$300k to get the 3 doughnuts. Take what you get with the first prize box. Pay 25 doughnuts for 10 days on the XP Collider. You will recoup your doughnuts (in most cases) on the first day. It’s best to start out with as much cash on hand as possible at the time you start farming. You never know when you might need to use a little of the cash to buy more land, etc. It’s also useful to have a lot of cash on hand in case you ever want to do the Rat trap delivery truck, or blood mobile method. The truck method is still a great way to get a lot of doughnuts fast, but with the drawback that you will drain your cash reserves. This is why the KEM farming method is superior in the long run.

            Good luck and happy tapping.

            • But, with the end of levels, what do you need cash reserves for anyway? I mean, you do want to have a certain amount to purchase freemium event items and such, but there won’t be any more of those required, super-expensive buildings.

    • Thank you @sillyboy I’ve been getting so many donuts because of your KEM method. Thank you so much 🙂

      • You’re welcome. But I can’t claim the rights to this method. I learned of it from Tapebelt. Thank you Tapebelt, and to all of the people who’ve refined and developed the method.

    • One additional point on this which I’ll be keeping a very close eye on is how much it costs to buy in-game cash.
      For example, right now I could buy 28 million in cash for a cost of 550 donuts. It’s really, really close as to whether I could earn more than 550 with that kind of money. I’ll need to do some serious maths, but as soon as that equation tilts in my favour I’ll be doing the donut equivalent of printing money!

      • @sillyboy, you mentioned you’re getting 263% from hidden multipliers, as far as I can work out I’m only getting 232%. I can’t see why. I’ve built everything there is to build in SH.
        Did you benefit from the glitch when it was around and get more than 10 of everything?
        Or have they made it so you need to upgrade buildings?

        • Are you counting level 2 private islands?

          • I had one which was only level 1 so I upgraded that but that’s only 1% . I reckon there must be other SH stuff that has a hidden multiplier, needs someone to dig through the files perhaps. I’ve no idea how to do that!

        • I can’t understand the SH math either. It seems everyone has a different hidden SH multiplier. All I can say is that I have all of the SH buildings out that need to be out to get the bonus. On a side note- the other day my stated XP multiplier jumped from 289.6 to 290.10 for no apparent reason. Go figure.

          • Part of that is probably because there was a glitch for a while that let some people get more than 10 of each building, so the number of buildings that people have may vary.

  15. I need to earn 29 more doughnuts this week so I can get the Coyote. I may not make it. 🙁

  16. My husband and Iove it when a new event drops, gives the house some healthy rivalry as we try to get all the prizes first!! We even get our 3 year old daughter involved by getting her to tap things for us and tell us what the other one is doing

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