Superheroes Sequel Quick Breakdown: Neighbor Battle Video

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So a neighbor battle post is coming, similar to the regular battles, but in the meantime I know a lot of you had questions.  So I did a quick video breaking it down.  We’ll still have a full post breaking it all down, so you can quickly go back and reference, but this should help answer some burning questions….


And here’s the links I promised in the video:

Turbo Tappin’ Issue 1

Superheroes Rundown (for Social Prize List)

Issue 1 Battle Guide

Oh and here’s the view i had while doing this video…a lovely day in New Jersey lol

2016-06-16 13.45.39

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  1. Hi everybody!
    I know some of you must have already asked this, but I’m a bit worried I won’t get enough battles to get all the Social Battle Prizes. The first Act is about to end and I’m only at 21 battles. Do you think they will give the option of spending donuts on these prizes later in the event?

  2. Okay – I know in a friend’s town I’m the bad guy and they’re the good guys but now that I have to actually WIN a battle in a friend’s town (daily challenge), I need to verify what winning means. Does it mean the bad guys win (since I’m the one who HAS to win because of the challenge) or does it mean the good guys have to win (since they’re the good guys)? And if it’s the bad guys, I’m assuming they’re the guys that I am able to select? But mostly I need to know who is supposed to win for that blasted challenge. 🙂

    • It means that the characters that you put into the lineup have to win. So, if it says you have to win a social battle, then your felons have to win, not the opponent’s heroes/villains.

      • Thanks to both Sandra and Safi. I’m gaining on the whole process but it does sort of drive me crazy. 🙂

    • For social prizes, you simply have to compete. Win and losses are equivalent. If you win 115 battles and lose 0, you’ll get all the social prizes. Likewise if you lose 115 battles and win 0, you’ll get all the social prizes. As well, 65 wins and 50 losses will also count as 115 battles competed and you’ll get the last prize.

      If you don’t have time to play multiple times a day, it’s probably better if you send 1 villain character at a time to die in battle against your neighbours heroes, so you can quickly get done and over with your 3 battles. Of course, this is after you have 3 characters. When you only have 2 characters, you will have to come back at least one extra time per 24 hours.

      However, if you have time to come back every four hours each day, it is in your best interest as the villain to beat your neighbours heroes, as you get more bonus knuckles for the more hearts you beat in battle.

  3. Thank you! Now I can stop trying to trigger the fight box in other Springfield.

  4. It’s in your best interest to win the social neighbour battles & not only that but look for the toughest friends with the best defenders for maximum heart life payout bonus.
    Example one town has 3 x defenders with 3 life’s each ( 9 hearts)
    Where as a tough high level neighbour has 4 life’s each paying 12 gems.
    I go out of my way to beat the bigger players for better payout bonus, save your science waters for the bigger fights, seeing as they aren’t normally needed during the game.

  5. I’ve got a trio at three hearts.
    I’ve got a trio at four hearts.
    I’ve got a single at two hearts.
    I think I’m going to work on improving the four hearts to five.
    Then the threes to four.
    Think that’s better than two trios at four hearts.

  6. Are you supposed to receive Finite Stones when you do the Social Battles? I see them in the victory screen, although I have to admit that I tap the button without paying too much attention, but I could have sworn that it said I was supposed to receive 10 Finite Stones for winning.

    However, when I go back to my town, I don’t have the 10 Stones. I noticed, because I had just upgraded Plopper, and after defeating the villains, I had 40 Finite Stones in my inventory. After defeating the heroes in a friend’s town, I still have a balance of 40.

    Has anyone else seen this?

    • Yes, wins and loses. The video shows the payouts for both

      • Thanks! Maybe I need to restart my phone…that seems to help.

        • Well, in a strange turn of events, I restarted my phone, and now I’m getting 40 Finite Stones when I win a Social Battle. It’s still showing that I should get 10 Stones, but when I go back to my town, I’ve actually gotten 40.

          Not complaining, but it’s very strange…I went from 2 days of not getting any to a day (and hopefully more) of getting 40.

  7. Man. This update has just taken the wind out of my sails. When did TSTO become a part time job?

  8. I haven’t been able to test this as I thought of it after my daily battles were done for today. My question is: does the normal daily timer affect the ability to do neighbor battles? I understand the neighbor battle timer does (24 hrs), but what about the other timer?

  9. I had an issue where I somehow lost the ability to do my neighbor battles yesterday. I started with the fist saying I had 3 battles available, but then they disappeared while I was tapping criminals in friend towns (ones that don’t have the fist showing yet, and maybe even a few criminals in towns with fists that showed 3 available battles). I’m not sure what exactly happened, but I didn’t play any of the 3 available neighbor battles (I wasn’t sure if it would count against my daily actions count so I wanted to get the criminal tapping out of the way before doing neighbor battles), and then when I went back to a town with a fist, the number had dropped to zero even though I hadn’t actually done a neighbor battle yet. Alissa, does tapping criminals first cause the player to loose their 3 friend battles? Has this happened to anyone else that you know of? Does anyone know what would cause a player to lose their 3 social battles? Also, does doing the neighbor battles first count against your daily action count? Thanks!!

  10. I think EA didn’t include Other Springfield in the fights, because it’s EA’s way of encouraging people who might have been reluctant to try the neighbor thing to add at least one neighbor. (And, once they see that it’s not “scary” to add a neighbor, they’ll add more of them.)

    Just a theory, of course…

    Alissa – I have to say that listening to you is a little strange…although our voices are slightly different, you and I share several vocal mannerisms…nothing definable, but, at times, I felt like I was listening to one of my own voice recordings, with just a slightly altered voice.

    • It’s that east coast accent lol

      • Interesting. I, and at least one other, commented on the similarities between your voice and that of Ellen DeGeneris. I just checked and she was born and raised in Meteraie, Louisiana (sp?). That is near New Orleans. (I’m getting to my point, be patient). Her folks were born and raised in New Orleans. Their vocal mannerisms frequently had people believeing that they were from Boston- i,e. “East coast accent”

        “If you want to understand what someone is saying, First imagine that it is true, then imagine what it could be true of.”

        • Several people said it actually…which is kinda funny. Because I was born and raised in NJ. But I do adapt to accents quickly..if i spend a week with my nan and pop in Tennessee I come home with a Tennessee accent. So i don’t think i have the stereotypical NJ accent…could just be a blend of everything else.

      • It’s partly that, but even the “fillers” that you use (subconsciously) are like mine. (I suppose some of that could be a regional thing, too…) It was just kind of eerie.

        If I ever have an excuse to record myself doing something similar (something extemporaneous), I’ll have to send it to you so you can see what I mean.

        Btw, what did you use to do your recording? Did you do it on your mobile device or on your computer?

        • Mobile…a program called mobizen

          • Cool, thanks! I definitely need to look into this for work (as well as for anything fun I might be able to do with it in my personal life).

          • There seem to be two Mobizen apps. The $4.99 one that has reviews has all one-star reviews, because people complain that it will only record in the browser and the can’t record games. The other one doesn’t have any reviews, which makes it seem less likely to be the real thing. Can you tell me who the publisher is (and cost, if possible) for the one you’re using? It’s obvious that you were able to record outside of the browser (right in the game), and that’s the kind of app I need!

  11. This was a GREAT video! Thank you! It helped so much. I’m the type of person who learns better by watching, rather than reading.. So the demo was great. I’m still REALLY confused about the rest of the game. Do you think you can do another video on “the basics?”

  12. #also_a_rambler

    Appreciate the video very much!

    Two points that I personally found most informative:
    1. Don’t buy bandages when you can use the cards for other prizes. I was about to ask that question. 🙂
    2. Panera® has shady people where you are. I used to be a card-carrying member myself… 3 years ago. I thought it was just my usual downtown location that had a number of “peculiar” customers. XD
    I do miss the lemon chicken orzo soup, tho. :/

    • Yeah, you don’t need to buy Band Aids if you play fairly regularly. I still had Band Aids left from the Large Box they made us buy as part of the quest, when I unlocked the fourth prize this evening, a First Aid Kit with 20 Band Aids. I now have over 25 Band Aids. Definitely better to save your cards for other craftables.

      As for Panera, haven’t been there in ages. But I’ll take your word for it.

      • Yeah – I’m regretting the small bandaid box purchase I made the other day…so many other things I want and a limited time to earn enough cards to get them (since it seems that the current items will be replaced in Issue 2, not added to, as in most past events).

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