Superheroes Sequel Prize Guide: Issue 3, Prize 5 Spirograph Factory

Special shoutout and HUGE thanks to Safi for helping to put this prize guide together for me.  Thanks again Safi you gave me one less thing to stress out about during the move! -Alissa 


Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Up and Atom!  Looks like we’ve got ourselves a Super Sequel on our hands!  But remember…the Sequel isn’t always better than the original.  Superheroes 2 has found its way into our pocket sized Springfields!  This super event hit our devices and it’s full of super inspired decorations, buildings & characters!

This Event is broken up into 3 Issues, with each Issue containing part of the story.  To help you move along with the event you’ll get several prizes per Issue.  Each prize will either be something fun for Springfield or something to help you move along in the event.  For the Third Issue you’re tasked with collecting Crab Juice (ico_cur_superheroes2_crabjuice_lg) to unlock each prize!

The fifth Issue 3 prize awarded at 61,900ico_cur_superheroes2_crabjuice_lg  is the Spirograph Factory, because sometimes you need help becoming the next Michelangelo!


So let’s take a closer look at this fifth prize and just what happens when you unlock it in your Springfield…

Great job Safi and thanks so much for helping! Wookiee here with an editor’s note… I removed the Y from all mentions of Spirography. Why you ask? It’s the Spirograph Factory… nuff said… Simpsons nerd mic dropped.

Spirograph Factory Simpsons

Now back to Safi…

Once you’ve collected 61,900ico_cur_superheroes2_crabjuice_lg you’ll automatically be awarded the Spirograph Factory and you’ll see this message popup:


And you’ll have the option to place it in your Springfield or store it in your inventory immediately. Remember if you store it, you’ll have to go into your inventory later to retrieve it.

The Spirograph Factory does come with a short questline. Here’s a look at what pops up:

Spirography Factory
Auto start

Marge: Homer, have you seen Ned’s new paintings? They’re gorgeous!
Homer: Gorgeous? I doubt that. Anything stupid Flanders can do, I could do better. Well actually… the only artistic thing I can do is make up song lyrics on the fly. If only there was an easy way for me to out-do Flanders’ art…
Build the Spirography Factory – 4 hours
Make Homer “Draw” “Beautiful” “Art” – x1. Requires Homer. 12 hours, earns $420,100xp.
Homer: Hey Ned, check out my art that is way better than yours… WAY better!
Ned: Wow Homer, you’ve done such prepossessing geometric work and those parallel contours are just exquisite.
Homer: Thanks, I guess. Outdoing Flanders was way less rewarding than outdoing the dog!

Completing this quest only awards cash and XP, no extra event currency here.

Here are some quick facts about the Spirograph Factory:


Size: 10×7
Conform-O-Meter: Consumerism +10
Build Time: 4 hours
Earns: $200, 20xp/12hrs
Where Can It Be Placed?: Grass, Pavement, Sand, Boardwalk or Ornate Pier.
What Does it Do?: It’s a building in Springfield with a 12-hour permanent task (“Draw” “Beautiful” “Art”) for Homer.

And there you have it; the details behind the Spirograph Factory.

What’s Next?

drlennyslab_menuDr. Lenny’s Lab – Awarded at 78,800ico_cur_superheroes2_crabjuice_lg .  This will be the next prize we cover in a rundown post.

So that my friends is the full breakdown of the fifth Issue 3 prize!

What do you think of the Spirograph Factory? Were you quick to unlock it? Where have you placed it in your Springfield? Thoughts on Issue 3?   What are you looking forward to?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love to hear from you!

37 responses to “Superheroes Sequel Prize Guide: Issue 3, Prize 5 Spirograph Factory

  1. Does anybody else feel that the amount needed to get the final prizes is a bit much?

    • I would if it wasn’t for the awesome bonuses for the boss fights.

      • Yeah but still, i just got spirography and I don’t think that i will ever get to dr crab. Even with the bonus for the boss fights. I’m a daily player, 3 times a day i come on for the felon battles. Previous issues i was done a couple of days before the deadline but now i’m so far away.

    • I think it was only challenging for folks who didn’t play the “lose-to-win” strategy or didn’t pay at least three times a day.

      I’ve never been so happy to be a “loser” as I have been during this event! 😉

      (BTW, if you haven’t finished the Pinchy battles yet, I think you’ll find that this will go a long way towards helping you catch up, since you get 4,000 cans at the end of each section.)

    • I got the last prize two days ago.

  2. talon8770 / rick m.

    wow i got lucky with the lobster giving 4000 cans i was way behind now i just may get Dr. crab. Also i found that while the villains are battling Dr crab the task for vigilantes (although not highlighted) will work simultaneously . So when the villains finish the good guys finish too at the same time and you just need to tap the bug.

  3. I WAS CENSORED! LOL Not too surprised. I hope someone got a chuckle, or an aneurism, from the deleted text.

    As always, thanks TSTO team for doing such a great job. Seriously.

  4. Hey Wookie, you missed one Y 😉

  5. I just hope someday we’ll get Dr. S.!

    I might’ve been tempted on Gil’s deal, but it’s just too dang big.

  6. Thank you for removing the ‘Y’. What were they thinking? Sheesh!

    • Didn’t want to get zinged with copyright/trademark issues, possibly, but the “y” was never there on the original building in the show.

  7. Why is the collider considered a villain if hes in the hero catergory? I want to get him and plopped since i only have 200 donuts but they need to be the same for the pinchy fight

  8. Got it this morning. woohoo.:)

  9. Unlocked this this morning and it fits great in my factory district!! Sad about the Gil deal though. I would rather earn the film set as a prize snd have Lennys Lab be the Gil deal. I wish we could interchange prize tracks like that!

  10. Longest, most repetitive, event I’ve ever experienced since I started playing this game 3 years ago. Every event now seems to feature all the items or characters we’ve already been able to buy or earn since the game started, yet there is never a nod or donut discount to those who have been playing this game with dedication for so long. This hero event is so borng, I can’t even imagine that I will bother to muck with this stupid lobster. I started, then realized it was sooooooo long to defeat, I threw in the towel already. Better value to just work on track pieces and get donuts than working super hard to get trash cans, a clothes line, a mail box, skins you will never use bc they aren’t bonus xp/$, broken lamp posts, and on and on. Hope the game gets better, but, if the recycling of items and events is ongoing, then I think a lot of long time freemium and pay players will get bored and just slowly stop checking. Makes me sad.

    • The biggest advantage in getting “skins you will never use bc they aren’t bonus xp/$”; is that most likely next year or whenever thereafter they come back with the “Superhero Sequel Rises – Civil War Edition” (Superheroes 3, actual name TBD), these fremium skins will return in the shop for new players to purchase for donuts and these freemium skins will become premium skins. So glad I got Dr. Colossus, Radioactive Man, et al for free last year. Can’t wait for Cyborg Snake, Bouncing Battle Baby, et al to become premium skins next year.

    • If you want bonuts, then defeat the monster, because you will net many thousands on cans of crab juice. Crab juice = bonuts.

    • With you!

    • I agree with you. The events are too long (I would personally like to see only 2 acts as I get bored doing the same repetitive thing). Also I liked when events were different each time, now it’s always the same concept but different theme.

      Another thing I don’t like is the time constraints. If I miss a day I feel like I’m behind. I don’t like the idea of missing out on a prize because of time. I really liked levels that if I didn’t feel like using donuts it is still there for me to purchase at a later date.

    • By not bothering to “muck with the stupid lobster” you’re losing the ability to potentially earn even more donuts than at the rail yard! The lobster fights earn a ton of currency, which, in turn, can help you get more bonut box rounds, once you finish the prize track! And, if you play it right, you can get through both halves of a round and earn 4,000 cans in a little over four hours, which is a huge boost!

      As for there not being a benefit to those who have been playing longer, I beg to disagree. By allowing us to use the superheroes that we got in the first event, we have a big advantage over those newer players who don’t have them. I’ll be finishing the prize track in a little less than four hours from now and then will get to spend the rest of the event earning bonuts. I attribute my early finish to two main things – having all of the freemium (and one premium) superheroes/villains from the previous event and this one and playing the “lose-to-win” strategy. And EA did give/offer quite a lot of new content and characters/skins with this event (even if maybe you’re not crazy about them….there were several that I didn’t particular care for, myself), so I don’t understand your complaint about everything be “re-offers”…

      Of course you’re perfectly entitled not to like this event, but I just think a couple of the reasons you have aren’t really true/fair. I’ve been enjoying the extra battle strategizing (except when I’m pressed for time), but I can definitely appreciate that that might not be everyone’s cup of tea. I also wouldn’t mind slightly shorter events (well…less so when the offer bonut rounds at the end of each act), but I understand that EA needs to do that to allow more “casual” players to earn all (or at least most) of the prizes.

      Hey, if you’re still reading this, I have a question for you that I’m curious about…what kind of event *would* you like to see, not so much in terms of a theme but in terms of how the gameplay would go? I’m not asking this sarcastically or anything…. I’m truly curious what ideas you (or anyone else) might have about different structures or elements of gameplay you think might work better, given the general limitations of this kind of game?

  11. What can I say after a Simpsons nerd mic dropped? LOL!

  12. I’ll unlock it tomorrow. Does Homer really need another task??

  13. My eyes! The goggles do nothing!! ..

  14. Wow. Up early much? Thanks Safi…and the gang. Loved the Atom Ant reference. Also, I get a Spiro Agnew flashback when I see the name of this prize. Must be osmosis from the RNC.

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