Forgiveness and Rekindled Friendships

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Since we’re waiting for the Superheroes removal update, I’m going to deviate, briefly, from TSTO coverage to bring you an update on something else…..

For those of you that have been around this site since it launched, or at least within the first couple of months of launch, this story doesn’t need an explanation….but bear with me as I fill our newer readers (of the last 2 years) in on some of the backstory…

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This blog was started nearly 3 years ago, and it was started on the philosophy that TSTO is a game.  And games should be fun.  It was also started by two old friends, myself and Mark.  In the weeks that followed the blog launch we added smart, wonderful people to the mix Wookiee and Bunny.  Who would soon become not just my friends…but my family.

It wasn’t long after the blog started, and Bunny & Wookiee joined the mix, that Mark would get pulled away for work.  His schedule just got so busy he couldn’t make the time commitment to blog full time.  We all understood.

And no, this isn’t a story about Mark.  No, this is a story about someone who came along after Mark left us.  You see, shortly after Mark left we added another voice to the mix….Pat, aka Cranky Old Guy.

At first things were great, Pat was part of the team and I considered him a good friend.  I’d bounce ideas off of him and vice versa.  And we all loved the perspective he brought to the site.  You know…that perspective of yelling at the clouds….


Of course, as many of you can tell by who writes on the site now….it didn’t last very long.  Roughly 3 months after starting to write for Addicts, Pat (and Ryan) left the site to start TSTO Friends.

The reasons why don’t matter.  And this isn’t a post to rehash the past…. let’s just say things were said and lines were drawn.  And it became…us vs. them.

But that all changed the day Riley was born.

You see, even though things were still said back and forth…the day Riley was born everyone grew up and it all stopped.

Pat, to his credit, started it.  He reached out to me to extend his congratulations and best wishes.  And offer up his thoughts for Riley while she was in the NICU.  And I extended my best wishes to his family, as he announced his daughter had gotten engaged right around the same time Riley was born.  As he put it…”the circle of life continues”.

After that time Pat and I had exchanged text messages often, usually discussing the latest TSTO Event or topic dominating the news headlines (let’s face it…99% political).  And yes, I even donated to his Uganda project.  (it really is good work he’s doing there)

Now that everyone is caught up, let’s fast forward nearly 8 months….

One of Pat’s five daughters lives in New Jersey, actually not that far from me.  Earlier this month he embarked on a cross country road trip with his wife and mentioned he’d be in New Jersey and we both suggested that we finally get together.

So, on a hot and sticky Tuesday afternoon in July Cranky Old Guy and I sat down and “broke bread” together.  Of course Riley, his wife and daughter were there as well…we both figured we might need a buffer or 3 😉

We laughed and talked over a few beers and great food.  We both apologized, and forgiveness happened.  As we realized we agreed on much more than we disagreed on.

Pat, his wife and daughter are all lovely people inside and out.  (and although I didn’t meet them, I’m sure his other 4 daughters are just as lovely) We talked about TSTO (naturally), but we also discussed his daughter’s upcoming wedding, his work in Uganda, college football…and of course baseball!  (his daughter is an avid baseball fan, and although she supports the Mets…ugh…at least it’s not the RedSox. 😉 )

You can tell he’s passionate about his work in Uganda, bringing clean water and better living conditions to the children in the Buyijja School.  As well as helping to improve wages for the teachers that educated them.  It is great work, and if you’d like to get involved (or donate) you can visit his Friends of Buyijja website here.

So, the hatchet is buried.  Forgiveness has been granted by both parties and we’re ready to move on.  Friends once again.

So Pat, thank you for reaching out, thank you for apologizing and thank you for a wonderful lunch.


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71 responses to “Forgiveness and Rekindled Friendships

  1. I followed Pat’s post for a long time and did see his words of war against this site. I wasn’t really bothered by it and felt there is a humour side to it. Yes after Riley, I started to see some of his kind comments. I am glad there is harmony now.

  2. Old skool happy ending…

  3. This may seem like an odd comment, but it’s the first thing I noticed in your picture. You have a lovely smile & gorgeous teeth, Alissa (among other things, I’m sure) I wish my teeth looked as good. 😎 RachelS

    • lol my dentist is always telling me how white they look. The perks of using whitening toothpaste for the last 10 years lol. You hear me Colgate?! I could use some free toothpaste 😉

  4. From the way the post started, I thought you were leaving the site. Glad that is not the case. Glad to hear you cleared the air with an old friend. Life is too short.

  5. I knew nothing of the story, except the odd reference to people or a blog “who must not be named”. We definitely learn in life that time heals all, and when we take the time to really get to know each other, we always have more in common than we don’t (except certain world leader, or wannabe leader, fascist types, but I digress). I’m glad that you have buried the hatchet. I’m sure it feels much better from both sides.

  6. Good for both of you. Sometimes the most courageous thing to do is to open your arms.
    Thank you for sharing it.

  7. So glad to hear this. I stopped visiting TSTOfriends when the barbs against people here became too much. Lovely that it’s all worked out and I might even check them out again.
    Often not being friends with someone is more work than being friends with them, and it’s certainly not as much fun!

  8. That’s a beautiful story with a happy ending.

  9. Alex - aabcampos2

    Great news !!

  10. Can I be honest with you Alissa? With my blog, I started out wanting to write but there was always this feeling of having to be better, look at the stats, copy other blogs styles to “beat” blogs and become popular! I learnt two things in the process:

    1) Beating Addicts would be impossible!!! You started when the app was young and you started and developed a community of addicts 🙂 thank you for that!

    2) I wasn’t enjoying it! Know I write what I want to write. Sometimes I like to write walkthroughs so I do but sometimes I was spending time into posts and calling it a chore. That’s when I knew that something wasn’t right

    Your post has taught me that blogging isn’t a competition it’s a passion! TSTO isn’t a competition, we live in a community of one united passion. We shouldn’t be trying to beat other people because in that process we loose ourselves and our true selfs
    Thanks for the story!

    • Hello, Sam. You might remember me from such places as your blog. 😉

      I’m glad to hear you’re going to write based primarily on your enjoyment. That was always my take on doing my blog. Sadly (just because some people actually looked forward to some of my features (call me surprised)) I’ve taken a short leave on my blog because of enjoyment versus obligation. Actually, I started mine as more of a repository of my thoughts and investigations (like a comments log) but sorta forgot that after I started and saw the stats and comments and such. It is cool to do your take on features covered here (if you’re enthusiastic about it) but even better to stick to more unique features.

      Good luck in your current iteration!

      • Thanks Simp7Fan 🙂
        I enjoyed your blog and although it is sad to see a break, I respect your view and I wish you the best of luck with your future.
        Thanks for the nice comments. I started to look more at stats and comments, started to get offended by amount of comments and lack of visitors but now that goes straight past my head and although that stuff is nice I just want to enjoy writing 😉
        Happy tapping …

        • I get offended by lack of comments on YOUR blog. lol. You should get more. (me, too…(when I have a post up))

          • You still read my blog? 😉 You can always write the odd post for my blog if you want

            • I didn’t… I meant then (past) and now (present). I made a comment there, did you see it? It needed approved.

              Yeah, you never know. Could write something. Never know. 😉

              • Just approved your comment 😉 it didn’t come through as a notification, sorry!
                It is a shame about the amount of comments and I would love more! But, I have learnt to move on from that and write for enjoyment and not for comments 😉
                Isn’t that right Alissa? You have taught me well master

  11. Good to hear you made up. I guess it’s true – people mellow with age 😉

    I myself am a strong supporter of the “don’t go to bed angry” school of thought. I rarely fight with other people, and if I do, I usually apologize about 10 minutes later. Not for having a different opinion, just for expressing them in a less than polite manner. And arguments can’t really be won by shouting louder than the other person anyway…

  12. I remember Cranky Old Guy from my first few months on this site; but didn’t know why or where he left. Never heard of TSTO Friends until today. Glad he’s back though.

  13. What a lovely story of reconciliation. Even though I wasn’t around, thanks for sharing a story of redemption.

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