A Now A Word from EA….Time To Update Your Device

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So the Superheroes Sequel Removal update not only brought the Monorail back to our Pocket Sized Springfields, it also brought a warning about a MAJOR change that’s about to hit our games very soon.  This is super important, so listen up….


On August 16th TSTO will NO LONGER BE SUPPORTED on devices that are not on iOS 7 (or higher) and Android 3 (or higher).  So if you’re playing on an older device…check your OS if it’s lower than iOS 7 or Android 3 you will NO LONGER BE ABLE TO PLAY TSTO ON THAT DEVICE, starting August 16th. 

For those of you that are impacted you will see this message popup in TSTO when you launch it between now and August 16th:

image (52)

If you didn’t see that message, or you recently purchased a new device, you’re fine.

iOS is currently on OS 9…. OS 7 launched in 2014 with the iPhone 4.
Android is currently on OS 6 (Marshmallow)…

So if you’re running on an old device, it may be about that time to upgrade…especially if you want to keep playing TSTO.

Why make this change?  Well it’s getting harder to continue to support the older devices while changing the game to support the newer devices.  Newer OS allow EA to do more with TSTO, and when they have to support older OS it limits what they can and can’t do.  I’m hoping this change means that they’ll improve the overall lag in the game AND increase the item limit cap.  Since most newer devices have enough memory to run TSTO just fine with higher item limits.

So bottom line, if you’re playing on an old device with an old OS it’s time to bite the bullet and upgrade your device if you want to continue playing TSTO.

Will this change impact you?  Already have a new device?  Looking to upgrade?  Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

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  1. Am I taking crazy pills cause I have just got the 10.5 iPad Pro when it came it and only on TSTO is there a rectangular like water mark type object in background. Can’t be device if it’s only game it happens on. Maybe older device won’t show it. I’ve noticed on plants vs zombies heroes there will be lines of animation showing off some of the sprites. So is it the fact the games haven’t been polished for higher gen devices or what. Cause new end games are perfect no visual flaws. It’s just older games I notice.

  2. I finally made an origin account, but could never get it to save my current progress in the game, so I always played anonymously. Is there no way to save in order to get it on a current device or am I screwed. I love playing, but I feel like they’ll loose out on alot of money this way if they don’t let us save via fb like most games do.

  3. I have OS 6.1.6, I have been troubleshooting to fix this since yesterday, so I ALL I NEED IS IOS 9?

  4. Stuart Maxfield

    Thanks for the fun, but because I’m unable to purchase a new device, I can’t play with you anymore. And we wonder why the world is the way it is?

  5. I have been playing on Android lollipop with plenty of space and memory on hand for several years, however ever since the Hero’s update the game crashes and freezes. It was quite the task trying to complete the missions restarting the game about every five minutes. This recent update brought no stability whatsoever, so least to say what was once an awesome time with my lemon pals has taken a turn to all out frustration. Level 104 here I come?

  6. My IPad Says I’m I.OS 9.3.3 WTF does that mean lol
    Am I screwed I am as clueless as it gets when it comes to the
    Tech crap

  7. How the hell do I find out
    Besides the message
    Are their steps to find out through my settings
    I have spent big cash on that game
    I’ll be pissed if I can’t play it lol

    • You should be able to find out through your settings. If you bought your device after 2014, you know you’re good to go. If you regularly update your software, same thing. You can Oogle search to find out how to find this on your device.

  8. I got a new phone this summer (old one crapped out randomly) and TSTO works great, no lag at all!!

  9. My tablet which is a yarvik Luna 7c which I had since Christmas 2013 uses android 4.1 jelly bean so I might be out of the woods on this, also I don’t know jelly bean is higher or newer than jelly bean. I also use an iPod touch 5g which I also had since Christmas 2013 with the software on iOS 9.3.3 which I had just updated a few days ago.

  10. Well, hooray! A few months back, I mistakenly thought I was upgrading my ipad 2 to ios 7…it actually upgraded to ios 8. Now while Apple claims the ipad 2 can support ios 8, it fails to mention it turns it into a frustrating pos that often times crashes apps or freezes up, then crashes, or loads, reloads, then loads again for good measure, any article you wish to read either through safari or facebook, and then, once it has finished reloading over and over, crashes.

    There has been many times I have almost thrown the ipad into my pool or out of a moving car window, or against a wall out of frustration. Now let’s see if TSTO follows suit. It’s already made me delete, on several occassions other apps I barely use, all my music, all my ebooks just so I can have the room for updates. Pretty soon, all I’ll be able to have on this ipad is TSTO and nothing else…that, or play on my phone, eating the battery. WTG Apple! WTG EA!

  11. My tablet is quite old (2011 old) and I thought it would impact me. Thank God it’s updated and am on the Android 4 system. I can still use it.

  12. this helps me not. ever since Thursday last, i updated to clear the Superheros update, but i can’t get back in. its forever downloading additional updates, then says the server cannot be reached. i need my fix man. and the EA website is soooooo helpful

  13. If you got the warning, will it appear again? My device is fairly old, and I thought there may have been some notification that I missed, but don’t know if that was it.

  14. I am playing on a 2012 Samsung Galaxy S4.0 mp3 player, and have been playing on it ever since I started back in early 2013.
    It’s the only android device I possess (no Apple products in our household). My phone is a fairly new Windows phone (cheapest and most durable device I could get). So I guess this will be goodbye to the game, unless I can make it work using any of the emulators suggested which might kill my progress.. Really need to think about this.

    In case anyone wonders how playing on a device with Android 2.3.6 feels. It was fairly stable until the Superheroes 2 event. Then it started crashing about every five minutes or whenever a move to a ‘distant’ location was involved, e.g. neighbors, Springfield Heights. It has gotten better again after the removal, but I think it shows the limits of the device.

  15. Thanks for the heads up! I’m excited about the prospect of the item limit being upped since I keep hitting the cap / keep trying to stay below it. But if it only improves the slow down, I’m all for that, too 🙂

    • I talked to someone at EA about two weeks ago and he told me there is no item limit. I was pretty sure he was incorrect since I’ve seen some posted on this site in the past. What is the current item limit?

      I haven’t gotten any limit warnings, but I’m seeing overlay issues in the game (like a brown house might suddenly become the quikiemart, or Stampy the elephant suddenly becomes a walking parking space), and I wondered if the item limit might be the cause. Has anyone else experienced this overlay issue? The EA guy didn’t know what I was talking about when I tried to describe it to him, but to be fair my descriptive prowess might have been somehow lacking. 🙂

      • It’s somewhere around 8000, but you receive several warnings before you get there.

      • TJ – I’ve seen similar glitches, and I think it definitely has to do with how much you have going on in your Springfield. I’d be shocked if there was no limit, but it would be nice if the limit is raised for crazy decorators like me. I know I’m not alone in that department. I just can’t get enough “foilage”. Lisa: “Fohhl-i-age… it’s pronounced “fohhl-i-age.” Marge: “That’s what I said! Foilage!”

  16. I’m really hoping this cures the constant crashing. I can’t wait until they do this! I didn’t realize they were still supporting iOS7 – that’s quite a few years ago. I didn’t know you could still use a device running iOS7 for anything these days. IMHO it’s WAY past time for this change. I’m sorry if there’s still people playing using these old systems, but…!

    I can only visit 2 maybe 3 neighbors before my game crashes. And even when I’m in my own town playing it crashes a couple times a day, at the very least. I’ve done all sorts of things like stopping my monorail, storing most npcs & sending all characters on indoor tasks. The last is difficult to do using the unemployment office though. I know this isn’t due to my device – and this didn’t used to happen the first couple years I played. I’m going to be bummed if this doesn’t help! RachelS

  17. I need a new device (sooner than August 16th), since the admin have multiple devices and of course the readers here, I’m wondering what advice to what device should I get (meaning operating system, brand) The high memory and storage and battery life I’ll factor in myself.

    I don’t know if there will be a Post on the Pros and Cons on iOS Vs Android soon.

    For various complicated reasons I need to get a new device before August 9th. And any advice will be helpful.

    • How much do you want to spend?

      Do you want to get a phone (and for what network) or a tablet?

      Any new device you get is going to work, it all depends on what you want to get out of it and how much you want to spend.

  18. My kindle is third gen, which is fire os Even if I bought a new kindle, it is only kindle os 5. So I can’t play either way? Or is kindle supported by Android?

    • If you didn’t see the message popup warning you about your system not working you’re ok…

      • Yeah, I was wondering what implication (if any) this would have for older Kindle Fire and newer (2015 forward, I believe) Amazon Fire tablets…

        Even with the newer Amazon Fire tablets, you’re still talking /really/ lean specs in many (most?) cases.

        I’m assuming that EA not mentioning the Fire OS at all was an oversight on their part, and that lots of these devices (esp. the cheaper, lower-end ones that we have, lol) will be impacted. With his update, or the next.

        I do hope I’m wrong, though. 🙂

  19. CentralCali559

    Awesome. Hoping the rumors that the iPhone 7 plus/pro will have 3 GBs of RAM!! Because this iPhone 6 Plus isn’t cutting it anymore lol.

  20. It won’t impact me thankfully, I’m on Android 6.0.1 with my Galaxy S7 Edge (soon to be Note 7)

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