Springfield Games 101: Everything You Need to Know About Pins (Pin Collector Lisa and Fatov)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s time to gear up for the summer games in Springfield!  Gather up those participation ribbons and be prepared for the fix to be in from Fat Tony, as we journey through the wonderful world of “sports” with the residents of our pocket-sized Springfields!

One element added for this event is pin collecting! Where you collect a variety of Olympic Pins in Springfield to unlock Fatov, a fun mascot like character for Springfield!  And yes…Fatov is a FULL character, not just an NPC.

So let’s take a look at just how you unlock Fatov, Pin Collector Lisa and how the heck you earn all those stinking pins!

pinstand unlock_lisa_pincollector_1 unlock_fatov_1

So the Pin Stand is the third prize awarded on the Springfield Games questline prize track.  We’ve got how you earn that in the Turbo Tappin’ post, that went up yesterday, but for those that need a refresher here’s how you earn it…

Springfield Games Pt. 3

Make Lisa Encourage Adults to Start Training- 3hrs, Earns 1ico_cur_springfieldgames_ribbon_lg_1, 35xp
Collect Participation Ribbons- x32.  
Earns 1 ico_cur_springfieldgames_ribbon_lg_1 Freemium and 2 ico_cur_springfieldgames_ribbon_lg_1 Premium.  Here’s who you can Send:

Task: Adults, Reluctantly Train for the Games.  Lugash, Train Kids in Secret. Kids, Train for the Go-Kart Races.
Time: 3hrs

Lugash- Earns 2 ico_cur_springfieldgames_ribbon_lg_1
Skinner- Earns 1 ico_cur_springfieldgames_ribbon_lg_1
Homer- Earns 1 ico_cur_springfieldgames_ribbon_lg_1

Carl-Earns 1 ico_cur_springfieldgames_ribbon_lg_1
Lenny-Earns 1 ico_cur_springfieldgames_ribbon_lg_1
Moe-Earns 1 ico_cur_springfieldgames_ribbon_lg_1
Bart-Earns 1 ico_cur_springfieldgames_ribbon_lg_1
Milhouse-Earns 1 ico_cur_springfieldgames_ribbon_lg_1
Nelson-Earns 1 ico_cur_springfieldgames_ribbon_lg_1
Martin-Earns 1 ico_cur_springfieldgames_ribbon_lg_1

Once you’ve unlocked the Pin Stand you’ll start up the Prickly Obsession questline,which is a quick little questline to unlock Pin Collector Lisa.  Here’s a look at the Prickly Obsession questline…

A Prickly Obsession Pt. 1
Lisa starts

Make Lisa Visit the Springfield Pin Stand- 6s, Earns $35, 1xp

A Prickly Obsession Pt. 2
Lisa starts

Make Lisa Buy the Springy Pin- 6s, Earns $35, 1xp
After you complete
Make Lisa Buy Just One More Pin- 6s, Earns $35, 1xp

At this point you’ll unlock Pin Collector Lisa

2016-08-03 21.02.32 2016-08-03 21.02.35

A Prickly Obsession Pt. 3
Lisa starts

Make Lisa Play the Sax for Pins- 3hrs, Earns 1 pin and 35xp (if you already have the pins this is a 24hr task) 

In addition to unlocking Pin Collector Lisa via the Pin Stand questline you’ll also unlock a fun little game to collect Pins.

ico_springfieldgames_pin6graphic_1 ico_springfieldgames_pin5graphic_1 ico_springfieldgames_pin4graphic_1 ico_springfieldgames_pin3_selectedgraphic_1 ico_springfieldgames_pin2_selectedgraphic_1 ico_springfieldgames_pin1graphic

You’ll see the Fatov start to appear in your Springfield…he’ll appear every 3hrs.


Tapping the Fatov will earn you an Olympic Pin!

2016-08-03 14.46.31

The cool thing is, especially if you have a massive town, when Fatov appears (and you’ll get a warning in your game that he’s appeared

2016-08-03 14.46.26

You can just tap his icon in the game (and then Do It) to immediately go to where Fatov is roaming in your town..

2016-08-03 21.07.27 2016-08-03 14.46.45

This will make life super easy….

Once you’ve located Fatov, simply tap on him and a pin will appear!

2016-08-03 20.57.45 2016-08-03 20.57.50

Collect all of the pins to unlock Fatov as a permanent character in your Springfield!

2016-08-03 20.57.54

Note: You can view your Pin Collection at anytime by tapping on the Pin Stand..

2016-08-03 21.13.34

Earning all of the Pins…

2016-08-03 21.13.42

You’ve got a couple of options for earning Pins.  You can wait till Fatov appears, once every 3hrs and tap on him to earn them.

You can also purchase all of the missing pins for donuts…

Earning ALL of the pins (6 total) will unlock Fatov as a permanent (with full tasks) character in your Springfield!

2016-08-03 21.07.58 2016-08-03 21.10.59

Bottle Caps…and Pins


So you may notice a note about missing Bottle Caps that says Trade Bottle Caps for Missing Pins…

2016-08-03 20.57.54

So how do you earn Bottle Caps?  Well…Fatov will appear every 3hrs and tapping him will earn you pins.  BUT it’s entirely possible you’ll get a pin you already have.  Just because you have a pin doesn’t mean you won’t get it again next time you tap Fatov.

So Bottle Caps are what you get for trading in duplicate pins.  And you can then trade those Bottle Caps for missing pins from your collection…

2016-08-03 20.58.01

Basically it’s a one for one thing.  You can trade in a pin you already have for Bottle Caps and exchange those caps for another Pin.  Each pin will cost you 30 Bottle Caps…2016-08-03 21.44.41

Note: You can view your Pin Collection at anytime by tapping on the Pin Stand..

2016-08-03 21.13.34

How Else Can I Earn Pins, Besides Tapping Fatov?

Pin Collector Lisa will have a 3hr task, before you collect all 6 pins, to play her Sax for pins.  Completing this task will earn you a pin.  (Note: You cannot rush this task…)

2016-08-03 21.11.26

Once you’ve earned all 6 pins Lisa’s task will go from 3hrs to 24hrs…

So now that you know how to unlock Pin Collector Lisa and Fatov, let’s take a look at their full Permanent Task lists….

Pin Collector Lisa’s Permanent Tasks:

lisa_pincollector_play_sax_for_pins_image_3 lisa_pincollector_victory_pose_image_7 lisa_pincollector_play_sax_for_pins_image_14

Task Length Earns Location
Count Piggybank Money 1hr $70, 17xp Simpson House
Obsess About Pins 4hrs $175, 45xp Pin Stand
Go To School 6hrs $225, 55xp Springfield Elementary
Polish Pin Collection 8hrs $275, 70xp Simpson House
Try to Trade Pearls for Pins 12hrs $420, 100xp Pin Stand
Play Sax for Pins* 24hrs $600, 150xp Outside/Visual

*Before you’ve earned all 6 pins and unlocked Fatov, Lisa’s Play the Sax task will be 3hrs and earn you a Pin when completed.


Fatov’s Permanent Tasks:

fatov_dance_with_homer_image_5 fatov_dance_with_homer_image_39 fatov_exercise_image_18

Task Length Earns Location
Dance with Homer 1hr $175, 43xp Outside/Visual Requires Homer
Exercise 4hrs $260, 70xp Outside/Visual
Watch TV 8hrs $420, 105xp Simpson House
Nap in the Brown House 12hrs $600, 150xp Brown House
Drink Excessively 24hrs $1,000, 225xp Moe’s

You’ll notice Fatov earns at a premium rate.  Not bad for a free character 🙂

And there you have it my friends, all of the details behind the Pin Stand, Pin Collector Lisa & Fatov!

What are your thoughts on the Pin Game?  Excited to unlock both Pin Collector Lisa and Fatov?  Looking forward to their tasks?  Have you earned any pins so far?  Which ones? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

80 responses to “Springfield Games 101: Everything You Need to Know About Pins (Pin Collector Lisa and Fatov)

  1. Fatov *really* needs a one-hour task without Homer…I love their task together, but I frequently forget to send Homer on that and then Fatov is left behind with nothing to do. 🙁

  2. My Fatov only showed up once and he has never returned. I tried closing the app, going to Crustyland and friends. Nothing has worked. I keep checking for him and I do not see him or the icon in the task list. Is there some other way to find him or the 3 hour timer?

    • Nope. You should see a popup in your town letting you know when he’s in town. If you don’t see that popup or an icon in your task book (that looks like Fatov) something’s screwy with your game. I would contact EA (although fair warning, the first thing they’ll tell you to do is uninstall and reinstall…)

  3. Shadowstar Steampunk

    I was happy that Fatov has a task list and isn’t just another pet in the game!

    Springfielders need to be careful with him though, if he gets hungry he just might eat everything in sight, just consider Homer’s ability to eat for a moment . . .

  4. Tracy - 1ltwoody920

    Now what do I do?
    I’m soooo used to checking in to my game every 3 hours – now I only need to relax.
    At least until Tuesday when the rail yard grind starts again.
    Maybe I can go visit neighbors????

  5. Fatov stopped appearing in my town… Or at least the alert did… Anyone else?

    • Did you collect all of the pins? Once you do, he becomes a real character and the tasks go away.

    • the same thing happened to me. i would just go to krustyland and come back and the alert would pop up a lot of times under 3hrs too

  6. Fatov’s “Exercise” task is 3h long and gives one ribbon during the event.

  7. I’ve had wonderful luck with this. I have all 6 pins and only 8 bottle caps.

  8. Challenge is what we need sillyboy. That’s what keeps us in the game 2+ years if not more, the end and the finish line is what we strive to do
    Bring it on!!!! Lol love it all, love you guys at ttso

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