What a Wookiee Wants (and a Totbox too): A Broadway Event

Springfield, Springfield,
It’s a helluva town!
The schoolyard’s up
And the shopping mall’s down
The stray dogs go
To the animal pound!
Bart: Springfield, Springfield…
Milhouse: Springfield, Springfield…
Sailor: New York, New York…
Bart: New York is thataway, man!
Sailor: Thanks, kid!
Bart & Milhouse: It’s a hell of a town!

Springfield Springfield It's a Hell of a Town Simpsons

“Boy-Scoutz N the Hood” (S5:E8), November 1993, an experimental squishee and a montage featuring two young boys that are “young, rich, and full of sugar” going “crazy, Broadway style!” I was a thirteen year old fuzzball back then, fond of Broadway musicals, an actual member of the BSA (yes I made Eagle if you’re wondering), and I remember watching this episode and loving it. I mean heck, Ernest Borgnine was in the dang episode. Fast forward to over twenty years later and this musical moment is still one I love and like re-watching. Even better, the first musical I ever saw on Broadway was featured in the montage.

CATS the Musical Simpsons

Sadly I’ve never seen another there despite living real close at various points of my life but the point is my Dad took me when I was 6 and I still remember Rum Tum Tugger jumping on stage through the moon. Please pause while I rewatch this on the interwebs for my own nostalgia. I’m the kid who named his first cat after Mr. Mistoffelees. Around the same age, I asked to go see Mikhail Baryshnikov perform in The Nutcracker. Tap with Gregory Hines remains one of my favorite movies. Anyhoo… now I’m writing this post trying to stay upbeat while I listen to “Memories.” The point is, this merit-badge earning member of “the few, the proud, the geeky,” who also has an affinity for live theater (and has even performed in a few musicals and in choir), recently found himself with a spot of time on his hands and decided to write a post for himself.

Something I think could be really fun and “dramatic” in the game that maybe a few others might enjoy would be a Broadway Event. I know my pal Totbox is one of them. Tot commented back in December 2015 on the episode recap for “Lisa With an ‘S’” about the idea for a Broadway Event that got my creative juices flowing. Heck, it was mentioned again in March 2016 after the Las Vegas Event. Of course I wrote down notes for a post idea and then real life, TSTO events, etc. happened and the words just sat in my giant idea document I keep on word for the day they could burst forth onto the stage aka this blog in a post. Well, I’ve got the time, I’m listening to Hamilton now, and it is time for just that post.

As a conglomeration of pop culture, The Simpsons has included Broadway and theater in the show many times. Just the little ditty inspired by On The Town that I started this post off with should be proof enough, but for any naysayers, I thought it might be worth pointing out “The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson” (S9:E1). We’re still in the classic Simpsons era and Broadway is shown. I love New York City aka the land of pimps and CHUDs. In fairness, I feel pretty comfortable saying that Broadway and the city that never sleeps are synonymous. Even dullards with no culture whatsoever go to see shows in NYC. Wow, I write a sentence like that and then want to point out that Marge, Bart, and Lisa go to see a show while they’re visiting.

Ernest Goes to Broadway Kickin It David Copperfield's Astonishing Girlfriend Simpsons

Heck, I’d love for an event like this to bring us the Khlav Kalash vendor. We already have his stand.

Khlava Kalash 4

I also love that Ian aka The Very Tall Man was on the bus that The Simpsons took to the city. I’d love both him and the bus.

Sit-N-Stare Bus Lines & Ian the Very Tall Man Simpsons

We could just stick with NYC episodes and look at Broadway images from “Moonshine River” (S24:E1) if we like since The Great White Way (no that’s not an endorsement for Trump) was in this episode too. Okay, it’s just Lisa and Marge who seek culture in this one so maybe my earlier sentence was both correct and incorrect. Did anyone ever see the ABBA Mamma Mia! show or did you just watch the movie? Don’t feel bad if the answer is no, Marge and the kids didn’t see the show in this episode either. I want to see the Seussical Salesman lol.

Times Square Death of a Salesman The Seussical Pappa Pia Simpsons

But this isn’t all for Broadway in the Simpsons. Heck, I could just send you to my episode recaps for “Lisa With an ‘S’”, “The Burns Cage”, or “How Lisa Got Her Marge Back”. Season 27 was definitely a Broadway-inspired one. Well, Casablanca isn’t Broadway but Springfield Elementary did a live theater version so I’m counting it. The last one involved theater in Capital City but it counts in my book. I blame working on a Season 27 recap partially for this post.

Wowza… if I’d known the worm hole I was going to go down listening to/watching Wicked, Phantom of the Opera, Hamilton, performances at the Tonys, CATS, Assassins, Les Mis, Avenue Q, and Glee while looking up episodes, etc., I may not have started this post. Leave it to me to pick something I actually give a hoot about. My ADHD sometimes takes me on journeys unexpected. Seriously… this post took hours. Anyhoo… when I first decided on the characters I thought would be funny for a Broadway event, my first imagining was this image from “The Fool Monty” (S22:E6) with appropriate characters dancing on Mr. Burns’ grave.

Chazz Busby, Lil Vicki Valentine, Disco Stu, Willie and Carl dancing on Mr. Burns' grave Simpsons

Okay… not initially something to make you think of Broadway but someone has to teach the chorus and ensemble to do the fancy numbers, right? Why not Vicki Valentine and Chazz Busby? Vicki of course came our way in “Last Tap Dance in Springfield” (S11:E20), an episode all about tap dancing.

Lil' Vicki Valentine's School of Dance Simpsons

I’ve asked for her before and we already got tap dancing Ralph so why not? I’m thinking this event could be all about a revue at Springfield Elementary of classic musicals. If you want a classical ballet feel, the Chazz Busby Ballet Academy from “Smoke on the Daughter” (S19:E15) works for me.

Opera Academy Chazz Busby Ballet Academy Simpsons

This would of course come with Chazz Busby. He admits in his first episode to having a Broadway show called Dancing Like That which “closed in a week, too smart for the corn dog crowd, too dumb for the bagel bunch.” Ballet is classy theater, right?

Chazz Busby teaches ballet to Marge and Lisa Simpsons

Would you be interested to know I did ballet for almost 8 years? Alas, I’m not graceful any more but I’m sure my mom has embarrassing photos of me in tights somewhere. I once did a whole performance inspired by Patrick Swayze and to the tune of “The Time of My Life”… I still remember the delighted moms as I passed out roses. I guess this explains why ballet got included in my list but before you go all musical purist on me or ask too many questions, Chazz does have other connections to Broadway. He was Laney Fontaine’s agent in “Lisa with an ‘S’” (S27:E7), yet another episode that went to NYC and Broadway.

Laney Fontaine's agent Chazz Busby Simpsons

If we’re to believe the show, Laney is a Broadway legend.

Laney Fontaine Simpsons

I’m a fan of views of the lighted theater district but we also get to see inside one of the theaters. This could easily be turned into an outdoor stage.

Laney Fontaine Broadway Simpsons

Laney would be a fun addition to the game even if she’s only been in two episodes so far. This episode even includes a song parodying West Side Story.

Beyond these three ideas, if you’re looking for more enduring characters, I’d suggest Nedward Flanders, Sr. and Agnes Flanders also known as Ned’s Beatnik parents.

Agnes Nedward Flanders, Sr. Ned’s Beatnik parents

From a kid raised by a woman who was both a Young Republican, a staunch feminist, and a self-proclaimed hippy (what can I say, she’s complicated and I love her), I always think of Wookieemama when I see Ned’s parents although I was disciplined more as a wee one. Maybe I like these two being added because one of the episodes they are in could possibly also bring us the Springfield Playhouse from “Ned ‘N Edna’s Blend Agenda” (S23:E21).

Springfield Playhouse Passion Play Auditions Simpsons

No surprise that Mr. Busby is the director of the Passion Play. I should probably mention that the actual performance was held in front of the Springfield Courthouse so that’s also a skin idea.

Springfield Passion Play Simpsons

Speaking of the Playhouse, I could also go for the billboard advertising the location in “The Ten-Per-Cent Solution” (S23:E8). Heck, I’d love to see Duffman get a task as Mark Twain. Now that’s something that would make this Wookiee a happy history and literature nerd. The Playhouse was also in the episode which introduced Laney Fontaine, “My Fare Lady” (S26:E14).

Springfield Playhouse Mark Twain Duffman Laney Fontaine Simpsons

But what about other characters? Maybe you want a classic one in the list. Is there an uber popular one that may or may not have been voted on by readers of this very Simpsons site? A theater/culture event could be how we finally get Bleeding Gums Murphy and the Jazz Hole into the game. If Safi’s bracket is any indication, you folks want a jazz legend in the game. Sure BGM is dead but so is Dr. Marvin Monroe. All we need is another headstone or maybe even the hologram version of Murphy from “Whiskey Business” (S24:E19).

Bleeding Gums Murphy Simpsons

Any fan of the jazz man who never went to the dentist would also want the Jazz Hole in the game.

The Jazz Hole Simpsons

And in that vein, there’s already been a few ideas for venues presented but I’d really like an actual theater. How about a façade for the Springfield Community Center? I know a few tappers like Sandra who will lose their crap if we got a Streetcar façade and Llewelynn Sinclair from “A Streetcar Named Marge” (S4:E2).

Oh Streetcar A Musical Llewelynn Sinclair Simpsons

In “A Star is Burns” (S6:E18), the same building was named the Springfield Performing Arts Center when Brockman was reporting on Springfield being rated dead last in culture. Krusty walking while portraying President Franklin D. Roosevelt certainly doesn’t help the case.

Springfield Performing Arts Center Krusty FDR in Sunrise at Campobello

I could also go for a Grease 2 façade for the Springfield Community Theater from “The Monkey Suit” (S17:E21). Jeesh this building changes names like Prince used to do in the 90s. RIP your purpleness. Bart had “appear in summer stock play” on his to do list for the summer. Well summer is almost over EA, let’s get some musicals in the game… think of the children or at least Bart.

Springfield Community Theater Grease 2 The Musical Simpsons

Could it be I wrote an entire post simply because I wanted to ask for the theater in Capital City from “A Fish Called Selma” (S7:E19)? We already got stuff from this in the Springfield Dump but a fuzzball can dream. Also might bring us Troy McClure so now I know I’m fantasizing.

Stop the Planet of the Apes I Want to Get Off! Simpsons

Another great idea to me would be the Delacorte Theater from “Moonshine River” (S24:E1). I’d love to see some outdoor Shakespearean tasks for Springfielders sort of like the tasks we got at the Outdoor Opera Stage.

Delacorte Shakespearean Theater NYC Simpsons

Maybe it could have a bunch of different facades from all the various shows that have appeared in the Best. Show. Ever.? They could be tasks of different lengths. There’s precedent for it on the Open Air Stage.


To end this thing off with one last mention, I have to discuss “Elementary School Musical” (S22:E1). You see, Tot’s suggestion led me to one heck of a whirlpool of MyTube videos having nothing to do with The Simpsons and everything to do with musicals and somehow the videos morphed into songs from Glee. I’ll admit I loved that show but it’s mainly because I was a show choir kid as a teenager. This episode paired my favorite cartoon with the antics/singing of the other. Okay not really, although I bet some of you were screaming nooooo like Vader for a moment. I think Expressions: A Performing Arts Camp could work for this event too. I especially like the stage.

Expressions A Performing Arts Camp Simpsons

This episode is more Flight of the Conchords than Glee to be honest so don’t let my segway keep you from watching it. It also includes a reveal that Springfield has an artistic district called Sprooklyn. That’s another idea that could work in this event. These buildings would fit right in with some stuff from Superheroes.

Sprooklyn Bridge Dregs Sprubway Simpsons

Strangely from the same episode, I’m truly in love with this theater that was shown in the video which exonerated Krusty from crimes against Europe. I looked up South African theaters and this is neither the V&A Amphitheatre (Capetown) or the Nelson Mandela Amphitheatre (Pretoria) and looks much more like the Hollywood Bowl but I like it nonetheless.

Krusty South Africa 1990 Amphitheatre Simpsons

So there you go. All my ideas fit to print (insert Wookiee noise indicating a loss of control) Okay… I can’t hold it in any longer. Despite liking so many of the previous ideas, I’ve been holidng back. I’ve had all I cans stand and i can’t stands no more. That second NYC episode towards the beginning sparked my true desire for the event which I struggled to keep out of it and then just now failed at revealing… Mary Wrestlemania Spuckler.

Mary Wrestlemania Spuckler Simpsons

Sure she’s the get of a moonshining hillwilliam but her people have culture of their own. She’s my one true desire for Mrs. Bart Simpson some day. (Jenda who?) As a proud Appalachian American (just a joke, my people hail from cities built in giant Wroshyrs mostly), we could always get the Springfield Opry House from “Love Is a Many-Splintered Thing” (S24:E12) among all the other goodness.

Hillbilly Talent Contest Springfield Opry House Simpsons

The sad fact is EA could just do an animation of Bart and Milhouse getting high on an all-syrup squishee and singing with a sailor and I’d be happy. If Mary was added to the game I’d say mission accomplished in a flightsuit (I own several from my AF days) and forget about the rest. Usually I only hit a thing or two in these type of posts anyways. New stuff in the game is always good as far as this fuzzy resident of Kashyyyk is concerned. Somehow I hear the grumbles already about some about my ideas and just want to urge any naysayers to watch Neal Patrick Harris’ 2011 Tony Awards intro even if it doesn’t apply to your grumbling. It just makes me laugh.

Soooooooooooo… there you go friends, tappers, lovers of culture, or any combination of the three. My ideas for what I think would be an epic event all about the Theater District of Manhattan which happens to be on the oldest north-south street in NYC. What are your thoughts? Think Springfield could class it up with some theatre (chose the Brit spelling here as it seemed classier). Got any other ideas? Ever seen a Broadway show? Hopefully you approve of my effort at your ideas Totbox. Now all I need to do is figure out how to finish off a post that ended up being a labor of love and somehow bookending it with the beginning. I got it. “Whoa… that’s good squishee.”

TTFN… exit stage left even… Wookiee out!

60 responses to “What a Wookiee Wants (and a Totbox too): A Broadway Event

  1. We need a broadway themed event! Even though there are some huge examples, I was also thinking of just how much music they do in their episodes.

  2. I would love an event like this – and would even turn my sound on to enjoy it fully! Love the post 👍👍👍

    But more importantly I have discovered that you have been hiding more then just your tights under a bushel….

    I didn’t know you had signed an endorsement deal!!!
    Congrats 😄😄😄


  3. I would love a Broadway event, Cats was always my favorite, I named one of my cats after the Rum Tum Tugger!

  4. I keep forgetting Ned’s parents aren’t dead. It would be lovely to see them in the game… And of course, my new big request since we got the super heroes (last year’s event), Bleeding Gum murphy. Come on, his presence in the game is so obvious I sometimes forget that he isn’t there yet.

    As for Broadway, this could be fun. The casino event was great and more shiny lights won’t be too much in this game. And I hope we’ll get a day/night cycle at one point, Broadway and Las Vegas always looks better at night (from an outsider’s point of view).

  5. I would love a theater event….i used to work backstage on a lot of Broadway shows (Im in television now) so i love all the theatrical episodes. Ive long wanted Little Vicky Valentine and Chazz Busby…my husband was a Broadway dancer…we met while working at Radio City Music Hall…who then opened his own dance studio in NJ. So bring it on!

  6. Krustyland, Krustyland, Krustyland!!!!! It is just sitting there. We need more Rides! We need more Merch!

  7. LOVE. THIS. POST. Wookster!
    Your love of the show, combined with the “show must go on” enthusiasm bubbles with every, “One, Two, Three…DANCE!!” that echos through it!!

    I love the idea as well. Come on EA. Give us something with some “Zazzzz!!!”

  8. “Which two popular characters have died in the past year?”
    “If you said Bleeding Gums Murphy and Dr. Marvin Monroe you were wrong, they were never popular.”

    • Not a lover of Jazz?? LOL!

    • Not sure what this is quoting. I think I said, “Is there an uber popular one that may or may not have been voted on by readers of this very Simpsons site? A theater/culture event could be how we finally get Bleeding Gums Murphy and the Jazz Hole into the game. If Safi’s bracket is any indication, you folks want a jazz legend in the game.”

      • S7 E10 – a trivia question from the 138th spectacular (one of my favorite jokes of that episode) – Frinkiac “they were never popular” 🙂

        • Lol… I’d totally forgotten about this. I had to rewatch the episode and I love the next lines. “Right about now you’re saying, ‘Troy, I’ve seen every Simpsons episode. You can’t show me anything new.’ You’ve got some attitude, mister. Besides you’re wrong…”

  9. Various skin ideas:

    Cabaret Moe – where he sings “Money get’s you one more round!”

    Rocky Horror Hibbert

    Future Phantom Martin

    (If desperate) “Flaming Moe’s” Phantom Homer

    (And yes Broadway Lisa and Ballet Bart and the return of Shirtless Ned)

  10. Singing monkeys 😀 …I’m in!!!

  11. Oh, and Wookieemama, if you’re reading this, what kind of a bribe would get you to post one of those ballet videos (or, even better, the Swazey-inspired dance number)? I’m sure several of us here would be willing to pitch in some dough to see that!! 😉

  12. 16 thumbs up for this idea (just call me “Navarti” lol)!! I’m totally ready to “lose my crap” – one production of “Streetcar!” (directed by you-know-who) in this game would really make my month!

    Reading your second paragraph, I can’t help thinking you were in absolute heaven when the movie “White Knights” came out!

    (Sorry for the belated commenting here… I’ve had this post queued up to read since it came out, but wanted to wait until I had the time to give it the attention it deserved.)

    • “White Knights” was the perfect marriage. I think the Wookieemama was just as excited as me. Haven’t seen it in ages but we owned a VHS copy that got worn out.

  13. OMG Yeeeeeees!

  14. *segue, not segway

  15. Of all the chat about upcoming events (as we all know the staple events of THOH and Xmas will be there for certain) this has been the one that I have instantly thought ‘yes!, that’d be cool’ i guess the Terwilligers has kind of touched on it but the potential of buildings and Charcters, and more so, the way they could arange the acts into something we have not seen as of yet.

    Bring it on I say!

  16. OMGosh I love this! Please EA 😉
    Always wanted a movie/Hollywood event – maybe you and me Wookster could do a post *bats eyelids*
    LOL 😊

    • What do you say Wookie? Some post(s) collaboration between you and me?

      Don’t worry I’ll wait for a reply 😊

      • Honestly Sam, it’s a lot harder than people realize to do collaboration posts. I think I have done three or four since starting this site and that’s over three years. Always open to post ideas but I tend to do them on my own, as time permits. This sort of post takes a long time to write. Also won’t have the time in less than two weeks bud.

  17. I always think of musical theatre as a quintessentially American art form. There really is nothing like it over here. Sure, Europe has Opera and her little sister Operetta, but it’s not the same. Only thing coming even remotely close might be Brecht/Weill, but that seems to have been a fluke.
    That being said, of course we import all the successful Broadway shows, and every big city has a Musical Theater. There is every chance to watch the smash hits from Broadway – a year or so later. I have seen my fair share, but mostly I have to make do with the movie adaptations, since DVDs are much easier to come by. I have a huge collection, because I am a big fan of musicals. I would have loved a chance to do something like that myself, but there is definitely no amateur musical theatre over here, or even something like show choir. I have been watching every episode of Glee as well, although I had to import the DVDs – didn’t really take off in German television, they stopped about half way through. Even though the later seasons are not as good, I wanted to know how it turns out. I probably would have bought the DVDs anyway, because I can’t really imagine watching a German dubbed version of it.
    So, long story short, even though I did a bit of theatre in my youth, and I am still singing in a choir (no “show” about it, though), I would love a chance to do some musical theatre, even if it is only in Springfield 🙂

  18. 4kidsandacatdog

    I’m more an opera buff (yes one of THOSE people). Actually I was a music major in college, went so far as to get a masters! That said, I’ve always loved the musical content in the Simpsons and would absolutely enjoy an event like this! I tend to be more inclined to the old school Broadway stuff (you know, State Fair, Oklahoma, that sort of thing) but I see plenty of possibilities.

    • I grew up on all the old stuff because they adapted so many into movies that played in my house a lot. Seems musicals were much more popular “back in the day.” My favorites are “Singing in the Rain”, “Guys & Dolls”, and “The Music Man.”

  19. Boys in the hood, man I love that episode and that song, I still sing it t myself sometimes lol

  20. Great post Wooks as usual. Now late for work though, must dash ……..

  21. Yes I’d be excited to see this happen too. I went to NYC for the first time as an adult 2 years ago (we passed through Brooklyn as a child to see where my Grandma lived, on a family vacation but avoided Manhattan). I got to see Idina Menzel in If/Then and went to Caroline’s on Broadway and Carnegie Deli . I also went on the Sex and the City tour, lol.

  22. Huge Broadway fan here. I accidentally double majored in college, with theatre being tbe accident. Unfortunately I have 0 talent
    I actually suggested a Broadway event during a contest on the Family Guy site.

    Only seen one show on Broadway (Sunset Blvd) and hated it. I go into Boston to see shows pretty frequently though. I’ve seen: Blue Man Group, Lion King, Phantom, Les Miserables, Wicked (twice), Rent (with OBC Mark and Roger), Newsies and If/Then.

    • That’s a good grouping on shows. I hear the Boston runs are just as good. I catch all of mine when they make it down here to L.A. and they’re still amazing. I’ve seen way too many but Michael Damian as Joseph in 93 stands out, Neal Patrick Harris as Mark in Rent in 97, and my first ever Wicked experience stand out. Ragtime remains one of my favorite musicals but I suspect it’s the history nerd in me.

  23. Bravo!! Bravissimo!! *tossing roses to the stage* *standing ovation* I knew you would’ve done a better job at putting this together than me.

    Though your connection to the stage may come to a surprise to some folks, I think people might not be as shocked to hear that I have connections to Thespianism (which isn’t a naughty word, look it up) :p

    You could have added the episode about Bart doing Ballet but outside of that I think you nailed it. (But to be fair that is more off broadway style)

    I wanted to make a joke like this:
    Wookiee: what did you think of my post Tot?
    Me: I hated it!
    Wookiee: really?
    Me: of course not… ACTING!! Thank you!

    Terwilliger family can return, Shirtless Ned skin can return, and maybe we can get Theater Goer – Mrs. Vanderbuilt, The Opera Singers from “Bart the Genius” as NPCs? This is definately FULL Event possible.

    *end scene*😉

  24. you know what? i’d settle for characters who can walk diagonally.

  25. It’s amazing how much untapped content there is out there. So many seasons of the show to tap.

  26. “theatre (chose the Brit spelling here as it seemed classier)”

    I love the subtleties that people who skim rather than read with great pleasure miss in your posts Wookster.

    • “Would you be interested to know I did ballet for almost 8 years? Alas, I’m not graceful any more but I’m sure my mom has embarrassing photos of me in tights somewhere. I once did a whole performance inspired by Patrick Swayze and to the tune of “The Time of My Life”… I still remember the delighted moms as I passed out roses.”

      that was my favorite bit, in particular the dirty dancing inspired part.

    • Thanks buddy. This one was a fun post to write.

  27. I always love your posts Wookiee. Who knew you were so talented and multifaceted? It’s fascinating finding out new things about the three of you, and about things which I don’t remember from the show.

    My aunt took me to see my very first Broadway show (Les Miserables) when I was about 13 and then of course I HAD to have the original Broadway cast soundtrack. And the original London cast recording. And pretty much every performance that was filmed on VHS. I can’t sing to save my life, but that didn’t stop me from performing the entire show in my bedroom to an enraptured audience consisting of my cousin and younger brother. I would lip synch to the CD while my dog and I would act out the characters. Well, she would play the roles of Fantine and Eponine while I played the male characters. The exception being the scenes between Valjean and Javert where my poor dog would “play” Javert. Trust me, when you’re 13 and cellphones weren’t a thing yet, this was totally fun! Lol

    Bring on a Broadway event in the game!

    • Honestly, I read Les Mis and then had “one more day” stuck in my head for a four hour shift at work so thanks! One summer in Long Island, my cousin and I did an entire performance of Phantom for our family. We made stick puppets and props, it was a whole production. Then she went on to perform in the children’s choir of Joseph on Broadway and I remain a fuzzball lol.

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