Vistors??!! Better Put On Pants… GIVEAWAY!!

Hey there Pink Sprinklies!!!

It has been a while since I have been around the TSTO site. For that I am truly sorry. Life happened, I had to step away, but thank you for your support!. 🙂

Many times while I was away, my thoughts were of YOU ALL!! How much I missed yah terribly! The amazing community that has gathered around our silly lil blog and supported us now for 3 years!! Thinking of you all of course triggers other thoughts… what can we do to say “THANK YOU! All us Addicts have kind, caring, and generous hearts. We love to spoil YOU!! Know what this means???


Homer Holding Donut

Knowing my silly personality, and impossibility to take things seriously, I came up with an idea. I ran it by Alissa and she did her usual “I am shaking my head at you through the phone right now”, but I thought this would be PERFECT!! Joe just laughed at me as usual, silly Fuzzball. So… here goes nothing!! Wish me luck!!



Ever have the notifications on your TSTO game enabled and have your sound turned WAY up?  You get to hear those “wonderful words” Homer tends to yell at you at the most AWKWARD times. Like in the middle of a meeting. Or just as your Boss walks in. Or just as there’s a good quiet part in the middle of a Movie. Or when the Doctor JUST walks in you room as you sit there in that cute lil “Medical Gown”. Or… well you get the idea. Hence the Giveaway idea spawned.


What better kind of pants for a TSTO Fan? Well what is the ONE thing you all wish you had more of? The one thing Homer desperately wants daily, multiple times daily? The thing I wish I could just eat them all? That sweet sweet sugary substance that we want to just shove into our face holes? DONUTS OF COURSE!!!

My Mission was set. I MUST acquire said “Donut Pants” for a Giveaway for our Readers… and to my amusement… I found some. A clothing line called LuLaRoe had just the thing.  After “stalking” many many many MANY Consultants to get my hands on a few pairs for the site and was successful.

What does this all mean for YOU? Well… you all need Pants just in case there are Visitors… so we are going to give away DONUT LEGGINGS!! WOOHOO!!!

Donut Giveaway Promo (5)

That’s right, some lucky Winner is gonna be able to sport their obsession in soft stretchy comfy sweet sprinkly goodness. MMMMMMMMmmmmmmm Donuts.



Donut Giveaway Promo (4)

Now it was HARD to get my hands on these Donut Leggings, harder than I thought it would be (there are a TON of Donut/Simpson Fans out there, who’d have thought), so I was limited on the colors and size but I figured these should at least fit most average people out there.

Tall & Curvy is the size name of the Leggings. According to LuLaRoe Specs… “fits sizes 12-24 pant size”.

I was able to get a Brand Spanking New pair in the Pink Background Colorway (mine shown in Image below)…

Donut Giveaway Promo (3)

As well as a Brand Spanking New pair the Black Background Colorway (mine shown in Image below)…

Donut Giveaway Promo (2)


(Yes, I got some for me too… of COURSE! I just worry Homer is gonna show up and EAT MY SHORTS… errr… I mean MY PANTS!! Lol.)


Now before some of you procrastinate “Leggings???!! WORST. PRIZE. EVER. Meh!” I did think of something else instead too. Duh, of course! 😛

We are going to offer the “Shirt Off Our Backs”… well, out of the Addicts HQ Closets, new, never worn… instead. So for those of you that already have your pants of choice, don’t care for Donut Leggings, we will have our fabulously AWESOME Addicts Graphic T-Shirts instead of the Leggings that you can select for the Winning Prize if you are chosen. YAYYYY!!! CLOTHES FOR THE ADDICTS FROM THE ADDICTS!!

Donut Giveaway Promo (1)


Staring August 14th, 2016… an image (Donut in a way) will be placed into a random post, one image each day, for a week (7 days total). We will not tell you which one, what time, etc. It will be up to YOU to find the Donut Image. Now right along with the Donut will be a word or words. Take down notes of the Word(s).

Here is a Sample of what you MIGHT see.

Sample Donut Word

From 8/14/2016 to 8/20/2016, the random image with the Word(s) will appear. The last one being on August 20th! (THE BESTEST DAY EVER!!!)

The following week, a “Giveaway Submission Form” Post will go live on the site (just keep an eye out for it) for you to submit the Word(s) you found in the posts during the previous week.

The Giveaway will then close on August 27th, 2016 at 11:59pm Eastern

We’ll  use to pick the Winner(s) who entered the Word(s) correctly in the Giveaway Submission Form.


Homer Donut

Unfortunately, due to SEVERAL issues we continually are encountering shipping packages outside the USA (We have had more packages returned and/or held at Customs than we’d like)… we are going to have to keep this Giveaway open to ONLY USA READERS. Sorry 🙁

If there was an alternate way around it, We would do all we can to accommodate. Unfortunately at this time, there is not. No worries though, we ALWAYS have stuff up our sleeves and Giveaways and/or Contests spark up on our site often throughout the year. 🙂

Now the important other part, you MUST be over 18. We would love to do something for our younger readers, but we also must follow Guidelines and Laws set forth for Giveaways.

More information can be found in the Legal Stuff section below. 


Homer n Bart

Right now we have only TWO Donut Leggings to give away, so for now TWO Winners will be selected from the correct submissions.


Pink and Chocolate Donuts 2

  1. Watch Posts starting Sunday August 14th, 2016 for the Donut Image and Word(s).
  2. Watch the site the week of August 21st for the “Giveaway Submission Form” to enter.
  3. Enter ALL the information we ask for at that time correctly and accurately.
  4. Watch the site starting week of August 28th for Winner(s) to be announced.
  5. Must be 18 years old as of August 13th, 2016 to enter.
  6. Must have a valid email and mailing address within the USA to enter.


Blue Haired Lawyer 2

  • You must be 18 or older to enter.
  • Each contestant may only submit ONE entry! (Multiple entries will not be accepted. If multiple entries are submitted by the same reader only the FIRST entry submitted will be accepted. So pay close attention before you hit submit.)
  • Your valid email address must be provided when submitting an entry, this will be how we will contact you to let you know you won. (This is the email address you will provide in the submission form at the close of the Giveaway, they are not published on the blog and only viewable by the Addicts staff.)
  • Any email addresses we can’t confirm will be immediately disqualified from the Giveaway.
  • Winners will have THREE DAYS (72hrs) to claim your Prize from time we email you by responding to our email. If we do not receive a response to Claim the Prize within THREE DAYS (72hrs), you will be immediately disqualified and we’ll award the prize to the next person in line (i.e. If the top Winner doesn’t claim their prize, then the next person randomly chosen by will become the Winner in their place.  we will move down the list until we have all the prizes claimed)
  • Invalid shipping addresses will be immediately disqualified from the Giveaway. So make sure you provide the correct one to us if we ask you for it via email.
  • This Giveaway is open to Readers located in the USA only.
  • Giveaway Word(s) can be found in one random post per day from Sunday August 14th, 2016 until Saturday August 20th, 2016 at 11:59pm Eastern.
  • Giveaway Submission Post will go live on the site during the week beginning with August 21st, 2016. Submission Post will close on August 27th, 2016 at 11:59PM Eastern
  • Winner(s) will be announced the week of August 28th, 2016 (depending on timely response to our emails to confirm Winner(s) )
  • Prizes are Valued as follows:
    $25.00 USD- LuLaRoe Donut Leggings
    $25.00 USD- TSTO Addicts Graphic T-shirt
  • Void where prohibited
  • No purchase necessary
  • Addicts Writers and their family members are not eligible to participate.
  • If you have won a prize from Addicts in the past 90 days, you are not eligible for this contest.
  • This Giveaway is not affiliated with LuLaRoe, EA, FOX, Gracie Films or anyone else in association with The Simpsons, and The Simpsons Tapped Out.

If you have won a prize from Addicts in the past 90 days, you are not eligible for this contest.

If you would like a copy of the Official Rules, email

There you have it, Bunny hallucinations, Donuts bouncing round in her room (head?), Donuts in the game, Donuts in her belly (?), and now another silly Giveaway has spawned onto the site.

What to you think of the Giveaway? Excited? Ever wore these Leggings before? Going to stalk the posts on our site now for a week? Thinking Bunny went mad and needs to go back to the Addicts Asylum Basement? Let us know!

You made it to the end! YAY!!! Now go have yourself a Donut!!


Homer Donut Sleeping

141 responses to “Vistors??!! Better Put On Pants… GIVEAWAY!!

  1. Ok, I know you ask are busy, I am also not asking to cheat. But may I please point out, there is no imagine with a donut containing a “word” for 8/18. I have double and triple checked all your posts for that day and it’s not there. Seriously am I missing something? Because I got everything so far, one a day except it. And yes I got today’s word. So please let me know what’s up. Thanks

  2. Question about the donut images… Assuming that there is only one post a day with the donut words (and if there’s more, I’m going blind, because I’ve scoured all of the posts from each of the past three days several times), the words I’ve found don’t go together in the order I’ve found them. Should they? Or will we have the added fun of having to unscramble the words/phrases to figure out the final message?

    • They should not. You’ll have to figure out the “phrase that pays” 😉

      • Oh, phew! I’m cool with that…just worried for a while that I was missing undertaken efforts that would have made what I was seeing sensical (well, I figured if there’s a “nonsensical,” then the antonym should be “sensical”).

  3. I am in BC can you make an exception 😇

  4. Wow, seriously people there are lots of contests that are limited by geography. They are doing something nice that does not need to be done. Get.Over.It. Shame on you gripers. Welcome back Bunny, I hope you continue to improve. And Alissa,Bunny and Wookie, you guys rock.

  5. First, welcome back! I hope all is well. Second, thank you for this fun contest. I apologise for those that think you owe them something and complain about not being able to enter. May I just say to them, get over yourselves and enjoy the ride. Third and lastly, am I the only one that can’t find today’s word? Is it as large as yesterday’s? Am I just that lame???
    Thanks again for all the fun & info! Cheers, KofeKat

  6. Great to see ya hoppin’ around again Bunny! Hope you keep getting better and better 🙂 Quick question: are international tappers still allowed to enter, providing they have access to a US mailing address? Also, may I just say that you have excellent taste in leggings 😉 mmmmm leggings *drool*

  7. Reading this post made me want to go eat a box of donuts.

  8. Oops !!!
    When I saw the comp was exclusively for your USA guys there was always going to be a reaction & on principle rightly so.
    Saying that, it is only a pair of pants nice as they may be ! So I will not lose sleep over not having them. If I entered & won I would have no problem donating them to a charitiy of your choice.
    Nice to have you back Bunny, your heart is in the right place.

  9. 1st – Welcome back Bunny.

    2nd – I can believe all the people bitching and moaning about the contest rules and claiming the addicts are cheap. These guys and gals do amazing work to ensure that we are up to date with info about this game we all love. They spend hard earned money on donuts to speed up the game and give us walkthroughs shorty after new events launch. You all act like they make millions of dollars by running this site. This is by far the best TSTO site there is and you should be thankful they do what they do to give you the info you are looking for.

    Anyways rant over. Thank you to Alissa, Bunny, Wookie, and the others for their hard work.

  10. When people complain about a contest that they probably wouldn’t win anyway…

  11. bummer.

    My 6 year old Goddaughter is crazy about doughnut merchandise.
    Toys, bags, clothing… anything printed, patterned or plastered with a DOUGHNUT or multiple DOUGHNUTS.
    Yet, we are not americans, nor live in the states.
    I’d throw in the quote about you “making a baby cry”, but she’s not a baby, and these postage rules are far from new.

    Just as well I’m on another hiatus from the game.

    A new THoH event may bring the enthusiasm back. Maybe.
    We’ll see.

  12. Welcome back Bunny. Sorry you’ve had health issues. Hope you are getting better. Those donut leggings should cure all sort of ailments, even if only through laughter, which is the best medicine.

  13. Wished I’d never seen the pants now as I am outside USA too 😢😢😢😢.
    Welcome back Bunny

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