The Case of the Missing Frink….

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So many of you have commented that Professor Frink is missing from your stores. As in you cannot spend the donuts to purchase him, because he’s no where to be found.

So I’m popping in real quick with some info about a certain missing Professor…

Details below contain MILD if you don’t want to know don’t click below

The Simpsons Tapped Out Professor Frink Testing Gizmo

Here’s the deal…

As many of you suspected….

According to the game files, Frink (and his lab) will be bundled with another character (think recent episode involving Frink and Robots).

The bundle will initially cost more than the 150 donuts Frink Typically costs, but there will be a rebate associated with it.

We won’t see Frink back in the store for the remainder of Act 1.  So sit tight because he will be back…

And he doesn’t really help with the event currently, so it’s not a big deal if you don’t have him right now.

And that’s it…the quick (and vague) details on the missing Frink..

Update: Yes, if you already have Frink there will be an option to get other character.  But let’s wait and see what happens 🙂

Thoughts on a possible Frink Deal?  Were you planning on buying him?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

125 responses to “The Case of the Missing Frink….

  1. I don’t think I get the Kwik-E-Mart trick to work properly. I tried to purchase 20 at once just to test if it really lets me buy them all at the lower price but when I calculate the money spent it’s never a low amount. Am I doing it incorrectly?

    Is the rat trap truck a higher return than the bloodmobiles?

    • Rat Trap and Bloodmobile earn same rate of XP. Just rat trap costs more so it works faster.

      Kwik-E-Marts, it only lets you buy so many at a lower price and then the price escalates with you.

  2. Can someone explain how you farm donuts from Kwik-e-Marts? (I don’t have the Rat Trap Truck.

    • The rat trap delivery trunk is available at level 19 however you’ll need to complete level 60 to farm for donuts.

      • Farming donuts is possible at any level!

        • You’re both kinda right. If you fill your XP meter before that, then you just level up (and maybe get one or two donuts as a reward, depending on which level). But I’m not sure I’d do that if I were a low level player…it can be very confusing to keep track of the difference between what XP level you’re on and what game level you’re on. There will be plenty of time for things like farming later! 🙂

    • The rat trap truck is in the store. Just turn on the collider and buy and sell as many trucks as you can afford (leaving some cash in reserve).

      However, if you don’t have at least several million dollars on hand, I wouldn’t bother, as you may not recoup your initial investment in the collider.
      Kwik-E-Mart farming is basically the same thing, only worth Kwik-E-Marts instead of trucks. It takes longer and is more work, but the ultimate return is somewhat higher.

      If you want more info than that, just read through the comments section of virtually any semi-recent post… it’s been explained in the comments over and over again, so you should have no trouble finding it.

  3. Book burning mobiles are also high in XP. Is there a list or some way to find out what the top 5 in order XP items are? Thanks!

  4. I’d love to acquire Frink however my donuts are very depleted at the moment; only have 72 and missed out on the Kwik-E-Mart opportunity.

    I’m at level 122 with $73 million and 260% bonus (also should have full Springfield Heights multiplier); can anyone estimate how many donuts I might be able to gain using the XP collider, please? Thanks!

    • A lot. Farm rat trap trucks, if you need donuts quickly or Kwik-E-Marts, if you have some time and land.

      • Thanks. You were right, it was a lot of donuts. I purchased 24 hours of the XP collider yesterday then went through around 1000 x Kwik-E-Marts and spent all the rest on trucks – advanced from level 124 to 703 gaining 579 donuts!

        Hope that I can now afford both the Professor Frink package and the Soul Extraction Institute (ends today)!

        Any news yet on how much the Frink deal might cost, please?

  5. How much will the deal cost because I only have 138 donuts at the moment and was hoping I could get it for 150 donuts!!!

    • It’s going to cost more than Frink originally cost because there’s a rebate associated with it.

      • The exact “pre-rebate” cost would be very useful info. With so many premium items available, I would like to know how many donuts to keep in reserve for Frink.
        It would also be helpful to know how soon the deal will be offered. If he doesn’t come back until act 3, then we have more time to earn the donuts we will need.

  6. I’m looking forward to getting the Frink deal! time to spend some of these hard earned donuts 😀 and I absolutely love the Super Collider, its one of my favourite buildings in my Springfield. Absolutely no regrets!

  7. I recently bought Frink from the store. After reading your post I think I understand that if you already have him you get the other character? Or do you have to pay more donuts for him?


    • You don’t get the other character for free. You’ll still be able to buy said character, but for donuts.

      • So basically I will keep Frink. But if I want the other Character It will be like an upgrade

      • Does this mean that I will keep Frink and His Lab. But if I want the other character I will have to pay a certain amount of donuts?

        • If you have Frink and his lab, there will be other ways to get the related characters. It is still sketchy at this point…so we aren’t going to guess. Just know that everyone gets the same shot at characters at an EA-quitable price. LOL!

  8. I’ve noticed that the Super Collider is now back in the Store. Is it worth buying for this game. Do the black holes give you any advantage?

  9. How do I complete the quest do me a solid pt 4 i don’t know how to use future bucks

  10. I hope this isn’t a spoiler, but I visited a neighbour and saw Bart walking around in a giant robot suit shooting a rifle. It looks like a tie-in with the Avatar movie. I suspect it’s for an old event, but I’m just surprised I’ve never seen it before

  11. Has anyone else noticed that when u r visiting other Springfields that u can tap on the rocket launcher n send it into space (as long as it’s not on fire or already in space) and receive $200 n XP when it returns in 12 hours????

  12. Has anyone else ever noticed that if u tap on the rocket launcher while visiting other Springfields that u can launch it n get $200 n XP after it comes back in 12 hours?? (If it’s not already launched or on fire)

    • Are you sure you actually get the XP for that? There are a couple of things it looks like you can do in others’ towns, but you don’t really get the reward. It would be cool if this dogs actually work, though! 🙂

  13. A reply for Pam re flash glitch. Yes! I had it on my A game, though it worked fine on my B game. Very frustrating as I kept trying! The camera button appears top right of screen when in Sci-Fi game mode only. For some reason it just wouldn’t appear or not work in my main game.

    Another glitch I’ve had (Once each in both my games now) When the whole local area disappears! One cannot see the building – or anything while the tap robots game is in play. Hard to defend a building when you can’t see it! All I get is grass. I have deliberately not decorated & left a wide birth around event buildings due to this glitch. Anyone else with this one? Cheers from Australia!

  14. Hi
    😃 🇬🇧

  15. Also, chester lampwick isn’t in the store. maybe a deal on him is coming soon too?

    • EA messed up and I couldn’t get the Solid Gold House, so hopefully that too? I find the dialogue from Mr. Burns about Lampwick being in the game funny.

      I was in another friends town and there was some dialogue from Otto to Frink about a Frinkometer or something, didn’t catch it. Hawking said something after….nothing changed though. Ideas? Thanks for the posts!

  16. Awesome stuff. Can’t wait to add Frink to my town at a discount. I was incredibly happy they offered Barney at a discount earlier too. Basically I have a list of ‘must have’ characters and I’ve been able to check Barney and Frink(soon) off my list.

    My wants:
    Herb (Unkie Herb) Powell
    Malloy(Master Thief)
    Duff Man
    Otto(He’ll take you to school)

    Ever since they offered characters at a discount, I’ve splurged on far more characters than I would normally buy(I used to buy one character a year). So far, I got the greatest value out of Brandine cuz she spawns three NP characters that earns $$$.

    • Where is the barney discount?

      • The Barney discount happened earlier this year with the Space Odyssey event. The funny thing is that around 3 years ago during Christmas, you could get Barney for free by earning and trading in event currency.

        At some point in time, I hope to have all the mainstay premium characters(non-event exclusive). =]

  17. Isn’t the black hole supposed to be in my store for 10 donuts right now? It’s not showing up for me.

  18. My use a flash during Sci fighter task isn’t showing as completed and I’ve done it several times now. Anyone else having this issue?

    • Yes! I was actually looking in here to see if I’m doing it wrong. I’m also not getting roaming robots in my town, but I do see them in friends’ towns. There ARE supposed to be random robots aren’t there? Anyone else having this problem?

  19. Ah, just as I thought (more or less…didn’t predict the second-character thing). I’ve put off getting him up until now because I find his voice annoying (wouldn’t it be cool if we could turn on and off individual voices?), but, if it’s a good deal, I think the time has come. (Plus, his building won’t look as out of place now that we’re getting ask this futuristic science-y stuff.)

    Of course, raking in donuts at a good clip makes buying an easier decision now than it used to be!

    • Maggie would be the first I would turn off, personally. 👶🔇

      If turning off JUST voices was an option, I’d jump on it. I like the money sound, but not so much voiced things when I’m collecting.

      • Maggie?!? Really? I’m surprised to hear that….I like her little coos and sucking sound, personally. I wouldn’t mind shutting up Dewey Largo and….the ventriloquist guy (can’t remember his name)…I’m not fond of characters who sound kind of like Jerry Lewis.

        • I’m Gabo. Did you hear that, Smithers, Garbo is coming back.

        • I’ve just really got something against mouth and nose sounds, I think, because everyone LOVES the sucking noise 😂 I don’t even like when Luigi does that sigh of his, lol

          Dewey Largo has GOT to stop, I completely agree. Depending on the day, little Ralph might need some quieting too 🙃

    • Well I have had him so long I forgot that I must have paid doughnuts for him. I like it when he rides his flying machine though. Also fits with the science theme. Good luck wth this.

  20. I think this is a great idea. Basically, it stops people from buying him before they release the deal, and being ticked off at EA. That happened to me in the deep space mini event, although I bought Barney the day before it kicked off, so this approach wouldn’t have helped me either. Now I don’t buy anyone unless they’re on sale. Event rebate or Black Friday, etc. only for me from now on! And yes, will be getting Frink!!

  21. Already purchased Frink earlier this year! Thankfully, I have (just) over 300 donuts, so I might be going on a Springfield sci-fi sprinkly shopping spree! (I love that alliteration 😂)

  22. Frink was the first character/building combo I ever bought, way back in December 2013.

  23. Good Glavin!! with the searching and the CEn-SuS (at CiTy HaLL), don’t know if he’s even in my own town anymore (have bought him YEaRs AgO) -gosh that impression is hard TO SToP!


    • 🕵🔎 duh, He’s still tasking it up in my town, and the reason I couldn’t find him in my City Hall “Sensis” (which I spelled wrong the first time around) was because I looked him under “F” for Frink instead of “P” for Professor Frink

      Which brings me to an EA suggestion: if they can make alphabet/letter tabs instead of scrolling all the way down to search for a single character. 🔍🙃

      • I’d love a “building” category. Sometimes it’s easier for me to tap on City Hall and find out who all is in the church than to scroll around. Or to try to figure out what building a task is in from the vague description sometimes. Or see everyone who’s roaming versus who’s in a building.

        …Just me? 😅

      • What I rEAlly want is: “Where did I put that BEEPing building!”

  24. I’ve been wanting Frink since I started playing back when the game first came out. I’m so excited for a deal since I’ll finally have the donuts for a change, unlike the early years where they were too hard to come by.

  25. Yay! I’ve been holding out on buying him for a while in hopes that a rebate deal would surface. I thought for sure it would come with this update when I saw the topic

  26. I got him about a year and a half ago. Really upset that they’re doing a deal. He’ll probably be with future Bart. Oh boy he’s probably going to be seperate for 100 donuts 🙁

  27. Of course. Will his companion be offered separately for those of us who bought Frink last week?

  28. What if we already have Frink? Is the bundled character(s) going to be offered to those players for a discount or perhaps even as a free addition?

  29. Oh good. At the rate I’ve been farming donuts, I’ll have plenty to buy him with.

  30. On a related note, the forgotten grave and Frank Grimes show as a limited time offer in the event section now. Do you know if he is going to be going away entirely at the end of the event?

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