Sci-Fi Springfield 101: Act 1 Neighbor Visits

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

The nerds have invaded Springfield!  Ok just one nerd, and he’s not all that bad.  And only in Springfield can Professor Frink, with the help of Homer, open up a black hole that transports doppelgangers, robots and Stephen Hawking (!) to our pocket sized Springfields!

As with all events neighbor’s come into play, in one way or another, and this event is no different.  So let’s breakdown the neighbor actions, payouts and the mysterious cube (Anomaly) everyone keeps talking about…


Neighbor visits for this Event are pretty simple and comparable to other TSTO Events.

Unfortunately, for this event there’s no way to help your neighbor back, as we’ve seen with other events.  This is a visit your neighbor for your own good, not their own good kind of event.


And with that said, let’s break it down for Act 1…

Neighbor actions unlock via the main questline (Turbo Tappin’ Post here). After you’ve completed Dark Matters Pt. 7 (or at least have started it), you’ll trigger the Across the Multiverse quest. Where you’ll be required to tap three robots in a neighbors town, this is where friend actions start for you.

Robots Per Town: You can only tap THREE MAX Robots per town. You will see how many available in the Upper Left Corner (your daily actions), or if you need to wait… the time left before you can tap in this town again.

Daily Limit: You will get a TOTAL of 86 Neighbor Actions every 24 hrs. (This is what I got.  I maxed out at 28.75 neighbors (2 actions into the 29th neighbor.  The 3rd action just paid cash.)  Your results may vary slightly though, as we’ve seen with previous events.

Payout: Regular payout is 2 indicator_scifi_darkmatter/ Robot tapped in a neighbor’s town.  IF you have the Robot Salvage License you’ll get 4 indicator_scifi_darkmatter/Robot Tapped in a neighbor’s town.

Tapping Robots in a neighbor’s town does not pay out crafting currency (at least not currently)

And once you’ve maxed out your friend actions for the day you’ll only earn cash and xp (and FP points if you’re working on them still) when tapping Robots in a neighbor’s town.  So if you’re not getting Dark Matter from neighbor’s it’s likely you’ve maxed out your actions for the day.  Wait 24hrs, let everyone reset and then try again.

Does My Neighbor Have to Be Playing This Event to Tap Robots in their town? 

No.  You can tap Robots in your neighbor’s town even if they haven’t played in weeks. The Robots will still appear for you.




Occasionally when visiting a friend’s town you’ll run across one of these guys…an Anomaly (or as some of you are calling it a Cube).  If there’s one present in your friend’s town your game will take you right to it.  So you don’t have to go searching for it.

Basically the anomaly just gives you more currency.  Tapping on it will earn you 5 indicator_scifi_darkmatter and 1 indicator_scifi_robotparts.  So when you find them, it’s a good thing.  Just tap on it.

However, they are pretty rare to find.  The first one might be easy, but you may not come across another for quite a few neighbor visits.  Running through my neighbors today, I got one at the first neighbor I visited and didn’t see another throughout the rest of my visits.

So think of these guys as a fun little bonus.  🙂

Oh and the first time you come across one in a town there’s some fun little dialogue explaining them…

2016-08-17 15.07.51 2016-08-17 15.07.55 2016-08-17 15.08.00

And that’s it for friend actions for Act 1 of the Sci-Fi Event!  Pretty simple and straight forward.  No crazy sliding scales or anything else.  Just good old fashioned tapping!

What are your thoughts on friend actions so far?  Have you come across any anomalys?  How many have you spotted so far?  Sound of in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


104 responses to “Sci-Fi Springfield 101: Act 1 Neighbor Visits

  1. How often does the anomaly show up?

  2. I’ve found a strange behaviour.. When visiting a specific friend, I get 30 robot parts just for visiting, and I can visit him many times. Is it a bug or something he has in his town that does that?

  3. Regarding the daily challenge to tap the anomaly, has anyone else gone through their friends towns and not had one pop up? That happened to me and given that we cannot visit tap on friend’s towns more than once daily, I’m out of luck!

  4. Hi Sandra,
    I’m referring to Future Bucks

  5. Can anyone tell me where and how you spend the “money” on. I have all this money and don’t know what i’m supposed to do with it. Can someone clearly help me??

  6. I somehow missed the original discussion on KEM farming. Could someone please provide a link to the discussion on how it works? Thanks!

    • It’s only been discussed in the comments, not a post. If you go through the comments of some posts, you’re bound to find it…it’s been discussed and described ad nauseam.

      But the general gist is that you turn on your collider, build a bunch of Kwik-E-Marts, collect the XP when they’re done building (thus earning level-up or bonus box donuts), then resell the buildings and build some new ones.

      • Thanks very much. Did I gather that the return is better on KEM than either blood mobiles or rat traps, or is it just a less expensive entry point?

        • The return is better and, if you build the “right” number of them, you can do it without depleting your cash (the “right” number being related to how much you earn for collecting from your buildings and characters). The downside is that it’s a slower and more laborious process and takes more land than farming rat trap trucks. (I see no point in farming bloodmobiles, since the return is that same as for rat trap trucks, but the trucks are smaller and more expensive, so they’re more efficient to farm than the bloodmobiles.)

  7. I have a neighbor with over 56,000 dark matter. How is that even possible??? I tap multiple times a day and max out the dark matter I get from my neighbors and I am barely keeping pace with the Act 1 prizes.

      • Donuts, in what way? Just paying their way through the various quests? I understand how people can have the last prize of the Act’s track on day 1 via donuts (though not WHY they’d do that lol), but how do people get vast amounts of event currency using donuts??

        • You can buy every prize on the prize track via donuts. That increases your total. Then if you play beyond that it adds on top of the 24,000 you needed for sgt skinner.

          • Oh! I didnt realize it would “award” you the event currency if you bought the items outright, that’s an interesting way to go about it.

            Although…why buy everything if you’re still planning on playing? Why not play along, then buy things *if needed* on the last day? To each their own, I suppose! 🙂

  8. *derp* nvm… Kwik-e Mart lol. wow. i am soooo tired from packing and moving. ps. i found the max neighbor answers here. wow. thanks for all the info.

  9. After a drought I got 3 donuts during friend visits today!

  10. Awwww man. Saw one of these in a neighbors town and didn’t even tap it. *bleh

  11. My daily task today was to tap the anomaly three times. When I clicked go, it took me to the neighbor screen. It took me a few visits to figure out what it was talking about. I got the dialog yesterday, but didn’t see the cube at the time. It must have been hidden behind something, or I just missed it.

  12. Hehehe…
    Fun to think I’m turning up in EVERYONES Springfield 🙂
    And that I’m kinda a rare commodity…

  13. Got a new neighbour (he was looking to add) yesterday who already has over 31,000 gems.
    I guess either deep pockets or …..

  14. I’m finding the lower level towns (under 30 or so) are much easier to locate robots.

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