Should I Spend Donuts on the Robot Salvage License?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Insert collective groan from my favorite peanut gallery members here….because it’s time break down the pros and cons of the Robot Salvage License.

Many of you who have been around for a while, already know what I’m going to say.  But there are many Addicts out there that are just starting out, and may be pondering if the Salvage License is right for them.  So, it’s my duty to inform them of the pros and cons of the license…and to you know steer them in the right direction. 🙂

Wondering if the Robot Salvage License is right for you?  Well before you hit that confirm button let’s break down the pros and cons of becoming a licensed Salvage worker!


Item: Robot Salvage License
Donut Price: 90 Donuts (Act 1, it is expected to drop in price for Acts 2 and 3)
What Does it Do?: So, basically this membership card helps you earn MORE game currency when tapping Robots in your neighbor’s town.  Without the membership you’ll earn 2 indicator_scifi_darkmatter per Robot tapped in a neighbor’s town (for Act 1, it’ll change for each Act), with it you’ll earn 4 indicator_scifi_darkmatter per Robot tapped (in a neighbor’s town).

You do not earn crafting currency from tapping neighbor’s Robots….so this won’t help with crafting currency.

Note: It won’t show up in your store for purchase until after you’ve unlocked neighbor actions. (check turbo tappin’ post to find out when, if you haven’t already)

This does NOT impact the amount you earn when tapping in your own town.

-Earns double game currency when tapping Robots in your neighbors towns.

-Not an actual item so once the event is over, it’s gone.
-Doesn’t help with crafting currency

Final Thought:
Premium or Freemium..
Pass.  Completely pass on this.  You should have no issues earning event currency from regular tapping (with or without neighbor actions) and SciFighter’s just not worth those donuts for any player.  Not with this event.

Of course in the end it’s your decision, we can only tell you what we would/wouldn’t do, and this is something i’m completely passing on.

Whatever you decide, just remember this is one item for the event that’s better the earlier you purchase it.  So if you’re on the fence, I’d say try to make your final decision by this weekend…this way you can get the most benefit over the rest of the event!

And that’s it my friends…the full rundown and pros and cons of the Robot Salvage License!

See peanut gallery, was that so bad? 😉 

What do you think of the Robot Salvage License?  Are you still thinking about purchasing it or wanting to see how the event pans out the next couple of days before you make a decision?  Thoughts on tapping Robots?   Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

40 responses to “Should I Spend Donuts on the Robot Salvage License?

  1. Not that I plan on buying it (I’d rather use the donuts directly on President Lisa than on a card that may still not help me all the way), but does the card also double what you earn from tapping the Cube/Anomaly in a neighbor’s town? So you’d get 10 *insert currency of current act here* & 2 (I think?) Robot Parts? Just curious.

    • You don’t get double robot parts, only the prize track currency. And not sure on the anomaly, as I didn’t check that

    • Josephine Kick@$$

      I’ve always received 10 current currency & 2 robot parts for the anomaly boxes in neighbor’s towns. I’ve never paid attention to how many robot parts for non-anomaly taps.
      😊😊 The Bonus card was definitely worth it for me this time 😊

  2. I still haven’t seen any flashes or I’m looking in the wrong spot? Where do you find your flashes your suppose to get 1 daily, right? I even wasted 15 donuts to receive 5, but I couldn’t find them, or I just didn’t receive them

    • 1 daily at the power plant. You can view how many you have when you’re in the scifighter game if you look in the top right when you’re in the mini game you’ll see what you have.

  3. I was taking through my friends’ Springfields and I reach a point where I stop earning matter on the robots, only earning money and XP. Is this a glitch? I’m only halfway through my list of friends…

  4. It is obvious to anyone that the salvage license is a waste of donuts. Thank for clarifying the value of the least controversial item in the store. This SIB post has been most helpful, thank you once more. /sarcasm off

  5. You know your peanut gallery well, Alissa!

    Perhaps you could just reduce posts on future ones of these to just a headline – “XYZ Card – Don’t Buy It! [eom]” That way, it’ll be in the feed for the newbies, but there would be no post to actually click on and read, lol! 😉

  6. Josephine Kick@$$

    I’ve never purchased any of the bonus licenses for neighbor visits in the past, but I wanted to give it a try just so I could say I did 😂 This event will determine whether I ever bother again (probably not) 😊

  7. Hey Alissa, I didn’t know where to ask this so I thought I’d ask here.

    Grimes is in the sci fi section of the store and it says limited time underneath him. Is it limited time because he’s going to be a limited edition character from now on and leave after the event or is it limited edition because he earns event currency?

    • He is limited edition as in when the timer runs out you cannot buy him anymore. If you buy him, hell stay in your town after their event is over

      • I can’t get his quest line to trigger. He was available to buy before this event.

      • …but, you can usually buy him in the store, all the time (well, once you reach a certain level).

        And they didn’t drop his price at all for the event…

        So why is he listed as ‘limited time’?

        Is it just because they added ‘earns event currency’ to his description, and *that* is limited in time? (Probably) Do they plan to unceremoniously remove him & his poor Forgotten Grave post-event? (Unlikely)

        But, yeah – why *IS* he ‘limited time’?

  8. I must be an old Addict here – even though I’m only 25 – because I knew “No” would be the answer as soon as I saw the post title.

  9. I still don’t know why they even bother selling these

    • They need to think of adding something else these cards are good for. I mean who buys these? Like have it where the card also gives the player 5% discount on all limited premium items during the event or something like that. As it is right now I’m not even slightly tempted to buy one.

    • Hoping people will panic buy, I guess.

  10. Kent Brockman here, now going to live to Homer Simpson’s opinion on whether you should buy the licence …

    We now go through dimensions into the weird world of … Humans to see Gordon Ramsey’s take:

  11. Mmmmmmm! Peeeanuuuuut gallery!

  12. As I’ve said during previous events where a license was offered…bought them twice, once during my first Halloween event and again during my first Christmas event. Realized during that second event that I didn’t need it and regretted getting it.

    Every other event after, never bought one and I always finished with time to spare.

    Unless you can only get on once a week, it’s really not worth it. And if you’re only on once a week…are you really an addict? 😉

  13. Don’t why ea make these item it just make people waste there donut even though they make cheaper every act and it only help people of really struggling but I do struggle so that how ea make me lose my donut sometimes

  14. I knew it was a pass without even reading that 😀 …getting to be an old TSTO addict now!

  15. Every event, I always wonder: Does anyone who knows what they’re getting actually buy these?

    • I’ve seen people say they’ve bought one of these things when they know they’re going to be away from the game (on vacation, or whatever) for part of the event. That seems to me to be the ONLY time when this *might* be worth it.

    • They could be people with a lot of extra cash on hand. I’ve had neighbors that won’t even play the events. They will just buy everything with donuts from the start. I wonder if some of these people use some kind of hack to get donuts or if they are just rich and don’t care about spending so much money on the game.

      • Forgetting about the cost of playing that way, I don’t understand what fun this game is if you play that way!

  16. Is the Soul Extraction Institute worth the doughnuts? Sorry if you’ve already posted about it.

    • Post is coming. We do game related how to stuff first, and then start the should i buys. It should be up tomorrow, but yes. very much so.

      • I’m so close to pulling the trigger on the soul extraction institute…2 characters plus a building for only 100 donuts? But will wait for the should I buy post to get that warm and fuzzy feeling and not having the buyer’s remorse.

        • Post should be up in the morning…but Do it. lol

          • Pulled the trigger, no buyer’s remorse. They’re even voiced with their own material…gotta be the best deal I’ve seen. When we vote for best character/building combo again, this has got to be No 1.

          • Tracy - 1ltwoody920

            Indubitably- An Income Earning building plus 2 PREMIUM characters with tasks of their own and (at least initially) one earning game currency.
            100 doughnuts (this for our ‘cross the pond Addicts) is probably the be price I’ve seen.

    • Heck yeah it is! 100 donuts for a building + 2 premium characters is a deal you should take if you got the sprinkles for it.

    • A building and two characters, with one earning event currency (at least during his quest jobs). And other characters that are involved in his quest jobs earn event currency. All for 100 donuts?

      GO FOR IT! 🙂

    • I got it right away, it comes with 2 brand new fully playable characters, they are not skins, both of them earn at a premium rate and robo burns also earns premium on dark matter event plus the building looks great on a business area if you have one or nearby the Hospital

    • I purchased it. What a steal, two characters that earn event currency and a building!!!

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