There’s Easter Eggs in Them Thar Homer MultiVerse(s)


To truly appreciate some of this update’s  dialogue, and especially that which comes from the “Multiverse Homers” you need to understand a little bit about multiverses in general. This is complicated by the fact that the majority of the most brilliant theoretical physicists don’t completely agree on the concept as more than “Theory.”

For those who want a bit more “Multi-faceted” explanation, Here is a Semi-Quick WIKI post about the basics of the theory and its origin.

For those who just want a quick theory, while part of you is reading the Wiki theory, and another part of you is doing something completely different in another time/space that is happening at the same time, you have just become an example of the basic idea.

In short…(I know…too late), Schroedinger, Hawking, Tyson and countless others believe that this universe, and everything in it, have several (up to an infinite number) of other parallel universes, where your actions in this universe may in fact be different than your actions in the other universes…at the very same time.

Confused yet?  Pishposh…

I prefer to think of it as the actions in THIS universe being choices we make…Free Will choices…which may or may not affect the actions/results in other universes, but which are all tied to a single external consciousness that is outside of ALL space/time.

OR………IF YOU HAVE ANY OF THE HOMER SKINS that are ALSO NOW MULTIVERSE Characters in this update… You can just LAUGH at the “Easter Eggs” (a term that means, hidden surprises…but won’t rot in the sun if not found), that come with this update.  There are a few!

Let’s take a look!

The way you find them is simple…

Just scroll through your Homer Skins, and as you come to each of those that you have purchased or won, which correlate with one of the Multiverse/Doppleganger Homers, a bit of funny dialogue will pop up.

There are Funny Lines for Evil Homer, Cool Homer, Homer the Barbarian, Strongman Homer, and King-Size Homer.

And they just pop up like this, as you scroll…

I’m not going to spoil all of the Easter Eggs…what’s the fun in that?? Try it yourself! 

The Multiverse Homers or Dopplegangers actually have a “near and dear connection” as I founded a band in the 90s by the name of “Dopplegang.”  We were all former studio musicians, with real lives and family, who just wanted to play in an “alternative universe” as weekend rock stars. Great fun. You can find some of the music HERE. 

And just like Homer…it only takes a “flip of the switch” (as in turning my amp up to 11) and I am that guy all over again.

Here’s to alternative lives…delivering humor and fun!

Here’s to the HomerGangers!




42 responses to “There’s Easter Eggs in Them Thar Homer MultiVerse(s)

  1. Too many comments to read through so not sure if it’s been mentioned already, but a really good TV representation on the multiverse theory was the show “Sliders”. If you haven’t seen it, do yourself a favour (channelling Molly, as any Aussies out there would have recognised).

  2. Please put on a “spoiler alert” warning and have the rest of the Easter eggs at the bottom of the post! I have NONE of the Homers (I didn’t start till Xmas 2015 event) 🙁

  3. You are onecoololdguy. I’ve always loved the multiverse theory, it’s deep complex, part philosophy part science but mostly it comforts me knowing I’m everything I want to be on some other vibrational energy. Maybe in one dimension I don’t write run on sentences.

    • Love this comment! I too think that way….in that we learn from our choices…and can alter outcomes through intent.

      • I agree. Free will and taking responsibility for one’s actions. I’m happy with where I am in life but my whimsical philosophical side daydreams about the ‘what ifs’ and ‘I wonders’ Multiverse addresses that wanderlust, I guess.

  4. You’ve obviously been sitting up on top of Skinners Butte tooooooo long contemplating your navel or something!

    • There are lots if places here to contemplate… But I prefer the Oakshire tasting room!

      • Nothing namby-pamby about you… you must be a discerning ‘old coot’, never been to that part of Madison, but can understand the attraction. A couple of brews there and and you could lose count of all the different ‘Multiverse Homers’.

        • Make that Eugene where Skinner’s Butte is (Eugene Skinner is the model for Jebediah Springfield) and you are in business. Oakshire is part of what we call the Beer-Muda triangle…which has three headquarters of the region’s most popular microbrews within walking distance. Ninkaski, Oakshire, and Hop Valley.

  5. Really had to laugh at the Spinal Tap reference. 🙂

  6. it was amusing for me to see this latest event center around the multiverse theory, as i just recently finished reading a sci-fi thriller all about that. Dark Matter by author Blake Crouch. never read his wayward pines series, but i definitely recommend this book. very entertaining read, with a good mix of fast paced action, science, and romance.

  7. Okay if there are multiple parallel universes would I even be alive in most of them? For me to have ever existed all of my grandparents from the very beginning of human existence would had to have met and made babies in the exact same time with the exact same sperm. So in each universe my mom would have had to have met my dad. Not just them but all their parents as well. So the odds of me even existing in a single universe is like one in several hundred quadrillion or more.

    • If you are defining the “you” as the flesh bag that is your body… Then sure. But I believe that the “you” is external. Just sayin’…

      • Not sure I’m able to wrap my head around “me” being “external.” I am my body but the central part of my existence would be my brain, I guess. What outside of myself could I consider me to be?

        • Tracy - 1ltwoody920

          Don’t know about you, but,
          For me, myself?
          Perhaps the afterwards of
          A pepperoni & ancho chili pizza?

    • don’t forgot about all the parallel universes that would exist AFTER you were conceived.

  8. So Evil Homer was available before?

  9. Back to the future taught me all about parallel universes and alternate timelines lol

  10. Off topic, but I have a daily action for “Tap the Anomoly”. It takes me to friend’s towns, but I can’t figure out what I’m supposed to be tapping!! Help, please!

  11. It’d be odd, but I’m hoping that the Alternate Homers stay on after the event, and replace some of Homer’s costumes; he’s got too many as it is.

  12. So what is the bundle Frink deal? Can I get the info on that?

  13. I only have the King-Size Homer costume…would you be able to share the dialogue for the other Homers for me and the other’s who don’t have all the costumes? 🙂

  14. I got the easter egg for Kingsized Homer a couple of days ago… I can’t even remember what he said. That’s the only skin I have of the five.

  15. Makes me want to binge watch some old episodes of Sliders this wknd lol. Funny side note, NPR’s Science Friday is talking about dark matter right now…..funny how the universe (or multiverse) works 👽

    • It’s all so cool…and fun. Almost everything is possible, when you throw out the standard model.

      There are loads of colliders working their magic on the “Dark Matter” question, and they will no doubt figure out that it is the glue that holds the fabric of the universe together.

      So…if you have subatomic particles interconnected and communicating instantly across an almost infinite universe…then the barriers of “speed of light” go out with the Standard that uses it as its basis. This opens the door for the external existence of sentience outside of space/time.

      Or. It’s just black sticky stuff.

  16. Speaking of Easter eggs… But not for this update… I discovered one some time ago. I had the stereo speakers from Whacking Day out, and I kept tapping them. Even though we weren’t in Whacking Day… We were in the Wild West or just after that update ended. The rattlesnake with the gun would come running, or slithering, over… I tapped and tapped the stereo system repeatedly many times in a row, perhaps several dozen times, and I don’t know after how many taps, but Snake, the criminal, came over! And he gave up some dialogue, something to the effect of “my only weakness is a killer beat.”

  17. Tracy - 1ltwoody920

    Ooh, I just read the previous post and this popped up.
    Maybe I’m #1?

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