Free Donuts?! Login Today For Your Free INSTANT Donuts!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just popping in with a quick announcement….EA’s giving away donuts today!  That’s right you’ll get 15 FREE donuts today just by logging into TSTO.

So start up your games and enjoy those delicious sprinkles!

2016-08-22 15.01.58

78 responses to “Free Donuts?! Login Today For Your Free INSTANT Donuts!

  1. I want donuts


  2. What is the KEM glitch?


    • For,a couple of days Kwik-E-Marts were only costing 220 cash and the price didn’t increase if you bought multiples. Been fixed already.


  3. Ow…. My……. Thing!


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  4. Free donuts? Whaaaaa?! WOOT WOOT!!!


  5. does anyone have a favorite donut shop? here in new york there are several to choose from, from the Dominique Ansel Bakery to the doughnut plant, but my favorites are Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop and their big rival Moe’s Doughs, both in the greenpoint section of brooklyn.

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  6. I didn’t get the message about the 60 donuts. I got the 15 and then later in the day an update. Does anyone know what that update was about?


  7. Got the 15 this morning & not any more though there was a down load that did not seem to show anything, where you buy donuts or not all should get the same. Not sure why one gets 15 or 60? I believe in democracy.
    Just my opinion


  8. For some reason when I click on the Daily Challenge icon on the corner of the screen, all of my challenges are locked. Furthermore theirs no timer indicating when a new challenge will come up.
    I was wondering if anyone else is having this problem?


  9. I assume the 15 is the consolation prize for us continuing players since they are giving 60 to try and attract new players.


  10. I thought it was a birthday gift. I felt special for a second there hahaha. Free donuts! Thanks EA 🙂

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