Sci-Fi Event Housekeeping: New Gil Deal & More Premium, Plus Robot Bart

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Popping in with a few quick changes to the game today…and to clarify something many of you are seeing when visiting neighbors.

Alternate Universe Gil arrived in Springfield today, pandering an item from his universe.  In addition to the Gil Deal, more premium items hit the stores today.  And many of you are asking about seeing Bart inside a giant robot while visiting neighbors.

With so many additions, and questions, I figured we should break it all down for you guys..


First up…Gil’s deal.

Now, before you even ask…we’ll have a Should I buy up on this soon.  But the questline will earn you more Dark Matter (like Robo Burns)…that’s the only other benefit.  So if you want it, grab it.  If you’re on the fence give me a little bit to assess it and put together the Should I Buy post 🙂

Anyway…you’ll see old Gil roaming the streets of your Springfield, waving around like his pants are on fire…

gil rockstardeal

Once you tap on him he’ll bring you an offer from the future…..oooohhhh ahhhhh, the future:

Gil: Okay, Gil.  Stay calm.  You transcended the boundaries of space and time to find this deal.  Hello citizens of Springfield.
Homer: Oh great!  Now I’m being bombarded by ads from other dimensions!
Gil: Just hear me out!  Because your own little baby, Maggie, is back from the future where…get this…she’s no longer a baby!
Homer: Then what the hell is she?
Gil: She’s grew up to be every parents dream!  A grungy, hard-living rock star!
Homer: Woo-hoo!

2016-08-23 11.03.15

And if you refuse (and let’s face it most of you will initially…)

Gil: Aw, how could you turn your back on your family like that?  I’m like a brother to you, aren’t I?  A long lost, dirty, thirsty brother.

And if you accept…

Gil: Ka-ching!  Maybe next time I’m in town you can get Ol’ Gil some free tickets.
Homer: Sure!  I can do that.  As long as you stay away forever.

rockstarstadium_menuThe rock stadium is MASSIVE!  It’s 12×12, and does hover over the ground, like other items.

unlock_rockstarmaggieAnd Rockstar Maggie is a full fledged character, NOT a skin for baby Maggie.  This is a whole new character.

And again…I’ll have a Should I Buy up on her soon…but the Gil deal does leave when Act 2 hits…so you have until August 30th to purchase Rockstar Maggie, before she’s gone! 

Now onto the other premium offerings that were added this morning…


menu_scifi_elysiumproject_notificationElysium Project- 110 Donuts, EARNS EVENT CURRENCY!  100 ico_cur_scifi2016_darkmatter_lg/4hrs.  (and I’m assuming it’ll switch to currency for Acts 2 and 3 as well when they hit).  This is 9×9 in size.

Leaves stores September 13th

Holo-BundleHolo-Bundle- 70 Donuts, includes 2 Holographic Benches, 2 Holographic Lamp Posts, 8 Holographic Shrubs, and 12 Holographic Shrubs.

Leaves stores August 30th


portalgate_menuPortal to Rigel 7- 75 Donuts, Earns $200,22xp/8hrs. Should I Buy Does NOT earn event currency for this event.

And a reminder of items added before that are leaving..

efcotcenter_menuEfcot Center- 70 Donuts, Leaves August 25th. More details (and no it doesn’t come with snow…just the only image I had on the site already)

supercollider_menuSuper Collider- 70 Donuts, Leaves August 25th.  Comes with a Black Hole via the questline… Should I Buy

And now the details you’ve all been waiting for….what’s up with seeing this in your neighbor’s towns:


As so many of you pointed out to me yesterday, this is most likely a visual glitch.  This is NOT currently available in the game.  But stay tuned for a later Act of this event when it should become available.

So don’t panic, don’t freak out.  And don’t think you missed something…it’s coming.  Patience. 🙂

And that’s it my friends…i’ll be back with Should I Buys on the new items above later on.

Thoughts on the new items?  Any you grabbed instantly?  Have you seen Bart walking around like that while visiting a neighbor?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

141 responses to “Sci-Fi Event Housekeeping: New Gil Deal & More Premium, Plus Robot Bart

  1. OK need more land again.

  2. The Elysium Project is one of the coolest animated buildings! I absolutely LOVE the colors. Poor Reverend….he might stay inside that building for the rest of eternity. hahhahaha

    I also bought Maggie, the building goes great next to my tap ball stadium 🙂

  3. is this a better deal than the mr burns and smithers charcters? (cant remember building name but cost 100) i have 140 donuts so cant quite afford yet but will get 10 more in few days for daily challenge. so basically can only get one lot which lot you think is better???

    • Burns and smithers is a better “deal”…in the sense you get 2 characters and a building for 60 donuts less than Maggie. But it all depends on what you like…

  4. Does the Elysium Project come with a quest line?

  5. Josephine Kick@$$

    Portal immediately, donuts earning as fast as I can or buying App Store cards on payday for Gil deal (especially since Maggie is not a skin but a whole new character 😀😀😀😀)

  6. Is anyone else having problems logging on? I haven’t been able to connect since 1pm (GMT) and even the help option now available times out!

    • No problems here. You might try rebooting your device, rebooting your wifi if on wifi, and or cleaning off some memory space on your device. Just suggestions. Hope something works for you.

    • yup. I haven’t been able to get in either. I restarted, turned wifi on and off…etc. Nothing.

    • I’m also having problems. My device is somewhat older. Did the new system finally kick in, or is this some other issue?

      • The new thing did kick in (back on the 16th, I think), but I don’t know whether that’s the cause of your problem…

        • The thing is, I’ve played a week since they changed things with no problem, then suddenly I’m locked out. And, of course, it happens to be during the event I’m most excited about. Luckily I can use my husband’s device to play the game.

  7. Can you spot Rockstar Maggie and the South Pole craftable?

  8. I wish EA would stop making almost all of the new buildings ssh ginormous! It really screws with the sale in my town and takes so much land…not just the land that the building actually requires, but enough extra land to be able to place the buildings without having them block other stuff. Sheesh!

    Having trouble getting access to Wi-Fi on my vacation…really hope I don’t miss getting all of the prizes in the prize track for the first time ever.

    One question…am I right that the craftables will be starting for the whole event? I don’t have to worry about getting to a certain point with that by the end of Act 1, do I? So far, I’ve really only crashed what I needed to for the questline (plus one billboard).

    Trying to keep up with this game, and this site, is making my “relaxing” vacation very stressful! 😉

    • Tracy - 1ltwoody920

      My understanding is that ANY time during the “30”day event you can craft any item – as long as you have reached the necessary Level.
      I’ve skipped crafting an item simply because I didn’t want it.

    • I completely agree with you about all the enormous buildings. Things that eat up to much space are a big pain to fit in my town without blocking things or have them starting to look like they are just being smashed in a pile. As it is my SH’s are mostly a dumping ground for non cash producing ginormous buildings and repetitive xp producing decorations.

      • Josephine Kick@$$

        Wow… yes! Just bought the Gil Deal and am going to have to do some major maneuvering to fit it all together. Biggest problem is I know there are going to be several more buildings to come… running out of room and hair 😂

    • Honestly Sandra I’m planning on storing most of the buildings from this event…a few of them are really cool like this theatre and the hoola hoop building, but most of them are very blah looking grey and blue structures with nothing special about them, most of them don’t even name a name/sign on them.

      And yes they are HUGE, WAY too big imho. It’s very annoying since they block out so much space. I was going to integrate them into my Metropolis from Superheroes but I’m actually encroaching on my last few squares of land so I have to start picking and choosing what I leave out and these buildings are just boooring.

  9. Hi. Don’t know if this is the right place to ask or not, but I wanted to ask, what is this “farming” stuff that is being mentioned around in the comments … And how is it done? Thanks a bunch.

    • alex - aabcampos2

      farming is when someone repeats a task many times to get some game advance. For exemple, buy and sell a lot of K-E-M to transform in-game cash into XP. a lot of XP makes you levelup. When you level-up you win donuts.

    • I suppose they mean having a lot of ingame cash, buying 24hours of XP multiplier and then buying (and selling afterwards) tons of bloodmobiles. It is enough to buy 4 or 5 with XP multiplier for one level = one donut, levelling quickly, getting donuts for the levels.

    • The other 2 posters are correct. But…

      It can also mean having a “farm” of buildings to build your cash up. Such as having 30 blue houses in a small area, just for the purpose of collecting huge amounts of cash every 8 hours. Those would be known as a “house farm”.

    • Farming means buying a lot of the same stuff

  10. This might be a bit of a spoiler, but go into where you see the groups of characters. Scroll over to the last one. It’s labeled something like “Intergalactic” or something like that. I forget and can’t login to the game where I’m at. You can check out the other characters that are yet to come with this event.

  11. is it my imagination or did the leaving date on the colider change?

  12. I am grabbing Maggie right now ! 🙂 no sprinkles left but oh well, maybe its time to start farming

  13. I got it straight away! Kind off annoys me that two of her animated tasks are the same but just at different venues (and then the open air stage task is the same too 😔)
    I was expecting the ‘Rock the Hyperstadium’ task for her to arise from that lift thing and start singing, not just stand by it!

  14. StupidMODhackers

    I unfriend any neighbor when I catch them ruining my game when I see act 3 items when we are in act 1 or 2. The best way to deal with them is to leave them with no neighbors. That way you don’t have to get surprises and they can F off.

    • I will say…you potentially could be unfriending legit players with this one. EA has it programmed for random tasks to go on when the characters are in indoor tasks and you visit a neighbor (so you can see the character), and apparently this is one of those random ones going on…

  15. Is it just me or did the texture on the cement change?

  16. This is the first Gil deal I really want! What is up with all the great donut offerings recently? I am trying to get a high donut total before any potential black friday deals but they keep enticing me!

  17. I need a little help please. My daily quest is to tap on the anomaly. What I hit go to it takes me to my friends towns. I have tapped everything in their towns and nothing. Help please

  18. Rockstar Maggie

    Does anyone know if there will be any other female characters popping up for this event? I’ve been saving my donuts for the chicks but I only have 133 sprinkles so want to spend wisely

  19. alex - aabcampos2

    any of the itens in holo-bundle has a multiplier?

    • Not that I could tell initially…

    • I believe the total multiplier with the holo-bundle is 0.1%. No, the decimal is not is the wrong place. The only multiplier with the holo items is the two flower hedges for 0.05% each 🙁 Probably the worst multiplier-donut ratio ever.

      For some reason I still want it. But it’s not really enough by itself and I’d need some more hedges too. Darn you and your premium strategies EA! Must … stay … firm. I’ll have to craft lots of holo-tulips and holo-trees and luminescent flowers instead. Or maybe I’ll buy the Elysium Project. Also overpriced in my opinion. But it’s sooo pretty.

  20. I have also seen a cube thing after I visit neighbors. The screen moves to it automatically if it’s in a neighbors town. One I saw it originally it had some dialogue that was between Otto, Frink, and Hawkins. Anyone else have this show up?

  21. Tracy - 1ltwoody920

    You are so sweet.
    “A visual glitch”,
    most likely seen in a town with other
    “Visual Glitches”
    I’ll bet when you hit your thumb with a hammer, the first words out of your mouth are that this is an
    Experiential Glitch.

    p.s. Thanks for the tips.

    • Oh i told people yesterday it was likely hackers and I got my head chewed off. Okay maybe not that bad…but people were all over me about how i shouldn’t accuse people of being hackers because they have friends/family who haven’t played or they know for sure aren’t hackers who this popped up with. So now…i’m going with visual glitch lol

  22. I absolutely love RoboBurns and RoboSmithers, great visual tasks. Good value for 100 sugary treats! I would love Maggi but I only have 79 sweeeeet donuts left! I will have to pass on her.

  23. I couldn’t resist getting Maggie. I also needed some flowering holo-shrubs to decorate the stadium, so that burned a few donuts. (Never bought premium fencing before, but nothing else was really doing the job to my liking.) I’ll probably be passing on everything else so I can be sure to have at least a few hundred donuts for Halloween.

  24. I’m also seeing the open air stage for sale.

  25. Have got enough do it but in few days I probably got enough

  26. Im saving for Frinks lady, **** and the “tele*******”so i will have to pass..

  27. I haven’t picked her up yet, but I’m a sucker for a character/building combo. It’s a little pricier than I’d like, but most Gil “deals” are. It’ll look nice in my futuristic area, anyway.

  28. I got Rock Star Maggie within two minutes of Gil turning up! I know I know. ..just say No! Couldn’t resist 😀

    The building is HUGE but looks great on my future strip ♡ …There is a lot of quests to get through before she can earn event currency or perform so if you want a quick fix this isn’t it!

  29. Had to jump on the rock star Maggie deal straight away… too cool!

    Down to 55 donuts now but should hit 100 million IGC tomorrow so feel an XP Charger session coming on 😀

  30. Wish I had more donuts to buy Rockstar Maggie, but I’m sure she’ll return in the future 😛

    I can’t wait to send Bart on his task in the robot! It looks so cool.

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