Sci-Fi Event Housekeeping: New Gil Deal & More Premium, Plus Robot Bart

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Popping in with a few quick changes to the game today…and to clarify something many of you are seeing when visiting neighbors.

Alternate Universe Gil arrived in Springfield today, pandering an item from his universe.  In addition to the Gil Deal, more premium items hit the stores today.  And many of you are asking about seeing Bart inside a giant robot while visiting neighbors.

With so many additions, and questions, I figured we should break it all down for you guys..


First up…Gil’s deal.

Now, before you even ask…we’ll have a Should I buy up on this soon.  But the questline will earn you more Dark Matter (like Robo Burns)…that’s the only other benefit.  So if you want it, grab it.  If you’re on the fence give me a little bit to assess it and put together the Should I Buy post 🙂

Anyway…you’ll see old Gil roaming the streets of your Springfield, waving around like his pants are on fire…

gil rockstardeal

Once you tap on him he’ll bring you an offer from the future…..oooohhhh ahhhhh, the future:

Gil: Okay, Gil.  Stay calm.  You transcended the boundaries of space and time to find this deal.  Hello citizens of Springfield.
Homer: Oh great!  Now I’m being bombarded by ads from other dimensions!
Gil: Just hear me out!  Because your own little baby, Maggie, is back from the future where…get this…she’s no longer a baby!
Homer: Then what the hell is she?
Gil: She’s grew up to be every parents dream!  A grungy, hard-living rock star!
Homer: Woo-hoo!

2016-08-23 11.03.15

And if you refuse (and let’s face it most of you will initially…)

Gil: Aw, how could you turn your back on your family like that?  I’m like a brother to you, aren’t I?  A long lost, dirty, thirsty brother.

And if you accept…

Gil: Ka-ching!  Maybe next time I’m in town you can get Ol’ Gil some free tickets.
Homer: Sure!  I can do that.  As long as you stay away forever.

rockstarstadium_menuThe rock stadium is MASSIVE!  It’s 12×12, and does hover over the ground, like other items.

unlock_rockstarmaggieAnd Rockstar Maggie is a full fledged character, NOT a skin for baby Maggie.  This is a whole new character.

And again…I’ll have a Should I Buy up on her soon…but the Gil deal does leave when Act 2 hits…so you have until August 30th to purchase Rockstar Maggie, before she’s gone! 

Now onto the other premium offerings that were added this morning…


menu_scifi_elysiumproject_notificationElysium Project- 110 Donuts, EARNS EVENT CURRENCY!  100 ico_cur_scifi2016_darkmatter_lg/4hrs.  (and I’m assuming it’ll switch to currency for Acts 2 and 3 as well when they hit).  This is 9×9 in size.

Leaves stores September 13th

Holo-BundleHolo-Bundle- 70 Donuts, includes 2 Holographic Benches, 2 Holographic Lamp Posts, 8 Holographic Shrubs, and 12 Holographic Shrubs.

Leaves stores August 30th


portalgate_menuPortal to Rigel 7- 75 Donuts, Earns $200,22xp/8hrs. Should I Buy Does NOT earn event currency for this event.

And a reminder of items added before that are leaving..

efcotcenter_menuEfcot Center- 70 Donuts, Leaves August 25th. More details (and no it doesn’t come with snow…just the only image I had on the site already)

supercollider_menuSuper Collider- 70 Donuts, Leaves August 25th.  Comes with a Black Hole via the questline… Should I Buy

And now the details you’ve all been waiting for….what’s up with seeing this in your neighbor’s towns:


As so many of you pointed out to me yesterday, this is most likely a visual glitch.  This is NOT currently available in the game.  But stay tuned for a later Act of this event when it should become available.

So don’t panic, don’t freak out.  And don’t think you missed something…it’s coming.  Patience. 🙂

And that’s it my friends…i’ll be back with Should I Buys on the new items above later on.

Thoughts on the new items?  Any you grabbed instantly?  Have you seen Bart walking around like that while visiting a neighbor?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

141 responses to “Sci-Fi Event Housekeeping: New Gil Deal & More Premium, Plus Robot Bart

  1. I feel cheated! Future Maggie SAID as of yesterday that there were several more days left to purchase. I WANTED IT! I didn’t want to buy all those donuts at once, so I was spreading it out. Went there today and she was GONE! Why did she lie to me? WHY???

  2. Well this post states she would leave August 30th, but as of yesterday the in-game Gil Deal said it was available for three to four more days. I was going to wait to see how Mooch Bart was before deciding on Rockstar Maggie.

  3. Is the portal to Rigel 7 worth it?

  4. Bought the Holo-Bundle, among other things, and it is a bit dull. You only get holo-versions of stuff that is already available, or at least was available at some point. A definite “save your donuts for something better” case… #Buyer’s Remorse

  5. Anyone else notice that the open air stage is listed under the SciFi items? Anyone out there who has this building and seen if this means that the characters involved earn some event currency there?

    • Unfortunately no… it was put there most likely because the Maggie premium character has a 12h performance that was added with this event. Also another task will be added in future acts.

  6. Any bonus % for the holo bundle???

  7. g2-822d98e4e660b00af945b38e3908bd42

    Are there any jobs for Skyberdine industries? If so, which character has it? Thanks!!

  8. I’m really iffy about the super collider i have enough donuts but wondering if i should get it or save them for something better. Is it something a need or a must have? Help please!

    • These questions are always so subjective…. Get it if you want it. I love it. But have had it since 2012. So…hard for me to be objective.

    • I wouldn’t use donuts for the collider. It doesn’t do anything, has no tasks for a character. You only get a free black hole. I got mine years ago for free.

    • Save your dounuts. Then again you have already made up your mind as to what you are gonna do but need reassurance. There’s other things to buy thatll be awesome but if it’s something you want go for it. I purtit because i like studying dark matter and black holes.

  9. Another excessively “Meh” Gill deal.
    I wish we could do these deals a la carte.
    I want Maggie but not that God awful monstrosity of a building.
    I’ve seen the Bart Bot in a few towns that I visit and that will be a definite purchase.

  10. g2-822d98e4e660b00af945b38e3908bd42

    How do you get the Elysium park to light up with colors? Dumb question I know, but I’m clueless. Does one of the characters have a job there?

  11. Gill has disappeared!! Has this happened to anyone else?

  12. Ok so in all truth may I get an explanation how I do see in friends towns Bart in the mechanic and it’s now available yet? Just like in the wild west event I saw a friend town already unlocked wild west snakes rob the town thing before that act wad even available. So please how ate they making it happen? And no I don’t plan on cheating, or hacking oh that’s the case. But just to ease my mind, what’s going on? Thanks

    • Just because as a visitor YOU see a certain character doing a certain task, does not mean that person you are visiting put that character on that task.

      I can send a character on a task that takes place inside a building, and when you go to visit you see them standing outside of that building doing a different visual task.

    • Wow, autocorrect made me look like I can’t compose a sentence lol. But think you get the idea of what I’m asking? Lol

  13. I grabbed Rocker Maggie this morning. I have a feeling I’m going to be buying all the premium characters this event.

  14. Anyone have any idea what the black holes actually do?

  15. I denied Gil’s deal initially, I can’t find Gil now though. Help, please?

  16. Does anyone know where I can find Gil’s deal? I denied it initially, but I would like to buy it now.

  17. Knew this was coming and bought it straight away!! I don’t have any of the other theatres/stages so this is perfect!! Anyone know who has a task there that animates it?? apparently it looks awesome.

    I’ve heard about the Frink deal but I’ve always said he’s one of my least favourite characters. However I’m not one to turn down a good sale so if he’s a crazy discount I may just pick him up…

    • Probably just Rocker Maggie, but it’d be hilarious if Regular Maggie had a task there.

    • I’m with you on the Frink thing…although I think he’s an iconic character, I always found him kinda annoying. But with all this stuff we’re getting with this event (and the ease of amassing donuts now), it seems like it’s time to get him. I hope he comes as part of some kind of really cool deal! 🙂

    • I’m going through the quest line now. Rockstar Maggie has a four-hour task there. I’m hoping it becomes a permanent task, because the animation is very cool.

  18. On the subject of VISUAL CLITCHES yesterday I noticed when I clicked in the transporter module Alpha to go to the Beta model on the opposite end of my Springfield a warning notice disclaimer popped up as usual but this time included TWO more destinations, Gamma and Delta, if my memory is correct,
    Anyone else have this happen in the last few days? I thought there were only two modules available.

  19. I like how they’re giving other characters more tasks: Now Herman and Cookie have 10-hour jobs in some of the new craftable buildings. I also just discovered that Cookie has a 16-hour job in Dr. Lenny’s Lab.

    • Josephine Kick@$$

      I’m still hoping EA makes us able to tap a building and choose from one of the characters that interacts from that building to do one of their tasks there 😀😀😀

    • Thanks for the tip! I had been sending Cookie to Dr. Lenny’s Lab to Host an Open Evil Lair just to see the building light up. Now I can also send her to the Mushroom Office Building to Take Future-Length Coffee Break. Awesome!

  20. StupidMODhackers

    About the Bart robot–I agree but when I see it in the same town over and over and not randomly appearing in this or that town, plus buildings that they should not have yet, I am skeptical and just say bye to them. Thanks for advocating the devil tho–point taken.

  21. Normally i would wait for the SIB for a gil deal, but it’s maggie! Brought her right away. Gave me a laugh when Homer was talking to her for the 1st task.

  22. Got the second tunnel to SH day 1!!!

  23. Future Maggie is the first Gil deal I’ve wanted! Waiting for the SIB.

  24. I had to have future Maggie. I want all three future kids. Any idea if we will have to purchase future Bart and/or Lisa?

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