Sci-Fi Event Act 2 is Live!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Welcome to the wee early morning hours…at least here on the East Coast. It’s just after 3am on the East Coast of the US…but who can sleep with a black hole invading our pocket-sized Springfields?!  Act 2 of the Sci-Fi Event is upon us….so have at it my friends!

Remember…this is an automatic change in your game.  Nothing to download, it should just start up in your game..

Hawking will start this for you with dialogue from Stephen Hawking and Chief Wiggum.  This will be followed by the 4hr tasks for the Multiverse Homers, Lisa and Bart.  Oh, and you will have to complete the Act 1 questline.  So if you didn’t complete it yet, you won’t see the new questline.

Act 2 runs until September 13th

Just what does Act 2 have in store for us?  Let’s take a look…

sci-fi icon

New Prize Currency for Act 2.

ico_cur_scifi2016_time_lg Chronons

So the ability to earn Dark Matter is now gone.  Your counter prize track for Act 2 has reset to zero because you have zero Chronons.  So forget about the matter and now it’s time to start over with Chronons.

You’ll earn Chronons very similar to how you earned Dark Matter in Act 1….


-Tapping Robots (They drop ) (REMEMBER: Playing the Mini Game/4hrs clears your town of ALL the Robots..and you get credit for them.  Confused?  Read this post)
-Sending the Multiverse Homer’s on tasks at the PolyVac (Premium sending Rocker Maggie & Frank Grimes on tasks there)
-SciFighter Mini-Game
-Tapping Robots in a Neighbor’s town
-Tapping Anomolies/Cubes in a Neighbor’s Town

Everything pays out the same as it did in Act 1.

There’s also a new Robot to tap in the mini game


Tap these twice in a row to clear them.

Act 2 Personal Prizes

unlock_moocherbartMooch Bart- 4,600 ico_cur_scifi2016_time_lg

ico_priz_scifi_futuresimpsonshouse_lgFuture Simpson’s House- 9,200 ico_cur_scifi2016_time_lg (new building not a facade for the regular Simpsons house)

ico_priz_scifi_astrohouse_lgAstro-House- 13,800ico_cur_scifi2016_time_lg

kwikemart2054_menuNewfangled Kwik-E-Mart- 18,700 ico_cur_scifi2016_time_lg (new building not a facade for the old Kwik-E-Mart)

cryostasismemorial_menuCryo Stasis Memorial- 23,900 ico_cur_scifi2016_time_lg

unlock_presidentlisaPresident Lisa- 29,100 ico_cur_scifi2016_time_lg

Bonuts are still there after prize track is complete.  Chance for them with every 3000 Chronos.

Act 1 Prizes…

If you didn’t collect them all… you can still access them by tapping on the “ACT ONE PRIZES” tab in the Personal Prizes area. As you can no longer collect items for them, your only option now is to pay donuts to outright buy each one left at the point you left off at. (Just like every other event recently.)

Act 2 Crafting

Crafting remains, as it was during Act 1, for Act 2.

You can view the details on how to craft…including using Future Bucks…here

You can view the prize breakdown details here


New Items in the Store..

ico_stor_scifi_robotsalvagelicenseRobot Salvage License- Price as dropped to 60 Donuts…still not worth it

Frink's_Robot_Dog_Tapped_Out_ArtworkFrink’s Robot Dog- 60 Donuts, Returning from Yard Sale 2013

Tapped_Out_Frinkosonic_MHVFrinkosonic MHV- 35 Donuts, Returning from Yard Sale 2013

These two items (Frink’s Robot Dog & Frinkosonic MHV) leave stores on September 13th.

Big_Digi-BenBig Digi-Ben- 115 Donuts, New item

This next one has a couple of options….it’s the Frink Bundle.  And it’ll vary if you have Frink vs. if you Don’t Have Frink..

Here’s what you’ll see if you HAVE Frink:

Future-Proofed_Homeunlock_annederoidFuture-Proofed Home w/ LadyBot- 100 Donuts (Lady Bot does come with Tasks)

Here’s what you’ll see if you DO NOT have Frink:

Frink's_Lab_Tapped_Outunlock_professorfrinkunlock_annederoidFrink’s Lab w/ Professor Frink and LadyBot- 200 Donuts, with a rebate of 75 donuts.  So a NET cost of 125 Donuts. (Regularly priced at 150 Donuts, for just Frink and his Lab) Should I Buy for Frink

Future-Proofed_HomeFuture-Proofed Home- 45 Donuts

Yes, if you don’t have Frink you’ll have to purchase the Home separately, but before you complain…keep in mind that you’re paying LESS for Frink than most of us who already owned him did.  

These Items (Big Digi Ben, Frink Bundles etc) Leave Stores on September 15th

Oh and this past Saturday (August 27th), the following 2 premium items returned to the store:

ico_stor_single_electriccarbundleElectric Car Bundle- 80 Donuts, Should I Buy

Human Test SubjectHuman Test Subjects- 15 Donuts, .5% Bonus on all Cash and XP (I’m not doing a Should I Buy on these guys…  But here are some more details on them)

Electric Cars and Human Test Subjects leave the store on September 3rd. 

Yes, before you even ask, we’ll have Should I Buys out on all the new premium stuff (and the Frinkosonic MHV and Frink’s Dog).  Might not be immediately, but they’ll be up. 


And before you ask…

Here’s a list of posts we’re working on that should be up soon…

-Act 2 Calendar
-Act 2 walkthrough
-SIB for New Content
-And more!

And that my friends concludes the quick rundown of Sci-Fi Event Act 2!

Remember this is just a quick rundown…as we have time to play through Act 2 ourselves we’ll break everything down in more detail.  If you need help with the basics check out the Sci-Fi Event Page in the meantime.

Thoughts on Act 2?  Just like Act 1?  Excited about these prizes?  How’d you do with your Act 1 prizes?  Will you be buying any of the new premium items? Sound off in the comments below.  You know we love hearing from you!

226 responses to “Sci-Fi Event Act 2 is Live!

  1. ugh. having trouble with the game playing, everytime i try to visit a neighbor it takes a while for it to load up and as soon as i tap on a robot, the game closes out for me. …. im barely finished the homer future dreamhouse, and not act 2 is almost up. i’ve reloaded, rebooted, re..everything (except startover from lvl1) …. i don’t have any other “game apps”, closed, forcestopped, and disabled any other apps in the background; yet i can’t get through 30 neighbors without it booting me during each one. does anyone know how to fix this???

  2. God this event is truly horrible. I missed out on future skinner and I’m going to miss pres. Lisa. I play constantly, yet I can’t hit the chronons I need. This event really really turned me off to the game in general. Too bad too. But I feel like this is just a money grab to buy more donuts to complete everything. I might not be as involved in the next event.

  3. I’m doing okay in act 2 following the event calendar. I try to hit 4 times a day and aiming for 2250 chronons over the next few days of this act so should get president Lisa. I hope the prizes in act 3 are good as I tend to lose motivation if they aren’t.

  4. I don’t know how to start smack to the future part 6, it won’t let me arm the good robots.

  5. So does Big Digi-Ben clear all Robots in your Town every hour or what or doy ou still havetotap on each Robot to Clear or is it like the Recycling/Monorail and Springfield Heights Bildings kinda thing where it clears your whole town or what just curious?

  6. Just curious, is the electric car bundle worth buying? The “Should I Buy” article refers more to the cars individually, but as a bundle that provides a 5% total bonus, how does its price compare to other similar premium items offering the same bonus?

  7. I’m considering buying Grimes, but I vaguely remember someone else posting that they didn’t get his original quest line. Has this been fixed/ do you think it will come back after the event? I’d like the help with the event, but I’d be a bit bummed if I didn’t get the play the original storyline.

  8. Worst event since Whacking Day & The Easter prize wheel events!…I’m hating this event! I had to get up in the middle of each night in order to complete Act 1. I hate that there are no extras apart from the 80/ hour for regular tappers. I’m always tapping whilst awake 6am to 8pm. Then access game somewhere between midnight & 2am as well!

    I visit my friends daily. I complete all questlines. I don’t buy extras that add to the event tally. Though I did buy Maggie in both my games; Just because I wanted to!

    My robot event is now yielding even less robots to tap than before & my Polyvac disappears to just green grass every time the mini game starts (instead of just sporadically!) I’m so over this & Act 2 has barely started!

    • same routine here, I’m starting to fall sleep at work

    • It’s weird how people that played like you are behind. I started this event a little late, and then I didn’t make sure to play every 4 hours. It seemed like I was behind but Bunny’s calendar said I was slightly ahead and that no one was expected to get the last prize until nearly the last day! Anyways, I have no idea how I made it. I didn’t even do neighbor visits for most of act 1.

      • You may have lucked out a bit with your daily tasks…each of those tasks that get you 1,100 of the event currency really helps to make a big dent in any deficit. And, since I think they’re somewhat random, some folks are just gonna be luckier with them than others.

        • I’m pretty sure I didn’t get many of those. I feel like I only got one, if that. But, alas, I don’t actually recall. So, let’s just say that’s the reason, that I was lucky. Of course, an event requiring good luck sounds like one of those dreaded events from before my time that people hated. Hah, I wonder where this event will be ranked.

  9. Man I’m pissed. The timer on the Rockstar Maggie said I had 4 days left to buy and I was saving up and planed to get it tomorrow. I would’ve gotten it earlier had I known it was going to be removed. Woe is me

  10. Here I’ll write the SIBs for each item for you:


  11. Quick tip for getting more robots during the scifi game. With one second left, use the flash. This will clear all robots on screen. This usually gives me 8-10 more robots per round.

  12. Hey, I am having a strange bug but whereby every time I go to a certain friends’ town, I get 30 chronons, so I can just not tap any robots and keep going in and out of the town to get infinite chronons. Anyone else had a similar glitch?

    • I had it too, in 2 different friend’s towns. AFAICS it happens if they have the Big Digi-Ben, but there also has to be some other reason, as not every town with that building gives me extra Chronons. Also eventually the free Chronons run out but not before I’d been able to rack up roughly 3500 of each of the Chronons, Robot Parts and Future Bucks. Hopefully it will mean that finishing the act 2 prize track won’t be as close as act 1 where I only managed to get Sgt. Skinner at the very last moment.

      • Shhhhhhhh!

        • what’s up with all this mistery and avoidance of sharing this bug? is not like EA is monitoring our conversations on a non-EA website… also there is no point of requesting a PM within EA site to know the secret if you are still inside EA!!! I mean, they can read all you are typing in their website, even on PM since they support that too, eventually they will realize they have a glitch, like they always do

    • I wish!

    • Thanks for mentioning this…I never would have noticed, since I don’t usually pay attention to the numbers as I go from town to town. I found one and it was cool! 🙂

    • how do you noticed it? you just go to friends town and without doing a thing 30 chronons are reflected on your currency?, can you share us your neightbors name to try it too? this will save a lot of time and will let us sleep normally

      • AFAICS it only occurs in neighbours who have the Big Digi-Ben (but not all of them – I’ve not been able to work out what other condition also needs to be satisfied but I guess it might be that the 1hr limit has expired but the owner of the town has not collected). I noticed it the first time because this was visible on screen at the same time as the Polyvac and could see the payout as it happened, which is when you enter your neighbour’s town. Also because the neighbour visit had activated the Big Digi-Ben there were no robots to tap.

  13. Well… I just have Lost rocker Maggie because the timer says 3 days left but it’s gone.
    Now i have to think in which character waste my 160 recently-farmed donuts 🙁

    • I recommend LadyBot. She’ll help with the event. (or contact EA and tell them what happened)

      • Does Ladybot earn event currency?
        I am tempted by her and the building.

        It’s a bit vague about what Ladybot does in the game, ie currency or xp wise…

        • She earns event currency during the questline, but my guess is that, once the questline is over, she won’t earn any more. But that’s just a guess based on previous experience with similar situations in this game.

    • Same thing happened to me. Kind of annoying that the timer was so misleading.

  14. I’m concerned that it’s going to be tougher to get future Lisa when it was so difficult to get Sgt. Skinner. I barley got him and tapped 3-4 times a day and visited neighbors. If I don’t get Lisa, I will be VERY annoyed.

    • Agreed! I’ve already quit in this event. I only play crap events for the Bonuts afterwords. So if I can’t get even get skinner then why should I bother wasting my time and resources for act 2 and 3. I’m just saving my inventory from clutter anyways

  15. I’m really bummed too, because my timer for the Gil deal ALSO said I had 3 more days, but it’s gone! (And i lost it for almost a day before it came back again)

    It’s not like I waited 3 days before tapping it or anything; had to be less than a day after he officially dropped!

    I bought RoboBurns at the last minute (4hrs before he disappeared) & my timer said I still had a couple days to contemplate Rockstar Maggie. So sad my mind was made up for me. :'(

    • EA is good at making decisions for me. If only somebody could make the decisions for me in my every day life, I’d be set. 🙃

  16. ? Is Mooch Bart & President Lisa full characters?

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