Sci-Fi Prize Guide: Act 2, Prize 1 Mooch Bart

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

The nerds have invaded Springfield!  Ok just one nerd, and he’s not all that bad.  And only in Springfield can Professor Frink, with the help of Homer, open up a black hole that transports doppelgangers, robots and Stephen Hawking (!) to our pocket sized Springfields! This multiverse event hit our devices and it’s full of alternate universe inspired decorations, buildings & characters!

This Event is broken up into 3 Acts, with each Act containing part of the story.  To help you move along with the event you’ll get several prizes per Act.  Each prize will either be something fun for Springfield or something to help you move along in the event.  For the Second Act you’re tasked with collecting Chronons (ico_cur_scifi2016_time_lg) to unlock each prize!

The first Act 2 Prize is awarded at 4,6oo ico_cur_scifi2016_time_lg is Mooch Bart, because of course in the future Bart’s a bum, that’s what happens when you repeat 4th grade for 27 years! 😉 …

2016-08-30 07.08.50

So let’s take a closer look at this first prize and just what happens when you unlock it in your Springfield…

Once you’ve collected 4,600 indicator_scifi_darkmatter you’ll automatically be awarded Mooch Bart and he’ll automatically join your Springfield…


So you will not have an option to store him.  He’ll join your Springfield immediately.

And he’s part of the Interdimensional Travellers Character Collection:

2016-08-30 21.12.56

Mooch Bart does come with a questline, which will start right up for you once he’s joined Springfield.


Here’s a look at the Turbo Tappin’ version of his questline:

The Mooch Who Knew Too Much Pt. 1
Homer starts

Make Mooch Bart Lie About His Success- 1hr, Earns 33ico_cur_scifi2016_time_lg, 17xp

The Mooch Who Knew Too Much Pt. 2
Bart starts

Make Mooch Bart Figure Out a Career- 8hrs, Earns 33ico_cur_scifi2016_time_lg, 45xp
Make Bart Figure Out a Career- 8hrs, Earns 33ico_cur_scifi2016_time_lg, 45xp

The Mooch Who Knew Too Much Pt. 3
Mooch Bart starts

Make Mooch Bart Blackmail a Clown- 8hrs, Earns 33ico_cur_scifi2016_time_lg, 45xp
Make Krusty Receive a Blackmailing- 8hrs, Earns 33ico_cur_scifi2016_time_lg, 45xp

The Mooch Who Knew Too Much Pt. 4
Brockman starts

Make Mooch Bart Blackmail a Newscaster- 8hrs, Earns 33ico_cur_scifi2016_time_lg, 45xp
Make Kent Brockman Receive a Blackmailing- 8hrs, Earns 33ico_cur_scifi2016_time_lg, 45xp

The Mooch Who Knew Too Much Pt. 5
Mooch Bart starts

Make Mooch Bart Blackmail a Movie Star- 8hrs, Earns 33ico_cur_scifi2016_time_lg, 45xp
Make Wolfcastle Receive a Blackmailing- 8hrs, Earns 33ico_cur_scifi2016_time_lg, 45xp

The Mooch Who Knew Too Much Pt. 6
Mooch Bart starts

Make Bart Blackmail a Mooch- 8hrs, Earns 33ico_cur_scifi2016_time_lg, 45xp
Make Mooch Bart Receive a Blackmailing- 8hrs, Earns 33ico_cur_scifi2016_time_lg, 45xp

And here’s a look at Mooch Bart’s Permanent Tasks:

moocherbart_play_for_change_active_1_image_15 moocherbart_play_for_change_active_2_image_37 moocherbart_surf_holoputer_active_1_image_17 moocherbart_surf_holoputer_active_2_image_13

Task Length Earns Location
Lie About His Success 1hr $70, 17xp Simpson House
Print 3D Resumes 2hrs $110, 27xp Simpson House
Play for Change 4hrs $175, 45xp Outside/Visual
Watch Hula Hoopers 7hrs $250, 60xp Atomic Hula Hoop
Surf on his Holoputer 8hrs $275, 70xp Outside/Visual
Play Video Games 12hrs $420, 100xp Simpson House
Spend All Day on the Couch 24hrs $600, 150xp Simpson House

And there you have it, the details behind Mooch Bart, the first, Sci-Fi Event Act 2 prize!

What’s Next?

ico_priz_scifi_futuresimpsonshouse_lg Future Simpson House- Awarded at 9,200ico_cur_scifi2016_time_lg.  This will be the next prize we breakdown in the prize guide post.

So that my friends is the full breakdown of the first Act 2 prize!

What do you think of Mooch Bart? Have you unlocked him yet? Thoughts on his questline?  Helpful to earn more ico_cur_scifi2016_time_lg?  Anything you’re particularly looking forward to with Act 2?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

109 responses to “Sci-Fi Prize Guide: Act 2, Prize 1 Mooch Bart

  1. STILL slogging away to hopefully get president lisa- I am about 2 prizes away from reaching her. Not sure I will do it in time. I visit all my neighbours every day- and seem to have the homers permanently away which is a shame as I would like to see them all roaming in my town. I also had the long shut down of EA yesterday which is not going to help and now find out there was a glitch I was never privy to that could have helped. This probably explains why I got so many neighbour requests all of a sudden….am I being used lol.
    All I can say is I hope that EA give those who did not have the chance to exploit anything a fighting chance of reaching all the prizes in time please. I am dismayed now that the mini game no matter how hard I try is harder to tap now- I have gone down from about 47 in act one to now 34 average in act two. Some of who shudda gone to specsavers are having trouble seeing the robot blighters, have lost count of the amount of times I hit something then realise it is a skeleton in a neighbours town lol

  2. Wow people already have Lisa and I only just got Bart a few minutes ago. 🙁

  3. I got president Lisa last night! Now I can relax and sort my town out for the next 11 days. Really annoyed that they removed rockstar Maggie before she was due to leave but whatever. I could of kept going last night to farm end of act 2 donuts with the glitchy but I decided not to and now they’ve patched it anyway haha

  4. Smell ya later Bart. Smell ya later forever…

  5. Moochy moochy

  6. Seeing people saying the payout on GoKarts went down from 2.5 mil to something ridiculously un-worth it. Haven’t verified because I raced a few hours ago.

    Glitch is officially gone. Thank goodness.

  7. Dang, the Thing just got patched on iOS.

  8. you guys with mega chronos must have all sorts of free time to clickclickclickclick
    takes hours and hours :/

  9. Just unlocked Mooch Bart – but something interesting happened when I did the mini-scifighter game – I usually get 140-150 Chronons, but this time I got 244?!?! I might keep up with the calendar yet!

  10. Possible hope? I just played the SciFighter and got almost double what I normally get for just 36 robots! Maybe they used the payout to help us out! Not sure since it only happened once and you guys are my only TSTO buddies! Good luck and hopefully it’s a permanent fix!! 🙃

  11. If I never send one of the Barts on one of their joint tasks, will the other Bart continue to be able to earn event currency? Has anyone gotten far enough along to try this?

    • As far as I’m concerned, as long as the task is still available, you should be able to keep sending the other to get currency. I did something similar where I only sent one character to do his part and kept the other from completing the task. I THINK it worked, but I don’t quite remember.
      I know. I’m so helpful. 🙃

    • D’oh! Why do I keep forgetting to do stuff like this? Good thinking, though!

    • I tried and it didn’t work.:'(

  12. Has anyone noticed the mini game where robots attack the black hole is paying out more chronons now? I just played and got double what I was getting yesterday. It should make getting the prizes much easier.

  13. Love the prizes in this event.

  14. can somebody please explain glitch?

    • If you look back through the comments in past recent posts, you’ll see mention of the detailed of it and/or a link to the thread on the EA forum that describes it. (Or, if you join the UK site, which had a PM feature, someone can PM you the info.) We’re trying to avoid publicly spelling it out too many times here, because folks from EA do check in here from time to time and, if it is a “glitch,” we’d rather not have it patched!

  15. Start of day 3 and still tapping along. On day 1 I purchased the Frink bundle and got 1100 chronons from the daily challenge. I’m almost a day ahead of the calendar, hoping to keep pace after the quest lines are done. I never came across the glitch with the neighbor visits, so no extra chronons unfortunately.

    • I’m also ahead 1 day fortunately to the 1100 quest but still i think it will be very hard after the questlines will be done

  16. I got Mooch Bart within 24 hours after the start of Act 2 🙂
    Thanks to a very easy daily challenge which gave me 1100 chronons.

  17. Tracy - 1ltwoody920

    “It will be slow going at first, but as the event progresses it will become easier to earn Event Currency”
    So sayeth, so repeat-eth the Wise Sage.

  18. Always appreciative of the info you guys provide. On a side note, that glitch that generated chronons by visiting neighbors has been fixed. It also generated robot parts. I know of a player that was able to collect over 24,000 chronons and get President Lisa and was able to craft everything due to it.

    • RATS! I suppose EA fixed it during the server lockout.

    • I’d be willing to wager that part of the reason that Act 2 had the prize levels doubled is because EA was annoyed at all the people exploiting the glitch.

      I guess it is all about attitude; you are either willing to have the satisfaction of knowing you played the game and achieved what you needed to within the rules of said game OR you’re happy to exploit a flaw and scam your way to victory.

      • Lol the glitch came after Act 2 started, and I don’t see why people look down on people who want to take advantage to “scan their way to victory”. Who cares what other people do?

      • Sour grapes anyone?

        • Where is the sourness? Firstly, if I chose to exploit the glitch, I could have. I chose not to. Secondly, “sour grapes” generally mean that someone is envious, and/or is upset about something someone else has that they haven’t. That isn’t how I feel.

          I seem to have hit a raw nerve with a couple of people – I’ll leave it to Nelson Muntz to finish my sentence because he says it best… 😉

          • Though shalt not covet thy neighborenos Barney’s Bolorama 🙂

            • …okay, admission time… the one time I do have “sour grapes” is when I see someone who has Suzanne the Witch: she will be mine when they offer her up for donuts!

              • Lol I often forget I have her. Wish I could give you mine

              • Send her on over… all old crones, hags, pointy-nose-broom-riders, wiccans, maleficent-wannabes and crusty old rejects from The Craft are welcome in my Springfield.

                Ned isn’t too pleased but he can always relocate to Shelbyville.

              • Flanders had issues with everything..Halloween, thanksgiving, St Patrick’s day…maybe we should relocate him anyway.

      • Exploiting a flaw is not scamming your way to victory. There is no “victory”– it’s a game played based on individual preferences and capabilities. Play the way you want and don’t worry about other people. Chronons don’t translate into any form of money or competitive advantage in the real world.

        • Nice rationalization. I won’t be playing Monopoly with you anytime soon. LOL!

          • There’s a modern version of Monopoly with banking cards and card reader/writer, which makes cheating virtual impossible.

          • HaHa!! Glad to see you back on the site. I have a much different attitude towards rules and equality when competition between people/teams is involved, but when it is just an individual playing a game with no impact to other players, just play for enjoyment.

        • Exploiting a flaw is a scam – perhaps it is worth looking up the meaning of both “exploit” (your word) and scam. I stand by what I said.

    • Glitch still working for me right now…

      • the glitch is still there, but it only works with some neighbors. I have three that the glitch should work with, but it only works with one of them. I have no idea what the variable is that we’re not taking into account.

    • I now have 35K future bucks and I am overwhelmed by how much I am going to have to craft to get rid of them all…

    • The thing you’re referring to still works. Try a different neighbor.

    • Yep, still working here. I seriously can NOT believe this isn’t patched yet. The longer it’s a thing, the more tempting it is for me to use it “just one more time” since regular progression is so slow. Only I don’t want chronons. I want robot parts. But so far, I’ve been avoiding my friend visits because I want to still play the game as EA intended. People are working through the entirety of the crafting in one day, and in a week they’ll be complaining that they’re bored and it was too easy!

      No judgement to people taking advantage to get a crap-ton of currency though. The way I see it, a product shouldn’t be released until it’s been fully tested, and this is what they get for putting it out before it’s ready. There have been times in the past that EA released an item that didn’t work or an event update that screwed over the players and they never did anything to right the wrong. Now the tables have turned and people are giving them what they gave us a few times. I still feel like the game has been pretty fair most of the time…except when it wasn’t. 🤗

      Meanwhile, I’m just going to play in my own Springfield and progress on my own.

      • You’re assuming it’s a coding error and not an Easter egg. I’m not convinced of that (although I’m certainly not convinced that it’s an Easter egg, either). I mean, I can see how a coding error might lead to mispricing something, or making something freemium that’s supposed to be premium (like the tennis courts a while back), but I’m struggling to add an entire functionality could be a coding error.

        I’m taking the middle ground…trying to stay a day or two ahead of the calendar (like I’d normally be at this point in an event acts that had more reasonable requirements than this one), but not rushing through the whole prize track right away (what would be the fun in that?).

        To be honest, without this whatever-it-is, I’d be pretty annoyed and frustrated, especially after having been locked out of the game for many hours yesterday, which caused me to miss two collections.

        • Look. I’m fine with however this plays out. But, it is clearly a coding error…not an “Easter Egg.” And “Easter Egg” is available to all players, and is a clearly determined “do this- get this” set of code.

          Everyone can rationalize all they want. It is a glitch. Use it at your own discretion.

          For the record… I have “stayed ahead of the calendar” without tapping in neighbor’s towns once since Act II started. I do the “PolyVac” shuffle and keep my alternative Homers busy every 4 hours. Period.

          • I just got an update (2:43pm Eastern time) and couldn’t get the glitch anymore in any of my towns. I think it’s over.

          • And how is this not a “do this-get this” thing? And how is it not available (potentially) to all players (as long as they have a neighbor with the right object)?

            • You just answered your own questions.

              An “Easter Egg” (like the free donuts for tapping the statue) are pre-set…with no determining factors, except that you find it. It isn’t random, from player to player. For the record…one of us is a programmer, and the other isn’t. Just sayin’…

              Oh…and for the other record (there are a lot of records when trying to track all of your comments), the FINAL proof in the pudding is that they just patched the bug that you are claiming was an Easter Egg. Smallish detail…

          • Forgot to add that I’m not surprised that you can keep up with just doing the 4-hour thing, but my guess is that your schedule allows you to do that five times a day (most days). Unfortunately, mine only allows for four times a day, at maximum.

            However, now that they’ve changed the payout in the mini-game, it should be more doable for those of us who can only do four rounds a day.

      • Exactly!

        During the Wild West Event, I was hit by the glitch that meant I received zero donuts from my neighbour visits for the whole 6 weeks. If exploiting this glitch allows me to get some donuts after I complete the Act 2 prize track than I’ll be happy. Plus I only just completed Act 1 in time, playing on average 4 times a day…

    • The glitch never worked for me (android). Maybe only for ios?

      • Nope – works for me on my Kindle, which is, essentially, Android. You just have to find the right neighbour, one who both had the necessary object AND hadn’t tapped it themselves. So, if it’s not working with one neighbor who has it, try another neighbor who has it.

        • it worked on android (i have a cheap android clone tablet)…it just took a while to find a friend who had the tower etc etc.. and still there was some other variable that made it work for some neighbors and not others that i may never figure out. Oh well, was fun while it lasted…. as of 30 minutes ago it stopped working for me on the one neighbor that it ever worked for.

        • Looks like the glitch has been patched by the update that just downloaded.

    • I got president Lisa 🙂

  19. I loved the idea of getting one of my favorite character as the first prize in act 2. I mean, who wouldn’t love this grown up Bart, he is voiced and his tasks are awesome!

  20. I got mooch Bart last night. I play 4 times a day and only visited neighbors one out of the two days and have no premium characters to help with chronons. I was worrying wouldn’t get president Lisa, but now I know I’ll manage no problem.

  21. Well unlocked mooch Bart the his morning. Happy right have him in my town, but i am a little disappointed. I was hopping to see the version of Bart from the recent episode where he grows up and owns the bike shop. (Sorry I can’t remember the name of the episode.) Again happy to have him and I get the joke.

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