Where Did THAT Come From – Stephen Hawking

In our silly lil game, we sometimes see things pop in that we have no clue as to their Origin. They seem familiar, but we just can’t pinpoint from where. So that is why we decided to make a fun lil reminder out of it. To let you know just Where did THAT Come From?


Stephen Hawking was dropped into our game as a free to earn Character during Act One of the Sci-Fi Event 2016.

In this post I will be going over the Origin of Stephen Hawking. Why is he in our games? What does he have to do with all things Geeky (duh)? Let’s dive into the Simpsons TV Series to find out more.

Season 10, Episode 22: They Saved Lisa’s Brain

A local competition is taking place in Springfield to see just “How Low Will You Go” for a trip to Hawaii… errrrr… Hartford Connecticut. No one said Hawaii. Nope Nope Nope Nope. People are acting like complete idiots to try and earn the measly prize. Bart gets in on the action by being a Human Disposal eating anything the crowd tosses at him. Lisa is not happy at all with the mockery. Everyone is just acting like a bunch of buffoons. Homer joins in covered in kernels of corn, which he heats with blow dryers to make them pop. It didn’t impress the judges much, until the chickens Barney wanted to juggle attacked him. Lisa is sooooo embarrassed. After Wolfcastle deems himself the winner, the crowd goes on a rampage destroying all in sight.

Lisa goes home to write an angry letter to all of Springfield about her disappointment in them. Homer just adds to it by telling her he got runner up prize (a boudoir photo shoot)… by stealing it. Lisa is hoping that her letter will change everyone, or at least wake them up. She is very disappointed as she realizes that no one is even paying attention to her now published letter in the newspaper. She is about to give up when she receives a paper airplane note through her window. She is invited to 13 Euclid Street.

She arrives at 13 Euclid Street with a pie, just like the note told her. As she enters, she is amazed to find out she is being invited to be a part of the local Mensa Society. Lisa is at home there, finally getting a chance to participate in intellectual discussions with other intellectual people in Springfield.

Stephen Hawking 1

Later on, dressed in Renaissance attire, they make their way to Springfield Park to the Gazebo (#7) they rented. Unfortunately it seems the local drunks have decided to take it over. Being “Nerds” it seems they are no match for the bullies. The Mensa group is not happy. Hibbert wants to know why they live in a town where the Smartest have no power and the Stupid run everything. Lisa suggests they fix it. They approach Mayor Quimby, who believes he is being busted for corrupt gambling and quickly bolts out of town. With the Mayor gone, the most learned people in town are now in charge… meaning the Mensa club.

The Mensa club gathers at Gazebo 7 this time for the State of the City address, even though it seems they can’t agree on anything. As they continue to fight over who is smarter and has the higher IQ (around 170-199), Stephen Hawking chimes in… “big deal, my IQ is 280”. They are curious why he is there. He wanted to come see their Utopia… but sees they have nothing more than a Fruitopia.

Stephen Hawking 2

He is disappointed in them. They have been corrupted by Power. For shame. Skinner tries to stand up for what they did and picks a fight with Stephen. He quickly loses as a boxing glove quickly punches him in the face from Stephen’s chair.

Stephen Hawking 3

The townsfolk see this as an opportunity to take back their town from the Mensa Club. Fights break out all over, the crowd destroys the Gazebo, and Stephen Hawking choppers out of there in his chair… snatching Lisa from the Gazebo seconds before it crashes and crumbles to the ground.

Stephen Hawking 4

Lisa asks Stephen what went wrong and he tells her how sometimes the smartest can be the most childish…. but not him… nope… not never. Homer suggests they go have a beer, the best idea so far. Homer tells Stephen his theory of a Donut Shaped universe… which Stephen may steal and use.

Stephen Hawking 5

This wasn’t the only time Stephen Hawking made an appearance in an episode either, here are a few more times…

Season 16, Episode 16: Don’t Fear the Roofer

During a huge rainstorm, Marge is being dripped on by a leaky roof. She yells at Homer to fix it. Of course he has a great idea to do so, HOT WHEELS TRACKS. He sets up an elaborate section of tracks to carry the water from their bedroom, around the corner, down the stairs, and out the front door. It works… for a second… as Lisa’s poor Hamster is caught in the Hot Wheel river and catapulted out the front door through the mail slot. She pulls the door open and ruins the track set up causing water to go everywhere. Not feeling appreciated, Homer heads to Moe’s for a drink. He quickly realizes though that there is a surprise party for Lenny going on without him. Even Stephen Hawking is there… but why? Apparently Stephen Hawking has moved to Springfield and owns the Little Ceaser down the street. Pizza Pizza Pizza Pizza Pizza Pizza!

Stephen Hawking 6

Season 18, Episode 20: Stop, or My Dog Will Shoot

When Homer felt insulted by the sign on a Corn Maze and attempted to leave, the Simpsons quickly realized they are lost in a Corn Maze at the Harvest Festival (not Octoberfest like Homer wished) and trying to find their way out. They somehow stumbled into it.

The family roams around for what seems like an eternity and Marge has had it. She decides they should split up and try to find a way out. Homer goes off on his own, continually getting further and further lost while Marge and the kids find their way back to the Entrance.

It is starting to get really dark and poor Homer still hasn’t found his way out. He’s lost and hungry. Bart calls in Santa’s Little Helper to try to sniff him out. He finds Edna making out with a hillbilly, a passed out Barney with crows camping out on him, and… Stephen Hawking. Stephen tells SLH that the Maze is too hard for him so he choppers out of there in his chair.

Stephen Hawking 7


Season 22, Episode 1: Elementary School Musical

Homer and Bart got to go on an excursion to Europe with Krusty the Clown. Lisa is saddened that she wasn’t invited on the trip, but Marge has something up her sleeve. She set it up so Lisa gets to go to camp. Expressions Performing Arts Camp. This of course makes it all better.

The Camp is full of so many cool things, including Flight of the Conchords Jemaine and Bret as her Camp Counselors. While they are rapping yet another song by the campfire at night, they have one key phrase…

Everyone listens when Artists are talking

Cause Artists are smarter than Mr. Stephen Hawking

Just then, Stephen Hawking appears dressed in swag and pimpin it in his wheelchair. Complete with turntables and a HUGE gold necklace.

Stephen Hawking 8

They continue to rap and break dance while Hawking spins some beats on his turntable and turns around in his wheelchair.

Stephen Hawking 9

There you have it, a few guest spots in some pretty silly places and the Geekiest of all Geeks aka the Geek God Stephen Hawking has found his way into our silly lil games.

What do you think of the episodes? Did you remember them all? Any other moments you remember other than these? Got Stephen Hawking yet in your game? If so, what do you think of him? Let us know.


37 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From – Stephen Hawking

  1. Larry Flint is right…you guys stink!

  2. I’m happy the Professor allowed his likeness to be in the Simpson’s universe. For all his unbounded intelligence and his ailment, he’s still the nerd’s nerd. People can relate to him. SIDENOTE: If you haven’t seen the Theory of Everything, I think it’s a fantastic movie and you should see it.

  3. I’m really glad we got our very own “Robot Buddy” – for those of you who haven’t seen it, this is Mr, Hawking talking about being on The Simpsons:

  4. I was so excited to get him in the game. I loved his appearances on the show. He is one of the greatest minds of all time. Now he’s my favorite character in my favorite game.

  5. I for one don’t want real people in the game. There are zillions of Simpson universe characters they can use. I’d rather have say that albino kid than Lady Gaga or whoever. Plus there are enough celeb knockoffs (Wolfcastle, Boobzilla) who needs the real thing. What do y’all think?

  6. I believe Hawking also made a brief cameo appearance in Treehouse of Horror X.

  7. Off topic question. How do I look at my character collections? There used to be a way right? Maybe I’m just missing it.

  8. I was hoping this would be a voiced character. Hawking has some choice quotes.

  9. He was also referenced in “Homer3 (cubed)”, the 3-D computer animation episode from THOH VI.
    When Homer enters the new world, he says “why didn’t I read that book by that wheelchair guy?”, presumably referring to “A Brief History of Time” by our new Springfield resident.

  10. I hope this isn’t the start of celebrity characters, the Simpsons has hundreds of characters in the show they still need to get through.

    I heard the monorail mountain glitch is fixed? My town still has the mountain moved so if I don’t move it back will it stay like this forever? Lol

  11. This morning or rather late night, as I am visiting my neighbours, I decided to read a book at the same time. I went to the book shelf and chance upon The Grand Design by Stephen Hawking. I bought the book a few years ago but never read it. So coincidental that I am reading it now during this event.

  12. My kindle just got an update. Any clue what it will change?

    • I’m sure Alissa will have a post out in a bit about what it changed. 😄
      From what I can tell, the Big Digi Ben glitch of unlimited currency is gone. The mountain glitch where you could take out a chunk of mountain with your monorail tunnels is gone. The go kart gambling pays out less for the most risky option now too. I’m sure there’s way more, but those are the main things I’m seeing.

      Someone correct me if I’m wrong!

  13. Hello fellow Tappers. This is an unrelated comment but I was curious if anyone has been having problems tapping robots in a neighbor’s springfield? When I visit other springfields I have a white flash as if I’ve activated the “Polyvac Mini game”. All the robots in the springfield disappear. I’m left with no robots to tap with 3/3 actions to complete. Normally this occurs when you start the Polyvac Mini game in your own town, not in a neighbor’s springfield. Please if possible can someone tell me if this has happened to your game? Thanks I appreciate any feedback.

  14. Hello fellow Tappers. This is an unrelated comment but I was curious if anyone has been having problems tapping robots in a neighbor’s springfield? When I visit a neighbor, I get a white flash on the screen as if I’ve activated the “Polyvac Mini game”. All the robots in the springfield disappear. I’m left with 3/3 actions with nothing to tap. Normally this occurs in my local game when I start my Polyvac Mini game, (we have the white flash the robots are destroyed then we play the mini game). Can someone please let me know if this has happened on your game as well? Thanks for any feedback.

  15. Stephen Hawking? I thought it was Larry Flynt.

  16. Also believe he showed up at the end of the roofer episode to provide an overly complicated explanation as to why no one could see Ray the contractor, except for Homer, which only Lisa could sort of confirm was a viable explanation. Love that Hawking shows up in so many episodes, wonder who has more cameos, him or Stan Lee.

  17. Hopefully this means we will start getting more real life celebrities in the game or maybe even a celebrity event!

  18. Fun fact: Supposedly, one of the writers on the show, Lucy Hawking, was/is Stephen Hawking’s daughter and convinced him to appear on the show in the first place!

  19. So glad we have him and that all of his animated tasks are actually seen in the episodes at some point!

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