Should I Spend Donuts On the Frinkosonic MHV or Frink’s Robot Dog?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

The nerds have invaded Springfield!  Ok just one nerd, and he’s not all that bad.  And only in Springfield can Professor Frink, with the help of Homer, open up a black hole that transports doppelgangers, robots and Stephen Hawking (!) to our pocket sized Springfields!  So time to crack open those hologram wallets, because there’s a store full of multiverse theme premium items to spend our donuts on!

Of course with that limited-time label it can be tempting to buy everything that looks as awesome as this because it’ll be gone soon.  But don’t sweat it!  That’s where we come in to tell you what’s worth those donuts and what you might want to hold off on.

Wondering if you should add the either the Frinkosonic MHV or Frink’s Robot Dog to your Springfield?  Well before you hit that confirm button let’s break down the pros and cons of adding Frink’s futuristic accessories to your Springfield…

Tapped_Out_Frinkosonic_MHV Frink's_Robot_Dog_Tapped_Out_Artwork


Building/Decoration: Frinkosonic MHV
Donut Price: 35 Donuts
Bouns %: .75% bonus on all cash and XP
Unique?: No, buy as many as you’d like.
Size: 5×3
Conform-O-Meter: Vanity +300

Leaves stores September 13th

-Another car for Springfield
-Looks cool

-Bonus % isn’t great, very low % per donut spent.
-Doesn’t do anything once in your Springfield, no animation or sound

Final Thought:
This is one of those if you like it grab it items.  There’s no practicality purpose to picking this up (is there ever a practical purpose to buy anything in this game? lol), but it looks cool.  And it’s another car.  So if you like it grab it.  Otherwise pass and save your donuts for something more “practical” like the jet engine bike.


Character: Frink’s Robot Dog
Donut Price: 60 Donuts

This one is just an NPC.  Your typical NPC.  Walks around Springfield and when tapped has some animation.

Nothing special…just an NPC.

Final Thought:
I’m not really a big fan of spending donuts on NPCs. (unless you’re NPC Brooders)  So this one is a pass for me…no matter what your player status…freemium or premium.

Of course in the end it’s your decision, we can only tell you what we would or wouldn’t do.  And I can tell you I already own the dog, i got it when it first came out (back when i spent donuts like they were water) and I’ll be grabbing a MHV (i just think they look cool).  Of course whatever you decide just remember this is limited time and will be leaving our games very soon (September 13th).  So if you’re thinking about grabbing it, do it very soon before it’s gone for good!

What are your thoughts on the MHV or Frink’s Robot Dog?  Have you picked either up for your Springfield?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

60 responses to “Should I Spend Donuts On the Frinkosonic MHV or Frink’s Robot Dog?

  1. Everyone already knows I’m a sucker for the animals especially dogs, so even though he is small and npc I HAD to buy it. My sky finger automatically purchased😉🐶

  2. Thanks so much for the recap. I was hoping there would be an interaction with Frink. Now that I know there isn’t one, its a def pass for this freemium girl.

  3. Robo-dog might be cool if he had tasks. But then it really bothered me when they gave SLH tasks and NONE of them are outside making me not want to even put him on tasks.

  4. Picked up both, they will look good in my sci fi section.

    Of topic but I can’t seem to find Lempwick and the rocket car? Did EA remove them from the store?

  5. Have had both of them in my town for years (?) and don’t really remember when I bought them. The car is cool looking but not really that great, but I do love the robot pet dearly.

  6. I have the robot dog from the last time it was offered. I love him even though technically he “doesn’t do anything”, I’ve not regretted the purchase. Also you never know when EA will change their mind and give him job(s).

  7. Nothing special? !
    It’s an NPC! A ROBOT DOG! Instant buy 😀

    (but then you already knew I would) ♡

  8. Hello

    Very off-topic (so apologies), but as its the latest post, more people are bound to read this

    Can someone please clarify something to me about this Springfield Heights bonus??

    I already have Paris Texan & Ive upgraded all buildings (Condo, Business Center, Mansion etc)……… In order to get the bonus, do I need to have all these buildings out/visible in my game?? Or can they be in storage and I still get the bonus??

    Please somebody advise. Thanks

  9. I hated doing it, but bought frinks dog only because i have long term goal of completing all character sets….especially want Maude and a guy can dream for stonecutters to return

  10. Two to the loo 😀

  11. Halloween is coming….
    Save the donuts!

  12. Josephine Kick@$$

    Always love your “SISDO”, helps out when I’m on the fence on an item 😊
    Thank you!!

  13. Pass and pass.

    Better to spend the donuts on the electric cars, which are leaving in a few hours. (I originally misread the hours for days and am grateful that someone pointed this out to me before it was too late.)

    5% for 80 donuts is *almost* as good as the jet engine bikes, and better than most other bonus-earning premium items.

    • you know i passed on the npc (only ones roaming my town were free), but i’m a sucker for unique vehicles in this game, so i had to buy at least one of the frinkosonics… just one though.

  14. I already had the car from a previous event. It’s cool looking.

    • i did the same and bought a couple of sets of the cars.

      I am getting *so* sick of the news vans and i&s billboards 🙂

      • At least those offer a bonus %! I just got another news van from a daily tasks mystery box, and, although I was disappointed that it wasn’t donuts, I was really glad it wasn’t another bomb shelter or one of the other non-premium interns that I already have a zillion of anyway. Think of it this way…the news van gives you a 2% bonus multiplier and the cheapest way to get that would be to buy a jet engine bike, which costs 30 donuts. So it’s almost like getting 30 donuts for free! 🙂 (At least, that’s how I chose to look at it…)

  15. I am other sure if anyone else noticed this, but if you do not have Hawking rocket around town for part 10 of act 2, you can keep putting Homer to nap in the brown house and get an extra 33 chronons every 2 hours.

    • Better yet don’t do the alternate Homers tasks (just their usual task earns the same amount) and then both Homer and Hawking can earn chronons.

    • Wish I noticed that before sending everyone on all tasks to finish the quest line. Homer would’ve been a pretty good earner at 33 chronons every 2 hours.

      • I only noticed after I put Hawking on his 8 hour task, but I was able to send Homer 4 times through the brown house, so I collected an extra 99 chronons. Wanted to share for others who might not have been at that point yet.

    • I actually pointed this out a couple of days ago, surprised the ” team did not mention it.

  16. What does NPC stand for?

  17. Thanks Alissa,
    I’m tempted by the car, still plenty of time to think about it
    🏆 😃 🇬🇧

    • Yeah, I got it cos I like the look of it but it’s a silly buy really. I only got one though, I’m not completely stupid!

      • Yes I agree, seems like one for the guys who just spend donuts on anything because they have a mountain of them !
        For the rest of us we have to spend wisely. I’m not jealous of course 😬

  18. I’ll be giving these a skip…

    Thanks Alissa 😄

    • As in skip to my loo? 😉

      • …skip to my loo my darling 😄😄😄

        Just noticed I was first!!! My first time being first on any post ever even if it’s not the Open Thread!

        I would like to thank my parents, without whom I would not be here! I would like to thank the Addicts, especially Alissa, for giving me this opportunity and for all their/her hard work, my agent for convincing me to go for it, EA for creating this addictive game, my neighbours for all the inspiration their SF’s give me, the addicts community for all the laughs & tears and more laughs and finally my 5 furry children for keeping me grounded and insane…

        Thank u!

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