Thanks for Listening EA…Chronons Payout Changes

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Yesterday a patch hit our games that fixed a couple of glitches but did something much more important.  It’s now easier to get Chronons in our games for Act 2!

In case you missed it, or haven’t noticed..after yesterday’s in-game update Chronons now pay out in tons when you play the Mini-Game.  I just did a round where I only cleared 29 robots and earned over 200 Chronons for it!

This is HUGE to help those who can only get into their games 3 or 4 times a day!

And we have to give credit where credit is due….

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Since none of us have a problem piling on EA when things are messed up, we should take the time to thank them for making something right.

In my Math Post I made no excuses for EA.  The original payout for Chronons was crazy.  Act 2 would be difficult to complete for anyone who didn’t spend 5 times/day in their game.

Luckily for us, EA was paying attention (and you guys always think i’m joking when I saw they’re watching…)

So EA, thanks for listening to us and making it easier to earn the Act 2 prizes without spending every waking second in our games.  We appreciate you keeping this game fun, and not stressful!

So just make sure you log into your game at least 3 or 4 times a day to clear everything and you should be on track with the Calendar.

What are your thoughts on the increased Chronons payouts?  Having an easier time staying on track with the Calendar now?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


146 responses to “Thanks for Listening EA…Chronons Payout Changes

  1. I don’t normally use this site for event news (just for the other interedting pieces) as I prefer not to spoil the surprises… And I have never had any trouble collecting all items. But I am glad to look on here and find that I wasn’t the only one to fail to get all Phase 1 prizes and feeling that I am missing something as Phase 2 seems equally impossible.

    Great that EA have taken some action. Haven’t noticed a difference yet though (still on the second prize).

  2. Forgive me if this has been asked or isn’t the right place to ask, but any advice on my game being glitchy? I’m on a tablet, and the game will freeze, but it’ll kick back in if I swipe the bottom of the screen like I’m trying to leave the game. It’s causing me no end of trouble with all of the timed mini games, especially the polyvac one for the event. I’ve tried clear cache, and just did uninstall/reinstall. It’s doing the same thing trying to download all the updates to reopen the game. Has anyone else seen/heard of/had this issue? If so, any advice on fixing it? Thanks! Love this site!

    • Usually it’s a device issue, in that it doesn’t have enough memory/storage to support what the game is trying to load. (it’ll load smaller towns fine) And events like this are a GIANT suck on memory and storage.
      However, it is occasionally EA’s fault as well. So you can always try to contact them if the uninstall/reinstall method doesn’t work.

    • I, for one, can say that storage or lack thereof, can definitely cause issues sith TSTO. I’m playing on an old ipad 2, and I was having issues connecting with Facebook. I checked the free storage and thought I had enough because I could still get updates and such, but couldn’t connect with FB. The FB app itself is a storage hog so I deleted it and reinstalled (it was taking up nearly a gig of space!). I also deleted a few apps that I just don’t use enough and ended up with a gig of free storage. For giggles, I went into TSTO and tried to connect with FB and bingo, bango, bongo, it worked!

      I would probably venture a guess that you need a bit more than 500mb in free space on your device for the game to work semi-functional, as I was floating around 250mb free and it wasn’t allowing me to connect to FB and the game would lag or freeze. Now, with more storage (sitting around 800mb for me as FB is slowly sucking up free space again) the game runs smoother.

      Hopefully, freeing up space on your device will resolve your issues like it did with mine.

  3. I’ m so happy about the higher payout! I didn’t manage to get all the prizes in Act 1 and I thought there was no way I would keep up in Act 2. But now I’m actually on track thanks to the higher payouts, so that’s a relief, because I’d really like to get Lisa 🙂

  4. Well EA do listen to the tappers it’s good to see

  5. Hello

    Very off-topic, but as its the latest post, more people r bound to read this

    Can someone please clarify something to me about this Springfield Heights bonus??

    I already have Paris Texan & Ive upgraded all buildings (Condo, Business Center, Mansion etc)……… In order to get the bonus, do I need to have all these buildings out/visible in my game?? Or can they be in storage and I still get the bonus??

    Please somebody advise. Thanks

  6. My game had a glitch today. I couldn’t get my alternate Homers or my PolyVac counter to reset. The clock said 3:34 minutes but the bar was filled. Since I didn’t have WiFi I couldn’t uninstall and reinstall until I got home today (that fixed it). Now I am VERY far behind. I hope the new bump in chronos helps me catch up.

  7. I’m glad for the increase but I hardly get any robots in my town. When I log on most of the time there are only a couple and it does not matter how long its been. I’m very frustrated. I play a lot but am way behind and this is the first that I’m not making it through all the prizes.

    • When you play the polyvac, it clears all the robots in your Springfield (up to 80). Don’t worry, you get all the chronons and robot parts as if you had tapped them.

  8. Thanks EA! And thanks Addicts!
    I barely got Sgt. Skinner (only hours to spare) and that hasn’t happened to me since that horrible Easter 🐇*shudders thinking of blue and pink eggs* I’ve been very busy with work and all so I haven’t spent much time with my game but I still have been checking in about 3x/day. So far I’m feeling much better with this Act, but I guess Sgt. Skinner’s quest line has helped too.

  9. Tracy - 1ltwoody920

    I discovered a way to have twice as many robots in your town.
    We’ve Benin updating, rearranging, cleaning, etc. tonight, I put a steak on the BBQ pit. We had some steak, a baked potato, some salad and 3 or 4 or 5 glasses of wine…..
    And afterwards, when I opened my game, I swear I saw double the number of robots.

  10. This is excellent, now if only they’d fix the missing anomalies in friends towns I’d be all set!

  11. That explains a lot. I bought ol’ grimey to catch up and I assumed that did it, but I noticed my counts have sky rocketed.

  12. Now if only they would help with the robot parts. That is where I am struggling. 😩

  13. Several on this site have patiently explained the concept of donut farming. I was very slow in understanding, (honestly, I never really understood, I just decided to trust) but finally decided to try it. I may be a little addicted. So, as I am ready to continue this way of getting donuts, would someone who has been farming for a while let me know, what is the best number of KEM’s to get at one time to maximize donuts earned to cash spent?

    • Haven’t done the math to figure out the proper ratio, though I’m sure there’s a calculus equation to cover it. But i usually build about 10-12 each time. With the 3-4 in my town, that’s about when the price increases a bunch.

    • I have different approach. As a very long time plager (this October 4 years), I have gazillions of game cash, so I feed the XP Collider with five donuts to get five time the amount of XP. I buy/sell Bloodmobiles and/or Rat Trap Delivery Trucks.
      The first time I got from level 60 to the maximum level of 939 and I got 2100 (twenty one hundred) bonuts (bonus donuts)
      It took me four hours to do this and 260 million of game cash.

      • Does the donut amt increase with levels? I am currently 119 and from lvl 60 i only ever receive 1 donut for a lvl up. If my calculations r correct 939 – 60 is 879 free donuts. Can u explain ur bonuts please. I wish had ur cash been playing since Nov 2015 and am around 13 million. Thx in advance

    • I worked this out yesterday. Here’s the long answer…

      The optimal number of Kwik-E-Marts to build without running the XP collider is 17 although you can also go up to 25 and still get a better than average return on your investment. If running the XP collider there is no limit; preferably build at least 25.

      Incidentally the same calculations for Krusty Burger give 7 for optimal return or up to 12 is still better than average. If running the XP collider the number to build is 23.

      Here “optimal” means your marginal XP/$ is better than buying the Nth KEM or truck with the XP collider running (obviously “better than average” means your average XP/$ is better than buying the Nth KEM or truck with the XP collider running). I’d actually recommend building 1 more than each number given above, in the interest of making quicker progress through the game, as the numbers don’t drop much for just 1 extra!

      So, short answer, go for 26 KEMs and 13 KBs each time. This assumes that you sell all except the original 1 of each before starting your farms; the numbers work out very different if you don’t do this. If running the XP collider then instead build any amount of KEMs and 24 KBs each time.

    • I only just recently started doing it, but as far as I know, the best number varies per town. Here’s what I did:
      1. First I took note of how much money I had (M1) (preferably without including the 8 hour houses)
      2. I set all/most of my characters for a 4 hour task and when they’re done, I determine the amount of money they made (subtract old amount (M1) from the new amount (M2), so M2-M1).
      3. This amount they made (E, earnings) is the amount I can spend on KEMs without losing money (while still making a profit, as I’ll still get money from buildings that generate money every 5+ hours)
      4. This next part may be a little annoying, as the price of KEMs change as you’re placing them, but doesn’t inform you of the price change. A good way is to just keep buying them and occasionally check your money and stop when it gets back to your original M1

      For me, this worked out to around 20 new KEMs at a time. Considering I only have a 50% bonus (plus whatever I’m getting from SH – I forget exactly), I level up most of the way at least once per day. It’s not the fastest method, but it’s definitely better than nothing. Of course, I don’t have the XP Collider on either. On the other hand, you may have bazillions of money to spend and nothing else to spend it on, so you could buy way more KEMs than I can.

  14. That’s great but it doesn’t help me get Sgt skinner sadly. One of the few characters I actually wanted and i am not spending 350 donuts sorry.

    Good news though for sure.

  15. I noticed too that chronons are now 2 per robot instead of 1 when visiting friends towns AND I got a donut!!!

    • I got a donut yesterday, surprised me as usually no friend donuts during event.😀 loving new payout I struggled with act 1 managed to get last prize an hour before end. This change is making it easier. Thanks EA! Yes we know you are lurking behind those holo shrubs lol.
      Off subject, hope everyone is safe during all the nasty weather out there. We were lucky (fingers crossed so far), yards a lil messy limbs down & stuff but no damage. Only without power, water, Internet for 7 hours.
      Chewfred is traveling today keep her in prayers please. More worried about her drive home than flight. Lots of flooded roads between here and airport.

  16. Thanks, EA and thanks to Alissa, Bunny, and Wookie! You guys rock

  17. Thank you!!!

  18. I’m still getting ~89 Chronons for clearing ~47 robots…

  19. Wow! What a breather! I am now a bit ahead of the calendar, but it was a close call! Thanks EA, despite the initial stress and the couple stressfull nights I logged into My game. Tonight no waking up! Yiiiiipeeeeeee! 👍👍👍👍👍

  20. Not sure where to ask this, but is there no character overview for Stephen Hawking with all his tasks, visual/non, payouts, etc? I’m delaying finishing the last task with him so I can repeat the rocket around thing for 33 chronons, but no point if he regularly earns chronons (maybe even for less time), but I can’t remember for sure, and I can’t seem to find it anywhere…

  21. I’m at 11,000 chronons , a little ahead of the calendar. I have the ladybot and her task to earn chronons just opened up. I’m able to play 4 to 5 times a day and visit neighbors. I’m working on robot parts for future costingtons bldg. I probably would have earned all the prizes but it’s nice to have a little breathing room.

  22. Thanks EA. But I really dislike dealing with EA support and hopefully do not have to.

  23. Woohoo! This means I should be able to get a few rounds of bonuts. Thanks EA!

  24. All this crafting for stuff that I don’t want in my town is getting pretty irritating. Too many blobby things that won’t fit in anywhere. And what’s the point of having more than one sign that says ‘south pole’? I just don’t get this one at all.

    • I crafted one sign and I wish I saved the parts. I didn’t even want it but I crafted it anyway and I don’t even know why! 😧

    • Me neither. Plus all the future bucks that won’t be spent because I already have more copies than I want of each item.

      • Josephine Kick@$$

        Aren’t there any items you like or think you might want more of later? Even free income producing buildings are a plus 😊😊😊

    • Same, although I’ll probably get as many of the income-generating buildings as I can once I’ve crafted everything at least once. Then I’ll just have one or two of each in my town’s main area (future Future area), and I’ll just put the rest in the Heights (currently under redesign after I discovered the hidden % bonus) so nobody needs to see them but they’ll still make money 🙂

      As it is, most of the things I craft to level up I end up storing (in case I find use for them at a later time)

  25. Oh thank you sweet baby jeebus hey gang its been awhile I’ve been reading just not leaving comments but the poloman is here .

  26. I’ve already finished but I’m very happy EA has done this help my girlfriend and all other players! 🙂 good luck everyone!

  27. Has it not occurred to anyone that maybe this extra event currency payed out in the mini game was supposed to be part of Act 2 anyhow but simply was delayed due to an error.
    Just a thought.

  28. I don’t know. This morning, I began the “Make Alternate Homers Fight the Infinite Robot Army” quest (from Smack to the Future Pt. 10) only to find that it is now taking EIGHT hours (instead of the normal four) for my alternate Homers to complete — with the exact same payout (33 chronos coins).

    Is this normal? I am on auto-update, but do I need to update (again)?

  29. Thank you, EA!
    …Now make sure you adjusted for Act 3 as well! 😉

  30. If memory serves me right…this isn’t the first time EA has done this. I remember other recent events where they adjusted the currency payouts or requirements from “impossible to achieve” to more manageable numbers. 🤔

    • Tap ball community prizes, they dropped the requirements and cost of the balls, then dropped them again later on

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