Happy Labor Day from the Addicts!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well here in the US today marks the unofficial end of Summer….Labor Day.  I think it’s funny how here in America we don’t bother using calendars to mark the start and end of our summers…we just know Memorial Day is the unofficial start and Labor Day is the unofficial end.  Sometimes I think we just like the excuse for a good Barbecue! 😉

Of course Labor Day isn’t really about the end of summer…and it isn’t only celebrated in the US (our friends up in Canada are celebrating it today as well…). Labor Day (or Labour Day) is a celebration of the workers movement.  It’s meant to honor those who contribute to the strength and prosperity of their country.   (you can read more about it here)

Anywho… most Americans will spend today soaking up what’s left of their summer and here in Jersey trying to dodge the raindrops and wind of Hurricane Hermine…and we’re no exception here.  (since all four of us are from the US 😉 )

Don’t worry… we’ll still be popping in and out of the comments throughout the day to help you with all of your Sci-Fi Event questions.  Just keep in mind it might take us a little while to moderate through all the comments, so we thank you in advance for your patience!

We hope you all have a GREAT day!  Do you have any plans for today?  Did you enjoy your summer?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


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  1. WalkinDeadHead(Tuvix2)

    Why has that dove hunting reply thread been deleted? I thought everything was fairly civil and repectful.
    I’ve seen similar things happen in the past, where entire threads are just gone. Obviously its your site and you can run it however you want, i was just curious.

    • The thread is still there. However, Wookiee said earlier in the thread enough is enough. Yet every one continued. So after everyone had their say I indicated it was enough. No more. And any comments on the subject would be deleted.

      However, the initial thread is still there. that was not deleted.

      • I couldn’t find the initial thread either….I had looked to see if my comments were in there (which I think I made before Wookiee said that, or, at least, definitely before I got to that email of his post where he said that), but I couldn’t find the whole thread and assumed it had just been pulled. But maybe I just didn’t notice it in its truncated form? I know my two comments weren’t there… But, whatever.

        • No. Nothing was pulled. There’s an issue with this thread and the open thread right now (WordPress end). Comments are all screwed up on both threads…

          • Okey doke…good to know. I wasn’t particularly perturbed by any of it, just a tad surprised. It’s all good! (Well, except for the part where the site isn’t working properly…just another pain in the butt I’m sure you don’t need right now!)

  2. Anyone else log in and find a pair of teleport’s in their inventory? Very random, especially considering I already have a pair in my town that I bought a few days ago? Even more weird because apparently you can only buy one pair? Anyone else? No? Just me then.

  3. Full and sleepy but it’s almost fireworks time!….. (no fireworks were harmed in the making of this Labor day)

  4. My mum and i are grilling later on: lamb, peaches, pineapple, vegetables, coleslaw, and potato salad.

  5. This isn’t Simpsons related… But I just read an article why one isn’t supposed to wear white after Labor Day. Interesting read.

  6. Happy Labor Day peeps. My summer was interesting. I got my driving license , I took some swim lessons and got a toe infection. I guess I got a little bit of everything. Now I’m waiting to start school on the 19th.

  7. Is anyone else hitting the Bart screen when they try to log in? I keep getting it…

  8. Happy Labor Day to my fellow Americans and to our neighbors up north! To the rest of the world – have a great day!

  9. Wait! So Labor Day isn’t about celebrating pregnancy? 😯

  10. I spent the morning dove hunting( only got one). Rest of the day will be relaxing. No labor today.

    • WalkinDeadHead(Tuvix2)

      Wait. People hunt doves?!! I dont get it… Arent doves kind of a symbol of peace and love? And people just decide to kill them for fun?

      • I don’t like hunting and I would never kill an animal but as long as it doesn’t bother me then whatever.

        Why are you surprised people hunt doves? People hunt elephants and deer but doves is taboo?

    • Do you eat the dove or just kill it for “sport”?

    • Yes! I ate the dove. Yes! They are not the white doves you think of when thinking of peace or the olympics.
      They are mourning doves. It’s very challenging to hunt them. Very regulated. They are prolific breeders. There are literally billions of them. They are delicious when cooked properly.

      • WalkinDeadHead(Tuvix2)

        Even if they’re not the peace doves, it’s still wrong to hunt them. All hunting is barbaric. Unless its for survival.

        • Just gonna put a pin in the debate. Everyone is entitled to live their life their way and we all disagree on a variety of things.

        • Are you a vegetarian?

          I’m definitely not a fan of hunting or fishing for sport, but, if you eat what you catch, and you’re willing to buy meat/fish in the supermarket, then I’m not sure how procuring meat/fish from the supermarket is any more humane. If anything, at least that animal got to live in the wild until it’s time was up. I don’t think I could personally “execute” an animal — I don’t think I would eat meat if it didn’t come to me already butchered — but, logically, I don’t see how I could condemn someone else for doing it, if they were eating what they killed.

          My one fishing experience was a “catch and release” thing, for little fish on the shores of a local lake, and I found it very distressing that I was, essentially, maiming fish just for “fun” and never did it again. But, if I could catch some kind of fish that I would eat (without having to go out on a boat and without potentially maiming non-edible fish along the way), I wouldn’t have a problem doing it again.

        • Barbaric? Let’s see.
          Big cats: Ambush, chase down, bite throat and hold until dead.
          Constrictors: Coil around victim, squeeze, tighten coils with every exhalation, hold until dead.
          Peregrine falcon: Lurk at high altitude, stoop and strike at speed. Follow victim to ground, break neck if still alive. Pluck and dismember when coast is clear.
          Barn owl: Stealth strike, impale with talons and carry away while alive. Break neck, then swallow whole, or dismember and feed to young.
          Mantis: Ambush, grab, start eating alive from whichever part is closest to mouth.
          Chimpanzee: Set up elaborate ambush with blockers. Flush victim towards blockers, bite and tear to pieces until dead.
          Kamodo dragon: Ambush or sprint, deliver bite, allow victim to flee. Follow trail until victim dies of septic shock.
          Killer whale: Coordinating with pack, isolate mother from pod, then calf from mother. Force it bodily down until drowned. Eat tongue and lower jaw, leave remaining carcass for scavengers.

          Shall I continue?

      • Glad to hear that you ate it…I’m not a big fan of hunting “just” for sport, but, since I’m definitely not a vegetarian, it would be hypocritical of me to have a problem with someone hunting for food. I’m guessing that a dove doesn’t yield very many bites, though, but, then again, some delicacies aren’t eaten in large portions…for example, one usually doesn’t get a ton of bites out of an “affordable” portion of sushi, either! (That’s why I love going to my local sushi buffet…it’s actually decent sushi and, while it’s not cheap, given the amount of sushi I eat there, it’s a pretty good bargain. 🙂 )

      • Eek. We were admiring a mourning dove that stopped on our feeder this afternoon.

        • WalkinDeadHead(Tuvix2)

          We feed a bunch of birds, doves included. So thats why i was so shocked that hunting doves was a thing. I’ve never heard of that before. Seems so wrong to me.

          • Yes: To you. Do you like cats? They’re rabid hunters, play with their prey while it’s still alive, and don’t always eat what they kill. Same with orcas and dolphins. Like it or not, nearly everything kills and eats something else in order to live, and despite what you seem to think, homo sapiens is no exception.

    • Please feel free to comment on the people who said they are grilling today. I worked for my little bit of protein. Open your minds. The word “hunting” is just taboo to the ignorant.

      • It’s only real sport when you arm those pigeons and teach them to shoot straight!

        • Yep. They are armed with great eye sight and Lightning fast moves. I never consider hunting “”sport”. I only hunt for food.
          Even though I only got one, I prepared it as a feast. I respect and am thankful for the life I have taken. I respect someone’s choice to not eat meat. I choose to.

      • Im sure that dove is happy you worked for your protein.

        • Sorry snowflake.

        • Dude, we’re omnivores. Get over it.

          • WalkinDeadHead(Tuvix2)

            I didn’t realize a good reason was required to not kill something.

          • Dude, omnivores. Your rampant idealism doesn’t change the natural world.

          • WalkinDeadHead(Tuvix2)

            Us being omnivores has no relevance to what you said about a dumb reason to protect and hunt certain animals. The way you phrased it, its like you need a reason NOT to hunt and kill something. Its the exact opposite. You should have a good reason TO hunt and kill something, like survival purposes… not because its labour day and it seems like a good time. And who said i was trying to change the natural world?you brought that up. I just said needless hunting is wrong. Id rather be an idealist than a hunter.

          • I stood on a frog when I was a kid, that wrecked me for ages.

  11. Enjoy it while it lasts because from tomorrow it will mark the start of the presidential campaign in the US. Who to choose hey! I don’t envy your choices this year America! Haha!

    • the start?! Ummmm they’ve been campaigning for the last 2 years

    • Ahhh man, now I’m depressed. A walking corporate logo vs. an orange trashbag. You’re welcome world USA USA USA. lol

    • ???? The campaign has been going strong for quite a while now! I will admit, though, that my active involvement as a campaign volunteer, and the opening of the campaign office in my local area, begins this week. But there have been lots of campaign things (speeches, television ads, etc.) for ages already!

      I’ll admit that I’m not looking forward to doing campaign work as much as usual this time around, as my candidate, although in the lead right now, is still not terribly popular. Just hope that doesn’t mean that I’ll be talking to a lot of extra-cranky people. 🙁

  12. Enjoy everyone! We’re having great weather and plan to make the most of it. Stay dry Alissa! My in-laws just made it back from their place in OBX, NC, and they got it pretty good – although thankfully, no damage to their house.

  13. Happy Grillin Day all around!
    We are doing grilled Cajun turkey breast and grilled asparagus with some baked scalloped potatoes….yum! Hope the rain doesn’t spoil your holiday up on the east coast, we had a visit from Hermine in Savannah last Friday but we were lucky…only branches down. Lots of rain, but we needed it, so no complaints. Have a fun day with your family Alissa and thanks for all your time spent tapping.

  14. Well I’m for the nation Wales in the UK and the UK don’t celebrate labour day. So today is a Monday and I think the only thing I’m celebrating is the first day of Year 11 (Equivalent to 10th Grade). I think a national celebration in Wales is when we actually get sun so xD

  15. I’m laboring for Labor Day, as a comp day for taking last Monday off at the end of my previous week’s vacation. But, to be honest, I like working when everyone else is off….no interruptions, and I can just focus on churning some good work out and not worry about getting anything new added to the pile. 😉 Plus, I didn’t have to set my alarm for this morning, which is always a huge plus….it’s so much better when I get to awaken when my body is ready to!

    Hope all of my fellow Americans enjoy their day off (if they have one) and that my fellow east coasters get just the right amount of rain (ranging from none to a lot, depending how bad the drought has become for your area and your Labor Day plans), and low winds (lots of trees on my property and not thrilled when big limbs come down, especially when they damage stuff, like my backyard fence or, heaven forbid, my house!).

  16. The Simpsons on FXx and maybe a bike ride.

  17. Labor day is May 1st down here.

  18. Happy Days! 🙂
    Any excuse to celebrate is a good excuse to celebrate. ..today’s just Monday in the UK a good excuse to celebrate ♡ I’m celebrating 😀

  19. Happy Labour Day from Canada. We have a pretty nice day here, but since the kiddies start school tomorrow we are spending the day alternating between relaxing and finding all their school supplies.

  20. Barbecue!! Steak chicken burgers and hot dogs smoked with hickory chips for the best Flavor flav. Slip n slide for rugbrats, adult beverages for us and then fireworks. I’ll let you know if the cops are called.

  21. Happy Labour Day
    And it’s the end of summer holiday
    School tomorrow ☹️

  22. I am supposed to contact EA later. Wonder would I get send to Indian support centre if this is a public holiday in US

  23. My mother’s first name was Hermine. She didn’t get angry easely, but if she did, she was a hurricane scale 5 🌪🌪🌪🌪🌪

  24. Plans for today? Same thing I do every holiday Pinky.. work. Gos forbid people plan their shopping ahead of time.

  25. Thanks to the weather forecasters, our family picnic was postponed (was supposed to be yesterday). Then we learned that Hermine was going to completely miss us up here in PA, after being told we’d have wind and rain. Ended up being a pretty nice day, but too late to get supplies and call all the invited family…oh well. Here’s hoping next weekend is just as nice 🙂

  26. I celebraties Labor Day in Homer style, doing nothing 😴💤

  27. Happy Labor Day right back at ya

  28. Tracy - 1ltwoody920

    Hot Dog!
    Both as in a food for the day and
    Happy Day!

    Good vibes to all

  29. Back in the UK summer ended yesterday or taday for us kids and teen people are going back to school today or tomorrow

  30. Hello there 😊 It’s very awesome learning so many things in this website, even your American traditions 😍 I’m from Italy and today I’m just going in the library to wrote my final assay… The summer is officially end when you saw all the other students again 😭
    Fortunately we always have TSTO ❤️ I’m so excited for the Halloween event! It’s the first for me and I think I’m gonna spend all my saving donuts 😏🍩

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