Should I Buy? Teleporters Bundle(s)


It’s a rare thing indeed when I can write about something that I really, really, really, like…and use almost everyday…that isn’t a skin care product, analgesic cream, or delicious jelly or jam that goes on my morning toast.  I’ll let you sort out that sentence as far as which goes where. But the fact is, for me, this was a no-brainer.

I like to do things fast (even when I am going slow) and as I get older and older by the minute, I realize that time is our most important commodity (I call it Life Currency). So anything that saves you time, is worth its weight in gold. And even if those these little babies don’t weigh but a nano microgram (how much  do a handful of pixels weigh in subatomic particles??), they are super valuable as they pertain to “motating” your “Sky Finger” across vast stretches of your Springfield.

Let’s take a look.

The Alpha and Omega Transporters first became available in the “THOH XXV” in October 2014. I remembered them as being “free” as a craftable prize at the time. However, as it turns out, they were not free (I’m old…my memory is questionable) They just SEEMED almost free (at 50 donuts) in comparison to the ridiculously expensive “Ghost Pirate Airship,” which was an astoundingly insane 250 donuts and offered at the same time.

Tapped Out Ghost Pirate Airship.png

If you see one of these in your neighbor’s towns…they most likely also have a Whale (which was 300 donut!!)…but, I digress. 

The fact is, I bought the transporters, because they sounded really cool.  Being able to jump from one part of your town at light speed, with the tap of a finger was like having a real-life, transporter button on your cell phone, when wearing your Captain Kirk uniform while your wife is at her PEO meeting. Actually, even more cool, because you didn’t have to explain anything when she got home early and surprised you as you were yelling, “Beam Me UP!!” into the TV remote.

So, 50 donuts for such a modern marvel of science seemed like a great deal at the time. AND IT WAS!!!

As stated in the first paragraph…I use them daily.  I always have one near my Monorail Rail Yard, and another near whatever is the “hot spot” of the current activity center for the update.  In this case, I have mine near the Burns Institute and other SciFi stuff.


That way I can toggle easily between my RailYard, and my PolyVac/3-D Printer Area. BOOM!!!

So…when the chance to get two MORE transporters became available…and at a price that was LESS than the first pairHOW COULD I REFUSE??


I bought them…and put one next to my Town Hall (where I am constantly going to do the “census” to find characters), and one waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay on the other end of my layout in SpringField Heights. Maybe now I’ll go there more often…


Let’s face it…one other reason to have these babies is that it cuts way back on the bugginess/lag-time of trying to scroll to a different part of your town, during major updates. I have been getting kicked out sometimes when I am just scrolling, and the monorail goes by.  So, being able ZPPPPTTTTT!!!! to the far reaches of my layout and back, is worth all sorts of trouble and time to me.


If you didn’t have these before…you can get All Four for just 80 donuts.

If you already have the first  two, you are only offered another two for 40 donuts (still a discount). But, that’s fine.


Pros- They are the coolest thing you will have in your town.
Cons- None


– GET THEM. You won’t regret it. I promise. You will thank me as  your Springfield expands, and expands.  In fact…please say “Thanks Cranky!” every time you use one. I’ll know it deep in my heart…whether I hear you or not.

XP? Multipliers? Earnings?  Nope. Sorry.
They are listed on the WIKI as having 0.5% multipliers and 200 points when placed. But, the fact is…I don’t track this stuff, because I don’t care at this point…s0 you’ll have to take the WIKI’s word for it.
But, these are worth a thousand times more in what you will save in time and hassle.  Get Em!



145 responses to “Should I Buy? Teleporters Bundle(s)

  1. So sad I missed these 🙁 very grueling week…. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  2. Already had 2 popped up in my inventory but picked the other two up straight away with the sprinklies.

    Really sad to admit that I thought it was just a desperation, never knew it could be used lol

  3. I bought this bundle and i got teleports for the first time. Absolutely appreciated !

  4. I am a fan! I already had two, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that all four teleporters are now linked together. I justified this purchase under “things that make the game a lot more fun to play”. A big time and finger saver. Get ’em!

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