Where Did THAT Come From – Give Apes the Vote Billboard & Newfangled Kwik-E-Mart

Note From Alissa: I’m not going to to a Should I Buy on the Apes Billboard.  It’s another Billboard for Springfield (does what all the other Sci-Fi Billboards Do), 15 donuts…0.25% bonus on all cash and XP.  It’s a very LOW bonus for the donuts spent..but if you like it get it.  It’s all about how you’ll decoration your Springfield 🙂

Now onto Wookiee’s awesome WDTCF! 

In our silly lil game, we sometimes see things pop in that we have no clue as to their Origin. They seem familiar, but we just can’t pinpoint from where. So that is why we decided to make a fun lil reminder out of it. To let you know just Where did THAT Come From?


By Hawking’s chair and wowza! Act Three of the 2016 TSTO SciFi Event has arrived and once again there’s even more new stuff to add to Stephen Hawking, black holes, multidimensional visitors, and lots of sciencey futuristic stuff to figure out where to put in our games. A lot of this new stuff might have you wondering just where the heck it all comes from. Well no fears inter-quantum dimensional guys and gals, that’s where this walking carpet earns his bread and butter (seriously, that’s all I’m paid in lol). For this dimension of origin stories, we’ll be looking at:

Give Apes the Vote Billboard – premium for  donuts
Newfangled Kwik-E-Mart – 4th Act Two Prize for 18,700 chronons

For this dimension of origin stories, we’ll be looking at “Future-Drama” (S16:E15) again. I covered this episode in the WDTCF for the Mobile Dome, Simpson Hover Car & Homer’s Dream House but had to hold off on these items since they were coming later than Act One. Long and short is that Frink invents a machine that can look into the future (eight years!) using the science of astrology. Bart and Lisa see themselves as teenagers and hilarity ensues.


You already know the hover car comes from this episode but I really had to bite my tongue in the first post to abstain from pointing out that the Give Apes the Vote Billboard is passed as Bart and Homer head to Moe’s. It’s one of my favorite gags from future Simpsons episodes.


I can’t help but think of this image a buddy sent me in response to the current political climate in the US.

Vote for Caesar

The apes have my vote. Truly, this all just makes me nostalgic for all the times Planet of the Apes has appeared in the Best. Show. Ever. Here’s two instances.

Stop the Planet of the Apes I Want to Get Off! Simpsons

Planet of the Apes Bobo 1,000,000 A.D. Simpsons

That second image bears directly on another item in this event, RoboBurns. Maybe the EA designers love POA as much as me? Maybe they also love Futurama since Bender is in this episode or perhaps it’s just a love of Günter and/or the episode where Farnsworth debates creaturism and Amy wears marmoset pajamas.  Phew… I’m off on a tangent. Back to the episode. The future is newfangled and no surprise, the futuristic Kwik-E-Mart appears there.


Bart works there to impress Jenda. Poor future Bart, I’m sure his Mooch self doesn’t fondly think of this building.


I don’t know about predicting futures using astrological signs especially since there’s apparently a thirteenth sign called Ophiuchus that throws it all off but according to the interwebs, since I’m a Taurus, in the Year 2024, under the influence of the Dragon, Wookiee will enjoy a wonderful year in which his financial position will improve dramatically. Luck will bring many advantages, and the few problems he will face are resolved with ease. 2024 is a year of learning and development. He will be less interested in material possessions, and much more concerned with spiritual analysis or philosophy. It is a year to develop his mind. So there you go… my eight year future according to Frink science. If we’re still communicating in some way, maybe I’ll let you know if it came true as random predictions easily do. Too bad the future wasn’t so bright for polar bears or Frink.


What do you think of the items? By the billboard? Earn the K-E-M? Do you like the “future” episodes? Wishing we’d seen more Futurama in this event? Sound off in the comments and here’s hoping none of us are sucked into an event horizon while playing this event. Quantum tunnels sound dangerous.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

18 thoughts on “Where Did THAT Come From – Give Apes the Vote Billboard & Newfangled Kwik-E-Mart

  1. Thanks, Wookiee. Enjoyed your post, as usual. I hope 2024 truly is an epic year for you. “All signs point to YES!” Sorry, quoting another favorite series of mine that starts with an S. Anyway, I hope the polar bears are still around come 2024. Bears are awesome creatures (damn the “no bear patrol”! I’m still against that, in spite of Homer’s sound, yet specious reasoning). Who hasn’t drawn a polar bear in a blizzard with with just a little black mark. Classic. We should preserve their species for that reason and many others, Can’t say I’ve seen this episode, but it does sound intriguing. I’m a S9 and before snobbist, but I like to check out the new eps occasionally and have enjoyed them more and more lately. (Who’s your favorite early Simpsons writer, by the way? Mine is John Swartzwelder, hands down. Also enjoy a lot of episodes written by Jon Vitti. And Conan never did wrong). I think Patric mentioned in another post that all Simpson are now available streaming… any idea where that’s available?

    Enjoyed the podcast, keep up the geek power. I know a couple gentle giants, and they are good friends. Physical size + mental restraint = Awesome. Actually, to me, that’s Chewy in a nutshell.

    Off topic, but do you know if any SIB posts have been released re the current rebate package that offers Chester Lampwick, the rocket car, etc.? Seems like a good deal, but debating whether to pull the trigger. Appreciate your 2 cents. Thanks.

    1. I agree with your choices for early writers. Conan would be my go to with John Vitti behind him but its hard to find better than Swartzwelder. George Meyer, David M. Stern, David X. Cohen, even Al Jean has some gold. As far as episode, there are gems to be found past Season 9. All of it is available on FX Now. Provided you subscribe to FX with cable, you log right in using your cable info and password and blammo, 596 episodes at your fingertips. Thanks for the kind words about the podcast. I’m enjoying the process and am humbled any one even takes the time to listen.

      1. Excitement overload re streaming. Thanks! Yep, I agree with all of the other early writers you mentioned. Favorite few episodes post season 9 that you recommend? I just watched one of my favorites from season 11. Ep 17, which is a Schwartzwelder.

  2. I am conflicted on the “Give Apes the vote” sign. I don’t feel the need for it, and don’t want to spend the donuts BUT

    As someone who made a post about a Monkey/Ape event via The Year of the Monkey post. I feel a little hypocritical passing on it.

    The question is, by buying it do you think EA will think “we better make more monkey/ape stuff – since this is selling so well” or do you think EA doesn’t pay attention to such trivial things?

    🐒🐵🙈🙉🙊🐵🐒 I WANT AN EVENT EA!!! 🐒🐵🙈🙉🙊🐵🐒

  3. I know the apes billboard isn’t a great deal, but I just had to have it and, at such a low cost, I didn’t have to feel bad about the splurge! 🙂

    1. My iPad did a big, long update this morning, but my Kindle didn’t update at all. I had been doing some cleaning out of my iPad, since it was complaining about lack of space, but I didn’t think that I had touched anything TSTO-related (mostly deleted a ton of email and such). Then I rebooted. I think it was right after that that it did the download.

  4. I’m still surprised there’s still no Bender in Springfield. I’m aware there could be legal issues, but still, just call him Render or something and keep a similar design. It’s not like it hasn’t been done before, isn’t that right, Itchy & Scratchy, Rainier Wolfcastle, Booberella, Lucius Sweet, Mayor Kenned-err-uh Quimby, Drederick Tatum, Paris Texan, Shary Bobbins, etc?

  5. Omg poor polar bears and Frink 🙁

    And when the hell am I gunna get my Troy McClure (Or however you spell it haha) in my town?!

    You may remember him from.. EVERYTHING!

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