Season 28 Premiere Prize Breakdown: New Lard Lad Statue

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Ah Autumn…leaves are falling, that crispness in the air has arrived and there’s a brand new season of TV on!  There’s a whole new season of TV shows…and the Simpsons Season 28 aired this past Sunday!  To celebrate the Season Premiere EA has launched a fun Episode Tie-In Mini Event in our games.

This event is designed to follow a series of tasks via the questline to unlock prizes.  For each part of Battle of the Brands you’ll have to earn ico_cur_seasonpremiere2016_giftcard_sm via various character tasks in order to unlock the prize for that part.  Now that the Season Premiere has aired, the final two items are available to unlock in your Springfield!

So let’s take a look the fifth prize…and just what happens when you unlock the New Lard Lad Statue in your Springfield…


WARNING: Dialogue/potential episode SPOILERS ahead

Prize five reveals itself to be The New Lard Lad complete with its “focus group tested” statue! This is another facade for your New Lard Lad Building…



How You Unlock It: Battle of the Brands Pt. 5

Make Homer Beg for Gift Cards- 3hrs, Earns 1ico_cur_seasonpremiere2016_giftcard_sm, 35xp
Collect Gift Cards- x30. 3hrs, Freemium earns 1 ico_cur_seasonpremiere2016_giftcard_sm Premium earns 2 ico_cur_seasonpremiere2016_giftcard_sm.  And here’s a list of who you can send:
Laiird Ladd- Earns 2 ico_cur_seasonpremiere2016_giftcard_sm
Homer- Earns 1 ico_cur_seasonpremiere2016_giftcard_sm
Apu- Earns 1 ico_cur_seasonpremiere2016_giftcard_sm
Lisa- Earns 1 ico_cur_seasonpremiere2016_giftcard_sm
Moe- Earns 1 ico_cur_seasonpremiere2016_giftcard_sm
Quimby- Earns 1 ico_cur_seasonpremiere2016_giftcard_sm
Cletus- Earns 1 ico_cur_seasonpremiere2016_giftcard_sm

What Is It?: This one is a facade for your New Lard Lad building.  It just changes the look of your New Lard Lad Building..simply tap the building to toggle back and forth between looks


And yes, your New Lard Lad still earns the same amount/rate as it did before…

BUT WAIT…There’s more!! (don’t you just love that line from infomercials? lol)

So when you unlock it you’ll see some fun dialogue popup…. (WARNING…DIALOGUE SPOILER AHEAD)

If you saw Sunday’s episode you will understand this next part well…if not, well it’s a little bit of a spoiler that’ll make more sense once you see the episode.  Once unlocked the New Lard Lad Statue can/will reflect the sunlight


2016-09-26-20-36-06 2016-09-26-20-36-10 2016-09-26-20-36-14 2016-09-26-20-36-18

And which point something cool will happen…your statue will become animated…and, well..



2016-09-26-20-36-25 2016-09-26-20-36-30

So your New Lard Lad building will catch on fire!  BUT…don’t worry you can put the fire out (or make it appear again) by tapping on your New Lard Lad Building and hitting the purple Toggle button…


Fun stuff!  Especially if you think the building is as hideous as Laiird Ladd does!



And that completes the details of the New Lard Lad Statue facade for your New Lard Lad Building!

What are your thoughts on the new facade?  Have you unlocked them yet?  Thoughts on the animation?  Did you watch last night’s premiere?  Thoughts on it?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

44 responses to “Season 28 Premiere Prize Breakdown: New Lard Lad Statue

  1. I know that many people disagree but I like the new statue of lard lad, if you read the dialogue Lisa sad that it seems a Dali sculpture goes wrong but she made a mistake cause I think that it resemble to a Boccioni sculpture, one of his most famous artworks is displayed at the New York MoMa, but by the way I like it because the sculpture showed at the MoMa and the lard lard resemble both to the back of the 20 cents Italian Euros that I see everyday living in Italy and now I see it also in my tsto city.

  2. Upside – STO poke fun at what a monstrosity the building is
    Downside – the building is a monstrosity
    We have to wait to see S28 in the UK but I can’t imagine watching it would have made me warm to the building.
    Without wishing to sound like a broken record… ROLL on Halloween! Woohoo

  3. Hi… Apologies if this has been asked before…
    Can someone please tell me why I have to download this update pretty much every time I log in… I’m talking multiple times A DAY? 620MB or whatever it is…
    I have turned my phone off to reset it.
    I have uninstalled and re-downloaded the whole app…
    It is very annoying! Don’t seem to lose any progress though… TIA 🙂

  4. Okay, so Snell’s Law is all about refractive indices of more-or-less transparent media… So is there a lens in the middle of that donut, or is there something that I’m missing about surface diffraction, or what?

    One of you Poindexters help me out, here!

  5. I love how on the blobby and unsightly statue with no actual face, rotation does not block the “face” with an arm, but on the two buildings where the statue does have a face, they couldn’t figure out the rotation. 🙄

  6. Will Booberella return this year?

  7. To those of you who don’t like the building you could revert it back to it’s original state without the lard lad statue. If you have a dive/rough/run down area in your springfield you could place it their as it will go with the area and look cool with the likes of the abandoned store and other run down buildings. That’s what I will do with it anyway!

  8. One thing not mentioned on this post, you can “toggle” between the building being on fire, and not….so can display the statue without it being on fire (if you want, the statue is ugly lol)

  9. Well, things in Springfield *do* have a habit of catching on fire, so it’s not really unexpected!

  10. I dont know how true this but I also saw we are supposed to get 2 other buildings for the season 28 premiere….”bookaccinos” and “springfielde glenne condos”

  11. What is required is when a building catche’s fire and yes EA seems to have employed a closet arsonist then the fire brigade should have a job to put the fires out.

  12. Wow! I wish EA introduced toggling on/off building animations for EVERY building! (Even those that only light up when someone is sent a task there!) Would LOVE to see my Casino area animated 24/7!

  13. To the powers that be, that is, the EA Execs if you read this…

    About six months ago, the whole catching things on fire animation was cool, different, and something new to our Springfields. Since the first incarnation, you felt the need to redo the “stuff on fire” situation, like three times now including the new Lard Lad. Much like Pokémon Go, this animation, has run its course, and is getting boring. PLEASE find another cool animation to focus your time on. Not everyone is into Pyro. lol

  14. What would everyone want for the Halloween event? I wish for the return of Moog so I can get the skin, plus all the costume skins for the kids

  15. I think this will end up in inventory once I finish the last part of the questline…ugly and no where “permanent” to put it right now. (It’s in a holding spot at the moment, but that’s right near my new retro Lard Lad, and having two together makes little sense.)

    Oh, but wait…if I store this, will I also lose Laird Ladd? If so, I guess I’ll have to keep it out somewhere after all… not willing to lose income from a building AND a character, both. 🙁

    • He’s associated with the Retro Lard Lad. No impact from The New Lard lad building. (remember…he was premium)

      • Thanks…that just had fallen through a larger then normal hole in my swiss-cheesy brain. *sigh*

        Funny thing is, it’s just like what happened in the episode…that ugly new Lard Lad is starting to grow on me!

  16. If it didn’t sparkle and also set fire to the building then I would have set it back to its pre-statue look.

  17. Michael Cole-Hamer

    What is the new skin for Mr B that people are talking about? 🙂

  18. What is the skin for mr. Burns called?
    Thanks in advance

  19. It looks nice next to hisbig brother, the 50 Feet Magnifying Glass

  20. I was actually anticipating something a bit more dramatic from this mini-event, in line with the plot of the episode… but I guess you can only burn down an entire town so many times. 😉

  21. I watched the episode and thought it was hilarious when the statue destroyed the town. The building itself is hideous and I am not sure what to do with it. I feel like I should keep it covered like in the show for the safety of all in Springfield but…it’s so hideous it might just get stored.

    I did love this event. I picked up Laird Lad and the retro Lard Lad. Love them and I think it’s inspired a redesign of my shopping/eating area of town in fact. I also picked up all 5 of the beach hideaways because with the bonus it was a steal and they’re BEAUTIFUL! They have definitely inspired a redesign of SH.

    I should have the new Burns skin by this evening but I am not all that excited. As many have mentioned he has so many skins at this point I would have liked one for another character. I do think the building is fun though and can see a place in my Springfield for it.

  22. Unlocked it.. But it’s ugly AF!!!!! Cool animation tho. Can’t wait for haloween event to kick in!!

    • hahaha I agree! i kind of dont like how it looks, but I have 3 LL (Mystery Box!) and this makes 4, might just keep it stored :0)

  23. Hideous, will have to bin this and replace it with the retro lard lad

  24. Wasn’t a fan of the episode as a whole. I like setting things on fire/ blowing things up in my SF (yeah I HAD to get the tank for just that reason), so this feeds my virtual pyromania more than adequately!

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