Halloween 2016 Teaser Released

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

About 30 minutes ago EA released a teaser on their Facebook page for Halloween 2016….


It’s coming!  And as we’ve speculated, likely tomorrow (October 4th)…who’s excited?

What do you think we’ll see in the Halloween Event? Are you ready?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

144 responses to “Halloween 2016 Teaser Released

  1. Finally the update is here

  2. Update in apple App Store! 😀😬😁

  3. It’s ALIVE!!!!!

  4. I downloaded something but it doesn’t change for the Halloween event.. idk if maybe it’ll be release him game or possibly next week… to wait again!

  5. Been constantly checking TSTOaddicts.com to see if it went live. There are times when you guys get it before I, & it’s more fun checking your site then always checking the App Store.

  6. Check App Store, look at updates…wait, a new one???

    Oh. It’s for IMDB.


    • Carmen (gameid5000)

      My moment of hope was shattered by YouTube update……

      I can’t twiddle my thumbs much longer….

  7. Usually updates hits at 4pm est for me on andriod. But i have been checking often since the gil deals ended at 1pm lol

  8. No Halloween update yet, but isn’t this a little early in October for the event to start? It seems to me that the Halloween event usually starts in the second week of October.

    • Well… it is the 2nd week of October in an alternate universe. Oh, wait…that was the LAST update!

      It is going to happen- sooner than later!

    • No, Treehouse of Horror always starts in the first week, last year it was on October 6, in 2014 it was October 7, in 2013 it was October 1. Only in 2012 was it the second week, in 2012 it was October 12.

  9. I’m in the UK so I have had to be patient all day 😳 7pm here, they normally don’t drop till between 8 & 10 but hasn’t stopped me checking every 30 mins……….. but I’m not addicted……. honest. Just off to check the App Store.

  10. Tracy - 1ltwoody920

    No good place to do this, could email you, and feel free not to make this public..
    I just discovered Alissa was on Antibiotics (horse pills) last month.
    Sorry I didn’t catch on. Sorry I didn’t wish you speedy recovery.
    Mea Culpa. Glad you are better. (Hope you are recovered)
    ’nuff said. Again, feel free not to post.
    In other related news….

    One hour tasks, until evening, then 4 hour tasks – at least until Thursday. Rarely do Events start Thursday through Sunday.
    10:30 am PDT, Maybe after 1:00 local I can switch to 4 hours.
    Hope all is well with everyone.

  11. Super excited for this year’s Halloween event. Last year was my first Halloween event and I was in the middle of just working on leveling up my Springfied, I had little Springfield money, and virtually no doughnuts. This year, I am just waiting for events and constantly making adjustments to my town. Have fun everyone!

  12. Keep refreshing the app store in anticipation. I’m surprised it’s not up yet, but maybe they’re making sure all the bugs are worked out (AH HAHAHAHA, I made myself snort).

  13. Coming from someone who is a young filmmaker I feel that this will be quite promising!

  14. !!! You know what every film making event needs? A Critic “it stinks!” 😁

  15. I’m not too excited for it…Halloween with the X-Mas event following right behind it pretty much means that I won’t be seeing my nice and green Springfield for 3 months.

  16. Phew, being grinding whenever I am free. Glad that Gill finally left the game.

  17. Can’t wait! I started playing 3 years ago during the Halloween event and it’s still my favorite, along with Xmas.

  18. julie (jsander321)

    Hi Neighbors!! I’m excited if Halloween arrives today since its my birthday!! I had no internet for a bit last month and missed half of the scifi event. Totally excited about Halloween!!! Happy Everything today!! 👻

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