Beach Hideaway and XP Changes…

The Beach Hideaway Bonus % has been FIXED.  It’s now back to 20% for each one.  Patched 10/5/16

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

In the column of NOT COOL EA…REALLY NOT COOL (!!!) EA has made changes to the Beach Hideaway.  Initially the hideaway paid out 2% bonus on cash and XP..and each accessory piece added additional bonus % so you would receive 20% total bonus on all cash and XP for fully upgrading & having all of the components out.

Now with the Halloween update they’ve adjusted the multiplier from 20%…to 5%!  Yes…15% less…again NOT COOL EA!


My guess is someone made a mistake in initial programming and the hideaway was only supposed to offer a 2% bonus (the normal bonus % for 40 donuts..)…but instead that bonus extended to the accessory pieces by mistake. So EA has now corrected this, but upped the % to 5% to make up for their mistake (since a 5% bonus for 40 donuts is still better than the typical payout…).

However, this is still not cool!

EA, you need to step up and compensate players back something for your error…many players spent 200 donuts to get all 5 hideaways because they thought it would payoff in the end.  So to make that change is just not cool.

And…not to defend them..but in fairness to EA, they did not advertise in the store that the hideaway paid out a 20% bonus.  At least not from what I remember.  The bonus was discovered by many of you, and myself, from placing and upgrading one…so I do think it was a legit coding error.

So what can you do about this?  Well you can calmly contact EA and request to have the donuts refunded to your account.  You can also add your “me too” to this thread on the EA forum.  However I will caution you…it’s not a bug or a glitch.  It is intentional.

The bright side? (i know it all sucks right now, but I do try to always find a bright side to things..) Well if you decide to keep them they still pay out 5%, which is a nice bonus for 40 donuts….but also you no longer need all of the accessories out.  You can just place the hideaways and store the accessories.

And on the subject of changes from this update….

HomerxpI kind of thought this one would be coming…EA upped the requirements to hit the bonus level up once you’ve maxed out your levels.  It’s gone from 1 million to 10 million XP required to earn donuts.  If you’re below level 939 (and above level 100) it’s still 500,000 xp to level up.  This only impacts players who’ve maxed out levels already.

This is a direct response to excessive donut farming…and I thought it was coming for awhile now.

For those that think it’s a response to the KEM farming’s not.  EA’s aware of XP farming (as evident by the Bloodmobile Easter Egg in the game).  I just think they underestimated some Tappers….

And finally, since we’re talking about changes, another change.  But this one is a nice one.  The donut cost for an item how shows up before you place it (and it shows you how many donuts you have as well, top right corner)


Also, when you place something from inventory it’ll also tell you how many you have in inventory..


Nice little change 🙂

And that’s it…one thing to tick you off, one thing to frustrate you and one nice little change.  That’s Tapped Out for you…

What are your thoughts on the changes (remember we’re not EA…so don’t scream and yell at me.  I’m impacted and frustrated too)?  Liking the donut/storage view when placing? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


330 responses to “Beach Hideaway and XP Changes…

  1. After seeing Patrick come to the dark side of Safi’s KEM farming, I worked my way back to this beach hideaway post and am happy to report that Oct 26, 2017, these bad boys still give 20% when fully upgraded. All the upgrades must be placed, but for 40 donuts this is a great deal!


  2. So I can still buy three. But do they really still give 20% after a full upgrade. I know, that the ones I bought right away, are giving that bonus, but new ones?


    • If you read the comment thread right below your comment (which would have been the first comment thread before you posted), you’ll get your answer. (I know it’s a couple of month’s old, but no reason why it should have changed at this point, a long time past the original release….)


      • I read it, and you posted: “Can’t guarantee that newly bought ones still offer the full bonus, though…” So that’s not a definite answer. 😉


        • Then someone responded to me and said they’d just tried it and the bonuses were still there. That’s about as good a confirmation as you’re likely to get. No reason to think they’d just randomly take them away months later….


  3. So, any idea how much Bonus % is giving in this moment. I’m planning on buying them for the bonus %, but only if they still have the full bonus (20% each hideaway?)


    • I still have the full bonus on the ones I bought. (They restored it within a few days of making the ill-considered change. Can’t guarantee that newly bought ones still offer the full bonus, though…you may just have to take a chance on one and see what happens.


      • I took a chance ando bought one, they still have the full bonus, 2% initial and 1.5% for each part, giving a total of 20% after all the upgradea. Great!

        Greetings from Mexico 🙂

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  4. It’s not a glitch… EA is very aware of it and even gave the Kwik-E-Marts an escalating cost structure because if it. Plus, they released the collider to help multiply the XP received. And they even mentioned bloodmobile farming right in the game!

    So, no, it’s not “unsportsmanlike conduct,” but, if it offends your sensibilities, by all means don’t do it.

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  5. I gotta admit that it is hilarious how finally make a post about KEM farming and EA makes it a lot harder to do a week later 😂

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  6. Hi, I haven’t seen the question in the comments. What if I now buy the Hideout? Will I only get the 2% (5%)? I would gess so since it is stated in the description of the Hideout.

    Anway, this site is great! You do a really god job.
    Greetings from Denmark 🙂

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  7. Woo hoo! I did my part, I finally figured out how to report it and did so under “missing content”. Well, that’s what it was. My sad tale of spending all my hard earned donuts on 4 hideaways melted their cold little hearts, I’m sure.


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