Halloween 2016 Mystery Box, Should You Buy?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So EA’s added a Mystery Box element to this Event, something we first saw over the summer during the Olympic Event.

The Mystery Box is a neat element, in that it allows you to win some items from previous events…and often at a discounted rate.  However, they don’t call it a Mystery Box for nothing…in that (unless you’re only missing 1 item) you don’t know what you’re going to get.

So let’s breakdown what’s inside this pumpkin filled Mystery Box…and determine if you should spend donuts to open it…


Donut Price: 60 Donuts/try
What’s Inside: Here’s what you can win…. Witch Marge & Caludron, Acorn Kirk, Donut Torture Device, HoverCopter, Squirrel Luann, the Sepulchre of Evil & the Nightmare Pile.

So should you spend the 60 donuts to get it?  Well it depends on what you have inside.  You see each of those items listed above is a unique item.  So if you already have it in your town, it won’t appear in the Mystery Box.

I say the WitchMarge, Nightmare Pile, Acorn Kirk, Squirrel Luann and maybe the Sepulchre of Evil are worth the 60 donuts…

But the Donut Torture Device and the HoverCopter are not.

So it depends on what you have in your box.  So take a look, and examine the Should I Buy posts that we have available for each item.  Then decide if you’d like to add the item to your Springfield.

Here are the Should I Buy Posts for each item…

Witch Marge


Acorn Kirk (60 donuts is a reduced price on this one, originally 70 donuts)

Homer donut torture device

Donut Torture Device (Item breakdown, not a SIB BUT not with 60 Donuts IMO)


HoverCopter (Item breakdown, not a SIB BUT not worth 60 Donuts IMO)


Squirrel Luann (60 donuts is a reduced price on this one, originally 80 Donuts)


Sepulcher of Evil (60 Donuts is a reduced price on this one..it was original 225)


Nightmare Pile (60 Donuts is a reduced price on this one, it was originally 100 Donuts)

Oh and for those asking why they don’t see the Mystery Box it their town…well that’s because each of the items inside is unique.  And likely you have each of the items already, since they’re all re-releases of items from Halloweens past. 🙂

What are your thoughts on the Mystery Box?  What items did yours contain?  Will you be taking it for a spin?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

175 responses to “Halloween 2016 Mystery Box, Should You Buy?

  1. My kid decided today to give it a go not having any of the items. He got the hovercopter – Ah well, at least he thinks it’s cool.

  2. Since I didn’t have any of these prizes, I was totally reluctant to roll the dice on this one. But today I could no longer resist. I pressed the yes button. I got the Sepulchre of Evil!!!!!

    OK I’m done (for now)

  3. I really want Witch Marge. So far I’ve spun for Acorn Kirk, which is fine. Then I got the Sepulcher, and I can’t complain about a 4% bonus. I have 48 donuts left, so I have 9 days to save up 12 more donuts for one more spin. Wish me luck!

  4. Anyone know my odds of getting the nightmare pile? The only item I have is Witch Marge (sans cauldron).

    • It would be 1 in 6 odds, so a 17% chance.

      • Thank you ibeforeJ. Alissa alluded to that there were different odds for each item but never (as far as I can tell) actually came out and said what they were.

        • LOL- sorry about that- I see her reply post now. Hmmm- that would be good info to have. I’m in the same boat as you and there’s only 2 things I would like…

          • Unless we can find someone to help us with this conundrum I am thinking I may try my luck at the end of the event. That way I won’t lose out on anything good that might be released in the last act, that is if I have enough donuts by then.

    • Well held my breath and gave it a try…..got the donut torture thing. I do like it but I really didn’t want to spend bonuts on it, to me it wasn’t worth it. Because I feel unsatisfied my brain is itching to try again, I’ll have to see if I can come up with the donuts before the event is over….maybe, I do not know, uhg, can’t decide. 🙁

  5. really want to get this but haven’t got luann. I’ve got a 1 in 7 chance of ending up with a skin for a character i don’t have

    • I don’t have Luann either, and annoyingly enough, I got her when I bought the mystery box. But on the other hand, my second purchase netted me the Sepulcher of Evil. Then again, I already have the Nightmare Pile and Donut Torture Device, so other than the Hover Copter and Squirrel Luann, I’d be sure to get something I could use anyway, and I suppose I hit the jackpot.

  6. I purchased this box three times, for each if the items I didn’t already have. Two are missing. How do I find them? Acorn Kirk and sepulchre if evil are both nowhere to be found. I couldn’t immediately place the sepulchre of evil until I made space, but now I can’t find it. It’s not in my inventory.

  7. Got all of them had two I saved D’s for Halloween
    Wanted witch marge for ages got her first then Kirt
    Kirt chased by squirrels is the funniest task ever
    Bare arsed Kirt being chased all over Springfield by squirrels who are
    Trying to bite his nuts lol

  8. herroyaldykeness

    Is it you pay 60 donuts and you get one of the items in the box or is it you pay 60 and get them all???

  9. Halloween 2016 mystery box was crap for me. Got a skin for a character I don’t have!

  10. I have an idea and was wondering if you can confirm this. When you go to the mystery box it shows the possible prizes at the bottom. I don’t have any of them so they are all shown at the bottom. The strange thing I noticed if I close it and open it back up they prizes get rearranged. So here is my theory, first time witch Marge was listed from the left. Closed it and then the sepulcher was shown. Third time the sepulcher again. Fourth, the donut torture. I’m wondering the if the first prize shown will be the reward? I find it odd that they rearrange possible prizes every time you open up the screen. Maybe they put in a way to pick which one you can get? But I don’t have enough donuts to try this idea. What do you all think?

  11. I really wanted witch marge, but didnt mind nightmare pile or the spec of evil. I really didnt want the two skin. My 1st try was nightmate pile, then spec of evil, then finally witch. So happy i didnt get the skins lol.

  12. I could get five items: first time I got the Kirk costume, second time the nightmare pile. I wanted the selpucre or witch Marge but am glad I didn’t get Luann’s costume as I don’t have her. Was pretty scared that would happen. Still not sure if I will try again or just leave it at this….

    • Corisa Holowenko

      Im a sucker…bought em all….plus had to buy cracker factory for LuAnne. I was very disappointed Kirk and LuAnne didn’t have a animated quest together in their costumes.Also disappointed Marge didn’t have a quest with her Halloween skin.

      • That’s disappointing: A quest for Marge would be fun. I will probably get Luann at some point but if I would get her skin, I’d feel more inclinded to get her sooner as well. Otherwise it just sits in your inventory.

  13. Alissa nailed it!

    I already have the Donut Torture Device & Hovercopter (neither is worth spending Donuts on), but the other prices are being offered at a cheap rate (easily 1/2 the original) – so gamble wisely! 😉

  14. I already have Witch Marge and her cauldron <3 The Sepulchre is the only item that I'd really really want, but I rarely have good luck with these kind of things like -every- -single- -time- I bought the Platinum Scratch-R I won the lowest amount. I'll give this a wide berth and save my donuts for clear deals 😀

  15. Been playing since the first TSTO Christmas-should have gotten Witch Marge years ago. She is awesome and I will use her every day.

  16. Witch Marge will help have the time on the 4 hour crop from memory (don’t hate me if I remember wrong!) at Cletus ‘ farm. It’s not bad.

  17. The only item I don’t have is the Sepulcher. I wanted it last time around, but for 225 donuts, it was way too much. Looks like I might pull the trigger this time 🙂

  18. I don’t have witch marge as an option in the mystery box but I also don’t have the skin yet. Is it something you can get that they just aren’t listing?

  19. Can’t find this anywhere, but does Witch Marge offer any bonus event currency with thr skin? Or is it monster battles she helps with?

  20. I totally scored big. The only items I didn’t have were hovercopter and the sepulcher of evil. I really wanted the sepulcher but it was that tricksy high price. I went for it, I had a 50/50 shot at getting it for 60 donuts and I hit jackpot.

  21. Only had 5 options to choose from in mystery box-luann, kirk, nightmare pile, marge and sepulcher. First pull-KIRK, second pull-Sepulcher, 3rd pull-Luann (I do not have Luann….) 4th-Witch Marge leaving nightmare pile remaining.

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