Halloween 2016 Event 101: M-M-M-Monsters! (Monster Battles Act 1)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s Halloween in our pocket-size Springfields!  Yes that magical time of the year when our towns turn dark, our water becomes mucky and there are monsters everywhere to battle.  And of course an all new event means all new twists and turns to make us all a little crazy….

Seeing lots of questions from you guys about the Giant Monsters How do you get them?  What do they do?  How do you get it started?    Let’s take a look at all those questions and more as we break down the details of Monster Battles…2016-10-05-23-41-51

How Do I Start Monster Battles?

To start the Monster Battles you’ll need to start Lost in La Monstra Pt. 1 in the Act 1 questline.  Check here for the Turbo Tappin’ (walkthrough) post.


How Do I Access the Monster Hub?

You can access the Monster Hub by clicking the trophy icon in the bottom right of your main Springfield…


And then clicking the Monster Fist Icon on the left side of the Event Hub Box


You can also view the Monster Hub by tapping on the Monster Actors Guild Building


And hitting the purple button that appears…

How Do I Get Monsters?  What’s the Spawn Rate?

Monsters appear in your Springfield 2 at a time, and they spawn every 4hrs.  So every 4hrs you’ll get 2 Monsters to battle.

They max out at 10 monsters, which means you can leave your game for up to 20hrs before having to clear it of Monsters to get new ones.

Some of you are indicating you’re having issues with your Monster Spawn rate.  You’ll leave your game for 8hrs (overnight) and come back and there’s only 2 to battle.  If that happens to you, it could be a matter of you’re just shy of the next two launching…so check your game again in 20minute to an hr to see if two more have popped up.  If two more have not popped up, and you’ve been out of the game for a long period of time, contact EA.  Let them know what’s going on….

You can contact EA here.

If They Spawn Two At a Time, How Come There Was a Time When I Had Three?


The INITIAL battle, the one that triggers with the Lost in La Monstra questline, where you send Homer…shows 3 Monsters in your town.  This is the typical spawn rate of 2 Monsters/town PLUS 1 allowed via the questline.  This only happens for that questline, and you won’t see 3 spawn at the same time again.

The only time you’ll see your Monster Battle Hub show 3 again is if you had more and defeated some so you have 3 left…

How do I See the Timer For When I’ll Get New Monsters?

If there are NO Monsters in your town (including ones currently being battled) your Monster Battle Screen will have a timer telling you when more will be coming.

However, if you currently have Monsters in your town (including ones you’re battling) you won’t be able to see the timer.  So there’s no way to tell when more will Spawn (other than checking the time yourself) if you’ve currently got some in your town.


How Do I Fight the Monsters?  Who Can I Send?

So for Act 1 it’s pretty simple (we’ll see what Acts 2 and 3 bring…).  When you have Monsters in your town you can check out the Monster Battle Screen:


Simply select the character you’d like to use to fight…


Tap fight and you’re good to go.

Make sure you hit FIGHT before you change the screen, otherwise it won’t register. 

As of Act 1 you can send:

ico_battlehub_avatar_large_skinner ico_battlehub_avatar_large_krusty ico_battlehub_avatar_large_cletus ico_battlehub_avatar_large_apu ico_battlehub_avatar_large_crazyiguanalady

You can send Homer for the initial task associated with Lost in La Monstra Pt. 1, but after that he can’t go. (for now..)

What’s the Difference Between Characters?  Do Some Earn More than Others? 

Nope.  Every character has an even playing field, and they all earn the same rate (150 ico_cur_thoh2016_filmstrip_lg) and take the same amount of time (4hrs) to defeat the Monster.

How Do I Know If I Have More Than One Monster In My Town?

When you open up your Monster Battle Guide the top of the box will show you how many Giant Monsters are in your town at that moment…simply select the left and right arrows to toggle between monsters, and send more characters to fight.


Some of My Neighbors Have TWO Characters Battling ONE Monster, How do I Get That?!

For Act 1, at least as of right now…there are two different monsters that will appear in your town.  They look like this:

ico_battlehub_monster02 The blue and yellow Monster, will most commonly appear in your Springfield.  For this Monster you can send 1 Character to battle and that’s it.

ico_battlehub_monster04 The Purple and Yellow Monster is rarer.  And will RANDOMLY appear in Springfield.  For this Monster you can send 2 Characters to battle and that’s it.


How Does the Two Character battle Work?

It works much like the 1 character battle.  When you have a yellow and purple monster in your Springfield you’ll see it show up in your Monster Hub:


Simply select one character first


And then select another character for the second slot, where it says Bonus!


Hit FIGHT and you are good to go!

Does It Cost Something to Send Two Characters?  What’s the Payout for Sending Two Characters?

It does not cost you anything to send two characters to battle (I know there’s been some confusion no that, but you are not charged Film Strips or anything else for the second character).

The Payout for Sending TWO Characters to Battle 1 Monster is 210 ico_cur_thoh2016_filmstrip_lg (150 ico_cur_thoh2016_filmstrip_lg for the first character and 60ico_cur_thoh2016_filmstrip_lg for the second).

You’ll want to always send two characters to battle the monster…because the monsters can build up (up to 10).  So it’ll take a little more time, but the payout will be better.  And remember there are four characters (5 if you have Crazy Iguana Lady) that can battle…so doubling up is a good thing when offered.

And yes, it’s random.  There’s NOTHING you can do in your game to trigger it.  It’ll just happen on it’s own.  So don’t freak out about it, when it happens it happens.

I just got my first one yesterday evening…it took a while.


Oh and in case your wondering, here’s what the characters look like in battle:

homer_monster_fight_image_5 cletus_monster_fight_image_10 apu_monster_fight_image_15 skinner_monster_fight_image_39 krusty_monster_fight_image_41 crazycatlady_iguanalady_throw_iguanas_image_4

Oh and another cool thing…you can move the Monsters around!  Just go into your move menu and tap on the Monster (even if they’re in a battle) to move them around.  This is great if you want to actually see the animation going on…


And I believe that covers everything Monster Battle wise for Act 1….and I’ll leave you with this amusing image


(It amused me anyway, with the graveyard and Father Sean standing by…)

What are your thoughts on the Monster Battles?  Make sense or still confusing? Liking the animations associated with the battles?  How’s your film count coming?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

123 responses to “Halloween 2016 Event 101: M-M-M-Monsters! (Monster Battles Act 1)

  1. Replies requested. For me, a new pair of monsters spawns 4 hrs after I defeat a pair. Overnight, I sent fighters at midnight, they were done at 4 AM, but I cleared them at 6 AM, and I already had a new pair waiting. My next pair of monsters showed up at 10 AM.

    I would expect them to show up at 8, then noon.

    Can some of you please respond and let me know if your 4-hour wait is based on you clearing them out rather than them spawning EVERY 4 hours regardless of clearing them? My issue is that I can never have more than 4 monsters so I’m missing currency if I’m supposed to get new monsters EVERY 4 hours.

    Thank you all.

  2. How is it a bonus to to have 2 characters fighting 1 monster? Wheyn they fight alone, they get 300, but the 2nd character only gets 60 (for the stated total of 210 on the monster hub) how is that a bonus?

    • Per the post above, “You’ll want to always send two characters to battle the monster…because the monsters can build up (up to 10). So it’ll take a little more time, but the payout will be better. And remember there are four characters (5 if you have Crazy Iguana Lady) that can battle…so doubling up is a good thing when offered.”

      This is even more true now that you have even more fighters available in Act 2.

      • Why is it better to have a character only making 60 when he could be making 150 (monster fights) is there a penalty for having 10 monsters in my town? It seems like I’d only want 1 character on each monster cuz when you fill that “bonus” spot in the monster fighting hub, it’s only worth 60 as opposed to 150? What am I missing?

        • You’re missing the fact that the monsters build up, they don’t disappear.

          So let’s say you have 4 monsters in your town. And 4 Characters that can battle monsters. 1 of the monsters you can send two characters to defeat (earning 150 +60), 1 of them you can send 3 characters to defeat (earning 150+60+45) and 2 you can only send 1 character to…

          Your BEST Strategy is to send all 5 characters to defeat the two with bonuses:
          -So send two to defeat the one that you can send two to. (Earning 210)
          -Send three to defeat the one you can send three to (Earning 255)

          And WAITING until those are cleared to clear the two you can earn 150 for. Because when the four hours are up and you’ve defeated those monsters and earned all of that extra currency. You can go back and defeat the ones that you left hanging out earning an additional 150 currency for each.

          So this method you would earn 765 currency (+ more because new monsters will have spawned once the 4hrs are up) vs only earning 600 Event Currency for sending 1 character to defeat all 4 at once.

  3. Great review. Just wanted to add one thing: once you recievers Space Marshmallow he can also battle act one monsters.

  4. I don’t know what the benefit of fighting the monsters is? It seems like a big waste of time to have my characters tied up for two hours, when they could be completing tasks and earning money.
    For all the effort put forth, it seems more beneficial to just keep playing along as I did before the update. Or is it mandatory that we kill a certain amount of monsters? Am I hindering myself by avoiding these battles? Please give me the “Dummies Guide” run down on this update.

    • Fighting monsters is really important if you want any of the prizes in this update. If you don’t care about all of the freemium stuff…keep ignoring it.

  5. In more recent days I haven’t been spawning 4 overnight, it more seems like it is capping at 4 total. Also, once I clear the two I killed and reset the next two that seems to be when the next timer starts I never get the two earlier…

    • I think that’s what I’m seeing as well. I never have more than 4, even if the clock shows 4 hours have passed.

  6. I’m sorry but I still didn’t get the monster fight! I have 4 to 6 monsters occasionally and only twice I could fight each one of them, I have no idea what did I do to make it happen! Few min. Ago, I had 6 again, bam, after two fights the leftover 4 disappeared…..can please someone explain to this dummy 😒

    • If you’ve read this post carefully and what you’re seeing in your game doesn’t match up with what Alissa explained, then you probably should call EA, because you may have something wrong with your game. But, first, re-read the post, just to make sure…

  7. I only got two monsters through the night (I waited over 10 hours since 2 spawned) and EA was not very helpful. I resynched, I restarted, I reinstalled, still no more monsters. I hope it doesn’t happen tonight. 🙁

  8. Happy Monday Tap a tap tappers! I’m seeing a fair few comments about the last prize of this act being an NPC. According to my ‘other online research’ it’s SPACE MARSHMALLOW and is a playable character with a 5 part questline. I could be wrong, but CJBROWN.LV & others why take the risk? I’d keep the pace going, win him & if it is just an NPC then just shove it under the bed (storage😂)……💜X

  9. Thank you for explaining the Act One Monster Battles, Alissa ! 🙂

    Think you can rely on EA to explain with details? Well, think again (EA only wants Tappers to buy Donuts in spend Donuts (lol)!

  10. Reminds me of Tremors

  11. Wow I think I had missed like 6 monsters bonus. Kinda late, but thank you for the tip 🙂

  12. Anyone has problem to slide over your springfield? Like some settings is changed.

  13. Is it just me???

    I think we Don,t get a lot of money coins

  14. Wow, Skinner’s fight animation has sound! Who else has that besides Sideshow Bob’s rake job?

  15. I know it’s coming and I hate to “pester” but pretty pleeeeeease do a SIB on all the store items. I want that Ghost Airship bundle but can’t proceed until I get the wise advice from our Addict bloggers… (that’s a lie, I couldn’t wait for the SIB on the Gingerbread house and Suzanne and already pulled the trigger and I may buy that bundle as well cuz I just couldn’t wait). I’d rather get your guys’ thoughts first if I can hang in there that long though. Thanks in advance 🙂

    • If you have the donuts…the Ghost Airship bundle is a great buy! And, I can’t believe I actually said that. But the original offer was horribly overpriced for the ship alone.

      Not sure if we have a SIB on all of the store bundles. But I suspect we will.

      • The Ghost Ship is one of my favorite buys. I love how it floats. Because I have it it wasn’t in my store so I’m curious as to what is in the bundle. I’ve done a site search for it but nothing seems to show up. Would you please point me to it?

      • It’s gonna a tough season on my wallet…

    • Does the Ghost Zapper work or is it just a decoration?

  16. If by mistake you only send one of your fighters, when you could have send more: store him and you will be able to start the fight new.

    The Rat-Wolf-Things are eventually all running to your MAG-Tower. You’ll get them all if you wait there for a bit.

    • i feel like they’re VERY slow though… like by the time they get there i feel like more are probably spawning.. I feel like it’s probably never ending..

  17. i have six (!!!) monster battles to fight right now, and two of them have the second slot available. all my characters are free, how come i can’t send more of them to fight? and what happens then? do the monsters wait there until the first 4 battles are over and then i send another 2 characters?

    • Do the first two doubles with your four characters…selecting two characters before you hit “Fight.” In four hours, play each as a single, and in four hours, you should be caught up.

  18. Your last picture with the wild west scene reminds me of the movie tremors lol.

  19. Is there an easy way to finding the monster rats? They are always hidden in places I can’t see. I did the daily challenge today and it helped me find 60 rats in 3 min.

    • Don’t try to find them…if you just go to your MAG building and stay there for a couple of minutes, they’ll all come to you! 🙂

  20. How many characters do you have?

  21. Thanks very much for this Alissa. The screen shot is really funny. I actually like the way Snowball Il is contemplating getting in on the action too. Fun….💜X

  22. I’ve had 2 yellow/purple monsters since reading this post last night. Neither of them have prompted or allowed for a second character to fight them…. But both times I’ve also had 4 monsters to fight.

  23. I would love to fight Eddie Monster in my TSTO game.

  24. Its definitely NOT spawning any monsters every 4hrs…its not only me its my friends, my hubby etc! Theres only 2 monsters at a time no matter HOW long I am away from the game, after a rather exhausting week I had a nice 12h+ sleep last night and guess what? I came back to 2 monsters ready to fight! :/

    • You’ll have to contact ea then

      • Not looking forward to that! None of them knows whats right or wrong, and they offer donut refunds just to refuse them an hour later :/ I haven’t had the bestest experiences contacting them so far 🙁

      • OK I contacted them, they told me that they are aware of this problem and that there will be a fix for it by monday!

        • Thanks! I’ve been away 10 hours a couple of times and have had two also. Nice to know their working on it.

  25. Did anyone else read the title of this post in scooby doo’s voice or was that just me?

  26. Thanks for explaining battling 2 at a time. I didn’t have the sandworm er monster with the right look to battle 2 yet.

  27. I have had 4 monsters show up in my town at once, on a few occasions, that’s been nice.

  28. Any opinions on how to play at this point? I have 4 trick-or-treaters and the Catacombs are my next big purchase. Do I start saving my 250 coins for the Catacombs or spend them to boost my MAG and unlock more trick-or-treaters to have an easier time saving for the Catacombs laters?

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