Halloween 2016 101: Act 2 Math

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Seeing a LOT of questions/concerns in the comments about whether or not you’ll be able to earn enough clapboards (ico_cur_thoh2016_clapboard_lg) each day to keep up with the calendar and unlock all of the prizes.

So let’s calm those worries and quickly breakdown the math and how to succeed in getting everything….


First…(like I reminded you for Act 1) let’s remember the Ralph way of tapping.  Don’t over think it.  Just have fun and tappa, tap, tap. 🙂

There are several ways to earn Clapboards during Act 2.  I’m just going to cover the bare minimum freemium ways that apply to everyone.  If you have premium characters/buildings that earn currency..well you’ll just be WAY ahead of the game 🙂

So according to the Calendar you’ll need 4,386ico_cur_thoh2016_clapboard_lg /day to earn all of the prizes.  Seems like a daunting task, huh?

Let’s break down how simple it really is…

Here are the items we have a firm daily control over…

Tapping Feral Monsters

feralbeast01_tap_image_12 feralbeast02_defeated_image_2

So these guys have max of 40 in your town at once, with a bank of 40.  (so 80 max)  The files indicate that the spawn rate is every 20 minutes…now here’s what’s a little more confusing, the number that spawn every 20 minutes. (Note: Some of you are reporting seeing more…)

It appears to me, based on how i’m interpreting things that it’s NOT 1 every 20 minutes (and that’s based just on what i see in my game..these things are everywhere!).  It looks like it’s a rate of 4/20 minutes that spawn. That’s how i’m interpreting what I see in the files…I could be wrong, but that’s how it looks to me. (and it makes sense based on what I observed during Act 1)

Note: IF you’re having problems with your Spawn Rates, or the Feral Monsters aren’t dropping Clapboards for you…that is not normal.  If it’s happening contact EA.

For safety sake I’m going to assume you can tap 120 of these/day.  Which is way less than i’ve managed to tap today, but I’m being safe here.

So we know that as of right now there are TWO Feral Monsters to tap….those with wings and those without.  Those with wings earn you 10 ico_cur_thoh2016_clapboard_lg and those without wings earn you 20 ico_cur_thoh2016_clapboard_lg (since you have to double tap) when cleared.

Because I’m not certain the spawn rate of non-winged to winged Feral monsters (I have an idea, but without 100% certainty I’m not going to assume anything), I’m going to just use the 10ico_cur_thoh2016_clapboard_lg payout for the non-winged Feral monsters here as a base…this way you know the number will be higher, but we’re playing it safe…

So 120 feral monsters/day x 10ico_cur_thoh2016_clapboard_lg each = 1,200ico_cur_thoh2016_clapboard_lg minimum from tapping Feral Monsters


Neighbor Actions

Neighbor Icon

You’re allowed 9o total neighbor actions/day (1 tap=1 action…and we’ve got a neighbor actions covered on this post.  Towards the bottom).  Each tap yields       5 ico_cur_thoh2016_clapboard_lg.

So 5ico_cur_thoh2016_clapboard_lg x 90 actions= 450ico_cur_thoh2016_clapboard_lg/day


Giant Monsters

ico_battlehub_monster02  ico_battlehub_monster04 ico_battlehub_monster01

The Super Monsters spawn at a rate of 2/4hrs, and will continually spawn at that rate (even if you haven’t cleared them yet) until you have 10 in your town at once. (in otherwords if you clear them every 4hrs, you’ll always have 2 Giant Monsters waiting for you when they’re cleared).

We know that the blue and yellow ones earn 150 ico_cur_thoh2016_clapboard_lg for defeating them, the Purple and Yellow earn 210 ico_cur_thoh2016_clapboard_lg for defeating them (assuming you send two characters to defeat it) and the olive green and red ones earn 255 ico_cur_thoh2016_clapboard_lg for defeating them (assuming you send three characters to defeat them).

We know that these spawn at a rate of 2/4hrs over a 24hr period…and it’s continual until you cap out at 10/day.  Because of this you can assume you’ll be able to clear 12/day..based on your build up from the previous day/overnight build up.  (i.e. you don’t lose time for sleeping…)

We also know that most of those 12 will be the Blue and Yellow Monsters…but we can assume that at least 2/day will be Purple and Yellow and at least 1/day will be the Olive Green and Red.  So that breaks out the 12 for the day as follows:

9 Blue/Yellow @ 150 ico_cur_thoh2016_clapboard_lg each
2 Purple/Yellow @ 210 ico_cur_thoh2016_clapboard_lg each (assuming playing with bonuses)
1 Olive Green/Red @ 255 ico_cur_thoh2016_clapboard_lg each (assuming playing with bonuses)

So that breaks it out as:
1,350 ico_cur_thoh2016_clapboard_lg from the Blue/Yellow Ones
420ico_cur_thoh2016_clapboard_lg  from the Purple/Yellow Ones
255 ico_cur_thoh2016_clapboard_lg from the Olive Green/Red Ones

So 2,025ico_cur_thoh2016_clapboard_lg/day from Giant Monsters (playing with bonuses)

Note: It is to your maximum advantage to send multiple characters to defeat Giant Monsters when you can…i.e. if you can send two characters do it to get the bonus.  Some of you aren’t understanding why. You think it’s better to send 2 characters to defeat two different Monsters because you’ll earn 300 for 2 characters vs 210….the math above shows you that using the bonuses is better.  Most of you are missing the fact that the monsters build up, they don’t disappear.

Let’s say you have 4 monsters in your town. And 4 Characters that can battle monsters. 1 of the monsters you can send two characters to defeat (earning 150 +60), 1 of them you can send 3 characters to defeat (earning 150+60+45) and 2 you can only send 1 character to…

Your BEST Strategy is to send all 5 characters to defeat the two with bonuses:
-So send two to defeat the one that you can send two to. (Earning 210)
-Send three to defeat the one you can send three to (Earning 255)

And WAITING until those are cleared to clear the two you can earn 150 for. Because when the four hours are up and you’ve defeated those monsters and earned all of that extra currency. You can go back and defeat the ones that you left hanging out earning an additional 150 currency for each.

So this method you would earn 765 currency (+ more because new monsters will have spawned once the 4hrs are up) vs only earning 600 Event Currency for sending 1 character to defeat all 4 at once.

Make more sense?



Milhouse Trick or Treat      bart_go_trick_or_treating martin_go_trick_or_treating nelson_go_trick_or_treating

This is one thing that will increase as time goes on and you earn more MAG points. (If you’re still confused about MAG Points, check out this post)  Initially you can only send Bart Trick-or-Treating (Squeaky Voiced Teen too, if you have him).  But if you craft 1 item that earns MAG points, you’ll unlock Milhouse too. And the list increases.

Assuming you only earned MAG points via the Act 1 Prize Track you’ll at least have Bart, Milhouse, Martin and Nelson unlocked for Trick-or-Treating

So each will earn 30 ico_cur_thoh2016_clapboard_lg each every 4hrs from Trick or Treating.  Let’s assume you do this at least 4 times/day.

30ico_cur_thoh2016_clapboard_lg x 4= 120ico_cur_thoh2016_clapboard_lg x 4 (for Bart, Milhouse, Martin & Nelson)= 480 ico_cur_thoh2016_clapboard_lg/day via Trick or Treating just from Bart, Milhouse, Martin & Nelson…you’ll earn even more if you have premium characters or have unlocked more MAG Points…

So right now we’re at 4,155 ico_cur_thoh2016_clapboard_lg/day…just from the minimal items in this event. And with things you can control.

But the Calendar says you need to earn 4,386ico_cur_thoh2016_clapboard_lg/day to stay on track and earn all of the prizes.  So how do you make up the remaining 231ico_cur_thoh2016_clapboard_lg?

There are a few ways….


You’ll earn 240 ico_cur_thoh2016_clapboard_lg from the questline (this is just from Completed Task rewards)

So 240 ico_cur_thoh2016_clapboard_lg/13ish days that Act 2 lasts is about 18ish ico_cur_thoh2016_clapboard_lg/day on average from the questline…

Daily Challenges

You will occasionally receive a daily challenge that will earn you more ico_cur_thoh2016_clapboard_lg.  From what I’ve seen it’s a reward of 350ico_cur_thoh2016_clapboard_lg.
Of course the total amount for act 2 will vary for each player, based on how many you get throughout act 2

Friend Actions in YOUR Town..

When your friends tap on cameras on your town you can clear those spots to earn 1 ico_cur_thoh2016_clapboard_lg/ tap.  Let’s assume you earn 20ico_cur_thoh2016_clapboard_lg/day from this.

MAG Prizes

Several of the MAG prizes award ico_cur_thoh2016_clapboard_lg.  (350ico_cur_thoh2016_clapboard_lg when you get there..)

And of course there are a large chunk of you who will be able to earn more ico_cur_thoh2016_clapboard_lg through various other ways.  Here are some other ways you can earn ico_cur_thoh2016_clapboard_lg

-Character tasks at MAG.  Count Burns, Booberella, Suzanne the Witch and the Space Mutant (all characters from previous THOH Events) all have the ability to earn 50 ico_cur_thoh2016_clapboard_lg/4hrs with a task at MAG Building.  This could equate to an additional 800ico_cur_thoh2016_clapboard_lg/day  (if you have all 4 and clear it 4 times a day).

-Premium characters Trick-or-Treating.  Squeaky Voiced Teen unlocks at the Rich House for Trick-or-Treating along with Bart initially.  He can earn an extra 50ico_cur_thoh2016_clapboard_lg/4hrs for Trick-or-Treating.  Also Sherri and Terri as well as Shauna each unlock with Trick-or-Treating tasks once Act 2 starts…  That’s an additional 200/day (clear/resetting it 4 times/day) for each one you have….(potentially 600 more ico_cur_thoh2016_clapboard_lg/day)

-Unlocking more characters for Trick-or-Treating via MAG points.  Several other characters will unlock with more MAG points as you progress through Act 2

So the bottom-line relax.  This one really is easy.  And you should have no problem unlocking everything with steady game play… 🙂

Remember…have some fun!  It’s a game, it’s made to be fun! 🙂

What are your thoughts on the math of Halloween Act 2?  Easy stuff?  Feel like you can relax now?  Excited about Halloween now that we’re getting into it?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!



66 responses to “Halloween 2016 101: Act 2 Math

  1. I already got the prize that was scheduled for Friday. I’m three days ahead and I don’t think I’ll have any problem unlocking Death.


  2. I’m having a little trouble with the math – according to my game, I need about 61,000 clapboards to get Death. If I’ve only got a week to do that, that’s about 8,000/day, not 4,000 – I’ve been playing diligently all week and I’m not even close to getting him. Do I have something wrong here? Thanks!


  3. Regarding Friend Actions…

    I’ve noticed this in the past, but only remembered to document it this time around. I’m only getting 445 ‘Event Currency’ per day via Friend Actions?

    I’ve often noticed that it’ll say I’ll get X from the next 3 actions, but only receive X from the first 2 actions? I remescreensho get a screenshot the other day…

    (I hope that worked!)

    I double checked by noting the numbers today, & it’s definitely 445; I started with 21,372 & ended with 21, 817.

    Any ideas??


  4. Should I feel cheated? I only get 40 clapboards/4hrs for premium characters trick-or-treating 😦


    • Nah, I think that’s what everyone gets.

      Although if premium characters generally pay out at a 1.5% rate, shouldn’t EA have coded it so they pay out 45, instead of just 40??


  5. When unlocking the MAG prizes I didn’t get the first gate, looked everywhere and it’s gone, anyone else missing one of the gates prizes?


    • Two ideas… First, it looks a lot like the fences…the first view of it is virtually indistinguishable, unless you look closely. So, make sure none of your medieval fence pieces is really the gate.

      If that’s not it, then make sure you look through your *entire* inventory…don’t use the categories, just scroll though everything in the non-categorized list.


    • You only get one gate. As you progress you earn new skins for it. You don’t get multiple gates. Just tap on the gate you have, you should be able to scroll through the various designs.


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