THOH XXVII – 2016 Halloween Calendar – ACT II

It seems that the goulies have gobbled up Bunny, or perhaps she is hiding out from them. But whatever the case, Alissa asked me to put together the Act II Calendar, so we can all remain “on track to get everything” without panicking!

Loads of new stuff…lots of tapping ahead!

Click Below for Calendar

I know…I know…the numbers seem daunting. But, remember, you will earn loads of new ways to earn event currency as the Act Unfolds!  Just stay on task and log in every 4 hours, as many times as you are able, and you should be fine!



And…let’s be honest…at my age, I’m not sure I WANT death wandering around my town!

Keep your heads down and your fingers busy!

116 responses to “THOH XXVII – 2016 Halloween Calendar – ACT II

  1. So i got death when 4 days and hours left for act 2 end(like act 1) i have 49 donuts
    So i want to know what others prizes have Mystery Jack O Lantern?
    BYE add me in game im TheDante500

  2. 2 day to halloween and1 day to Act 2 end, and EA servers is down. Dang!!! Is it possible EA give compensation for this haps? Just a lil’bit to get the last prize: “Death”. (-_-“)

  3. Got Death yesterday and am working on my second round of Bonuts. WOOHOO!

    I now have a new Feral Monster spawning in my town-it is much fatter and requires four taps yielding a total of 40 film. Is this a new type of FM spawning or one of the old type that did not get tapped and grew old and fat? What triggered this fat FM-the number of days into Act 2 or the earning of Death?

    As an aside, the Obol drop rate from FM’s has increased for me the last few days.

  4. Working on getting Death now. I’m way ahead now. I’m between this Friday and Saturday right now (28/29). I haven’t even been visiting my neighbors (sorry), and have been missing at least 1 collection time for a couple days too.

  5. the wing monster now is die with one tap :/

  6. just 5K more for prize number 6

  7. I’m having a problem. For some reason the flying monsters like to hang out behind or between two buildings that are next to each other. This makes finding them virtually impossible and keeping up to date with the calendar difficult. Is this a problem for anyone else?

    • The monsters used to always move to the front of my MAG Office but it seems as if most of them stopped doing that or just very few are spawning now.

  8. slightly disappointed in the couch was hopping it would be a playable character oh well.

  9. what others prizes have the Mystery Jack O’Lantern?

  10. now i have 37300 i will not make it :c
    im f2p player

  11. Ty 4 putting up the map, it helps a lot

  12. you’re really falling behind with reviews and should I spend donuts on…what’s happened??!

    • I’m falling behind?! Everything was covered except for the Gil Deal released Friday (which i said I’d cover Monday) and anything that hit this weekend because well..even I deserve a weekend off. Beyond that everything has been covered

      • I was going to post a sarcastic reply to Amber, but decided against it so my meaning would be clear: I appreciate everything you Addicts do. It’s well done and timely. Keep up the good work.

  13. I trink I found a Smalltalk error in the calendar..

    The Monster Couch should bei on 27th Not 26th as át the endlich of 26th youre recommended to have 39474 but for the Couch are needed 41700..

    Ich dont think that the numbers are so daunting as I have already 31500.. this means I’m 2 days ahead as a freemium player with 5 to 6 logins per day..

    Happy tapping..

  14. The calendar is a great help to know more or less how far i have to be. Special when i see i am ahead, that no big thing. But i am still a bit lost. Two things are confusing to me.

    First : iam a different time zone. So i am not completely sure, what date is now (at the calendar )
    Second : means the number, where i should stay at the beginning, or the end of the day?
    First i thought, at the end, cause most of the time, the numbers of the prices shown at the day, are smaller. But the monster couch has a bigger number that the number at the specific date.

    I feel so dumb now.

  15. breweqwkebgaswnnne,

    I live in Australia and with the time zone differences, I have trouble using this calendar. I tend to just divide the untapped/yet to collect film strips, by the days I have left. i.e. (30000/10.33333333)

    Is there any way you could make an active counter on this page, as in 10 days left, you should have at least so an so number of … ?

  16. The kids that are trick or treating have great costumes. Do we get to keep these skins after the event? I really hope so!!!

    Loving the event. Excited to get crazy cat (iguana) lady for such a great deal. Looking forward to the monster couch prize!

    • The trick-or-treating costumes aren’t skins…you’ll only see them during non-Halloween times if you have the Nightmare Pile or if you send them to tell stories at the campfire (if that’s still a thing…I didn’t think it was, but then I thought I saw some people commenting about it, so maybe it is….).

  17. Hey guys,

    I’m having troubles. Feral monsters are NOT spawning at their normal rate for me.

    I come back to my town every 4hrs and there are only around 10-14 feral monsters in my town. I’m afraid I won’t be able to keep up.

    Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Please let me know if there is a fix for it. Thank you.

  18. Please help me! I’m having trouble getting the quest I read about that involves Lisa doing several tasks. I didn’t get the dialogue someone mentioned don’t remember how it goes. I was unable to get the monster from Act 1.. don’t know if that’s the problem? If so what can I do to trigger Lisa’s tasks? Also I seem to be behind for Act 2 already. I do log in 4-6 times day time permitting. What am I doing wrong? Please, please help. I am so glad I found this site. I can’t believe the time and care that all you guys put into it. Even the players are so helpful. You all are awesome. Love to everyone involved. And thank you in advance for your help. 😀

    • Did you complete all of the Act 1 questline tasks? If so, the Act 2 questline should have started for you automatically on Tuesday. If you finished. Act 1 questline, then try and uninstall/reinstall. If that doesn’t work, you may need to call EA for help (suggest you do it during business hours tomorrow…you’re more likely to get a good rep that way.

      Also, you say you log in 4-6 times, but how far apart? If you’re logging in every four hours, four times a day, you shouldn’t be that far behind. Take a look at the recent Math post to see all the ways you can earn event currency.

  19. Hi, sorry anyone know how is it possible that someone of the friends of the town near mine has during the act 1 items of the act 2 and during the act 2 they own the prize of the act 3? How they get it so early? The prize aren’t appeared in the prize track but they own they, and they have the AsMA at level 20

    • If they have Act 3 prizes, they are most likely playing a hacked/modded game, although, if it’s just one item, it’s possible that they are just experiencing a bug. But, from what you’re describing, odds are it’s the first explanation.

  20. This is great! I am 5000 pts. ahead of the game. I am about to earn the pot of coins. Amazing! I also want to thank my friends who return to my hometown to tap on my houses. Even though, I do more friend tapping than they do.

  21. Can I please make a request?? I know the format that Bunny uses for calendars and which Patric used above allows for more creativity & a pretty-looking calendar …… but can we ALSO have the VERTICAL LIST-type calendars that Patric used to make on his old Friends blog?? (e.g. the ones Patric made for the Superheroes event)

    I found the Vertical List type more practical, as I used to keep cropping & reducing the saved images as I progressed. It was much quicker to see where I need to be & how far ahead I was …….. However, I’m sure that there are MORE fans of Bunny’s calendar format, but still, if we could have BOTH types of calendars for every Act/event now, I would be very grateful

    I hope it’s not asking too much = )))

    • I’ll ask the boss…lol!

      • Ask nicely ….. and say “Please” A LOT during the conversation……. use “Pretty please” if you can say it with a straight face

        And oh, also give compliments to The Great Leader = ))

        Do all that & I’m sure success will be yours 😛 lolzzzz

  22. I’m at 16,000 right now, which puts me nearly a day ahead. ‘Managed to keep some monsters and trick or treats overnight for the start of chapter 2, and I’ve missed one day of neighbour tapping. Love the calendar braces it helps keep me on track, and I can see that I should finish ahead with a bonut round, unless I miss a day!
    Really really want Death!!

  23. I was worried about getting to Death by the 31st but now that I look at this, I realized I’m actually 4000 ahead of schedule. 🙂

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