Happy Halloween!

Hey Howdy Tappers!

Happy Halloween everyone! Today’s the day for Tricks & Treats, Pranks & Candy, Goblins & Ghouls…it’s the day we’ve been celebrating over and over again since the THOH update hit!


As many of you know…Halloween isn’t exactly my favorite holiday.  In fact I downright strongly dislike it.  Nevertheless I’ll still be celebrating with the Tiny Addict later today, as she celebrates her first Halloween dressed as Snow White, and trying to eat all the candy!


How will you be celebrating Halloween?  Trick-or-treating?  Scary Movie athon? Turning off all of your lights and pretending no one’s home so you get out of giving candy?

Don’t forget to check the site later tonight for the announcement of the winner of the THOH Bracket Challenge!

And if you’re looking for something fun to watch, you can check out the Halloween Episode of Addicts Live!

Addicts Live! Halloween Edition

Oh and if you’re looking for some good reads you can check out our previous Halloween Posts, where Bunny, Wookiee and I talked about our favorite THOH Segments…
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Oh and one more thing…something I NEVER do.  But if y’all could do me a favor and vote for Miss Riley in the Gerber Photo Contest.  I know I’m biased, but that smile is just too cute for words. Thanks! 🙂

Clicking on her Photo will take you to the voting Page…

And if you’re having trouble her photo ID # is 195012

48 responses to “Happy Halloween!

  1. Went to site and she was by far the cutest baby (might be a little biased lol). I voted of course. Hope she had a great first Halloween.

  2. Hi Alissa; Such a cute smile from your little girl! I tried to vote but it wouldn’t let Aussies do so! Sorry! Gerber baby food used to be available in Australia; But seems to have disappeared from our supermarket shelves some years back (so maybe that’s why I didn’t get a vote?)

  3. It’s impossible to resist that smile, of course she got a vote from me (and I had no problems registering even though I’m not a us citizen and my email address ends with .se). Good luck in the contest 🙂

  4. Riley definitely got my vote 🤗 Good Luck!!!!!

  5. I agree with you- Alissa- about Halloween. Big meh. I think the “holiday” is best celebrated by parents with little kids for other parents with little kids. Leave the rest of us alone. My wife and I turn off all of the lights and pretend we’re not home. Go away you little beggars! Get your sugar fix somewhere else.

  6. For the first time EVER I had kids at the door begging for candy. I had none, but thankfully they still didn’t ‘trick’ me instead. Seems to be catching on here, too. Can’t really get behind it, though…

  7. I voted for your little cutie. Is this a daily vote or one time only? I’ll put it in my sweep as a reminder.

  8. Voted for that cutie! GOOD luck guys!

  9. Riley is a cutie pie! voted! I’m curious about why the strong downright dislike for Halloween? You don’t have to share if you don’t want to, just curious!

    • Thank you my friend 🙂

      It’s a lot of reasons, but one is….When I was little (like 7 or 8) I spent hours trick or treating and came home and had zero candy in my bag. I had a hole in my bag and didn’t realize it. I lost all of my candy…traumatizing when you’re a kid.

  10. Hi Allisa tried tapping on the pic but its not taking me to where i need to go to vote for the wee lass! Will keep trying though!

  11. Are those all your pumpkins? Or is Riley waiting for the grand pumpkin? 😉

    Happy Halloween Everyone.

  12. Back when I was a kid (when dinosaurs roamed the land, and Halloween was a friendly neighborhood event without razor blades or straight pins in apples, or punks wearing Halloween masks and terrorizing the neighborhood) my mom use to give out cups of apple juice instead of candy to the kids. I remember saying, “mom that is so lame and totally embarrassing”, but turned out we were the most popular house on the block with kids returning several times. They were thirsty and wanted to wash down candy. Turns out the saying that goes, “Mothers Always Know Best” is actually true. But it would take many years before I could tell her that… Kids think they know, but mothers really know…

  13. Voted for your cutie! Addicts, remember the ID#195012, in case you have to sign up like I did. Then, you can search by the ID#, and it brings her right up. Good Luck Riley and Alissa!

  14. Happy Halloween everyone!

    I tried to vote for Riley (she’s so cute!) but it wouldn’t let me, US residents only apparently :/

    The plan for tonight was to hang out at home with my husband and watch something vaguely Halloweenish, like all the Halloween episodes of Pretty Little Liars, but it’s my father-in-law’s birthday and we got a last minute call to go out to dinner tonight instead of next week as previously planned…I haven’t been feeling well so he went alone and I just started a marathon of THOH episodes.

    I loved loved loved Halloween when I lived in the US; here in Belgium it is just starting to catch on, last year we had a dozen or so kids which was the most ever. Half of them were even wearing a costume. This year could be more or less, I bought a bunch of candy bars just in case and can send them into work with Mr. Quoylah for his job students if no one comes tonight. I ate a Milky Way and feel worse so that should keep me from dipping into them again. I hope.

    • Well that’s frustrating! Thank you though! 🙂

    • I don’t think you have to be a US resident to vote on that site. I’m from outside the US and when I voted on that site, it gave me no problems.

      Anyway Alissa, good luck for Riley, hope she wins! 🙂


      • Thanks for letting me know! It said I had to log in to vote and when I went to sign up for an account so I could log in, it said US residents only – specifically a “non-resident special notice” https://www.gerber.com/non-us-special-notice

        I’ll try again or send the link to my mother and ask her to vote 😉

        We’ve had close to 20 trick-or-treaters (or Halloweeners as they call them here LOL) so far so a successful night for me, not many costumes but all with a great deal of elaborate facepaint.

    • We live outside the USA, what we did is, go to the page, login we enter our email addresses, and after we fill the info, we went back to the gallery and search the photo and vote 😀

  15. She has my vote.. jst did it a few moments ago. I have to admit I did go and look at other contestants and ur daughter would’ve gotten my vote even if I didn’t follow this wonderful site.. She is so adorable 😉

  16. So are EA not giving away any small freebie or prize to commemorate the day as I’ve signed in a few times today and not seen anything. 🙁

  17. Voted good luck little Riley

  18. We were way behind this year due to hockey and other commitments. Also, we had terrible winds for the last week or so and lots of rain – not nice or worth decorating for. But yesterday, after a morning of hockey, and my son got home from a friend’s Halloween party, we threw some cool decorations up on the porch and a handful in the house, made up a nice beef stew with fresh, crusty bread, and carved our pumpkins. My 7 yr old did her first carving all by herself and was super proud. It was a really nice family evening and we’re ready! Happy Halloween to all the little ghosts, goblins, and whatever else may show up at your door. 🙂

  19. Happy Halloween to all the ghosts and goblins.

    👻 🐰 🍩🍫🍬🍭🍕

    See ya bye . 🌞 💎 . 👽

  20. Alex - aabcampos2

    There is No Halloween in Brazil

  21. Voted! 🙂 What do you get if she wins?

    I’m totally not into Halloween this year….in fact, I’m totally burnt out on all of the major holidays. I mean, after 55 (and with no kids or grandkids took see them with fresh eyes), it’s all too BTDT. I think I need a new holiday to get into, with new traditions, or something…

    Boo, humbug! 😛

    • Thank you 🙂 If she wins the votes we get Gerber Cash…basically money to buy Gerber Products. If Gerber picks her photo for her age group she could become the Gerber Baby for that age group for next year, and win $ for College.

    • If you have had enough of Halloween I give you permission to take our tradition of fireworks in the UK. It’s known as Guy Fawkes or bonfire night on 5th November. Basically it’s just letting off fireworks, burning effigies on a bonfire and eating hotdogs usually in the rain (it’s Britain after all!) failing that you could always take dwaili which was yesterday (it’s the Hindu festival of lights). There you go two fun alternatives to Halloween for you!

      • Diwali was on Saturday not Sunday. Diwali is a beautiful holiday! I love the food( esp barfi, jelabi, parasad) and deyas! Its very much celebrated in my native country. My grandma was Hindu( fun fact about me).

  22. Our neighborhood seems to be a trick or treater’s magnet. We have hundreds of kids every year – last year we gave out over 800 pieces of candy. We sit out on the front porch and watch the spectacle, usually at least 4 Halloween parties on our little cul-de-sac with waves of kids going up and down the street. It is the most activity our street sees all year!
    On my way out to load up on tootsie pops and mint patties ( hands down favorites, along with Snickers) and have to dig out my witches hat. We are putting out a ” runway” of twinkle lights this year across the yard, since we have no front sidewalk entrance. Hopefully will keep kids from walking into the bird feeders, like last year (whap!).
    I’m recording all the THoH on FXX today, all 25 episodes, so a good day all around. Happy Halloween everybody!

  23. Happy Halloween! I’ll be watching the every Simpsons THOH on FXX followed by giving out candy to all the little trick or treaters as I will be dressed up as Bob Belcher from Bobs Burgers. Since my birthday was this past Saturday, it is by far my favorite holiday and get way too into celebrating and dressing up lol

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