ACT III Calendar in Two Formats

Well, it seems that Bunny had a few more tricks than treats, so I am jumping in to do the calendar again for Act III.  Lots of hopping, and hoping for her return!

This month is going to be loaded with action, and loaded with all sorts of huge scary numbers…but in the end, we’ll all get what we deserve for our hard work, right? (and no…this isn’t a veiled election reference).

Click Below for the Calendar in 2 Different Versions!
Because we had a request for the kind of “Vertical Calendar” I used to do over at TSTOFriends, I am including that as well, along with the traditional Addicts Style.

The math does seem daunting…but EA has already started making it easier to gather Megaphones and Obols. So…we’ll see!


And for those who prefer a Vertical Calendar (not implying that someone may be horizontally challenged), HERE YA GO!!


94 responses to “ACT III Calendar in Two Formats

  1. I was away and could not play for about four days so I am behind schedule and I doubt that I will be able to get Frinkenstein. I have 33600 megaphones at the moment and according to the calendar I should have 47000 now. That means that I am about 2,5 days behind. I think I will be able to catch up a little but I don’t think it’ll be enough. I just reached the final crafting level and I need about 950 obols for the shipwreck. I think that is doable, especially if I reach the large obol pack (which I should). At the moment I have two prizes left on the MAG prize track and as soon as I get werewolf Ned (tomorrow) I will get the second to last prize. I don’t remember what that prize is but I guess it’s either megaphones or obols so it should help me get closer to either Frinkenstein or the shipwreck.

    • I’ve got a couple of thousand megaphones to get till I’ve Frinkenstein. I haven’t been going that hard and heavy at it, and definitely missed a day and a half last weekend. I’ve not bothered collecting from friends in a week.

      It’s pretty damned achievable once you get your monster fights and trick or treating going 3/4 times a day.

      Keep going 🙂

      • It’s a pity you can’t donate megaphones 📢 your friends. I have thousands to spare.

      • I’ve been lazy and I just now got the large obol pack. Frinkenstein is out of reach though. Not that I mind that much, if I did I would have played more. I unlocked everything except Frinkenstein though, the large obol pack was what I needed to craft the shipwreck and I think it was yesterday that I reached the final MAG level and the last upgrade to the gate. Thanks for the encouragement though 🙂

  2. I guess now I only have to collect of Bonuts. Got Frinkenstein this evening I guess I am a week ahead of schedule. I must have more townfolk who make MEGs to get that many in so little time. Only playing about 2 to 3 times a day.

  3. just 4410 Megaphones more for prize 6

  4. Ty 4 da calendar it helps 🙂

  5. I find the older I get the more horizontally challenged I get.

  6. I have a question regarding collecting from neighbors:
    Am I the only one who just gets cash and XP from the 90th friend action?
    For part 3, I only get megaphones from 89 of the friend actions. This has also been the case for the last 2 or 3 events. I have taken some screenshots for documentation if anybody wants it. But I urge everyone to check it out to see if this affects everyone.

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