Mag Points- A “Chillaxing” Report and Graph


We have had more than a number of players who seem to be in “panic mode” over being “stalled” on Mag Points.

This is a quick post…with rEAl numbers…in graph form…that should help you all Chillax!

There is good and bad…but mostly good. 

The Only “Bad” part of all of this…is that the “Final Reward” for earning all of the Mag Points, is a relatively “Meh” Upgraded Gate. Really? That’s it EA? That’s the best you can do for all of that leveling up?  Is it a gate to Heaven? Or an Exit to hell?  Or is it just a gate that shimmers?  It sure as heck isn’t a new character or standout building. I only hope I can sell it for donuts… now THAT would be an “upgrade.”

But…I KNOW that there are tons of you who won’t sleep until you “get everything!”  So here is a chart that will help you sleep, even before you finish off the update and go into the “Bonut Round.”

Item Earned  Mult Tot Avail F/P  
Iron Wall x8 20 160 F
Gargoyle Wall x8 20 160 F
Hanging Streetlamp x8 20 160 F
Pyre x4 25 100 F
Spooky Brambles x6 25 150 F
Forest Grove x2 35 70 F
Flying Bats x4 45 180 F
Ruins 90 90 F
Vampire Casket 90 90 F
Haunted Stables 110 110 F
Town Square 180 180 F
Burns Family Crypt 180 180 F
Medieval Cathedral 180 180 F
Wolf Rock 180 180 F
Large Mausoleum 225 225 F
Covered Bridge 225 225 F
Catacombs 225 225 F
Bell Tower 270 270 F
Dark Carriage 270 270 F
Monster Couch 315 315 F
Mad Doctor’s Castle 315 315 F
Forest Cave 315 315 F
Count Burns’ Castle 360 360 F
Werewolf Flanders 450 450 F
Shipwreck 450 450 F
Meteor Egg w/Space Marshmallow 540 540 F
Death 540 540 F
Frinkenstein 540 540 F
Hellementary School 175 175 P
Scary Dock w/Blinky Monster 275 275 P
Zombie Sandwich 325 325 P
Nightmare Willie 375 375 P
Cemetery Plot w/Gravedigger Billy 450 450 P
The Island of Dr. Hibbert 530 530 P
Shinning Hotel 605 605 P
House on Scary Hill 805 805 P

To make this short and sweet………..  You only need 6410 Mag Points to get the gate. And there are 7030 awarded for FREE…just for crafting all available Mag-able items. and earning all of the prizes on the prize track.

YES… The Werewolf…the Castle and Frinkenstein ALL earn MAG Points. 


(Side note from Alissa…this was also broken down weeks ago in the MAG Points post…here)


50 responses to “Mag Points- A “Chillaxing” Report and Graph

  1. I unlocked the final prize for act 3 and got the upgraded gate but the Mag points were not applied to the crafting. I can not upgrage the crafting anymore.


  2. If you buy something at the store related to Halloween, you’ll most likely complete all the MAG points without even knowing it. Gotta say, that entire prize track was kind of a waste of time.


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