Mag Points- A “Chillaxing” Report and Graph


We have had more than a number of players who seem to be in “panic mode” over being “stalled” on Mag Points.

This is a quick post…with rEAl numbers…in graph form…that should help you all Chillax!

There is good and bad…but mostly good. 

The Only “Bad” part of all of this…is that the “Final Reward” for earning all of the Mag Points, is a relatively “Meh” Upgraded Gate. Really? That’s it EA? That’s the best you can do for all of that leveling up?  Is it a gate to Heaven? Or an Exit to hell?  Or is it just a gate that shimmers?  It sure as heck isn’t a new character or standout building. I only hope I can sell it for donuts… now THAT would be an “upgrade.”

But…I KNOW that there are tons of you who won’t sleep until you “get everything!”  So here is a chart that will help you sleep, even before you finish off the update and go into the “Bonut Round.”

Item Earned  Mult Tot Avail F/P  
Iron Wall x8 20 160 F
Gargoyle Wall x8 20 160 F
Hanging Streetlamp x8 20 160 F
Pyre x4 25 100 F
Spooky Brambles x6 25 150 F
Forest Grove x2 35 70 F
Flying Bats x4 45 180 F
Ruins 90 90 F
Vampire Casket 90 90 F
Haunted Stables 110 110 F
Town Square 180 180 F
Burns Family Crypt 180 180 F
Medieval Cathedral 180 180 F
Wolf Rock 180 180 F
Large Mausoleum 225 225 F
Covered Bridge 225 225 F
Catacombs 225 225 F
Bell Tower 270 270 F
Dark Carriage 270 270 F
Monster Couch 315 315 F
Mad Doctor’s Castle 315 315 F
Forest Cave 315 315 F
Count Burns’ Castle 360 360 F
Werewolf Flanders 450 450 F
Shipwreck 450 450 F
Meteor Egg w/Space Marshmallow 540 540 F
Death 540 540 F
Frinkenstein 540 540 F
Hellementary School 175 175 P
Scary Dock w/Blinky Monster 275 275 P
Zombie Sandwich 325 325 P
Nightmare Willie 375 375 P
Cemetery Plot w/Gravedigger Billy 450 450 P
The Island of Dr. Hibbert 530 530 P
Shinning Hotel 605 605 P
House on Scary Hill 805 805 P

To make this short and sweet………..  You only need 6410 Mag Points to get the gate. And there are 7030 awarded for FREE…just for crafting all available Mag-able items. and earning all of the prizes on the prize track.

YES… The Werewolf…the Castle and Frinkenstein ALL earn MAG Points. 


(Side note from Alissa…this was also broken down weeks ago in the MAG Points post…here)

50 responses to “Mag Points- A “Chillaxing” Report and Graph

  1. I unlocked the final prize for act 3 and got the upgraded gate but the Mag points were not applied to the crafting. I can not upgrage the crafting anymore.

  2. If you buy something at the store related to Halloween, you’ll most likely complete all the MAG points without even knowing it. Gotta say, that entire prize track was kind of a waste of time.

  3. Patric, I did not realize there was panic for the MAG points until I saw your short post! I just maxed out MAG points yesterday.. As a freemium player, you just need to follow the prize tracks and craft items with MAG points to their max. I would commend EA for making sure this is possible playing a normal game..

    Some of you mention grand prizes are not worth it but this event has given 3 new characters as prizes which is a huge plus for me! Personally I like the final look of the gate which I will use to decorate my Halloween corner.. It used to be gateless and fenceless.

    I’m sure others may find the shipwreck of some use!

    So far this has been a great and less stressful event.. All good.

  4. Thanks for the MAG point post. I missed (or forgot) your previous post. ☺

  5. Well thanks for the info Patric, I haven’t really paid much attention to the MAG points and what a poor prize it turned out to be!

    I may not get all the prizes because I don’t want to craft anything except the shipwreck.

  6. Tracy - 1ltwoody920

    The good news,
    Once you obtain12,348 MAG points. You will receive a free donut!

  7. After 2+ years of playing this game (omg – had it really been that long??), I’ve learned to basically trust EA and not worry about this kind of stuff. As long as you play roughly every four hours, at least three or four visits a day (and play somewhat intelligently, using strategies that you read about here from posts and comments:, you should be able to finish whatever “tracks” EA sets up. EA wants faithful players to be able to do that and, on three occasions where they’ve misjudged something and set it up so that wasn’t going to be the case, they’ve always made adjustments later in the event to fix that.

    So, bottom line, when it comes to worrying about whether something in an event in this game is possible (even for a freemium player), just remember this two-word mantra, “Trust EA.”

  8. I want more than one gate.

  9. I have the final upgrade of the Medieval Gate but it always reverts to the original, basic version of the gate when I drop out of the game. I have the same issue with the Players Club Tower where it never remembers my choice and reverts. Is this an issue for other players – have you covered this before? (sorry if you have!)

    • Yes, with the Players Club Tower, although during this event it has remained where I chose. Hopefully that will continue afterwards.

      • The Players Club tower (and the Homerlayas, and Burns’ Summer Mansion, and some other stuff) revert when you play the chili cauldron game…that hasn’t changed with this event. My guess is that the event may have just kept you to distracted to play the chili cauldron game, which is why you haven’t seen your Player’s Tower revert during this event.

    • That only happens to me if I play the cauldron mini-game (which I never do anymore). It also resets the mountain heads (Homer, Bart etc) and the Summer Mansion wings

    • It’s a glitch from playing Homers chili pot game thing

  10. Eughhh. Gate. That is all.

  11. Secured the gate a few days back – as others have said, the same gate upgraded three times is a pretty lame prize. Add to that the hugely underwhelming shipwreck (which I got yesterday) and I’m not sure why anyone is worrying about it. Not only are they achievable but once you have them, I doubt you’ll be dancing the happy dance that you’ve added them to your towns. A Meh-prize for me.

  12. Those mag point bunus item are for the most part lame.
    A gate w/ three separate upgrades?
    How underwhelming.
    I don’t care if I finish.
    Not worth the grind.

    • “Not worth the grind.”
      There are only a few craftables I care about and will probably have leftover currency because I don’t need more stuff.

  13. There is nothing else I want to craft and I could care less about the gate or the shipwreck. Just want to keep going to get Frinkenstein.
    Wanted the house on scary hill, but it disappeared before I had enough sprinklies.

  14. Just about to the Shipwreck which will provide the last needed points. I did buy Iguana Lady and Zombie Sandwich which helped (had to have Springfield zombies year round!)

  15. I’m ready for Xmas stuff. Bring it on EA…

  16. I got the upgraded gate ages ago, don’t know how but I think buying a lot of the premium items helped. Really disappointing reward as well! The upgraded gate actually looked okay but it is small in terms of height.
    Seems a very helpful post for those fretting – thanks Pat!

    • I was prepared for Halloween, by saving all my (b)(d)onuts for this Halloween, so I was able o by most of the premium stuff. It wouldn’t happen again I missed out on the endprizis. Now I have 3,500 MAG points too many. Somewhat of an overkill.
      Oh well 😔 I like the stuff I bought, so why I am I complaining?

  17. I don’t understand the reason for a duplicate post, but you forgot to add Crazy Iguana Lady gives MAG Points too (200)

  18. Maddiethecool101

    For the most part, we are freemium players and just finished acquiring all of the MAG points. If you play the game and craft some items, it will happen. In fact, we blew through the final two MAG rewards at one time by working through the main prize track. And honestly I didn’t even notice the “gate upgrade” until I checked our MAG status 😉. Good Luck!

  19. I like, that this event is well balanced and things are falling into place with a moderate amount of tapping. I am 180 MAG points away from the last gate upgrade. The only premium item I got was Booberella, and I don’t think she even came with MAG points. So, just playing four times a day was enough to do this whole event (I am assuming I will complete the prize track as planned).

    I also have all the crafting prizes and there is no useless currency leftovers like the failed futurebucks experiment.

    The only, minor gripe i may have is the total duration of the event – but I guess for a game that has been providing content for years now, it is acceptable that they stretch out their phases at this point.

  20. Did not realise this one was particularly challenging. Unlocked the final gate upgrade a few days ago. Only premium item I have purchased was Crazy Cat (sorry Iguana lady) which I thought came with some MAG points (though did not notice in the list above).

  21. Lol, yes… all (fairly) easily doable for free.

    EA just makes you sweat it a bit because they put a /lot/ of MAG points in those last few items. 🙂

  22. Seriously?
    Anyone is fretting because they may not get the last gate??
    Total chillax.

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