New Shirt Alert: Keep Springfield Weird!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

A couple of months ago we introduced a TSTO Addicts themed shirt…and your response was outstanding!  So, we’ve been working on a fun new Springfield themed shirt…just in time for the holidays!

Keep Springfield Weird! T-Shirts

Who doesn’t remember this awesome episode of The Simpsons…the one that brought us Devil Donuts, Cool Homer and hipsters all over Springfield?!

Now you can show your Springfield Pride with a Keep Springfield Weird! T-Shirt…

We’ve got a few styles to choose from….

American Apparel (Crew Neck) Tee in Black







And Dark Blue


These babies are Limited Edition and only available for purchase for the next TEN Days!! So you’ll want to pick one of these up before they’re gone!  And yes…they’ll arrive in time for Christmas, should you have that certain Simpson Fan in mind with this one…

The best part of it?  Once again, Every T-Shirt sale directly benefits this site.  So now you can support for your favorite site AND look stylin’ while doing it!

Go here to get the shirts, and again remember they’re Limited Edition so grab yours before they’re gone (they’ll be gone on November 25th)!

9 responses to “New Shirt Alert: Keep Springfield Weird!

  1. I’m feelin’ the gray!

  2. Is this a nod to Portland? Portland’s unofficial motto is: “Keep Portland Weird”. You see it all over the place around Portland.

  3. can i buy it with donuts

  4. do you have a shirt that says
    Springfield? Yah I tapped it!

  5. I’d have loved to have seen the TSTO ADDICTS logo above the writing so it kinda said…


    • Hello RussianTiger! Nice to see you out of the FG addicts site. Agree with your point but found it funny anyways so will be saving the pennies to try and get one

  6. 😒 maybe we should have a group brainstorm next time.

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