Halloween Removal Is Live in the App Stores

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Popping in to let you know, if you didn’t already know, the Halloween Removal update is now live in your App Stores!

Download now if you’re looking to remove Halloween from your device…

For now there’s nothing new in game..but that doesn’t mean something won’t be coming soon.  As always there’s a little teaser to get us talking…


My guess is we’ll see Thanksgiving either tomorrow or Thursday, and in about 2 weeks or so we’ll see the Christmas Event.  But again, that’s just me guessing…

If you DO NOT wish to remove Halloween right now, still working on those prizes or another round of bonuts, just make sure your auto-update is off and keep playing.  Don’t download the update until you’re forced to.

But remember…my word of caution…you’re playing on borrowed time!  At any time EA can say “ok time to force the update”…which means you’ll lose any and all progress you were working on.  So proceed with caution….

In the meantime enjoy the brightness of Springfield…at least until the snow hits!

Thoughts on what’s coming next? Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

139 responses to “Halloween Removal Is Live in the App Stores

  1. Not sure if it’s been mentioned in comments somewhere, but I seem to have lost the ability to dismiss a Daily Challenge after the update. I have a really lame one to give cash and it’s been stuck for a day (and I verified I didn’t start somebody on it by mistake). Anybody else notice this?

  2. Has Tapped Out always had permission to my photos/media/files?
    Forced to update and it’s just now requesting permission to read contents of my USB storage.

  3. Thanksgiving started

  4. I’m not ready to update! Addicted to bonuts!

    • Replying to my own post…. So I was forced to update and have started the Thanksgiving quests. I had been postponing Homer doing the “fix car” quest from the episode tie-in because I needed him for monster battles. It didn’t occur to me that the quest would be removed with the update, but it has been. ::sob::

  5. It’s Turkey-Season.

    Too bad I just send everyone on 4h-jobs. Guess i’ll just have to wait a bit.

  6. Thanks for the heads up. I turned off auto-update. Bonuts are still rolling in!

    • I actually also set auto-lock to never (iPhone) so the display stayed on. Of course, couldn’t use the phone for anything else, but didn’t want to be bothered by actual phone calls anyway…

      I did manage to get what I wanted as a result- enough level up donuts from farming to get spider willy and then with his mag points got the final gate upgrade. Almost made one more round of donuts from the event but slipped and went to home instead of staying in the game mid-afternoon today, and they forced me to update. So once they are starting to get serious, you really have to keep the game open all the time. They lurk in wait, hoping for you to slip up and get into their update clutches….

      Darn. I wanted the donuts so I could turn on the collider again, just needed two more. But farming KEMs did also get me the Crazy Cat /Iguana lady bundle for 150 minus 40 rebate donuts, so I shouldn’t complain. Low on game funds (went beyond break-even because time was running out) but happy. Also used up event coins on a small apartment complex of Spooky Houses for the low-income crowd…

  7. What the…Thanksgiving mini-event just started! EA, give us a bit of a breather please!!! I knew I should have spent some time rearranging my town last night…

  8. My game did a forced update this morning. At least I was able to get a couple more bonus rounds before it did. I have a nice cache of doughnuts saved up for Black Friday.

    Several of my neighbors stopped playing during the event. I was sad to see them go, but I understand how tedious these events can be.

    Time to get mellow.

  10. When its a manual update I search for “Simpsons tapped out update” as for some reason the update doesn’t show, kindle fire??

  11. Not sure if someone pointed this out already, but with the update, the Frank Grimes animation is missing from the store. His grave is still there, but HE is gone!

  12. Sideband Samurai

    There is no way to continue to earn prises. The cut that off at midnight 🙁

  13. I would like to see donald trump as a character, maybe even with his tower or a podium that says “America will you be my new ex wife” like he has in the show. Probably will never happen because everyone knows what happens when someone makes fun of trump, especially the onion. I know this is just wishful thinking but here could be his jobs

    60m Get A Spray Tan, brown house or plastic surgery center

    4h Chase snowball the cat, outdoor, requires snowball the cat, visual

    8h Fire Workers, brown house or trump tower

    12h give a speech, city hall, visual

    24h Go On Twitter, java server

    Premium job

    4h try to deport bb man, outdoor, visual.

    He could even have jobs with the presidents espescially Washington and Lincoln. So much potential.

  14. I updated this afternoon. I was happy to have gotten all of the prizes in this event. The last couple I haven’t been able to at all. I need a break until Christmas update. I get nothing accomplished during these events.

  15. No after event premium purchases? Miss those cute little Were-Rats!

  16. Will the cobblestone road stay? I haven’t purchased yet or updated the removal. So would like to know if it stays. It wasn’t on the timer like other items. Thanks!

    • Once you purchase the cobblestone road once.. it becomes free and is put in with your road, pavement, water, dirt road, etc. and is free after that.
      Since I bought it when it came out it won’t show in my premium section. So I don’t know if it will be available after you update.

    • It stayed. Good thing. EA would have gotten a flood of complaints if it left with no warning!

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