Where Did THAT Come From- Gravedigger Billy

In our silly lil game, we sometimes see things pop in that we have no clue as to their Origin. They seem familiar, but we just can’t pinpoint from where. So that is why we decided to make a fun lil reminder out of it. To let you know just Where did THAT Come From?


In this post I will be going over the Origin of Gravedigger BillyWhy is he in our games? What does he have to do with Halloween? Let’s dive into the Simpsons TV Series to find out more.

Gravedigger Billy came to us courtesy of Act 3 of the Halloween 2016 Event as a Premium Buy Option.



Let’s take a peek now at the Episode…

Season 17, Episode 2: The Girl Who Slept Too Little

It seems that someone has decided to build a Stamp Museum right behind the Simpsons House. They are not going to stand for it. The constant vibrations have jiggled the grapes to the bottom of Marge’s Jell-O Mold. Oh the HORROR!!! They do everything in their power to disrupt the building process including Marge putting a bobby pin in a dump truck, causing it to tip over and explode. Seems the Simpsons win this one and the Stamp Museum gives in and stops the building from happening. They decide instead to move it… to where the Springfield Cemetery is. Which means the Cemetery… gets to go right behind the Simpsons House instead. D’OH!


Poor Lisa is stuck with the ONLY window facing the Cemetery. Bart of course does all he can to remind Lisa that she will be the first the Zombies will eat, giving him time to get away thanks to her screams. Lisa tells him she doesn’t believe in Zombies, to which Bart tells her that people that say that are always the first to go. That night, as cars passing the Cemetery leave eerie shadows on her walls, she tries to remind herself that it is NOT scary at all. It doesn’t work, she is scared to death and begs her parents to let her sleep with them.


It was a very sleepless night for all. Homer tells Lisa if she sleeps in her own bed that they promise to do something nice for Lisa. Of course she picks going to the newly opened Stamp Museum, now only 40 minutes away, and they have to pay Lenny $40 to park in his lawn, and a dollar to drink out of his hose. At the Museum, Lisa is introduced to one of the first books she read all the way to the end. Where the Wild Things Are… ummm… wait…. I mean… The Land Of The Wild Beasts, by Milton Burkhart. She brings the book home and reads it just before going to bed. Probably not the best of ideas. As she is just getting ready to sleep, she peers out her window through the rain and sees an older man digging one of the graves. Groundskeeper Willie? Nope, it’s Willie’s Cousin, Gravedigger Billy. He has been digging graves for 30 years and he’s never buried anyone alive. If he did, they would ring the bell (as the bell rings). It’s nothing ringing the bell… just the wind. That hand with a nice watch is just a tree branch, Billy will surely whack it back underground.


Lisa is thoroughly freaked out now from what she just saw happen with Billy. She hides in her Parents bed trembling with fear. Marge and Homer try to get Lisa back to her room by proving they can spend the night in the room just fine. Nope. They are just as freaked out by all the eerie creepiness the Cemetery brings. Including a very mean looking Crow. Looks like they are starting to agree with Lisa on the scary part.


Meanwhile outside Lisa’s window, Willie and Billy are making their way through the Cemetery. Billy is taking Willie to where he saw a pot of gold. Right at the bottom of a grave. As Willy leans down to determine if there is actually a Pot of Gold in the bottom of the dug pit, Billy clubs him over the head… or does he?


Back in Marge and Homer’s bed (they missed the entire Willy bashing) Marge is begging Lisa to stop reading a book and go to bed. So she does, stop reading, but turns on the TV to watch Bonanza instead. Marge has had enough, they need professional help. So the next day they head to Psychiatry Row. Where they can apparently find “professional” places like 99cent Shrink, Quack in the Box, and Sit ‘n’ Weep. The “Shrink”, after reviewing a home movie, states that Lisa had to repress childhood fears and that they need to work on a 10 week program with her to help Lisa be a kid again. Well worth the $4000.

Lisa has plans of her own. She is going to conquer these fears. Tonight, she is going to go into the Cemetery with Bart… nope he didn’t follow… with Santa’s Lil Helper… nope, even the dog abandoned her too. If she can only spend the night there, she will never be scared again.  She tries to suck it up and ventures further into the Cemetery. She stumbles upon Dr. Nick who I am not sure is trying to dump body parts, or collect them for some weird science experiments… or Frankensteins… or a bit of everything. Lol. Looks like even the cops are in the Cemetery tonight looking for a grave robber. The 3 of them… nope… looks like Wiggum was abandoned too… that or he just wasn’t paying attention and wandered away from them suddenly. Luckily he is smart enough to get completely naked so no one takes a shot at him. He puts on his Walkman he found in his fat folds and jams away on out of there.


Lou and Eddie are still in the Cemetery searching for the Grave Robber. They are not too far behind Lisa, so every step they make, especially stepping on tree branches, startles her. As she is panicked, she frightens an Owl in an old dead tree… which causes her to drop her flashlight and run as it swoops down at her. Swarms of Bats then chase her even further away. She stumbles over a rock, hits her head on a …well… headstone, and is promptly knocked out.


Back home Bart explains that Lisa isn’t home and instead in the “bone yard”.  Now Homer and Marge are wandering around the Cemetery, trying to find Lisa. They walk right by her, not even noticing her passed out body behind the headstone she knocked it on. Lisa, unconscious, starts to go through a series of dreams. Dreams turned nightmare by a Granny turned skeleton that eats her. Spiderwebs she is stuck on guarded by a massive arachnid that looks just like Bart. A slug looking Milhouse. Then into the world of Where the Wild Things Are… ***cough cough***… I mean The Land Of The Wild Beasts. Yes, that’s the one. She keeps telling herself “Not Scared, Not Scared”. The Monsters seem to turn into intelligent Brits all of the sudden. It seems to help her overcome her fears. She wakes up to Marge and Homer standing over her. Looks like she is going to be just fine.

But… WAIT A MINUTE… WHAT ABOUT BILLY??!! Will we EVER find out if he was the Grave Robber? What happened to Willie? Was there really a Pot of Gold in that grave? TELL ME NOW!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!


There you have it, a random Simpsons spooky episode drops yet another cool item into our silly games for our Halloween cravings.

Did you splurge on Billy? What do you think of him? Did you remember this episode? Ever wonder what exactly happened to Billy? Let us know.


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  1. The kids have yellow tasks for eating a laughy meal (2-hour task, 4 or 5 kids), but there was no prompt, and nothing is in the sidebar. I sped them up, and… nothing. Must be a bug, something that’s not supposed to be live yet.

  2. There are no new quest lines with the Halloween take down update. Just business as usual.

    • Which is why I ALWAYS keep the old Bonut-Percolator perking, until I am forced to take it down. As long as I am earning Bonuts…it’s Halloween in CrankyTown!

  3. THOH take down is live.

  4. The Halloween take down update is now in the App store (10:35 am PST).

  5. Robert Michael Jensen

    Gravedigger Billy is my favorite. Followed by the Grim Reaper.

  6. Is anyone else leaving all their characters free, just in case? I know RN the Halloween Event is borrowed time, I don’t want to send anyone on Halloween tasks …just in case. This event was really fun but I can’t wait to see what they have in store for the next one 🙂

  7. I love love love the header. That artist is amazing! 😘
    Excited for Thanksgiving. Are we expecting it today or tomorrow?

  8. I think Gravedigger Billy is such a funny concept, but unfortunately the episode he makes an appearance in is one of my least favorite ever. There are plenty of okay/good episodes in season 17, but my sister and I agreed that this one was so random and unfunny that it was an essentially bad episode.

  9. Josephine Kick@$$

    I think Billy is great! I’m happy I was able to pick him up & can’t wait to start sending him on fun tasks😊

  10. OT – but does the new cover mean there is indeed a Thanksgiving event headed our way? 🙂

    • I mean there’s always a Thanksgiving event. We don’t know what’s coming any more than anyone else. But it is about 9 days till Thanksgiving here in the US, so we figured why not be festive 😉

      • I can celebrate that – I’m on a U.S. contract right now, so it will be a very quiet day for me too (without needing to deal with any annoying family, LOL).

        • lol no comment on the family front. I will say my parents go away for Thanksgiving, my siblings and I all spend it with our in-laws. So i’ll be at my in-laws…keeping my mouth shut and my glass full lol

  11. My favorite character of the event!

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