Where Did THAT Come From-Crappy RV & Improvised Snare

In our silly lil game, we sometimes see things pop in that we have no clue as to their Origin. They seem familiar, but we just can’t pinpoint from where. So that is why we decided to make a fun lil reminder out of it. To let you know just Where did THAT Come From?

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In this post I will be going over the Origin of Crappy RV & Improvised Snare (and a lil Brown Bunny)Why are they in our games? What does it have to do with this Outdoor Themed Turkey Day Mini Event? Let’s dive into the Simpsons TV Series to find out more.

The Crappy RV was dropped into our games during a lil Turkey Day Event as part of the Prizes you could earn by playing. 



The Improvised Snare was offered up as a Premium Buy Option. 



Let’s take a peek at the Episode that brought these silly items to our games
Season 1, Episode 7: The Call of the Simpsons

Bart and Homer are outside doing yard work when Bart makes a comment about how he wishes he had a riding lawn mower like the Flanders’ Boys. Homer tells him to just be happy with what he has and not try to keep up with the Flanders. That doesn’t last very long when Homer sees Ned pull up in an amazing RV. It has everything Homer could ask for. Microwave, TV, Deep Fryer, and a Satellite Dish… to name a few things.

Homer is intrigued and decides HE now needs one of these fancy RV’s. Off to Bob’s RV Round-Up to see just what his credit will get him. The Ultimate Behemoth RV is everything… and more. Just what Homer feels would be enough to really give it to Flanders and rub it in his nose. It’s twice the size, a double decker RV. It doesn’t have it’s own Satellite Dish up top… nope… it has it’s own Satellite, up in space, broadcasting directly to the RV. It has FOUR deep fryers… mmmmm fried everything ***drooooools***. Big screen TV, Fireplace, Full Kitchen, Crystal Chandelier… this is better than the Simpson’s Home.

This is the best thing ever. Now all Homer has to do is step into the credit office to get approval and the Ultimate Behemoth is his to drive home in. Yah… credit… for a Simpson… this isn’t gonna end well. His credit is so… ummm… “good” red alarms start going off all over. Looks like the Ultimate Behemoth is just a weeeee bit out of Homer’s price range. Homer can’t go home empty handed… he had to get SOMETHING. Time to go see just what exactly he CAN get in an RV with his credit. Well, he can get THIS lovely beauty. A luxury piece of junk RV. A Crappy RV.


The salesmen goes to work convincing Homer that THIS is the RV for him. He can’t find anything better for him. Literally. This RV will be a one time special offer. An offer from Bob. Just for Homer. No one else. All this … umm… crap… for a low low price of $350 a month. He better not talk it over with his family for they will convince him not to get it. He better hurry as here comes a guy that Bob swears called him and told Bob he wants the RV. Homer better hurrry and make a decision because here comes the guy. Homer will take it! WOOHOO!!! (More like D’OH!)

Time to take the hunk of junk camping, but first to show it off to Ned. He must be sooooo jealous. Away they go to off to the woods. Homer, of course, taking the very scenic route of absolutely no road. Just driving randomly through the woods. No worries, it must be an all terrain vehicle. Which is why Homer decides it is just fine to even drive it through the middle of a river.


The family, now fearful for their lives, hang on for dear life as Homer accelerates through the woods at ridiculous speeds, taking out tree limbs and bushes and who knows what else in his path. He asks the family if he should stop. Which of course they all scream for him to stop… NOW! Homer has found the most perfect stopping place… the edge of a cliff. The family quickly gets out of the RV. Just in time to see it continue off the cliff, hurl down towards the bottom, and go up in a fiery explosion.


The Simpson family is now going to get a chance to be real Pioneers. They are going to have to figure out how to survive in the middle of the woods, lost, cold, hungry, and not much else to keep them protected other than the clothes on their backs. No worries, Homer is  an experienced Woodsman and will figure it all out. He just… errr… has to go over there… by the other edge of the cliff… so he can sob and yell “I’ve murdered us all”… just to have it repeated back via echo… over n over n over.

Homer’s next brilliant plan, after making a shelter of sticks over a log, is to leave the girls alone in the woods while him and Bart go for help. Though Maggie does decide to follow them… but her sucking scares them to think she is a rattle snake and they quickly run off further and deeper into the woods, causing them to fall off a cliff, into a river, and over a waterfall… leaving poor lil Maggie all alone. Luckily Maggie brought extra binkies to pacify the angry Bear she comes across and quickly befriends.

Homer and Bart are now stranded far into the woods, naked, and hungry. Homer, of course, has another brilliant idea of how they can snag something to eat. He uses a young sapling to make the perfect Snare. An Improvised Snare. Which ends up catching a… hey… wait a minute! A poor lil brown Bunny hops up to the Snare to nibble on the leaf Homer left, is caught, but then slingshot miles away into the distance. Poor lil Bunny.



There you have it, Homer’s poor choices in life and we now have another “cool” vehicle to add to our games and a trap for poor lil bunnies.

Did you splurge on the Improvised Snare? If so, what do you think of it? Did you unlock the Crappy RV yet? Thoughts on it? Did you remember this episode? Getting the urge to go camping and/or get lost deep in the woods? Got your extra Binky/Pacifier Handy? Let us know.


13 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From-Crappy RV & Improvised Snare

  1. One criticism, when you click on the snare you miss half the animation because of the pop-up box.

    • Hopefully they’ll remove that when the event’s over; it’s really, REALLY unnecessary.

      But they’d better keep the income! I’m still peeved that they took it away from the Shuttle Simulator.

  2. I assume it’s to late to make these changes in the Throwback post 🙃

  3. Okay, you know how I commented that I wish the snare was constantly animated? I’m amending that to, I want a joint task for Bart and Homer to use the snare – the task would put them behind the bushes peeking out like in the picture above, and would basically animate the snare for the duration of the task.

  4. No access to the game since Saturday morning… second time this month. I won’t bother asking if I’m the only one…

    • Can you connect with a second device? Sometimes I can’t login in the mornings as it keeps crashing before loading fully. I switch to a different device, ignore any “your other device didn’t save” warnings, then when it shows me the logged in screen, I just switch back to my first device and it will work as usual.

      • It’s not crashing, I keep getting the Bart screen… been checking regularly since Saturday. The same happened towards the end of the 2nd act of the Halloween event, I was locked out for more than 60 hours. This one seems to be taking them longer to fix though.

  5. This was the first ever episode I saw of the Simpsons and was hooked ever since.

  6. also the Bear Cave is from there 😀

  7. The use of past tense kind of annoys me: eg. ‘It was offered as a premium…’ but a great recap 😊. A really fun episode and a really fun item!

  8. If I recall, there was a funny sound after the wabbit was launched.
    Great episode !!!

    Naked as a jaybird

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