Everything’s Coming Up Milhouse….

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Ever wonder how and why some of the characters on the Best. Show. Ever. were created?  Well while we’re continuing our adventures in waiting for something…anything…to hit our pocket-sized Springfields, I thought we could travel back in time and find out how/why one of our favorite lovable nerds was created.

So let’s all hop in our Deloreans and travel back in time to the 1980s.  Back to a time before The Simpsons were a regular 30 minute show…I know such a cruel reality to travel back in time before The Simpsons were a household name, but bare with me.  It’s for a good reason….because Everything’s Coming Up Milhouse…

fit milhouse work it 3

What if I told you Milhouse wasn’t created for The Simpsons at all?  What if I told you in the late 80s Matt Groening created Milhouse for an entirely different project?

Milhouse Visit Grand Pumpkin 1

Don’t believe me?  Impossible, you say?  Well check out this Facebook post David Silverman posted Wednesday morning


For those who want to view the full panels I’ve uploaded the images here.  Again these are from David Silverman’s Facebook Page

milhouse-butterfinger-1 milhouse-butterfinger-2

So all this time we’ve been thinking, poor Milhouse but in reality Matt Groening had plans for him to be his own star on NBC!  Can you imagine what would have happened if NBC hadn’t passed on that show?  Everything truly would have been coming up Milhouse!

Instead Milhouse has been relegated to Bart’s trusty friend…and Lisa’s Future husband.  And I don’t think Simpsons fans could imagine it any other way…

Oh and just for fun here’s a look at that classic Butterfinger commercial…

What are your thoughts on the evolution of Milhouse?  Could you imagine if he had his own show on NBC?! Does this post really make you want a Butterfinger?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

44 responses to “Everything’s Coming Up Milhouse….

  1. now all i can think about is bart’s slogan: nobody lay a finger on my butterfinger..lol…
    I remember seeing the commercial many times, funny how it just clicked that it was before milhouse became a household name as Bart’s friend

  2. As a kid, I still remember vividly getting my first Butterfinger. Got it simply because Bart Simpson was the spokesman. Leaving Kmart, I got in the car and tore open the wrapper. Took a big bite, then sat there… I spit the mouthful out the window and gave the rest to my mom. No, I don’t care for Butterfingers.

  3. I was wondering what happened to my time-machine! Alissa took it! Alissa you better return it without butterfinger smudges (but since I’m still a bit busy this Holiday season, you can barrow it a little time longer) 😛

  4. “My mom says I’m cool”

  5. Listen up all you people who said “Hey EA – these big events are too long – ugh, I wish this (Casino/Superhero/Halloween/whatever) event would end”… you might be the reason Christmas will come a week “late”.

    I’m totally ok with asking Santa for what you want, just don’t kick him in the jingle bells after your gift comes.

  6. Some of my favorite moments:



    The Joy of Cooking Milhouse

  7. As a side note of trivia, his name comes from Richard Milhous Nixon (with a slight change in spelling.)

  8. I remeber that Milhouse was inspired by the character Paul Joshua Pfeiffer from The Wonder Years

  9. I ‘member!

  10. I know the sure fire way to get the Update to show up… send everyone on a 24 hour task. lol

  11. He looks just like you, Poindexter!!

  12. Did ya’ll notice in the commercial how gargantuan that Butterfinger candy bar is? Size of Bart’s head. ‘Merika!

  13. Anyone else ever wonder if Milhouse is not voiced in the game as another deliberate slight against him? Seems like a pretty prime character to not be voiced.

  14. Now I want a Butterfinger candy bar. 🍫

    See ya bye . 🌞 💎 . 👽

    • alex - aabcampos2

      what is a “Butterfinger candy bar” ?

      • If you’re really asking, picture peanut butter combined with sticky yet flakey corn syrup infused ribbon candy covered in chocolate. It is delicious but it will get stuck in your teeth and prepare to go to the dentist if you have braces.

        • alex - aabcampos2

          thank you.
          We dont have Butterfingers in Brazil.

          what is peanut butter ? 🙂
          Now i´m just kidding, but really, we dont have peanut butter here.

          We have “paçoca”, that is peanut with salt and suggar. similar, but much more dry.

      • Butterfinger is an odd candy bar! I hated it as a kid but my brother loved them. We traded candy after trick-or-treating and I’d give him mine for more chocolate. Now I like them but they are still not the first candy I want when I get a sweet tooth.

  15. Very fun! Thanks, Alissa! 🙂

    I didn’t realize that the Simpsons were well known enough in their Tracy Ullman days for Bart to na abode ratio score a major national commercial like that. (No way can my brain remember that level of detailed minutiae from my part, lol!) Speaking of Tracy Ullman, she was on James Cordon’s shoes last night, but, unfortunately, I only got to see a bit before I fell asleep.

    And, speaking of Milhouse, found this on the interweb just yesterday and was debating whether to get it for my 18-month old nephew (do they still wear onesies at that age?):


  16. Ah. Nostalgia 😊

  17. Nice idea Alissa! This is very interesting.

  18. Now THAT was a Sweet Treat! Thank You, Alissa!😃

  19. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t Milhouse’s hair black in the first episode or two? When was the decision made to change his hair blue and why?

    Also it says that commercial was made in 1988 and the Simpsons debuted in 1989 so were those first couple episodes created before the commercial? Was Milhouse having black hair just a mistake that someone overlooked?

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