Addicts Question Corner Winter 2016: Act 1 (Gnome Issues, Singing Stones, Clues for What’s Next, WTF is Going On Around Here?!…and more!)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers! (Or as Jim Nantz would say…Hello Friends)

Ah do you hear that?  That’s the sound of Tappers everywhere taking a breath and my heart rate very slowly coming back down to normal levels.  Ah….

With all of the craziness of the first 2.5 days of this event, it’s time to return to normal.  Normal is needed around here for so many of you, and for the sake of my sanity.

Believe it or not, through the insanity of the comments, some of you have had legitimate questions/concerns about this event.  So in the spirit of returning to business as usual, let’s address those questions in another rousing edition of Addicts Question Corner!

If you’ve got a question about the event check out this post first, if you don’t see your question addressed leave it in the comments below and we’ll get to it.  Now on with the show post!


My Gnome Game Is Broken.  It Says He’s Loose, But He’s Still in the Box and There’s No Radar Showing.  Help! What’s Going On?!


So this is probably the most common question we’re seeing, even though we covered it in the Gnome 101 post.  There’s a glitch going around for some where it says your Gnome is loose but you can’t find him because there’s no radar and he’s stuck in the box.  If this is happening to you the solution is simple, and one that’s worked for many Tappers so far…

Head to Krustyland and then Back to Springfield.

This seems to reset the game for many of you and fixes the problem.

What’s the Deal With the Singing Stones?  What Order Do I Have to Tap to Get the Task to Clear? 

So I’ll be doing a full SIB post on the Stones (likely next week), but for those who’ve purchase them already and are having trouble clearing the task the order is 2, 5, 5, 6, 5, 4, 3, 3.  And here’s the stones in order from 1 to 7…

singing_stone_1 singing_stone_2 singing_stone_3 singing_stone_4 singing_stone_5 singing_stone_6 singing_stone_7

So the one with the Triangle through it is 2, the one that looks like it has an R on it is 5 and so on.

Again I’ll have a full breakdown on these stones in the Should I Buy post, but that should help many of you that are confused at the moment…

Also a fun side note courtesy of can play an off ton version of “Funky Town” by doing the following sequence.. 5545225175.

I’ve Seen A Couple Of Characters With Antler Earning Tasks, Which Characters Have These Tasks?

So far I’ve only seen, and verified, White Witch Burns and King Winter having their tasks all turn into Antler Earning Tasks.  Beyond that I’ve yet to come across another character…of course I could be wrong (and if I am please tell me, but that’s it so far).

unlock_mrburns_whitewitch King Winter

Do Any Of the Crafting Items Earn A Bonus %?  Or Similarly…I Paid Donuts for my Chicken Coop/Outhouse etc to Get the Bonus % and Now They Can Craft them for Free?!  I’m Outraged! 

ico_priz_xmas2016_windmill_lg ico_priz_xmas2016_chickencoop_lg ico_priz_xmas2016_twostoreyouthouse_lg

So this can be solved by simply saying…

NONE of the items crafted earn a bonus %.  This applies to the Chicken Coops and Outhouses too.

There are two different versions of each in the files.  The ones you craft are coded with a “grind” version to distinguish the two, the ones you’ve previously purchased for donuts don’t have the “grind” tag on them.  So those will award a bonus %.

So basically…if you paid donuts for the Outhouse/Chicken Coop/Windmill it will give you a bonus %.  If you’ve crafted them you will not receive a bonus % for the ones you’ve crafted.

(A Side note…they did this with the Simpson Family Snowmen previously.  If you paid for them you got the bonus %, if you crafted them no bonus %.  It looks like the Snowmen will be coming back for donuts this year.  So before you ask…if you pay donuts for them they’ll have a bonus %)

What’s the Deal With Turning Things in at Springhenge?  Is there a daily Limit?


So far from what i’ve seen while playing and from what I can tell in the files there is no cap/limit to doing trade ins at Springhenge for this event.  So you can trade in as much as you want/as often as you want during this event.

Remember, it’s only 4 trade ins to unlock the bonus prize (either Runestones or donuts) BUT you can (and should) continue to trade in after that to earn as many antlers as you can.

What’s the Best Trade in Strategy?

ico_xmas2016_antlers_pack1 ico_xmas2016_antlers_pack2

I’m sure there are math folks out there that will come up with a formula saying the best/most idea strategy..but honestly?  I just go with whatever has the highest payout that I can “afford” at the moment.  And I go until i’m out of resources…it’s working for me.  I’m nearly at God Burns.

Will Catnip and Figurines Carry Over to Act 2?

sidebar_xmas2016_catnip indicator_xmas2016_carvedfigurine

Honestly, not sure yet.  Looks like Act 2 will see two new items added, in addition to a currency replacing the Antlers, but I’m not sure if all four will be needed at this time.

This Update is So Short, What Does That Mean?  Why The Heck Is it So Short?

For the answer to this…and more…tune into Addicts Live! tomorrow (Saturday December 10th) at Noon ET, or watch the replay if you can’t check out the live show.  We’ll discuss what may be in our futures in the world of TSTO…

And finally…

WTF Is Going On Around Here?! 

Some of you may have noticed Pat put up two posts in the last 24hrs..well less than…one for those who hate this event and one for those who like it, love it or are indifferent about it. And to say some of you were confused would be an understatement.  Loads of comments, that didn’t make it through, and emails were WTF is going on?  Since when are you guys such a dictatorship?


We’re not.  We’re trying to give those who are upset and those who are happy an equal voice in the matter so that we can all go back to business as usual.  Everyone has had the chance to say their peace..and now we are done. No more debating, no more screaming, no more yelling, no more beating each other over the head…we’re done.  We’re ALL better than that. So if you’re upset with ANYTHING in this update go to the Dear EA post for those against this event and write “I Agree” and nothing more in that comment section.  If you’re happy/thrilled with ANYTHING in this update go to the Dear EA post for those happy with the event and write “I Agree” and nothing more in that comment section.

If you’re unhappy with either of those options and want to say more, contact EA.  There address is in both of those posts.  Beyond that, we’re done with it. Let’s just all move on…there are loads of things we need to get back to.  Including some exciting things in the future…

You guys know I love you and this site…so let’s all just move on.

And that is that my friends.

Any questions you had that weren’t addressed?  Anything you were curious about, that we’ve now answered?  Sound off below…

268 responses to “Addicts Question Corner Winter 2016: Act 1 (Gnome Issues, Singing Stones, Clues for What’s Next, WTF is Going On Around Here?!…and more!)

  1. The singing stone order is Correct, but 1 should be last because it’s the highest note. Re-numbering after moving it to the end, you get:
    We wish you a merry Christmas,
    We wish you a merry Christmas,
    We wish you a merry Christmas,
    And a happy New Year!

  2. Hello TSTOA, the last number, which is 3 of the melody sequence for the singing henges, where do I tap, on which henge, the first, second, third…. and so on.

  3. Since day one, Im crafting all I can, sending everyone evey vour hours on their tasks, tapping gnome, pagans and friend. Still it is not enough according to bunnys calender. Is there anyrhing I missed or is it pay donuts to finish in time now?

  4. Is anyone else having trouble with their Gnome in your Home? After I upgraded mine to level 6 he won’t come out of his box. The Gnome page of the event window says he’s roaming freely, but when I click “Do it” nothing happens. And he was, in fact, firmly in his box.
    I tried restarting the game, restarting my kindle, visiting neighbours, but none of those worked. Finally, I tried going to Krustyland. That did the trick! Hoooooray!

    • I’m having trouble with the gnome too. I have contacted EA several times with no response

    • I went for 3 days looking for the gnome, and am really behind the 8 ball on event currency because of that glitch. Really not happy 😠

      • Same thing happened to me also. With glitches we should get 3-4 days of points to catch up. I’m not very happy about this along with not being able to locate the answer for this glitch.

  5. None of my friends play tsto, so I can’t pass the quest where I have to catch the elf in a friends town! Please help how do I get past it??

    • Go to Other Springfield…it acts like a “friend.”

    • You need neighborinos! (Can’t think of how to spell that!) You can go to the Add Me thread and, in the meantime, I’ll be your neighbor! Ginagsun41

    • Just to add to what Patric said, this game really works much better with “friends.” You don’t have to know anyone personally to have friends in this game….just go to the Add Friends section of this site (via the menu option at the top) and you’ll find all the friends you need! It’s completely safe and anonymous…all you and your friends know about each other are your Origin IDs. Without friends, you’re missing out on a bunch of event currency, XP, cash, and either Friendship Prizes or, once you max out on those, the possibility for free donuts! Plus, by having friends, you can see other people’s town designs and, if you have some neighbors who tend to buy lots of premium stuff, you can check that stuff out to see if you like it, before committing to buying it yourself.

    • You need to make and add friends just for the game. You never talk with them so not really fire department, just visit their towns. This webpage has a great add friends page, I’ve added many rappers to help me, and most stick to their no graffiti pledge!

    • As others have noted, you need friends. A few minor additional notes I’ll offer: Aside from Facebook Friends, the game will permit you to add up to 100 Origin/EA accounts as “friends.” To date, I have never seen *all* of my friends offering event currency payouts; typically only about twenty or thirty of your friends will pay out in event currency. So for an advantage during events, you just need to work towards that target, to start with. Baby steps, and all.

      Also note that in some events, every neighbor who visits your Springfield and taps buildings will not only be benefiting themselves, but will also grant you a small amount of additional event currency… in which case, the more *active* friends, the better. (I’m afraid this doesn’t appear to be one of those events, but it’s worth keeping in mind for the future.)

      That said: If you don’t currently have any friends at all, (aside from “Other Springfield”) then you probably haven’t obtained all of the “Friend prizes” yet, either. They’re by no means critical to anything, but many of them are at least somewhat amusing. Maxing out your friend count will let you proceed along that prize track more quickly.

      Now, go forth and make friends! 🙂

  6. Happy Sunday everyone.
    I still have no skins for my houses to enable me to have Christmas lights. Holding of on buying the big switch because of this. Any ideas if these are due ?

  7. So I’m trying to get past Homer’s singing stones and I tried using the pattern u listed but it keeps telling me to keep trying….. what am I doing wrong?

    Please help!! 😲😟

    • Sounds like you aren’t plaint the stones in order… It works.

    • Be sure your stones are not to close together. That was my proble.

    • I had a lot of trouble using the number sequence, personally, because the stones are only numbered while in storage. I had to convert the sequence to letters/runes to make it work.

      D R R T R F B B

      Hopefully that helps.

      Also, as previously mentioned, space out your stones. This game hates us tapping the same object twice in a row and will default to some other nearby object, like an out-of-sequence stone.

  8. Hi 🙂

    This is my first comment here on the website. I’m a long time player and I’d like to thank you for what you do for the whole TSTO community. You’re all simply the best 😉

    However, during this event I’m having a glitch for the first ever. It kinda frustrates me: when I visit neighbours, I get antlers and runestones only from about 15-17 neighbours. After that, I only get cash, xp and fp.
    During the past events I was always able to collect event currency from 90 taps (30 neighbours – 450 items during the last Halloween) as you wrote in the posts. So I’m losing about 200 antlers daily now …

    What would you suggest? Reinstalling the game? Contacting EA right away?

    Thank you for your answer, have a nice day 🙂

  9. patches and poor violet have antler jobs!!!

    • hahaha my bad i didn’t know that when you click on the character the jobs show up also… 😀
      but yeah i figured out the burns and king winter ones the other day lol

  10. Doggone offering thing is rigged. I’ve got over 700 carvings going unused, and 0 catnip.

  11. Is it possible to max out on event currency earned by visiting friends towns? At first I got the antlers and rune stones tapping on friends pagans, but after awhile I realized I was just getting cash. Or was it just for a certain part of the event?

    • I’ve noticed the same thing.

    • Yes – you’ll only get event currency while visiting the first 17 or so neighbors each day. (I don’t know what the exact number of taps is, since I haven’t been tracking it myself, but that’s the number several others have posted.)

  12. The Blocko Store came back in the winter 2016 stuff today. (5 or so days limited time) Only 30 donuts… Yoink!

    As a newer player (started in the middle of the Sci-Fi event) that was the one older limited time thing I saw in neighbors towns I wanted more than any other. My other addiction is Lego. One of my all time favorite Simpsons jokes was from the Blocko Land episode.
    Bart: “Why did I buy this Lego shirt?”
    Lisa: “You mean Blocko shirt.”
    Bart: “Yeah sure Blocko.”

    Best Christmas ever. 😉

  13. So, the $5 antler rental hut tasks…
    Any point of taking Bart etc away from event currency tasks for these?

  14. Can I just say: Homer’s butt hanging out of the bear suit made my whole day! 😂

  15. Any idea if there will be Black Friday like deals for buying things around Xmas?

    • Unlikely so close to the actual Black Friday sale, but I guesses we can’t know for absolute certain. I wouldn’t bet on it, though.

    • There have already been several rebate items during this event and more are upcoming – including various NPCs, King Winter, Winter 2015 Super Bundle, Nativity Scene and Murderhorn.

  16. Thank you with the stones. Love the game

  17. The unease so many people have had with this event is understandable; the show, and by extension the game, leaves few sacred cows untapped. Maybe less so now than when it started its run (I remember the media outrage over Bart saying “Bite me” and “Eat my shorts” – how very Disney Channel now). We probably all have character jobs that we find distateful. There are several alcoholics in my family, and having many characters that have animated tasks to stagger around town drunk is in no way amusing. Jimbo hacky sacking a frog is animal abuse, plain and simple. I avoid choosing those tasks and instead enjoy the other 99.9% of the game. I hope all those who are bothered now take a deep breath or simply step away for a bit, and then remember why they play. The game is clever, enjoyable and even provides the opportunity for an online community here with the Addicts. The game may annoy at times, but for my two cents, I think it’s a pretty good way to complement the show. Season’s best to all, regardless of your belief system (or lack thereof).

  18. Thank you, TSTOA for all you do to help us navigate this ridiculous game and provide a sense of community for all the weirdos that keep tapping. While I mostly chime in here to call out EA, I do appreciate the time and effort this site puts in. Most real life friends I know didn’t stick with the game and I SO enjoy reading the thoughts and concerns of fellow addicts and find comfort in knowing there are so many other geeks out there that tap out every day.
    I didn’t respond to either of the previous posts because I don’t agree with either one, not completely anyway. I agree with elements of each side. I do believe that this event was incredibly lazy and lame. (BOO, HISSSSS, EA!)
    That said, I’d like to wish each and every addict out there a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanza, Joyus Festivus and Magical Solstice.
    Finally, if anyone is still feeling deeply upset by EA or anything said here, go outside and get some fresh air. Be nice to a stranger. Pet a cat. Shake hands with a dog. Hug a friend. At least this event is only two acts.

    • “pet a cat” i think that is the best idea i’ve seen since this update hit!! I guess i’ll just go do that! And maybe have a few of my tsto characters do the same for the next few days! 😉

  19. Are the singing stones also from the upcoming episode or a previous one?

    • Don’t quote me on this…but, I am reasonably sure they are either from the upcoming episode or non-canon. But as the vast majority of the Pagan stuff is from the upcoming episode. I’m going with that.

  20. If someone had told me twenty years ago that one day I would play a game where you could send a small boy to “Lick the Goat God Statue” I would have ……………well I probably would have said “Yeah, that sounds about right”. Still weird though.

  21. Somehow I missed getting White Witch Burns previously. Is there a way to buy him this year?

  22. I love singing stones! At first I thought that’s rubish, and I won’t be purchasing it at all. But then I saw this prize in my friend’s town and tapped on it, and it played Christmas song! 😀 Now I’m tempted what to do… As a freemium player I have trouble collecting donuts… I’m on 77 atm, and was saving to buy Luann and Cracker factory soon. But now I’m so tempted! Any advice? 🙂

    • Luann and the cracker factory has always been one of my favourites…..
      you get
      1)the ability to buy the fleet-a-pita vans (also in Krustyland)
      2)the investorettes questline
      3)the cracker factory provides an 8 hr premium job for Kirk
      4)Luan has some great animations (jacuzzi suit & rolling sphere)

      but Luan will still be there after the holidays

      😃 🇬🇧 🎄 🎁 🎅 🍗

      • You do have a point… It will be there after holidays! 😀 on the other hand, this is Christmasy item, so I’d be able to use it once a year… What to do, what to do… 😀 Luann is my least favorite character in the whole show (along with Miss Hoover – “Women like you prevent the rest of us from landing a husband” 😂 ), so I don’t like her, but I’ve read all premium item posts there are, and I realised she is a great purchase because of all things she gives the game. I also want to unlock Fleet-a-pita so much! Does Marge take part in it?

        It’s really hard for me to gather donuts, so I’m finally half way there, and now I’m conflicted. Hm.

        • Marge takes part in the quest but I can’t remember if it was animated
          As a collector of vehicles, I always complain that Marge’s car with the Pretzel Wagon skin is not available……and the car that Mr Burns wins at the ball-game that everybody throws their pretzels at ….and the ultimate behemoth rv etc. etc.

          🎅 🎁 🎄 🇬🇧 😃

        • I don’t have Luann yet but have seen comments like this several times so I’m curious to ask – what’s the attraction of fleet-a-pita vans? I understand the irritation of seeing them locked in the store, but do they actually have any specific virtues that make them desirable?

        • I was just playing the “do re mi” song on it along with a couple others (although the doh sound was a little off). It’s not just for Christmas songs.

    • I have been “saving for Luann” for a LONG time lol, keep finding limited edition stuff I HAVE to have… I have so many characters in my collection now, but still no Luann… Ha!

  23. Although I detest this event, and it may very well be the end of TSTO, I’m hoping they make good on it on part 2.

  24. I would like to add that Bigclaw drops event currency (not much) in addition to pills (only 3 taps a day).

  25. Thanks. I finally got the stones right and got the prize. I find you need to be sure there is anough space between them to get it right. Very cool. So far all is going great with the game. Jingle bells to all.

  26. I just tapped Sideshow Bob in Other Springfield. I’d forgotten you could do that. Made me think of the old days!

  27. Anyone else having heavy bias towards figurines or catnip when trading for antlers. I hardly ever get to spend catnip and so have 1600 catnip stored up with no opportunity to spend it.

    • I am the opposite, not enough catnip to trade in and 1209 figurines.,

    • Yeah, I definitely see more trades asking for figures. I’ve taken to doing the mid-size trades more often because they seem to ask for catnip more. Dunno why.

  28. Oh brother, did I miss a religious discussion?

    Personally….when I updated and saw the pagan theme, I was glad that it was different to the usual candy canes and piles of presents (and from a game strategy point of view, some players will get some unusual stone decorations which is different to candy striped cooling towers on your power station)

    No North pole Monorail station yet

    😃 🇬🇧 🌲 🎄 🎁 🎅🍗

    • Lee…
      Yes. Yes you did. And we are in “squelch” mode after several days of the same points being made by both sides…over, and over, and over again. Hence the heavy editing of your post. Suffice it to say, that your comments had/have been covered ad nauseum, and we just don’t want to turn yet another thread, into the same debate.

      And I am with you. I was hoping for a new Monorail station…I have them all, except for Krusty’s.

  29. I am annoyed at this event mainly because it seems to remove the chance of a movementarian event later on that could be like the stone cutters, with many skins for secondary characters and homer having to pick leader beans. The leader is Good. The leader is great. I surrender my will as of the this date.

  30. Cool, I can play Au clair de la Lune with the singing stones
    (c |: 555676 | 57665 😐 666622 | 65432 | 55567 | 657665 ||). These items are awesome! It’s just weird that the first stone is a high C (the first should be the last)

    • Hem… Okay, this :_| (imagine it without the bottom bar, it means repeat in music) symbol, when written, makes a smiley. Good to know.

    • You can play just about any tune that has the “C” scale (for lack of better explanation). after I read your post I broke down and bought it and have been playing all sorts of tunes from my beginner piano days (which my mother foolishly let me quit0.

      • It’s just another reason to regret having zero musical ability 🙁 If I think of a tune I can’t even identify if the next note is higher or lower. I’m just glad someone wrote down in numbers how to get the 8th stone. It’s soooooo much easier for me if a tune is played just by tapping one stone!

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