Addicts Question Corner Winter 2016: Act 1 (Gnome Issues, Singing Stones, Clues for What’s Next, WTF is Going On Around Here?!…and more!)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers! (Or as Jim Nantz would say…Hello Friends)

Ah do you hear that?  That’s the sound of Tappers everywhere taking a breath and my heart rate very slowly coming back down to normal levels.  Ah….

With all of the craziness of the first 2.5 days of this event, it’s time to return to normal.  Normal is needed around here for so many of you, and for the sake of my sanity.

Believe it or not, through the insanity of the comments, some of you have had legitimate questions/concerns about this event.  So in the spirit of returning to business as usual, let’s address those questions in another rousing edition of Addicts Question Corner!

If you’ve got a question about the event check out this post first, if you don’t see your question addressed leave it in the comments below and we’ll get to it.  Now on with the show post!


My Gnome Game Is Broken.  It Says He’s Loose, But He’s Still in the Box and There’s No Radar Showing.  Help! What’s Going On?!


So this is probably the most common question we’re seeing, even though we covered it in the Gnome 101 post.  There’s a glitch going around for some where it says your Gnome is loose but you can’t find him because there’s no radar and he’s stuck in the box.  If this is happening to you the solution is simple, and one that’s worked for many Tappers so far…

Head to Krustyland and then Back to Springfield.

This seems to reset the game for many of you and fixes the problem.

What’s the Deal With the Singing Stones?  What Order Do I Have to Tap to Get the Task to Clear? 

So I’ll be doing a full SIB post on the Stones (likely next week), but for those who’ve purchase them already and are having trouble clearing the task the order is 2, 5, 5, 6, 5, 4, 3, 3.  And here’s the stones in order from 1 to 7…

singing_stone_1 singing_stone_2 singing_stone_3 singing_stone_4 singing_stone_5 singing_stone_6 singing_stone_7

So the one with the Triangle through it is 2, the one that looks like it has an R on it is 5 and so on.

Again I’ll have a full breakdown on these stones in the Should I Buy post, but that should help many of you that are confused at the moment…

Also a fun side note courtesy of can play an off ton version of “Funky Town” by doing the following sequence.. 5545225175.

I’ve Seen A Couple Of Characters With Antler Earning Tasks, Which Characters Have These Tasks?

So far I’ve only seen, and verified, White Witch Burns and King Winter having their tasks all turn into Antler Earning Tasks.  Beyond that I’ve yet to come across another character…of course I could be wrong (and if I am please tell me, but that’s it so far).

unlock_mrburns_whitewitch King Winter

Do Any Of the Crafting Items Earn A Bonus %?  Or Similarly…I Paid Donuts for my Chicken Coop/Outhouse etc to Get the Bonus % and Now They Can Craft them for Free?!  I’m Outraged! 

ico_priz_xmas2016_windmill_lg ico_priz_xmas2016_chickencoop_lg ico_priz_xmas2016_twostoreyouthouse_lg

So this can be solved by simply saying…

NONE of the items crafted earn a bonus %.  This applies to the Chicken Coops and Outhouses too.

There are two different versions of each in the files.  The ones you craft are coded with a “grind” version to distinguish the two, the ones you’ve previously purchased for donuts don’t have the “grind” tag on them.  So those will award a bonus %.

So basically…if you paid donuts for the Outhouse/Chicken Coop/Windmill it will give you a bonus %.  If you’ve crafted them you will not receive a bonus % for the ones you’ve crafted.

(A Side note…they did this with the Simpson Family Snowmen previously.  If you paid for them you got the bonus %, if you crafted them no bonus %.  It looks like the Snowmen will be coming back for donuts this year.  So before you ask…if you pay donuts for them they’ll have a bonus %)

What’s the Deal With Turning Things in at Springhenge?  Is there a daily Limit?


So far from what i’ve seen while playing and from what I can tell in the files there is no cap/limit to doing trade ins at Springhenge for this event.  So you can trade in as much as you want/as often as you want during this event.

Remember, it’s only 4 trade ins to unlock the bonus prize (either Runestones or donuts) BUT you can (and should) continue to trade in after that to earn as many antlers as you can.

What’s the Best Trade in Strategy?

ico_xmas2016_antlers_pack1 ico_xmas2016_antlers_pack2

I’m sure there are math folks out there that will come up with a formula saying the best/most idea strategy..but honestly?  I just go with whatever has the highest payout that I can “afford” at the moment.  And I go until i’m out of resources…it’s working for me.  I’m nearly at God Burns.

Will Catnip and Figurines Carry Over to Act 2?

sidebar_xmas2016_catnip indicator_xmas2016_carvedfigurine

Honestly, not sure yet.  Looks like Act 2 will see two new items added, in addition to a currency replacing the Antlers, but I’m not sure if all four will be needed at this time.

This Update is So Short, What Does That Mean?  Why The Heck Is it So Short?

For the answer to this…and more…tune into Addicts Live! tomorrow (Saturday December 10th) at Noon ET, or watch the replay if you can’t check out the live show.  We’ll discuss what may be in our futures in the world of TSTO…

And finally…

WTF Is Going On Around Here?! 

Some of you may have noticed Pat put up two posts in the last 24hrs..well less than…one for those who hate this event and one for those who like it, love it or are indifferent about it. And to say some of you were confused would be an understatement.  Loads of comments, that didn’t make it through, and emails were WTF is going on?  Since when are you guys such a dictatorship?


We’re not.  We’re trying to give those who are upset and those who are happy an equal voice in the matter so that we can all go back to business as usual.  Everyone has had the chance to say their peace..and now we are done. No more debating, no more screaming, no more yelling, no more beating each other over the head…we’re done.  We’re ALL better than that. So if you’re upset with ANYTHING in this update go to the Dear EA post for those against this event and write “I Agree” and nothing more in that comment section.  If you’re happy/thrilled with ANYTHING in this update go to the Dear EA post for those happy with the event and write “I Agree” and nothing more in that comment section.

If you’re unhappy with either of those options and want to say more, contact EA.  There address is in both of those posts.  Beyond that, we’re done with it. Let’s just all move on…there are loads of things we need to get back to.  Including some exciting things in the future…

You guys know I love you and this site…so let’s all just move on.

And that is that my friends.

Any questions you had that weren’t addressed?  Anything you were curious about, that we’ve now answered?  Sound off below…

268 responses to “Addicts Question Corner Winter 2016: Act 1 (Gnome Issues, Singing Stones, Clues for What’s Next, WTF is Going On Around Here?!…and more!)

  1. The bonuses for trading in Stonehenge shows an extra day how do I unlock that gift?

  2. What are the special dollars for I have a lot but how do I use them

  3. Has anyone else try to dismiss an offering at Springhenge and it doesn’t change anything but then tells you that you have reached your dismiss limit for the day? I.e. The dismiss doesn’t do jack. This has been happening to me since act 1. Very frustrating at the least.

    • Do you mean you’ve never successfully dismissed one? Otherwise, what’s probably happening is that you’re trying to dismiss one too soon…you have to wait until 24 hours has passed since your last dismissal.

  4. What happened to the day 13 prize on act 1. It was firmly locked and was scheduled to open when Act 2 started and just disappeared. It now appears to be the day 13 prize for act 2. But will it still be there?

  5. Already have God burns…quest line is really cool….got him a couple days ago

  6. About the gnome..I haven’t got Krispyland yet so can’t use that to reset…my gnome has no radar and still in box even though game says he’s on the loose..

  7. Seems I got gnome glitched thank you for the fix you guys are amazing 👍

  8. I don’t have Krustyland, so is there any other options to bring the gnome radar back?

  9. Wondering what happens if I dismiss an offering at Springfield henge?? Is it just replaced with another?? Is there a penalty??

  10. Glitches and more restarts please I’ve unloaded. Reloaded and still getting booted. 5 minutes maximum playing time for every start up please fix!

  11. Hi Everyone,

    I was wondering how friends visits work on this update. When I visit friends and I tap on their pagans, I get friend points etc, but I have had a few friends visit me and it shows that they have tapped buildings. These friends seem to have updated their game to the winter update (unless it’s my game showing the winter stuff) Does that mean that when my friends visit me they show as tapped buildings or do I not get any friends points etc if friends visit me during this update?

    I hope this makes sense!

    • If you’re getting any handshakes during this event, it’s likely from neighbors who have opted out of playing this event. Otherwise, for the course of this event, there’s no benefit to your neighbor for visiting them or any to you for when they visit you. If they’re playing the event, their experience in your town is the same as your existence when you’re visiting your friends’ towns. And, yes…even if they’ve opted out of playing this event, as long as they installed the update, you should see the same things in their towns that you’d see in the towns of people are playing the event.

      Does that help?

  12. Wow! I just came back from a no internet vacation and wow! I appreciate all this site does to offer tips and support for those of us playing TSTO. I was expecting to buy the bonus card since I’m so far behind, but really so much is recycled and I’m not a fan of controversy so I’m going to play but not but that card, just get what I can for free.
    Alissa and Pat, you guys deserve an internet free vacation! Thanks for always being there though!

  13. Is there any reason to “hoard” resources, or wait to exchange until the daily prize is available again? That’s what I’ve been doing, but am now questioning that decision, ha!

    • There is no reason to hoard. Turn in for antlers as much as possible even after the 4 for the daily gift. You can also dismiss one antler turn in a day to get a better option.

  14. Okay, I try dismissing an offering amount, and it says that I dismissed it, but it gives me the EXACT same reward for the EXACT same cost! Anyone else have this problem?

  15. My gnome won’t come out 😟

  16. Do I need to complete the $5 antler rental hut missions to move onto the next act? I keep forgetting to send Bart 😨 Does it earn antlers if I complete those missions? Thanks in advance😊

  17. Hey Guys I just started game…I need some Neighbours!:)
    Please help me!😄

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