12/14 In-Game Update: Minor Game Changes (and Bonus % Drops)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just popping in real quick with a few changes today’s in-game update brought.  Now I know these likely aren’t all of them, I haven’t had a chance to download the files yet.  But these are the changes I could see in my game immediately…


Pagans are now paying out 15 Antlers ico_cur_xmas2016_antlers_lg (Previously 10), 2 Runestones ico_cur_xmas2016_runestones_lg (unchanged) and 1 Guilt Dust ico_cur_xmas2016_guiltdust_lg (for Gnome upgrades, previously they didn’t drop from pagans) when tapped in your town.

Neighbor rewards are unchanged.


Pagan Fences if you purchase Gil’s deal and the Pagan Fences are in your store, you can now purchase 8 of the for 10 donuts.  Instead of 1 for 10 donuts.  This makes them a much better buy.  HOWEVER, they also changed the bonus % earned for them it’s no longer .25% per fence.  Now it’s .05%/fence.  So all 8 fences award a .40% bonus.

So if you’ve purchased Gil’s deal and noticed your bonus percent dropped 1.2% that is why…as the bundle has gone from offering a 6.5% overall bonus to a 5.3% bonus.   All the more reason why it’s not a good buy….


So far that’s all I’ve got change wise.  But once I pull the files I’ll dig through to see if anything else changed and I’ll update this post if so.

Have you noticed anything else?  Thoughts on these changes? Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!


111 responses to “12/14 In-Game Update: Minor Game Changes (and Bonus % Drops)

  1. I had taken Gil’s deal, and after the update an extra 49 pagan fences showed up in storage.

  2. Sorry this is off topic. I’m getting the can’t connect to server screen again. Is the server down for anyone else?

  3. Anyone notice the female Pagan in the green dress looks like Maude Flanders?

  4. My conformity meter has gone up 3.5%. What changed?

  5. Well, I guess that’ll help collecting bonuts as I’ve finished the main prizes

  6. oddly, my % overall went up, despite no purchases or placement of anything. It was tiny, only .5%, but I can’t figure out why.

    • Mine went up 3.5% but I don’t know what changed.

      • I’m sure Alissa will be along to update when she can… In the meantime, mine also jumped the same %. It’s (reportedly) from some of the Simpson family snowmen/couch gag ice sculptures that are from last Xmas and 2013. So look in your inventory and “get ’em if ya got ’em” out in town. 😉

    • Had the same issue. Figured out that last year’s event Ice Sculpture Couch Gag now awards .5% contrary to all other Simpson Family Snowmen.

  7. This might be unrelated, but it seems like I had a much easier time finding pagans in friend towns today. Anyone else?

    • Funny, I was just about to post how difficult it is to find pagans in friends’ towns. I only have probably 15 friends, and including loading times between towns it usually takes me about ten minutes to tap characters during events. This event, it can take me up to a half hour to clear them all. I consider you lucky if you’re having an easier time.

    • Not true for me at least. It is still a pain to find them in neighbors towns. Also, only some of mine drop resources. Usually only one drops resources and the other two drop cash. Not worth the time or frustration to tap all 100 neighbors this event

  8. Maybe I just completely missed it before but the old tree spirit is generating antlers now. Maybe mine just wasn’t working before this update.


    • I think you just hadn’t noticed, because the antoer icon is kinda hard to see against the tree.

      • I really hate that…I know I’ve missed more than one collection because I failed to notice the antlers against the tree. I wish the antlers bobbed above the tree, like with other indicators for other things.

  9. I must be in the minority, because my catnip and figurine totals have been nearly constantly even throughout the whole event. I have 8 characters making catnip, and 8 characters making figurines. Go figure.

    • I have a surplus of 800 figurines and am constantly running out of cat nip. At least I’m ahead on the calendar now by a bit. I can’t even remember the last event that I was this far off. I’m usually at least three days ahead

    • I don’t think people are having an issue with *earning* them evenly as much as *spending* them evenly. I think people end up with very uneven amounts when they get trades that are very lopsided. That might be compounded by also not earning them exactly evenly either…it all depends on which characters you’ve earned and/or purchased so far.

      • I have 207 catnip and 267 figurines… it’s always fairly even for me

        • It’s been reasonably even most of the time for me, too, but lots of people have been having more lopsided experiences.

          • Josephine Kick@$$

            Hi neighboreeno😊 I’m a little lopsided towards more figures, but I only turn in when I can use them. I’m also having Marge, Bart, & Maggie dance around the Fire for more antlers 😀

  10. For me, only the first 10 neibours (30 actions) give the 5 antlers and 2 runes) then about 10 actions give one of each, then no runes and then nothing. It used to be 90 actions for 5 antlers and 2 runes, but not any more. Is it just me?

    • Consider yourself lucky I have only been getting neighbor event payouts for 20 neighbors the whole event ….

    • Same here, but it’s been that way for me for the entire event. I only collect from the first 10 – not worth the time for the rest.

      • I’ve found that 30 to 40 friends is the “sweet spot”. That is, if I spend the time every day on those friend visits … I average a donut a day. Sometimes up to 3 in one day, but you have to visit them all every day when available. That’s not bad for 20 minutes of play… a little longer during events and a little less normally. Donuts donuts donuts!

    • Nope – that’s normal for this event.

  11. New Land can be bought to the East.

  12. I also went up 1.5% Definitely not complaining but haven’t figured out what it is yet.
    Who knows if the bump up was suppose to happen or not?
    Hopefully it’s not another error by EA and we get to keep the bonus.

  13. It may have been discussed elsewhere, but I think the pagan pictured in the post looks like Maude Flanders… which amuses me slightly…

  14. They are also dropping what looks like diamonds.

  15. My bonus % has increased since the update, can’t work out what it’s from but not unhappy! 🙂

  16. Kwik E Marts seem to have gone up in price over the last day. The first one is around $8000 now.

  17. My bonus is up 2.5% after the update, wonder what changed

    • Mine went up by 2.5% also. I don’t have any of the Gill deal stuff.

    • I have two sets of Simpsons snowmen. One set has no bonus, but the other set does:

      Lisa Snowman: 0.50% (new)
      Grampa Snowman: 0.50% (new)
      Bart Snowman: 0.50% (no change)
      Homer Snowman: 0.50% (no change)
      Maggie Snowman: 0.50% (new)
      Marge Snowman: 0.50% (new)
      Santa’s Little Helper Snowdog: 0.75% (no change)
      Snowball II Snocat: 2.00% (no change)

      And there’s also:

      Ice Sculpture Couch Gag: 0.50% (new)

      • Unfortunately, none of the Simpsons snow family that I had in storage (including my 27 snow Lisas) have any bonus attached to them…just the couch gag one.

        • The craftable ones from last year remain unchanged, there’s no % associated with them. However the couch Gag has had a bonus % added, since it’ll be coming up as a premium item later in the event.

  18. My games went up 2% (2 games -non Baal) and 1.8% (Baal)

    btw, the Parson golf cart actually moves.

  19. I haven’t noticed an update, but after a reboot of my phone, it seems like I can zoom out from my town a bit farther than I was able to before?

    Can’t say for sure, but it does seem like I’m seeing more of my town at once and all the stuff is a bit smaller than I remember when I zoom out

    Could just be me losing a few more brain cells… (shrug)

    • Yes, you are not crazy…or maybe you are…but you can zoom out farther. Used to be like this, then went away for awhile, now it’s back…who knows why? Just EA messing around.

  20. I’ve got no Catnip and 1000 figurines. It’s not evening out for me and I’m well behind on the calendar. Thank Ba’al that they upped the antler count for Pagans.

  21. cannot get into my game for 2 days now, tried uninstalling and hard closing device, just says cannot connect to server, anyone else having this issue

  22. Thanks for the update Alissa. I noticed the guilt dust. But I don’t really see the point. With other upgrades, like the Players Club for Vegas, etc, things that were upgraded. became shinier and glitzier. Nothing seems to be happening with the gnome box, just the meagre increase in gnome loot. It’s a bit underwhelming from where I’m sitting. If the loot increase was bigger then maybe I’d be a bit more excited about the guilt dust dropping. Anyone else feel that way? Am I missing something?

  23. Kinda sux for ppl who paid actual real world cash for donuts on this Gill Deal and get their bonus taken away. Not sure why EA does this after they launch an item. :\

  24. Hi. Can you help me? One of my tasks says to tap the musical stones and it has Homer’s face on the task. I can’t seem to make Homer tap the stones and I’ve been tapping them like crazy but nothing ever happens. I’m hoping you can tell me what I’m doing wrong. Thank you!

  25. If you had previously bought the fences at the 1/10 ratio, they gave you the difference in your inventory. So for every 1 you previously bought, they gave you 7 more for the difference.

  26. not too happy.. I have purchased 30 of these at 10 each….. this is not fair, EA! not cool!

  27. I would prefer more rune stone drops to getting guilt dust. I’m making progress on the crafting track, but it seems painfully slow.

  28. I might just end up passing on Gil’s deal. The first time I’ve done something since I went premium back in 2012. I’m not sure how to feel about it… I’m scared. lol

  29. Meh, not that big of a drop.

  30. not related to this minor update but am i the only one with way more figurines than catnip? when i go to turn in, the game seemingly always wants the catnip more. i have maybe 60 catnip and 600 figurines (as of this post). i kinda wish there was more even distribution in turning these in as i rarely get “only figurines” to turn in. granted, i’m ahead of the pace from the calendar but i still feel like these are being wasted.

    • I’ve got more catnip than figurines

      • ah, it must be more random than i thought. thanks for the reply!

        • I have 2000 catnip and 7 figures!
          I only learned we could dismiss one of the offering suggestions yesterday (d’oh)
          I wish we could trade among neighbors!

          • Wait… what…?

          • The one thing I do not like about dismissing offerings is that the game will just give me the same offering I dismissed. I.e. Large offering 150 catnip for 750 antlers gets dismissed, only to come right back.

            This is particularly annoying as I have far more figurines than catnip, and my game keeps wanting me to turn in catnip.

            In the meantime I am trying to use use available use available figurine characters to grind for monorail weekly tasks (currently 5000 points away from mall o rama station)

        • What you can do is reject one of the exchanges a day and I found that when I had lots of figurines and no catnip the alternate option that it gave me was only for figurine use, which was really helpful to me and enabled me to stay on track.

    • I had way more figurines than catnip. Then I figured if I selected the small or medium tribute, it evened out and I received a few tributes that were all figurines. I still tend to have more figurines than catnip but it isn’t so lopsided anymore.

      Seems to have worked for me. I did earn the parson this afternoon and am working on the first round of bonuts.

    • Same here, 600:1600, and every offering’s turning up catnip. :/

    • It may be a supply/demand thing. I have 7 characters doing the figurine grind and only 6 doing the catnip grind every 4 hours, which leaves me with a surplus of figurines over a shortage of catnip. The game randomizer may take the in stock levels and post accordingly. Whatever you produce less of is what is required more to turn in antlers. May be a stop gap measure to keep from being able to turn in for more antlers and hitting your daily cap too fast. I could be wrong, but that’s my guess as why some players have different demands for turning in for antlers.

    • It’s currently 43 : 1083 for me, but that gave me lots of room to send some characters to the railyard

    • I have the same problem and all of my tasks require catnip and it’s made me behind. I currently have 1,200 statue things and 3 cat jk :/ it’s really annoying and I’m worried I won’t be able to complete the task line in time.

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