Should I Spend Donuts On Gil’s Pagan Offer?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

The snow is falling in Springfield and that can only mean it’s Winter time in our pocket sized towns!  And of course it wouldn’t be an event in Springfield without premium items in our stores, just tempting us to spend sprinkles on them!

And it never helps the donut matter when Ol’ Gil arrives in town!  Especially because we all know whatever he’s peddling will cost us a ton of donuts!  But with that limited-time label it can be tempting to buy everything that looks awesome because it’ll be gone soon.  But don’t sweat it!  That’s where we come in to tell you what’s worth those donuts and what you might want to hold off on.

Wondering if you should add Gil’s Pagan Simpson Bundle to your Springfield?  Well before you hit that confirm button let’s break down the pros and cons of adding this hot hot bundle to your Springfield…

Christmas Gil

So first a little details.  Gil hit our stores yesterday, waving his arms like a crazy man.  When you tapped on him this is what he had to say…

Gil: It’s Gil’s favorite time of the year — Christmas!  When even the most desperate, lost-his-mojo-years-ago-if-he-ever-really-had-it-to-begin-with salesman can make a killing!  Hello, citizens of Springfield!
Homer: You again…
Gil: Hear me out, Pagans! You’re gonna love what I have in store for you! Always wanted your very own piece of Pagan history? Like big decorations? See yourself dancing around half-naked around a giant statue of Ba-al?
Homer: Yes, yes and sorta!


If you refuse..

Gil: Well, okay. Say… I got a used Simpson House to sell you. Cheap! Oh, I see you’ve already got one.  Why does everybody have one of these?

If you accept…

Gil: Always good doing business with you, friend! How’ bout some fire insurance to go ablong with your purchse, you know, just in case?

So now here are the details of the bundle…

pagan_bonfirepagan_hut pagan_fence

Bundle Details: Includes Pagan Bonfire, Pagan Hut and Pagan Fence (6) 
Donut Price: 170 Dounts
Earns: Overall 6.5% bonus on all cash and XP (4.5% for bonfire, .5% for Hut & .25% for each fence piece)
Also Earns: $135,15xp/4hrs
Size: Bonfire 8×8, Hut 4×4; Each Fence 1×2
 Bonfire: Obedience +10;  Indolence +20; Vanity +100 (each)

If you purchase you’ll also unlock the ability to purchase more fences and more huts from the store.  Each additional fence is 10 donuts and each additional hut is 20 donuts.

Leaves Stores December 20th

-Unique items that will fit nicely with the other event items
-Simpson Family (Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa & Maggie) have a task there to earn Antlers at the Bonfire.(4hrs, earns 40 Antlers each. 200 Antlers/4hrs) Note: Lisa will have 2 tasks.  To worship and dance. Both same amount of time, same payout.

-WAY overpriced
-Does not come with actual costumes for The Simpsons, only temporary costumes for their task there
-6 Fences really aren’t enough and each additional one is WAY overpriced for a fence…10 donuts?! Crazy!

Final Thought
It’s fun.  The task there is amusing..but it’s seriously overpriced.  So honestly, I’d pass on it.  It’s not necessary to successfully complete the event, and it simply doesn’t do enough to justify the 170 donuts.  Of course I know there are many of you premium players that will tell me it’s awesome and you love it…and if you think that way grab it.  It is limited-time, so if you like it get it.  But I legitimately feel like this one is just way over priced…hard to justify for me.

Pass.  Way to expensive for what it is/does.  Save your donuts and let this one go…not worth it.

Of course in the end it’s your decision, we can only tell you what we would or wouldn’t do.  And I can tell you as a premium player, I’m passing.  Remember this is one of those items that helps with the event, so the sooner you pick it up the more beneficial it will be to you.   So I would say make your final decision soon so that you can get the most benefit from it.

Here’s a look at the short questline that comes with it…

Ba’al of Confusion Pt. 1
Homer starts

Homer: Come, Pagans! Let us dance and sing around the likeness of He Who is Most Mighty, uh…
Lisa: Ba’al. His name is Ba’al.
Homer: Oh, great Ba’al!  We thank you for your blessings, especially, uh..
Lisa: …storms and fertility…
Homer: Bring us your mighty storms, oh Ba’al. But spare us your mighty fertility, for I have more than enough kids already! Come, let us dance ’round Ba’al, lest he grown wroth and curse us with more kids!
Make the Simpsons Worship Ba’al- x5. 4hrs, Earns 40 Antlers each
Homer: AHHHHHHH!  It burns, it burns, it burns!
Bart & Lisa: Aaah! Dad, it burned your clothes off!
Bart: Now I KNOW there’s no God.

homer_pagan_dance_image_3 marge_pagan_dance_image_3 bart_pagan_dance_image_8 lisa_pagan_dance_active_1_image_2 maggie_pagan_dance_image_7

Ba’al of Confusion Pt. 2
Lisa starts

Lisa: Dad, I’m bored. As much as I love playing music, I’d like to dance too!
Homer: Sure honey, got a bunch of extra animal skins for you to wear.
Lisa: Eww.  These are real animal skins, dad. I only wear faux fur!
Make Lisa Dance Around the Bonfire- 4hrs, Earns 40 Antlers


What are your thoughts on the Tree Spirit?  Will you be picking it up or have you already?  Where have you placed it in your Springfield? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


91 responses to “Should I Spend Donuts On Gil’s Pagan Offer?

  1. I know this earns antlers, which is the act 1 prize track currency, does anyone know if this earns the act 2 prize track currency?

    Trying to weigh in (er…compare?) between winter premium character completion over Gil’s offer before his offer expires in a day.


  2. I have yet to take up a Gil Deal 🤔

    While I agree this one is a tad pricey , I won’t question anyone for getting this Ba’al Fest (I think additonal Huts & Fences should be Simpson’s $ vs Donuts) 🤑



    its 200 donuts but you get 200 antlers if you use all the Simpsons celebrating, its a GREAT animation to watch, and thanks to this its become easier to get points on the main prize track, because with the fixed antlers coming from Baal + the ones you get from crafting + gnome hunts, I’m usually pulling over 1000 antlers every 4 hours regardless of whether the stonehenge game gives a good payout or not.

    If stonehenge gives a 1000+ antler return on the big offerings, I can get 2000-3000+ by the time I convert all my event currency


  4. I love event items, but this is way overpriced :/


  5. There is 1 of the Tracey Ullman shorts (pretty sure) or 1 of the very early episodes where Lisa is explaining pagan holidays & how they were coopted for Christian holidays & some other stuff about pagans to Homer & his response is “God bless those pagans.” Totally cracks me up & I have looked all over The You Tubes w/o success to find it & post it on here. The irony & humor in that is hilarious.



  6. Well, a large portion of my forest had to be shifted or stored.

    I regret nothing!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. From his stellar moves, it looks like Homer has been taking Ba’al Room dancing lessons.🗿🎼❄️💃

    Liked by 2 people

  8. As long as I thought this was only the way too large, butt-ugly statue, I was going to pass. Somehow the additional decorations make it much more tempting for me. Strange EA didn’t include that in the info.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. I love the Bal statue. It’s a great addition in my opinion, despite its price. I bought it immediately for its aesthetic appeal to my town. It adds to the sinister suburbia nature that I’m going for in my design layout. I couldn’t help but notice though as I do the friends task that it seems I may be the only one of my friends that purchased it. No one else wanted it?

    I can’t wait to see what the next week event prizes will be. I may and may not spend anymore donuts this event though. It’s not really showing anything worth purchasing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • ThatOneWeirdTapper

      I had to get it straight away too! Love the animations, only few friends bought it though.. I much liked the snowglobe from last year, but held off as it was WAY overpriced. The 100 donuts back is enough. If you didn’t get Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers, it is REALLY worth purchasing! 🙂 Happy Holidays!


  10. There’s a bit of an inaccuracy in this article. It claims that additional fences cost 10 donuts each, but the 10 donut buy is actually for a pack of 8 additional fences.

    This makes each individual fence only 1.25 donuts each, which isn’t too bad for a 0.25% bonus. The standard white picket fence gives a 0.05% bonus for 1 donut, and the usual 2.00% for 40 donuts ratio also works out to 0.05% for one donut.


  11. Payment from pagans just went up. Plus elf dust.


  12. Tempting, but way overpriced and the Simpson family characters have too many tasks already so I probably wouldn’t even use it.

    Liked by 3 people

  13. It’s now 8 fences for 10 donuts. It’s just been updated.


  14. Further proof this event is evil. After buying Gil’s deal my bonus is at 666%

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  15. Thanks for the review/write-up. I agree it’s overpriced, but as you say, I’m a premium player that got it anyway. Love the Pagan dancing animations, and love that the Simpson family can earn “super premium” antlers now. I do agree that 10D for additional fences is crazy though. I’ll just make due with the six provided.

    P.S. Looks like you got a little copy pasta error there at the end… “What are your thoughts on the Tree Spirit?” – Aren’t we talking about the Gil Deal? Heh.

    Liked by 1 person

    • My calculations show it s better to send them farming/shacking if you choose the max when buying antlers. So the only benefit is sending Maggie (Which you can’t do when you are waiting to find Maggie). BTW, anybody know of any other characters earning event items? (BTW I am already in the Bonuts stage in antlers).


      • Almost twice as many antlers earned per hour going to Willie’s Shack or the Farm, but you gotta love the dancing….good fun!


      • I find I can balance sending Marge & Bart shacking while the rest worship Ba’al at a 3:1 ratio compared to sending the entire family to farm+shack and still get great returns from all the currency sources.


    • Hmm… I see your points… I mistook the currency earned by their Ba’al worship… It is Antlers directly instead of Catnip or Carvings.

      So 5x Simpsons = 200 Antlers/4hs.
      Or 4x Simpsons = 30 Catnip and 30 Carvings/4hrs… Which is difficult to calculate the Antler value… Right now I have a Large Tribute that wants 105 Catnip, 135 Carvings… Hmm… That’s makes… ROUGH CALCULATION… the Simpsons about a third the requirements. -Ish. But the Tribute does give 1,540 Antlers. So a third would be ~500 Antlers/4hrs. You’re right… More than they can earn from the Ba’al statue, even if you thrown in Maggie’s extra 40 Antlers (which would put them at 240 Antlers/4hrs).

      Huh. Well, good to know. Thanks for pointing out my error. 🙂

      I don’t regret buying the Bundle, though. I love the look of the statue/fire pit and the Pagan hut and fences. Also the dancing/outfits. And in the future, my Simpsons might just find themselves worshiping Ba’al quite often, since it makes for a vary convenient way to pick-up one thing to free them whenever necessary to do new events or whatever.

      Liked by 1 person

  16. One additional pro I would mention is that the huts can go on the beach. I’ve seen people who wanted the Rigellian huts to go on the beach, and maybe they can do something with these.

    Of course the fences are ridiculous. (Anyone remember when those Halloween party walls were 20 D’s a pop? Then the next year they sort of fixed it by having it be 10 walls for 20 donuts?) I used the six free ones in my tiny Castle Recycle. If I really want fencing around Ba’al, I’ll use stonecutter walls.


  17. When this event started, I wondered if they would include THIS in prizes, because when you hear the word ‘pagan’, you just have to remember this scene immediately (if you’re hard core The Simpsons fan 😂 ). I loved this scene in that episode. So when I didn’t see it amongst prizes, I was a bit disappointed, yes. Then I saw it was part of Gil’s deal, and was glad they actually added this to the game, yet was pissed that as freemium player, I can dream of this. And if I had donuts like rest of you guys, I’d purchase it in a second. I mean, how often do we have pleasure of seeing WHOLE family sharing one task in our towns?! In my opinion, that’s something you don’t miss on.
    So, if someone out there has donuts, please but this and play with it for me 😂 I appreciate other people having it, if I can’t anyway.

    P. S. Anyone wonders if Gil will ever be added as permanent character to our games?


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