New Year Quest and What’s Next

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just popping in real quick with a little info.  As some of you noticed this morning, the main questline and ability to earn prizes from the Winter Event has left our games. (not 100% sure if we’ll get an even removal update…my thoughts are likely not until later)  However, the Gnome in Your Home game, and Mystery Box, remains.  So continue to plug away at that Gnome and earn those tickets, as that will leave our games on the 3rd.

Also, you may have noticed a little questline that started up between Homer and Grampa Simpson.  This is NOT Act 3.  This is a short 1 part questline for the New Year, with a silly animated task for Grampa.  When it’s all over, Grampa will still have the 4hr task to celebrate the New Year…


And if you don’t already have it, you’ll get the New Year’s Eve Ball as a gift from EA. (if you already have it you’ll just get a Happy New Year message)..


And that’s it for now.  The next MINI Event (Homer the Heretic, as is already teased in the game), will hit our games on the 3rd (as is indicated in the files).  This will also not be Act 3.  This is a Mini Event.  The Winter Event is over.  There will be no mystery/hidden Act 3.  This is it guys.  It’s onto the next adventure in 2017…

But stay tuned to TSTO Addicts over the next few days as we recap 2016 and prepare for 2017!  Including some fun posts coming later today…

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  1. Should I still play the Gnome in your home game if I don’t need tickets? I’m also at the max level. Just curious if tickets will be worth anything else. Thanks

  2. I don’t know if it still works, but an hour or so ago I took a crafted item out of storage and it let me purchase more copies of it using the runestones that I had not used up last night. I tried putting something else in storage and when I took it out I could see my runestone count in the top right and I was able to use them all up after the very quick hook on the end of the act. Thought that might interest anyone that hadn’t used up their crafting currency.

  3. Why aren’t we allowed more than one new years ball? Great present EA…not! 🙁

    On a lighter note if you have any crafting currency left over you can still craft…just store a craft able then replace it to make more 🙂

    Got myself a few more mushrooms ♡

  4. I got dunk the monk in time. It was close, just like getting the parson in act one was. I crafted everything I wanted and reached level 15 on the gnome so job done!

    Not a bad event but there’s been much better events in the past.

  5. Not sure if it’s an error on EA’s part, but the gnome can also still be tapped for premium bucks to go toward the winter prizes, and King Winter, and Burns’ winter skin (Can’t think of the name right now) still have the task to earn currency.

  6. EA didn’t waste any time this time… I was in the middle of choosing what I was going to craft next when the Winter Event ended and it forced me out exactly at the time the event expired. Oh well, I didn’t get everything done, but it’s okay, I won’t lose sleep over it.

  7. I have a quest with ice princess Martin that apparently includes a task at the ice palace. The problem is that I don’t have the ice palace. I received the ice princess Martin skin from a previous event. Anyone else have this issue?

  8. Still holding on to a sliver of hope that EA will (1) increase the rebate for the ice castle for those who already have ice princess Martin and (2) will give some bonus vouchers on New Years. I suppose neither seems very likely at this point.

    And the “on the left” thing doesn’t work. I had the slide factory and Sophie remaining, with Sophie on the left, and it gave me the stupid slide factory.

  9. I noticed my King Winter is still generating event items from his task list.

  10. So what’s up with Cthulhu missing from the water castle or whatever? He’s gone no matter how many times u switch it.

  11. Why is King Winter still earning event currency?

  12. Aw man, I wish I hadn’t pulled the trigger so fast…when I saw that everything else was gone, I assumed that the gnome would be leaving too and hurried to buy a gold box. I could have gotten the platinum!

  13. I’m so glad that’s over. Sick of the little gnome. I did win the Holiday Monorail Station, though. I needed another one to expand my Monorail into Springfield Heights. Otherwise, this was a major letdown. Star suit Maggie is meh, at best. I feel like this was the most lopsided event against longtime players yet. EA is losing me…

  14. I am unable to store Springfield Henge or Lumber Mill…is this a glitch or am I now forever stuck with these in my town?

  15. I went in with 5 minutes left to spare on the event, cashed in for my bonuts, and was juuust about to craft the last item(s) when the event ended. They were swift with switching over! It booted me out with a “transitioning events” message. I am so happy I got my bonuts in time!

  16. For those who missed this in another thread:

    “I just opened my second platinum mystery box. Both times, I won the prize that was listed first on the list, the one on the far left.”

    So if you want to get the item you need, I think you should tap between boxes (simply to view them) until the item you want is listed first (at the left), and then click the buy button to spend your vouchers.

    Let us know if you have the same success.

  17. So it’s true, Act 3. I think that officially seals this as the worst event so far. Congrats EA, you’ve outdone yourself!

    I think it all started with the lame Act 3 from the future event and the events just went downhill from there the rest of the year. Is EA just winding down on the game as a whole? Should we just expect much shorter events with worse prizes from here on out?

  18. So if somebody, not me mind you, did get the ball last year and for some reason stored it (again, I’m asking for a friend not me) and now could not find it in storage because they had too many other things also in storage, what category of stuff might it be stored with? I really, I mean my friend, feels silly that it is lost.

  19. That was a horrible Christmas event. What a waste of time

  20. Thanks for confirming the fact that we don’t get anything if we already had the ball. I accidentally clicked through the message and thought I was getting a second one, so I scrolled through my inventory and thought I got glitched.

  21. Underwhelmed… hope 2017 brings something amazing to our little Springfield’s…

  22. any idea if we still can catch a gnome in a friends town? i guess only time will tell. If we still can then i’ll might able to get a silver and platinum box! (if i did the math right)

  23. I did not get another New Years ball. I had one previously. Not fair EA.

  24. EA was pulling all our legs 😀

  25. Ugh. Didn’t get Snowsuit Maggie in time. Thought I’d have a couple of hours this morning. Nuts.

  26. At least we still have the chance to continue tapping the Gnome every 4 hours to possibly win a mystery item. But unfortunately it’ll end in 3 days time

  27. Me too! They didn’t even give us a chance to turn in the last 4 offerings, this event didn’t end on time, it ended early. Glad I at least got snowsuit Maggie.

    • Ah. So it wasn’t just me. It was locked still when I went to bed and then “poof” it was gone this morning. Did anyone get that last item? It looked like an actual decoration, not more runestones.

    • Carmen (gameid5000)

      As noted below by others, there was no “Day 13” prize that could be earned by offerings. That yellow image is just a place holder….

  28. Old Tree Spirit is still earning me now useless Brooches. King Winter also seems to do so.

    • Burns still has his, too.

    • ThatOneWeirdTapper

      From what I recall on my other account, if you don’t have all the prizes, you can still earn them with the tree spirit and characters that earn currency, as I won the Snow Suit Maggie on that account when king winter finished a task, I guess it hasn’t fully been removed yet, good luck getting prizes if you need them! 🙂

  29. What happened to the thumbs up item that was locked until today?

  30. Nuts. I wanted to earn that Thumb’s Up item. 🙁

    • From Act 1 it wasn’t a prize. It seem to just be there. I was hoping that it would have been a trophy type prize for the end of the event but it wasn’t
      All it seem to be is to tell you that you completed the daily trade (12 days per act) in for runes.

    • That was just an image to say you’re done. Like the first act, no actual prize was given. It’s a little misleading.

    • I was curious about that, too. After Act 1 ended with no indication of what the Thumb’s Up item was, I merely assumed I had somehow forgotten to collect for the very last task, and didn’t earn it. With Act 2, I very specifically made sure yesterday that I had indeed finished all of them… still nothing. I guess it was just intended to show that we’d finished that task, but the way it was shown as “locked” basically just makes it feel like it we were dealt a teaser, with nothing to show for it after the fact… Quite annoying.

    • It isn’t an item. It’s just a placeholder icon.

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