New Year Quest and What’s Next

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just popping in real quick with a little info.  As some of you noticed this morning, the main questline and ability to earn prizes from the Winter Event has left our games. (not 100% sure if we’ll get an even removal update…my thoughts are likely not until later)  However, the Gnome in Your Home game, and Mystery Box, remains.  So continue to plug away at that Gnome and earn those tickets, as that will leave our games on the 3rd.

Also, you may have noticed a little questline that started up between Homer and Grampa Simpson.  This is NOT Act 3.  This is a short 1 part questline for the New Year, with a silly animated task for Grampa.  When it’s all over, Grampa will still have the 4hr task to celebrate the New Year…


And if you don’t already have it, you’ll get the New Year’s Eve Ball as a gift from EA. (if you already have it you’ll just get a Happy New Year message)..


And that’s it for now.  The next MINI Event (Homer the Heretic, as is already teased in the game), will hit our games on the 3rd (as is indicated in the files).  This will also not be Act 3.  This is a Mini Event.  The Winter Event is over.  There will be no mystery/hidden Act 3.  This is it guys.  It’s onto the next adventure in 2017…

But stay tuned to TSTO Addicts over the next few days as we recap 2016 and prepare for 2017!  Including some fun posts coming later today…

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  1. Why didn’t we get a chance to buy with donuts the remaining prizes like snow suit Maggie like EA usually does for like 2 days, this time they yanked everything… Is EA planning to start trending this? I always thought it was a great way for EA to make money since the remaining prizes tended to be priced with ridiculous donut amounts?

  2. Our next mini event will give us “Homer the Heretic” to start the event. “Brother Faith” and “Rabbi Krustovski” will cost doughnuts to unlock. Happy Tapping everyone.

  3. How do I get the squidport and beach front expansion? It’s telling me to do it but I can’t the quest has a red slash through it. I’m only level 16 do I have to have a certain character unlocked? Thank you

    • Squidport starts at level 15 and you should be getting the Sea Captain, if not that he’s the guy you need.

  4. any one still getting broches for keep ng winter’s tasks? what weirdness is that?

  5. Does anyone have a 12 hour task for Milhouse to Try to Eavesdrop in yellow at the top
    of the list? what’s that about? Easter egg? glitch?

  6. I’m confused by the fact that we received daily prizes for submitting in our Pagan resources (much like we do with the monorail recycling), however Day 15 was supposed to be where we received the final prize for submitting in our resources, and that, for me, would have been on Friday. Unfortunately, when I woke up and l logged into the game, everything except that elf had been taken away. Did anyone receive that final prize?

    • It was the same as Act I. It was just a placeholder. It was a very odd move by EA…not sure what it served except to confuse people. Which it did.

  7. ThatOneWeirdTapper

    I know this isn’t relevant to the post, but the 6s task “Learn about Christmas” is back, and if your low on cash, this is the way to get some cash efficiently but may take a bit of time. This kind of helps with farming, as the money you spend on some KEM’s, you can earn back some of it really quickly. I’m assuming this task will go with the next update but it’s the only 6s task that earns 35/50 cash, that isn’t cleaning Springfield. I suggest use it as much as you can! 🙂

  8. I wonder if EA would fix the Homer Santa skin. I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to be a premium costume but it only pays normal rates.

  9. Happy new year tappers, will there be an manual update for the game as I am still collecting tickets

  10. Having played the game since day 1 I found this the worst update/event they’ve done. Was really disappointed because I look forward to something more festive

  11. Naked Grandpa Simpson in a New Year’s Baby outfit (it’s a 4 hour Task I hope stays in the Game, ’cause this delivers the lols) 😅

    Congrats to the Newbs who finay earned their New Year’s Ball Drop (and just keep ignoring longtime Tappers, EA) 🤔

    Waiting to see how Heretic Homer Mini Event turns out, wishing Everyone a Happy New Year 😀

  12. Since Thursday’s update I’m facing the most annoying glitch. Everytime I log into the game I get the typical “your other device didn’t save your Springfield” message (by the way, I only play on one device) – except in this case it didn’t. My game always rolls back to several taps earlier, so that a bunch of characters I had sent on 24-hour tasks 4 hours earlier are still there roaming around doing nothing. This is happening every time.
    Anything I should try that might fix this?

    • Go to Krustyland or the friends screen and back before exiting the game.

      • I tried that, several times. Still didn’t work.

        • Wow, none of the easy fixes work for you. 🙁 Did you get a new device? Or are you still using Bluestacks? The only other thing that might work is a uninstall/reinstall and make sure you have plenty of free space.

          • Long story short… I’m still using my old device which is constantly protesting about lack of space. I’m hesitant to uninstall because I never know if the reinstall will be as simple and straightforward as it should… I’ll try that once the mystery gift extravaganza is over – I already got one gold and two platinum gifts but I might actually be able to get a silver one within the last few hours. For now, since I really don’t have much use for my phone this time of the year, what has been working for me is leaving the game constantly running (and the phone constantly plugged into the outlet).

          • Done and done… I was feeling corageous today so I thought I’d try uninstalling, and sure enough, now I can’t get it to download the update. Back to bluestacks, I guess…

        • Man that really sucks about your device. 🙁

  13. Just a thought, didn’t try it myself, only thought about it afterwards, did anyone have their ball stored before finishing their New Years Grandpa task? I had my ball (really wish it was two, the plural would make this a little funnier) proudly on display 😉

  14. Firstly I would like to wish all at TSTO a Happy New Year and all you devoted players the very best for the New Year
    Sorry now for the rant. Pretty pathetic New Year quest and prize that most of us have, when it came up I thought nice finish to the event as it hints a new costume for grandpa but no a measly 4 hour task and a prize that most of us have so thanks for nothing, fter the Pagen event I watched the Christmas special, unfortunatly on line as cannot find it here in the UK anywhere, to see why we had this event, as stated in a previous post a whole 2 minutes of the pagen event featured and we suffered several weeks, would have been nice to include the great Christmas jumpers they wore but no EA decided not to include the best part. EA you had let us down badley this year without rubbing our faces in it with this mini event for a old decoration which most of us have in storage never to be used again.
    Will still wish all at EA a Happy New Year for what is normally a good game, but please no more stupid or waste of time events, and please next year get back to the great Christmas events you are known for.

  15. Not sure if this is the right spot to post, but a few weeks ago, when ice princess Martin became premium (and was available to purchase in store again) I got a new quest line for him (I already had this skin from a previous event). Yet both him AND his castle are available in my store to buy. I finally started his quest line now that the event is over, and the next task is to show off his castle to Lisa (or something along those lines). But I don’t have his castle, so now it’s part of my quest to buy the castle (which I don’t want). Is this a glitch? And is there any way of getting rid of it?

  16. Did not manage to get the monk in time. I counted on another day to craft by not updating – which would have done the trick. Instead, I got the new year’s task update and then … NOTHING (since I already got the ball last year). Yeah, thanks.
    Again a bit annoyed. Not the first time this year, unfortunately.

  17. Am I having one of those “moments” again, or did a couple of the premium items dissappear before their time expired? Not that I could afford them but poor Violet and Co, and lil McStabby?

  18. Did we get the last 3 donuts, on the daily prizes, I went on a 6 oclock when it opens and everything had gone, no extra time to finish , annoying,

  19. My tree is still giving me gems every 4 hours, lol

  20. Well, 2017 of TSTO will starr making a bit of people upset. When I saw who was coming for the Homer the Heretic update, I was excited! But guess what. Rabbi Krustofski and Brother Faith are not free. You have to buy Brother Faith with his van for 110 donuts, and Rabbi K. with Temple Beth for 150 DONUTS. Nice job, EA. You really did it this time…

  21. is it just me, or did the new year’s event start before the final day of the Christmas event?

    I had one day left of prizes to redeem according to their schedule (the one where you get a prize everyday for cashing in chicken fingers and books 4 times). Why did that just disappear?

  22. It would have been nice to get some donuts or something, if we already had the ball. I was looking all over the place for where my second NYE ball was going to be. I didn’t get to finish the dialog, because my finger slipped.

  23. Why didn’t they allow to buy the main line prizes for donuts? I was 300 brooches away (out of 75000) from Maggie star suit and didn’t make it :(( this makes me want to drop the game forever.
    And this new year joke of a message! If I got the ball last year – it’s because I spent MY time in the game, give me 3 donuts this year then, if you can’t come up with an original item. You congratulations are like a candy wrap stuck to my bottom, useless and annoying.
    Once ea deceived me very badly (and everybody) when there were no bonuts at the end of the event. Just the 100 of the in-game currency. For days of playing and weeks of effort to finish the event early! I felt like they spat into my face. I never played any single event that earnestly from that moment on… the interest is going, going, almost gone.
    I dropped my previous game because they reduced the power of the weapon i used premium currency to improve. And I went away from that deception. Simpsons are so close to this moment now. Add to this the fact that I never even watched one single episode of the cartoon, so there is REALLY nothing to lose for me here. The fact that the players can’t buy the main line prizes for donuts after the event finishes is against the concept of the in-game purchases itself. What are you thinking, EA? Where is the brain in your trail of innovations?
    Sorry, long message, I am just very frustrated at the moment.

  24. I thought the usual was going to happen where the game forces us to download an update that wipes out the christmas event, so I went and bought the baby sitter bandit building combo to get enough vouchers for the platinum mystery box. Well, now I know I could’ve waited and continued to collect vouchers until Jan.3 for the prize box. Oh well, no matter, I’m ok with spending donuts on the combo anyway plus I got the north pole station I wanted the most from the mystery box. Yay me. Happy New Year. =]

  25. I’m also curious why and for how long the gnome finding task will remain.

    • It’s sticking around to help people collect vouchers for the silver presents. I’m guessing it will go away when the other voucher premium items expire. ..and then we get Homer the heretic mini event apparently. Yay!

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