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Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s that time of the week again, time for the Addicts Weekly Open Thread!  So, let’s get the conversation going!  Oh and remember…just because this is posted here today doesn’t mean you can’t comment on it all week long.  This open thread will still be open for comments long after today is over!

Here’s where you can talk about anything you want to talk about…TSTO Related, Simpson’s Related or ANYTHING.  Just no Add me requests…those should go here.  We’ll give you a few suggestions (like most Sunday’s you can talk about the current episode of the Simpsons) but for the most part you’re free to talk about ANYTHING your little Tapping Fingers desire…just keep it PG.

So, here is your Open Thread…..

No new Simpsons this week, still a few weeks until a new episode airs.  BUT if you’re looking for some episodes to catch up on in preparation for this week’s potential Around the World Event here are a few to check out from Wookiee’s Prognostication post

“Crapes of Wrath” (S1 E 11)
“Bart Vs. Australia” (S6 E16)
“Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo” (S10 E23)
“Simpson Safari” (S12 E17)
“Blame it On Lisa” (S13 E15)
“The Regina Monologues” (S15, E4)
“Kiss Kiss Bangalore” (S17 E17)
“In the Name of the Grandfather” (S20 E14)
“The Greatest Story Ever D’ohed” (S21 E16)
“You Don’t Have to Live Like a Referee” (S25 E16)
“To Courier With Love” (S27 E20)

The Lunar New Year mini Event dropped in our games last week, have you picked up the new items?  Enjoying the little in-game tease about what’s coming next?

How was your weekend?  Do anything fun and exciting?

So chat about the Simpsons, TSTO, Update fun, or anything else you can think of!  Can’t wait to chat with you all, you know we love hearing from you!

Have Fun!  And happy Sunday!


154 responses to “Addicts Open Thread

  1. Is there a list of buildings that show up in springfield heights during the show? Wanna make my springfield heights as accurate as possible. Thanks

  2. I recently noticed that with the Chinese lanterns there is two versions of it, during the day they are usually just red or ‘turned off’, but in the evening (for me its around 8pm GMT when they changed) they are orange or ‘turned on’ and have fireflies flying around them. Its a neat feature that EA added and I hope they continue with stuff like this and hoping for the ‘night mode’ to come. 🙂

  3. Here update, update, update. Who’s a good update?…You’re a good update…I’ve got treats!….

  4. Yes to EA when last year I almost lost my entire town when I was playing anonymously, though at the time, did not know better they restored my entire town & also the donuts I had bought at the time. Was at level 50 or so at that time.
    Then I found this site & really learned how to play the game from all of you. Thanks to all & glad it worked out.

  5. Josephine Kick@$$

    Wow… kudos to EA, I accidentally stored my rocket ship pad, & it wasn’t anywhere in my inventory. I opened up the store & tapped the get help button, a tech called me back within 15 minutes, & was able to place it back in my SF within another 15 😊😊 👍 👍👍👍👍

  6. Been a while since I went back and watched a Season 1 episode, but I watched Crapes of wrath to see what it might offer a travel event. Forgot how different the animation and open was back then

  7. I find it strange that my daily tasks lately have either been “collect Krustyland tickets” or collect jobs

    • Same here! I seem to get the KL tickets daily task 3 or 4 times a week. And I don’t like going to that place!

    • Likewise. At least the last couple have offered donuts!

      I like Krustyland.. I only wish they’d offer a sale on the premium items that go there, since I have no motivation to spend donuts in that area.

    • Same here! I don’t really mind because they’re so quick to do.

  8. Hi Neighbourinos!
    Still in redesigning mode, again ‘pologies if you’re having challenges tapping…

    • Hi neighbor 🙂 I’ve noticed your redesigning. Looking good! I’m not sure if you posted it and i didn’t see it, but i am still curious about the answer to the riddle you left in your town.

      • Hello Kitty (couldn’t resist 😉 and Justin, the answer was a turkey.
        It was a play on a common riddle, “What grows up and down at the same time”, the answer being a duck or goose. These are what’s known as precocial birds, whom are born with down but still grow it. I knew of the category of superprecocial birds, turkeys and some fowl, turns out they’re born with both down and full feathers, lose the down and grow adult feathers instead, a similar process to us losing our “baby” teeth.

        • yeah, i would of never gotten that one 🙂 i suck at riddles…lol…but i do enjoy them…thanks Cube

        • LOL, no one can resist saying ‘hello Kitty” 🙂
          I wouldn’t have guessed it either, but I like riddles too.
          I will try to guess the answer next time if you make another riddle 🙂

          • I did have another one planned, but with the crud-load of more redesigning now the new event has hit (SSSSOOOO much land looks to be needed!), it’s going to take me a couple of days 🙂

    • Hi Cube, I like how you have redesigned, it is looking very nice 🙂
      As Justin said, I am also curious about the answer to your riddle..
      I hope you post another riddle soon. 🙂

  9. Quick query, given the event.
    Do you know which animal and element you have been attributed to?
    It is down to the year and cycle of which you are born. I turned out to be a Fire Dragon.

  10. The next event being round the world gives me a small amount of hope for the re-release of one of few characters that I do not have. Kumiko.

    • Was she a mini-event only Character? I have her and rememberising I believe she came with an episode tie-in? These seem to be the rarely returned Characters.

      • Looks like your wish was granted! Having her already, does she come with the display and outfit, or does it only appear if you have her already?

  11. I watched “Romi-Old and Juli-Eh” and laughed my A.S.S. off when I saw the “A.S.S. American Shipping Services- Not Affiliated With the Human Ass” delivery truck. But that got me thinking… would anything like that ever make into our game? We’ve seen enough of Homer for me to think that it might, but I’m not sure how profane the game is allowed to be…

    • I may also add that our beloved Raphael has a hilarious scene in this episode and the whole climax is an awesome parody of the Lord of the Rings!

    • We do have Sneed’s Feed and Seed … Formerly Chucks

    • Would be great to see an “ASS” truck 🚚 in Springfield…Lenny and Carl could get the brown uniforms with shorts, and “ASS” on the back of the shirts…😃

    • Erm, I’m not to sure how this reflects on Orstraylyan society but this sort of tongue-in-cheek advertising is mainstream on billboards, tv, tadio, newspapers, etc. It’s ubiquitous over all mediums. We even, unfortunately, have backpacker rentable vans with suggestive graffiti.
      The only restriction we have for all of this is that Aussies don’t have free speech (a lot, a real heaping amount, think otherwise).

  12. I went to see “The King & I”, today Broadway touring company, thought it was appropriate since in the first 5 minutes of the play the King announces it is the Chinese New Year’s celebration & there are fireworks.

  13. Groundhog Day is coming soon.
    Groundhog Day is coming soon.
    Groundhog Day is coming soon.

  14. I’ve never had crapes before…I can only hope they are grape crepes and not the other thing….

  15. I’m beyond excited for the lunar new year stuff!!!
    Do you think this will end up being a full event???????
    I hope so I’m so excited!!!!!!!!!!

  16. The other day I was placing some bushes in my Heights area and a message popped up
    saying I had reached a maximum up 6200 (or a number close to that I can’t remember) buildings and decorations in my Springfield and if i place any more it might affect my game. Has anyone ever gotten this message? What does it mean? Should I stop placing things in my Springfield? I still have a lot of land to fill…

    • Depends on your device…if you have lots of free memory, don’t worry…if your free memory is limited, it could be a problem. The real deal is…if your game works ok, then you are ok. The actual cut off is close to 9000 items and they start getting stinky with you around 8400, so at 6200…meh….

    • You can basically ignore it, the actual cap is higher. I asked this question before when it first happened to me. It seems that more long term players have a higher cap. I do try not put hedges behind buildings that you cannot see etc, which helps but I love the decorations in my town. Good luck.

    • i have had the same message too (more than once) I did place some of my decorations away (not too many just a few flowers etc)
      but.. it just means that some of the items in your town may look a little glitchy/strange.
      Like for example in my town:
      Sometimes my mountains near Springfield Heights look a little strange,
      And sometimes some of my decorations (such as my cycling spotlights and fountains) look strange- they kind of look like a puddle of colours rather than what they are meant to be.
      But going to a different section of my town or shadowing the items out then back fixes it.

  17. I decided to buy Arnie Pye last week. There’s some dialogue between him and Kent Brockman about how Alec Baldwin is gonna lampoon Kent on Springfield night live (or whatever). I didn’t think to screenshot at the time but it was highly amusing!

  18. Anyone know how to find the gnome? I set mine free and can’t find the little guy.

  19. I haven’t bought donuts, so spending is an issue, and I bought the crazy cat lady on a discount, then saved and bought the cracker factory (nice quest chain), and I was planning on the pet store next, I like iguanas, but I just couldn’t help myself, the giant take out box had my name on it.

    • Jennrotten you can send Jubjub the iguana, Stampy the elephant, and Ray Patterson on tasks at the pet shop. It has a great animation when in use. (Tasks are 4,4 and 1hour, in that order.) I have never regretted buying it. Jubjub has a good selection of other tasks too.

      • I love the Pet Shop too. The Pet Shop was my very first Premium item purchase 🙂
        But that’s because I love animals.

      • I love the “cuddle with (Selma or Patty, can’t remember which)” job. The visuals are fun…

        • LOL, I love that task too, It is Selma’s task “cuddle jub-jub” it’s very cute.
          I’m not sure if Jub-Jub likes it tho.. 😛

      • Awesome, thanks to all of you for vouching for it, it is most certainly my next donut purchase.

    • Mr Teeny and Mutant Rabbit also have tasks there. I haven’t sent them there so I forgot to include those in my list.

  20. About 2 weeks ago I wrote a post that I was losing interest in the game and had started to play a different game. I’m happy to say the Springfield heights update, mini event and the next event teaser have brought me back. The one thing I’ve learned is not to get your hopes up too high. Many people have posted some awesome ideas but if the event doesn’t live up to them they will be disappointed even if it’s a good event. Kind of like making wedding plans before going out on a blind date. Instead I’m going to sit back and enjoy whatever it is we get next.

  21. Happy Sunday Everybody!
    With all the reworking to fit new things in this week, I’ve come to the conclusion that we need more variety of “park decor”, so I came up with a wishlist for EA…here goes:
    First and most important..picnic tables (why have we never had these?) and both straight and curving pathways (brick, stone and dirt) that can be placed over grass areas to form curving or straight pathways. These should be able to be added like fencing…full tile overlays would defeat the purpose.
    Some other things would all be equally fun:
    Pavilions, bandstands (old timey) with decorative white wrought iron fencing to match, statuary and bird baths, different(non animal) topiaries, flowering hedges (hibiscus, roses ?), other potted plants (large) including flowering varieties (poinsettias for sure at Christmas), trellis panels with ivy or climbing roses, other flowers such as lilies (Easter Lilies! And Stargazers), tulips(non holo), daisies, a variety of single colored mum beds(could offer fall colors later in the year), and my favorite…sunflowers.
    Also, can you bring back on a permanent basis…the Easter ponds, the large solarium/greenhouse, and any ornate fencing that is usually not available.
    Thanks for listening EA…with all the gardens springing up in my neighbor’s towns, I know you could sell all this decor easily.
    As long as I’m wishing…how about a “Enchanted Gardens” event with gnomes, fairies, fawns(the mythical type, although small deer would be nice too), bunnies, squirrels and all the silly stuff needed to make a magical garden area. Thanks…maybe will see some of this stuff this Spring?

    • Oh yeah, one more item that has nothing to do with Spring…how about some “crime tape” fencing…can’t have a good crime scene without crime tape…we already have the body outlines….

    • Happy Sunday, great idea, I am all for some new decorations for a park area.

    • Yeah, more garden decor! Rose bushes should always be available to grow at Cletus’s farm. Or better yet, you should be able to grow a variety of flowers and plants at the farm house!

    • Nice ideas Ebron 😃 I would like the following please: Wendell as a character in the game, ( one of my neighbours on the game is called Wendell) hello to you if you see this 😃 I would like for Santas little helper to have some outdoor tasks, items such as the benches to be able to be rotated in all 4 directions, and I’m still once again Hoping for a doughnut tree (like the apple etc but with donuts) and it could sometimes give a real doughnut 🍩🍩 to us when we tap it, or to a neighbour who visits and taps it… 🐱🌸😀

      • I had the bench thing on the list and forgot it, thanks…
        The donut tree is genius…another “why don’t we have this?”
        If we get Wendell, you have to bring the barf bags😉😄…

        • You’re welcome 😉 (I think a lot of other players would like the rotating idea too) *hint hint EA. (If you’re reading this)
          I agree, I don’t know why they haven’t thought of the doughnut tree idea yet..
          LOL, yes, that could be a task for Wendell “look for a barf bag”
          and we might need Lewis too because I think they’re good friends.
          Oh,I forgot to add to my list, I would love more animals/pets in the game. I love animals (maybe we could get Springfield Zoo) 🙂
          I would be a very happy little Kitty 🙂

      • Hi, kitty. If u r lilcutekitty, then I am that Wendell in ur town, and if that is u, I enjoy looking around in ur town and seeing ur many ideas. Thank you for remembering me.

        • That’s me. 🙂
          Yay, hi neighbour 🙂
          Aw Thank you, I like your town too
          And you’re welcome, I’m glad you saw my Hello message 🙂

    • more ideas: 🙂
      Cars that can actually be placed on the road.
      Traffic lights.
      Mr Bergstrom (Lisa’s substitute teacher)

      • MLG Blue haired lawyer

        I think having cars that drive around on their own and I aslo want some cross walks

        • I like your ideas too-
          But as long as the cars do not only stay on the dirt road (like the street sweeper did) i’m glad they fixed that.
          Zebra crossings/cross walks are a good idea too.
          I hope EA see all our ideas. 🙂

          • Dirt road and Cobblestone road bridges! C’mon EA!
            Also, love looking ’round my neighbourinos’ towns, Kitty I notice your spaced out taps looking too 😉
            There’s a few others that do the same (Hi Janis), and I must admit I had been focused during this mini event on just tapping through and I apologise.
            I normally do try and look around and I appreciate those towns that put in the effort.

        • Hi Cube,
          I like the idea of cobblestone road bridges.
          I like looking around your town and my other neighbours towns too. Yes you’re right, I do space out my hand shakes whilst looking. 🙂
          I sometimes see your hand shake on my “Ice Cube Land” 😛

  22. Firstly, to our fabulous hosts and their families…
    Hi Alissa, Mr Alissa & Miss Riley
    Hi Patric (He’s alive! He’s alive!) 😃 & Mrs Patric
    Hi Bunny, Mr Bunny (?) and any baby bunnies (?)
    Hi Wookiee, Mrs Wookiee (?) and baby Wookiee’s x 3 and Wookieemama

    And then to all neighbours, friends, and friends to be…
    Hi all
    Hi Lee
    Hi Brooders
    Hi Safi
    Hi Sandra
    Hi BigPhil
    Hi David
    Hi Simp7fan
    Hi ellieg
    Hi Rachael
    Hi MikeyMoore
    Hi Chatonka
    Hi HandsomeHank
    Hi Chewfred
    Hi HappyTapper
    Hi chezledent
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    Hi Sillyboy
    Hi Vanessamy
    Hi Minimoosi
    Hi Feliciafancy
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    Hi toxicshark
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    Hi alunited
    Hi DaPimp
    Hi Tapebelt
    Hi Ryan/Winston/Moloch – hope you are back online soon!!😞
    Hi ibuylow
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    Hi flutterbyhigh
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    Hi Nathan Hatch
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    Hi TSTO Addict
    Hi jjleigh73
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    Hi DrTyler
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    Hi brittj87
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    Hi EW
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    Hi D3M0N_HUNT3R – South Africa rules! 😃
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    Hi prankmonkey
    Hi naruto224
    Hi Hatty
    Hi Hondo – Shine on you crazy diamond. See ya bye! 😃
    Hi Jeff Z
    Hi badbrad2723
    Hi Chad

    No gardening this weekend as my sister is out from Australia to visit the Wrinklies (my parents) so I spent most of my time down in Port Alfred (55kms away) catching up. Last saw her 3 years ago so it was overdue! Although I didn’t do any gardening this weekend, on Thursday I did plant my first air-layered ficus! Not sure if the other two that I tried are working but very happy that at least one was successful! 😃

    Enjoying the fairly chilled mini-event thingies as have finally started to do some designing in my SF – had got a ‘little’ behind and still have quite a lot to do but at least I am making progress…

    Now time for a bath…

    • Hi MAB…Happy Sunday
      Nice that you get to visit family…mine are all in other states, but I visit every couple months if I can. Glad the ficus are rooting…good job…air rooting can be tricky, so one in three is not a bad result.
      Have a nice week with your relatives…time for me to plan my next visit, too…..

      • It’s not easy when families are so spread out! My sister and her family are in Perth while my two brothers and their families are in Vancouver – miss seeing all my nieces and nephews growing up!
        My elder brother is planning on coming out in June/July for the first time in over 20 years so will get to see him and his daughters as well as meet his girlfriend and her kids – going to be fun 😃

    • Hello MAB Happy Sunday. & Happy Sunday to all.
      Enjoy the visitors.

    • 👋 Have an awesome Sunday

    • Hi MAB. Happy Sunday to you and everyone else. 🙂

    • Josephine Kick@$$

      Hi MAB 😊
      Lmao@ “wrinklies”😂

    • I’m glad to see how polite you are ever Sunday I must admit even though I don’t post loads despite following with great interest. I requested you as a neighbor but I understand if you don’t have any room with other neighbors. It would be interesting to see your designs within the game if not here too 😃

    • Every time I scroll and scroll and scroll… through one of these posts I wonder if there is actually a limit to the amount of text/lines/characters you can put in a comment. If you ever reach it, please let me know so I can stop wondering 😉

    • Hi Mike, hi everybody

    • Hi Mab, always look forward to your weekly greeting. What’s an air layered ficus? Have a lovely time with your family.😊

      • Hi suerees
        Air layering is a way of propagating plants – you clear a section of bark all the way round a branch, wrap it in something that holds water like sphagnum moss or coir/coconut and wrap that with plastic to hold it in place. Roots start to form and when you have enough you cut the branch off and plant it. So you a taller tree than you might by rooting cuttings etc. The one that worked is already about a metre (a yard?) tall…

  23. Josephine Kick@$$

    Good Sunday morning friends 😁 (or good day, depending on your locale) 😊

  24. Wow! You just had to use an image of JK Rowling to taunt me, huh? 😥 Love ‘They Regina Monologues’ episode and hope they visit England for this Around the World event 😁

  25. Happy Sunday to everyone ☀️😊

  26. I’m not normally a ‘buy everything’ kind of guy. Normally I focus on characters and decorations that grab my attention. However, even though I’m not much of a oriental decorations guy, I had purchased everything before I knew it. No regrets. Just need to restock on donuts! Haven’t been this low in almost a year!

  27. I wonder if it’s going to be possible to complete 3 more weeks of the trash mini-game alongside any new event? I really need a second monorail tunnel!

    • I have never missed a week of the railyard, no matter the event. And if you do miss a week, you’ll still get it the third week you do complete.

  28. Amy guesses when the new update will hit? Any ideas what it will have? super excited for it.😀

  29. I’m disappointed that the lunar update did not bring any new characters! I was hoping that a dragon would be in store

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