Around the World Event Is Live (Updated and Complete)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

The newest event in TSTO, Around the World, is now live!  Check your App Stores, this is an APP STORE update.   If you don’t see an “update” listed search Tapped Out in your Store and manually update that way.


This is a large update & it’s late in the day.  I’m going through as much as I can and will be back with more details on it as soon as I can.

For now know that Homer (and Frink if you have him) gets things started. And you’ll be tasked with building The Springfield Airport

Back with more as I have it…(and after Riley goes to bed) Now that a little girl has gone to bed, I can update the post, more details below….


Ok so this event is similar to what we’ve seen in the past, but it also has it’s differences.  One neat element added as well, so let’s break it all down.  Starting with, as always, the new stuff in the stores…

Act 1 Ends February 12th

Event Ends March 7th

The store items will unlock once you’ve completed Around the World Pt. 2

As mentioned above The Springfield Airport will be given for Free during Around the World Pt. 2

springfieldairport_transimageSpringfield Airport- Free, 6s Build. 14×12 in size

Also given for free…

touristinformationcenter_menuTourist Info Center- Free, 6s. 4×4 (Around the World Pt. 5)

rewardcenter_menuReward Center- Free, 6s  Build, 5×8. This controls crafting (Around the World Pt. 7)

Now for what will cost currency…cash and donuts

bicyclewithbasketLa Bicyclette- $1,000. (this unlocks via the questline…)

runwaylight_menuRunway Light- $2,500

ico_stor_single_atw_flagbundleCountry Flag Bundle- 50 Donuts

pontdugard_menuPont du Gard- 60 Donuts, 8×15

chateaumaison_transimageChateau Maison- 75 Donuts, 10×10. Earns 190 ico_cur_aroundtheworld_francepin_lg every 4hrs.

americatown unlock_kumiko_sailorAmericatown and Sailor Kumiko- 135 Donuts. 9×10 in size.  Costum for Kumiko. Earns $500, 45xp/24hrs

ico_stor_aroundtheworld_passportPassport- 90 Donuts.  Earns Extra event currency when tapping in your NEIGHBORS towns.

As always, I’ll have posts breaking down each of the new premium items…..

Now let’s cover some of the finer details of the event…

Prize Track…

After you’ve unlocked the Airport (Around the World Pt. 2), you’ll unlock the prize track.


This event, like others, is comprised of 3 Acts.  Each Act covers a different country.  For Act 1 we’re working on France (in case you haven’t guessed).

The prize track currency for Act 1 is French pins, ico_cur_aroundtheworld_francepin_lg.  Yes, the same French pins from Chinese New Year.  For those curious, the French Pins at the end of that questline awarded you 50 ico_cur_aroundtheworld_francepin_lg.  So we all start +50 pins ahead of the game.

Here’s a look at the French themed Prize track:

ico_priz_aroundtheworld_eiffeltower_lgEiffel Tower– 2,000ico_cur_aroundtheworld_francepin_lg. Earns $200, 20xp/12hrs

ico_priz_aroundtheworld_maurice_lgMaurice– 8,977 ico_cur_aroundtheworld_francepin_lg. NPC

ico_priz_aroundtheworld_freelandtoken_lgFree Land Token- 13, 628 ico_cur_aroundtheworld_francepin_lg. Awards a free square of land.

ico_priz_aroundtheworld_bastille_lgBastille– 25,256ico_cur_aroundtheworld_francepin_lg. Earns $200, 20xp/12hrs

ico_aroundtheworld_skycredit_pack3_lgSky Credits– 29,907ico_cur_aroundtheworld_francepin_lg. Awards 750ico_cur_aroundtheworld_skycredit_lg

ico_priz_aroundtheworld_cesarandugolin_lgCesar and Ugolin- 40,372ico_cur_aroundtheworld_francepin_lg. Two FULL playable character for Springfield.

Uncle Norbert’s Adventure Tasks


During Around the World Pt. 4 you’ll trigger Norbert Van Houten to appear in Springfield.

Uncle Norbert’s Adventure Tasks are basically Daily Tasks, similar to what we saw in other events (Terwilligers and Stonecutters are the two that immediately jump out in my mind).  Complete 3 tasks/day and earn more ico_cur_aroundtheworld_francepin_lg AND special prizes for the Airport.


In the task list you’ll see the clue in Yellow, in this case it says Find a Huge Horse from West Asia.  When you go to the Airport select the character that has a location that will match that:


In this case it’s Booberella going to Troy Turkey… (Trojan Horse..Troy.  Get it?)

You will need a plane ticket ico_cur_aroundtheworld_planeticket_lg to send the character to that location.  I’m still working on how these are earned.  Right now it looks like they just accumulated over time, not via tapping items.

That will complete the task and earn you the first prize.  Follow that three times/day to earn special bonus prizes…

2017-01-31-20-40-48 2017-01-31-20-40-53

The bonus prize is a “Mystery Box” full of items for the Airport and more Free land tokens!

I’ll have another post up breaking all of this down, as I break it all down.  But for now it’s important to note these tasks will vary for EVERYONE.  No two people will have the same tasks at the Airport at any given time.  So don’t compare your game to someone elses game in this case.


For Act 1 you’ll see a variety of Tourists in Springfield…

touristfemale_tap_image_4 touristmale_tap_image_5 touristchild_tap_image_7 touristfemale_france_tap_image_5 touristchild_france_tap_image_7 touristmale_france_tap_image_5

These are the tappables for this Event.  Tap on the Tourists to earn more event currency.  Earn 4 ico_cur_aroundtheworld_francepin_lg for every tourist tap.  You’ll also earn 2 ico_cur_aroundtheworld_skycredit_lg, once you’ve unlocked crafting, for each Tourist Tapped.

Tourist Info Center

Build during Around the World Pt. 5, the Tourist Info Center is a building you can tap every 4hrs to instantly clear all of the tourists in Springfield.


Crafting/Sky Credit Rewards


During Around the World Pt. 7 you’ll unlock the Rewards Center.  This is the crafting hub for this event.  Here you can trade in Sky Credits ico_cur_aroundtheworld_skycredit_lg earned (either via tapping tourists, prize track etc) for craftables..


Like previous events, you’ll need to level up your crafting level to unlock more prizes.  But you’ll have the entire event to unlock the items and craft.

Neighbor Actions

During Around the World Pt. 6 you’ll unlock Neighbor actions in Springfield.

Tap buildings with the ico_cur_aroundtheworld_francepin_lg over them.  Each earns you 5 ico_cur_aroundtheworld_francepin_lg

5 ico_cur_aroundtheworld_francepin_lg/action…90 actions.

Also, there’s an added benefit that helps your neighbors when tapping.  When they clear buildings you’ve tapped in their Springfield they will earn 1 ico_cur_aroundtheworld_skycredit_lg. So for this event helping yourself also helps your neighbors.

New Land!


A TON of new Land is offered with this event!  A new strip of ocean, 2 strips of land directly across from the ocean and one strip of land at the very bottom of Springfield (directly across from the mountains).

Also new with this event, FREE land tiles.


That little land tile with the pink bow symbolizes a free land square EA will give you.  Any land square you like!  So choose wisely (read..the most expensive squares).

Whew!  I think that covers just about everything for now!

We’ll be back with more detail posts breaking everything with this event down in great detail, as always.  And before you ask, here’s what we’re working on immediately:

-Turbo Tappin’ (should be up in the morning)
-Act 1 Calendar
-Should I Buys
-Uncle Norbert’s task list
And more!

So stay tuned for more info as the event goes on.

In the meantime, what are your thoughts on Act 1?  Enjoying it so far?  What are your thoughts on the prizes?  Excited for what’s to come?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


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  1. Hello! Thank you for this awesome article! So I was updating apps on my phone and saw Tapped Out as an option to download as an essential. I gave it a go and love it…

    I realize now though that I am WAY late to this party, like years late. Am I correct that all of the casinos and wood stocks and extra tire fires are items I can no longer receive since this is a time sensitive game? I’m sorry to ask, but I don’t want to get too far into the game if I can’t go anywhere else! Lol

    Any info would be greatly appreciated as it’s hard to find! Thanks so much

    • Welcome to the fun! In TSTO everything comes back again eventually, so you’ll have a chance for missed items at one point or another. 😀

      • I was not feeling well and missed completing the task to get Norbert’s little red plane. Is there a way to try again to get it? Seems now I won’t be able to try for the golden train either.

        • You should have the opportunity to get the plane until the event ends…so you should be fine. My understanding is a glitch is going around right now, which EA is supposedly releasing a patch on

    • Or, if you want these items sooner (rather than later), you can send me $3.28 in small, unmarked currency 💴, and I’ll do everything in my power to expedite the process for you.

  2. Ty The White Guy , on youtube

    So can someone please reply me! I have got all the things possible with the sky credits i have 5000 sky credits and no use for them, is there any more coming or what do i just buy dumb trees

    • Josephine Kick@$$

      Hello Ty, anything you craft can be placed in storage if you choose not to use it *at this time*. I usually take a look around my neighboreeno’s towns, & have crafted extras (or even bothered to craft one of), because they’ve used an item in a way I never thought of 😊 Basically, it’s free items, craft what you have a liking to, then craft what you think you could use later. 😊

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