Around the World 101: Act 1 Neighbor Visits (Including Osaka Flu Breakdown)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

The Around the World event hit our pocket-sized Springfields the other day and it’s already causing a world of confusion! How do I help my neighbors? Should I leave buildings untapped? How do I get this flu everyone’s talking about?

Well don’t sweat it, we’re here (as always) to break it all down for you step by step, piece by piece until the Osaka Flu slowly takes over our Springfields! So let’s get to work breaking it all down….


Let’s start with the basics of Neighbor Visits…

As I broke down in the rundown post Tuesday Neighbor Actions unlock with Part 6 of Around the World.

You’ll be tasked to Tap Attractions in Other Springfields.  Basically, tap on the ico_cur_aroundtheworld_francepin_lg you see floating over buildings in Friends towns:

Tapping these will earn you 5 ico_cur_aroundtheworld_francepin_lg for each building you tap (these are called actions, for those new to TSTO).  You’re allowed 90 actions/day from neighbors.

Now when you return back to your Springfield, assuming friends have visited you, you’ll see the same  ico_cur_aroundtheworld_francepin_lg floating over some of your buildings.  Clearing that will award you 1 ico_cur_aroundtheworld_skycredit_lg for each one you clear(crafting currency).  So visiting your neighbors helps them AND it helps you.  

Do I Have to Keep Money Over my Buildings (not collect the income) in order for friends to tap the ico_cur_aroundtheworld_francepin_lg?

No. From what I can tell they’re independent of each other. So clear your buildings.  HOWEVER, make sure you clear the ico_cur_aroundtheworld_francepin_lg over buildings in your town as well.  Because not clearing the pins will prevent your neighbors from having something to tap when they visit you.

Also, it’s important to note…tapping Springfield Elementary, Moe’s, the Police Station &/or Town Hall still causes graffiti.

Now let’s talk about Osaka Flu…


Now first let me breakup one rumor going around.  This is NOT Community Prizes.  There are no Community type prizes associated with this.  So unless EA adds it down the road, that’s not what this is.

This does show Community Impact, but it appears just to show where/how far it’s spread.  There are no Community Prizes associated with this.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s break this flu down…

How Do I Get Osaka Flu?  Can I Get it From A Neighbor, Can a Neighbor Give it to me?

Yes and no.  Osaka Flu appears to be random as to who gets it and who doesn’t get it.  Eventually I do think we’ll all get it.  It’ll just show up in your Springfield, there’s no sure fire way to “get it”.

So, this would defeat the purpose of a “Osaka Flu Neighbor List” that some of you have been requesting.  You can’t intentionally get it from a neighbor. 

How Will I Know When I Have Osaka Flu?

The game will tell you.  Once you’ve been infected you’ll see a popup in your game telling you that you’re infected:

2017-02-02-02-03-42 2017-02-02-02-04-03

At this point you’ll see it roaming around your Springfield like a big virus cloud:


If a Tourist is infected, the virus cloud will appear over the tourist:


Simply tap the Tourist to remove the virus from them and earn EXTRA badges and Crafting Currency.

You’ll earn 14 ico_cur_aroundtheworld_francepin_lg and 7 ico_cur_aroundtheworld_skycredit_lg for every Osaka Flu Virus Tourist you clear in your Springfield.  They won’t all have it, but occasionally when they do you’ll get a nice reward boost for it.

Ok, so now let’s talk about the Osaka World Map, and what that all means.  Once you’ve got the Osaka Flu your event hub will have a new tab just for Osaka…


So what does this mean?  How do you proceed with this?

So at the top it says Infection Severity 0/100, and Level 1.

Across the bottom you’ll see five Osaka icons, 4 locked 1 unlocked.  How do you proceed?

It’s pretty simple.  For every building you clear in your Springfield with the ico_cur_aroundtheworld_francepin_lg floating over it you’ll increase your Infection Severity by 1.  So clear 100 buildings in your Springfield with the ico_cur_aroundtheworld_francepin_lg over them and you’ll clear level 1 and earn the prize.


So it’s SUPER important that you visit neighbors, so they visit you and everyone can succeed together.

If not Community Prizes, What Are the Prizes?

So there are 5 total prizes and (at least for now) these prizes are more Event and Crafting Currency.

Now I’m going by the files, because I haven’t filled the bar yet in my Springfield, but each prize is 10 Event Currency (Pins) and 5 Crafting Currency.

So now that I’ve had this happen to me, and leveled up, I can tell you that when you level up you’ll add an additional Osaka Virus to your town.  So you can end up with a total of 5 Osaka Viruses roaming your town…

That’s It?

I don’t think it’s meant to be a HUGE thing, just something fun as a side quest.

How Do I Level Up?

There are 5 total levels and each one requires your infection severity rate to increase….

To go from Level 1 to Level 2- Infection Severity Rate 100

Level 2 to Level 3- Infection Severity Rate 200

Level 3 to Level 4- Infection Severity Rate 300

Level 4 to Level 5- Infection Severity Rate 1,000

(Cumulative, does not reset to zero for each level…)

And that’s it for now my friends! The details of neighbor actions and the much discussed Osaka Flu!

What are your thoughts on the event so far?  Visiting your neighbors?  Have you contracted Osaka Flu? Thoughts on the little side game? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

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